Landing Page Best Practices & Metrics that Matter!


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Improve your conversion rate by using a landing page in conjunction with your PPC campaign, and any online marketing initiative.

Why link ad campaigns to your homepage where there is a wealth of content that might distract the visitor from their original intentions? Instead, direct traffic to a dedicated campaign landing page that is specifically tailored to the ad campaign keywords, search terms, and target audience.

The landing page has one goal, and that is to persuade the visitor to perform a specific action… the famous Call-to-Action (CTA).

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Landing Page Best Practices & Metrics that Matter!

  1. 1. Landing Page Best Practices & Metrics that Matter! Prepared by: Bassem Ghali Founder & Head of Client Strategy Email: Tel: 647.405.2525 © 2012, Bassem Ghali Agenda  Winning Landing Page Elements  Case Study - Conversation Rates  A/B Testing & Users Behavior  Landing Page Best Practices  Offline Leads Tracking  Metrics That Matter Guest Lecturer at:
  2. 2. Landing Page Elements Design  Get to the point  Visible call-to-actions  Use contrasting colors Content  Clear headlines  Attractive offer  List of product benefits The 5-Second Test  What’s in it for me?  How much does it cost?  How do I get it?
  3. 3. Simplicity Wins!
  4. 4. Case Study Metro College 1. Design: page design and color palette are consistent with company branding. 2. Banner: Attractive Headline specific to the campaign & corresponding search keywords. Lifestyle images are recommended. 3. Description of the products/services, and the main benefits. 4.Top Features of the product/services. 5. Top Wins: clearly displays the benefits of the product/services. 5.2% Conversion Rate 9. & 11. Clear Call to Actions: If applicable include 24/7 local / Free Trial, Canadian support or flag. More Info: View Full Case Study!
  5. 5. Landing Page Solutions Case Study – Xplornet Implement Landing Page Marketing Solutions:  Split - Testing  Segmentation  Behavior Analysis Which one do you think preformed better? This one!
  6. 6. Landing Page Best Practices  Have One Purpose & One Focused Message – simplify your copy using multiple headlines & bullets.  Main Headline – should be specific to the campaign and corresponding search keywords.  Primary Call To Action – should be above the fold.  Use Videos – it has been proven that videos improve conversion by up to 80%  Use Images – lifestyle images and directional cues direct attention to the most important information on the page.  A/B Test – test new ideas using A/B testing technologies and let your customers show you what works best for them.  If applicable include, “24/7 Support“, “Free Trial”, “Canadian flag”, Toll Free number.
  7. 7. Offline Leads Tracking Can you track offline activities (such as phone calls) and connect them to the AdWords campaign?
  8. 8. Click on Ad • Landing page visit. • session ID get assigned to each visitor, which dynamically replaces all visible numbers across the site to tracked Toll Free numbers. Offline Phone Call • Thank you page server call. • Import Session ID Values (campaign, keyword, CPC, Ad Copy, etc…). Tracking & Integration • Analytics Goals get triggered. • Import Goals into AdWords. Offline Phone Leads Tracking How Does it all Work?
  9. 9. Metrics That Matter!
  10. 10. LinkedIn: Bassem Ghali Twitter: GreenLotus_CA