How to run an effective online marketing strategy & the metrics that matter!


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Learn how to optimize your paid marketing campaigns to maximize lead generation and ROI! A PPC campaign is a great method to stand out from the crowd on search engine results, and generate leads. To maximize results, PPC campaigns should connect to a Landing Page that has been designed for optimal performance, including A/B Testing of content, design and call-to-action. Tracking PPC performance is vital to success, vital metrics include online conversions, AdWords goals, and offline phone call tracking.

Key Takeaways:
1- Developing an organized campaign structure
2- Landing Page design, content and best practices
3- The latest developments in online and offline lead tracking
4- Considering product seasonality in ad campaigns
5- Ongoing ad campaign management strategies

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  • How to run an effective online marketing strategy & the metrics that matter!

    1. 1. How to run an effective online marketing strategy & the metrics that matter!  Organized Campaign Structure = Success  Important Landing Page Elements  The Latest Technology in Leads Tracking  Ongoing Management Strategy & Product Seasonality
    2. 2. AdWords or BingAds Account Search Campaign AdGroup Product 1 AdGroup Product 2 Display Campaign AdGroup Product 1 AdGroup Product 2 Remarketing Campaign AdGroup Product 1 AdGroup Product 2 Budget, Bidding Strategy Setting level Tracking, Goal Value Setting Level Ad Content Setting level 1. Campaign Structure Organized Structure = Successful Campaign
    3. 3. Campaign Quick Wins Anything that looks different on a Search Results Page usually gets a higher Click Through Rate! Use Extensions!
    4. 4. 2. Landing Page Top 3 Elements: Design:  Get to the point  Visible call-to-actions  Use contrasting colors Content:  Clear headlines  Attractive offer  Product benefits The 5-Second Test:  What’s in it for me?  How much does it cost?  How to get it?
    5. 5. Simplicity Wins!
    6. 6. Landing Page Solutions Case Study: Xplornet Landing Page Marketing Solutions:  Split - Testing  Segmentation  Behavior Analysis Which one preformed best? This one! Testing Preformed Via
    7. 7. How the eye scans a page:
    8. 8. Landing Page Best Practices Have One Purpose & One Focused Message: simplify your content and use multiple headlines and bullet points. Main Headline: should be specific to the ad campaign and include relevant search keywords. Primary Call-To-Action: must appear above the fold and be eye-catching. Use Videos: studies have shown that videos can drastically improve conversions, by up to 80% Use Images: lifestyle images and directional cues to direct attention to the most important information on the page. A/B Split Testing: test new ideas and content with A/B testing technologies and let your customers show you what works best for them. If applicable include: “24/7 Support“, “Free Trial”, the Canadian flag, and a Toll Free number.
    9. 9. 3. Leads Tracking Case Study: Xplornet Can offline activities, such as phone calls, be linked to specific AdWords campaigns? Don’t Forget:  Set Conversions in AdWords  Import Conversions from Analytics Source
    10. 10. Ad Click • Landing page visit. • Session ID is assigned to each visitor. This dynamically replaces all visible phone numbers across the website or landing page to a unique Toll Free Number, that is tracked. Offline Phone Call • Thank you page server call. • Session ID values are imported (i.e. ad campaign, keyword, CPC, Ad copy, etc…). Tracking & Integration • Google Analytics Goal gets triggered. • Google Analytics import goals into AdWords with all info about the ad that triggered the call! Offline Phone Leads Tracking How it Works:
    11. 11. 4. Ongoing Management Strategy Once all conversions are integrated with , select the best strategy to meet your online marketing goals! Enhanced CPC Conversion Optimizer Flexible Bid Strategy Description Based on conversion tracking data, Enhanced CPC bidding can raise bids up to 30% for clicks that seem more likely to lead to conversions. Conversion optimizer predicts which clicks are likely to be valuable and changes your bids to help you gain as many profitable clicks as possible. Combines automated bid optimization with a selection of settings that you control and can apply across campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. Pros A great starting point for new campaigns, and those who are unsure of which strategy to use! The most useful bidding strategy for non-advanced users to generate great results. The advanced bidding strategy allows you to control multiple variables in your campaign for maximum results. Cons Enhanced CPC is the most simple and basic form of automatic bidding. Conversion Optimizer does not work well if there is a lack of historical conversion data available. Requires hands-on management across several data points , as well as on-going review of all bidding rules.
    12. 12. 4. Ongoing Management Strategy Product Seasonality & Budget Allocation Drastic changes in online search behavior can be caused by several factors, including:  Customer urgency  Holiday spirit  Changes in laws  Weather shifts  Big events Read Full Article! Search seasonality has a major impact on conversion rates and average order values (which always increase dramatically when traffic spikes occur). Research shows that increases in conversion rate for some categories can be as high as 300% in high seasons!
    13. 13. Green Lotus Online Marketing Services  Lead Generation & ROI Optimization  Online Marketing Management  Local Search Engine Optimization  Social Media Marketing & Management Our Clients .... We are Proud of Each Project!
    14. 14. Your Feedback is Appreciated, Post a Google+ Review!