Learning Continuum


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A shorter version of my Deck from TEDx Poznan 2012.

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Learning Continuum

  1. 1. Stimulating Learning instead of Facilitating Teaching Bastian Küntzel
  2. 2. in my youth, education looked like this.
  3. 3. but where I learned the most, it looked like this
  4. 4. every educator I met wanted their students to learn
  5. 5. but so many where stuck in their way of how to organise this
  6. 6. why? why don’t we organise learning better?
  7. 7. and what can we do about it?
  8. 8. we need a good theory
  9. 9. a good theoryallows you to see things dierently
  10. 10. THE LEARNING CONTINUUM the learning continuumallowed me to look at education dierently.
  11. 11. purpose context content processfour dimensions, three extremes per dimension
  12. 12. purpose context formalitycontent process
  13. 13. purpose context nonformalitycontent process
  14. 14. purpose context informalitycontent process
  15. 15. so what?
  16. 16. an example of innovation in formal education: Khan Academy
  17. 17. purpose context Khan Academycontent process
  18. 18. an example of innovation in non-formal education: Human Library
  19. 19. purpose context Human Librarycontent process
  20. 20. reality - constantly shifting
  21. 21. purpose context a typical seminarcontent process
  22. 22. we learn best
  23. 23. purpose context balancecontent process
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