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Hugo Boss Competitive Review
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Hugo Boss Competitive Review


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Hugo Boss Competitive presentation. Sources include Hugo Boss website, Annual Report and other sources

Hugo Boss Competitive presentation. Sources include Hugo Boss website, Annual Report and other sources

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  • 1. Hugo Boss
    Competitive Presentation
    October 1st, 2009
    Prepared By: Bassem Al Masri
    October 22nd2009
  • 2. Core Identity
    The brand stands for innovation, creativity and progress
    The brand implements stringent design and quality standards to produce superior products that deliver value for money.
    All the brand collections adhere to a lifestyle philosophy featuring a distinctive brand signature
    The country of origin for the brand is Germany
  • 3. Extended Identity
    The main fashion brand, BOSS, is modeled by a chisel-chinned hunk with the long hair of a racecar driver. He doesn’t look like he would be anybody’s boss though, more the maverick loner than a dynamic leader with your destiny in his hands. The women counterpart is a striking and arrogant-looking and in her late twenties
    The BOSS consumer no longer worries about "making it." He has achieved a success level that is beyond the norm, allowing him to enjoy the most luxurious cars, yachts and private jets the world has to offer. Men who choose BOSS are to be admired and envied in equal measure
    The essence of Hugo BOSS fashion: Confidence, Power, Masculinity. Personal and professional goals achieved with easy self confidence
    The BOSS consumers have fun, enjoy life and take risks. They don't care about rules but live their life on their own way. Independent, unconventional and modern. Creative people who are on the move. HUGO is the look and feel of London, Berlin and New York — the style for individualists.
  • 4. Value Proposition
    Functional benefits include high-quality, fashionable clothing with European design
    Emotional benefits of this brand are that it makes you feel like the consummate sophisticate, for whom only the very finest fabrics and tailoring will do
    Self-expressive benefits include its ability to allow your self-expression to have a strong sense of character
  • 5. Brand Positioning
    Price Degree
    BOSS Orange
    AvanteGarde Oriented Design
    Classic – Elegant Fashion
    Casual Lifestyle
    Fashion Degree
  • 6. Brand Architecture
  • 7. Brand Strategy Highlights
    Has high brand awareness – 90 – 100% amongst target audience
    Has high share of buyers within target group
    40 – 60& at BOSS Black/Selection/Hugo
    15 – 30% at BOSS Orange/Green
    Further leverage existing strengths to continue growth with BOSS Black in premium men’s wear
    Expand the share of business done with:
    BOSS Selection to underline core competence in men’s wear (full canvas)
    Make sure that women get the same attention as men already enjoy
    To make a more visible fashion statement with the shoes and accessories range
    To avoid cannibalization, the focus will be on stand alone positioning for each brand in comparison with the past where brand architecture showed overlapping and similar price positions
  • 8. Unlock the brand potential by developing retail strategies that will:
    Gain more control over brand and product presentation
    Unlock potential in major growth markets with focused retail expansion in the right format
    Intensify online shopping in key markets to benefit from growth story
    Control factory outlet business more closely
    Focus on geographical expansion to drive business outside Europe to:
    Be less dependent on mature markets in Western and Central Europe although there is still market share to gain
    Benefit from double digit growth in emerging markets in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe
    Find the right access to mature markets such as the USA and Japan to capture the full momentum of the premium market
    Brand Strategy Highlights
  • 9. Deliver sustainable and profitable growth by:
    Monitoring and improving profitability of own retail
    Managing trade partner profitability more stringently
    Reducing net working capital to a healthy level
    Decreasing complexity in operations, sourcing and manufacturing as well as the supply chain
    Performance initiatives launched in in anticipation of weakening market conditions:
    Strengthening cost cautiousness and tight monitoring of cost drivers
    Retail turnaround
    Sourcing & manufacturing
    Fine tuning the regional price structure
    Net working capital optimization
    Brand Strategy Highlights
  • 10. Revenue-By Product Category
  • 11. Revenue-By Region
  • 12. Exclusivity is embodied in the BALDESSARINI collection, supplemented by top quality home accessories. BALDESSARINI customers share a passion for detail, superior quality and the finest fabrics
    Positioned in the upper market segment, the luxurious BOSS Selection men's wear line represents the premium world in the BOSS brand universe. The interplay of sophisticated design, exclusive materials and beautiful tailoring guarantees clothing of the highest standard for customers of distinction
    Men’s Collection
  • 13. Function is addressed by the BOSS Green collection for the modern, active man. Technically optimized sportswear and sporty daily wear is combined with functional fabrics in stylish multi-functional clothing of the highest standard for dynamic outdoor and the latest leisure activities.
    Men’s Collection
  • 14. Assurance is provided by BOSS Black with a collection that consistently offers the right outfit. Up-to-date styling, sophisticated tailoring and superior quality meet the high demands of the successful man, at home in the world’s metropolises. BOSS Black, with a focus on youthful design and high-quality workmanship, links sophisticated elegance with value for money.
    Men’s & Women’s Collection
  • 15. Trends are set by the sporty BOSS Orange line with its men’s collection for individualists by making a distinct fashion statement in the casual market. Attention to detail and a variety of combination possibilities provide a new interpretation of the usual BOSS quality.
    Men’s & Women’s Collection
  • 16. Avantgarde is the word for the trendy HUGO collection for men and women. The cut emphasizes the body, fabrics are innovatively combined and the look is unconventional. This is fashion for individualists who want to make a statement with their outfit.
    Men’s & Women’s Collection
  • 17. Ad Campaign
    Advertising campaigns visualize the HUGO BOSS brands. A new global advertising campaign embodying the collection philosophy is developed seasonally for each brand in cooperation with top photographers and leading art directors. The campaign motifs are used in print, poster and catalog advertising around the world. TV commercials are additionally leveraged to promote the successful HUGO BOSS fragrances
  • 18. Ad Campaign
  • 19. Ad Campaign
  • 20. Ad Campaign
  • 21. Ad Campaign
  • 22. PR-Press Coverage
    The goal of HUGO BOSS communication and marketing is to ensure a globally consistent corporate and brand presentation.
    Within this framework, corporate communication concentrates on the company's activities and image. Coverage in national and international print media, along with interviews and press conferences, serve to reinforce and refine this image. The balance sheet press conferences, shareholders' meetings and bulletins on strategic issues complement the mandatory stock corporation disclosures as further pillars of the Group's corporate communications
    Brand communication focuses on the activities and image of the HUGO BOSS brands. Product PR in fashion and lifestyle media, film and VIP wardrobing, and interviews with designers all help to bring the brands to life. The website at covers all areas of corporate communication, and serves as a popular source of information for anyone interested in HUGO BOSS
  • 23. PR-Press Coverage – Vogue 2008
  • 24. PR-Press Coverage – GQ 2008
  • 25. PR-Press Coverage – Vogue Sport 2008
  • 26. PR-Sponsorships
    Partnership with the arts and the art world began more than seven years ago. Since then, there have been numerous notable exhibitions and, in conjunction with the Guggenheim Foundation, the HUGO BOSS PRIZE has been established, which has evolved into an internationally renowned art award. Projects bearing a particular relevance to the company - featuring contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons, Dennis Hopper and Frank O. Gehry - add breadth and depth to the arts program, and infuse the HUGO BOSS brands with aesthetic values.
    In the sports sector the focus lies on Formula One, IRL, golf, tennis, and skiing. All of these sports epitomize the attributes of the BOSS brand: they are successful, dynamic and international.
  • 27. PR-Sponsorships – Formula 1
  • 28. PR-Sponsorships – Sailing
  • 29. PR-Sponsorships – Golf
  • 30. PR-Events – Celebrity Dressing
  • 31. Global Market Presence
    4460 POS
    184 Directly Operated Stores
    22 Showrooms
    700 Franchise Stores
    1120 POS
    66 Directly Operated Stores
    3 Showrooms
    80 Franchise Stores
    Asia / Pacific
    550 POS
    80 Directly Operated Stores
    3 Showrooms
    250 Franchise Stores
  • 32. THANK YOU