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Social media management,customer relationship management,Social analytic s.Content marketing.

Social media management,customer relationship management,Social analytic s.Content marketing.

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  • 1. Delivery Process 2
  • 2. Log in Page 3
  • 3. Main Page Keys • Update like list , Analyze sentiments, Apply semantic tags, Auto code. • Archive post. • Check Reports and History. • Response to a status, Modify codes. • Put advance filter. • Multi source view. • Comment coding options. 4
  • 4. Main Page Keys • Face book login • Multi User Work Assignment Feature. • Create new post through Socialytics. • Generate Excel Reports. • Real time Customer Comments. • User Profile ID Tracking. 5
  • 5. Competitive analysis Social Media Competitiveness Represent your engagement effectiveness viz a viz your competition. Social Media Competitiveness helps you in examining the wall of the customer with their competitors within the market. It helps in understanding the existence of an organization in the social media. It gives you an indication of how once social media strategy is working. 6
  • 6. Customize Coding Parameters 7
  • 7. Configuration • Select post per page according to your feasibility. • Displays whose data you want to collect, host/consumer. • Categorize data by configuring source type/Group/Domain. • Configure scheduler to pull fresh data of certain time period. • Add/Remove multiple users. 8
  • 8. Traffic and Sentiment Trends Report shows the posts and comments received by fans and customers in the span of N number of weeks. These posts and comments are further divided based on categories. 9
  • 9. Personalization • Individual Targeting -Check User affinity for a particular period on your walls. • Add new Users. • Report consists of top ten influencers in terms of Most Popular, Most Active, sentiments for the influencer and categories based influencer. 10
  • 10. Reports and Presentations Carrot circle, Tree view etc options gives you quick, efficient diagrammatic view of your reports. Main page to see many auto generated reports based on your needs. 11
  • 11. 12