Bing Ads - Can ‘Pay Per Click’ effectively increase business leads & sales?


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Bing Presentaion - Donate & Learn Online Marketing Expo! Dec 4 - 2013
By Andrew Yang
Search Evangelist at Microsoft Canada

Small and medium business owners are always in the hunt for a quick and cost effective way to increase their leads and sales. In this session find out how Search Engine Marketing works, how to evaluate its effectiveness and how you can leverage this powerful marketing tool to help your business grow.

Andrew is a Search Evangelist for Microsoft Canada. He is responsible for educating, promoting and evangelizing the Bing Ads platforms. This includes support for Bing Ads Web, Bing Ads Editor, Bing Ads Intelligence, API and the various social media platforms that Bing Ads is on. He also takes great pride in representing the users of Bing Ads.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Andrew worked for a variety of technology companies from Google, Bell and Telus. Andrew holds a Bachelors in Engineering Science from the University of Western Ontario and MBA from University of Toronto.

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  • Do an introduction about yourself.
  • Was it a restaurant? Was travel location? New cars? An extremely rare video game? How many of you turned to a search engine? A lot of you turned to search engine.
  • Now thinking about all the times you searched, and apply that to your business and the message and goals you are trying to achieve.You can do that with Pay per click advertising! Alright everybody that concludes my presentation Can “Pay Per Click” effectively increase business leads & sales.
  • This is a Search engine results page. Take a look at it. See where does your eyes gravitate towards? Look at the messaging that is there. Some termin
  • Use your analytics tool of choice, see what metrics matter:Conversions? Dwell timeROI, are you making money?
  • Bing Ads - Can ‘Pay Per Click’ effectively increase business leads & sales?

    1. 1. Can “Pay Per Click” effectively increase business leads & sales Andrew Yang (@yang_ers) Search Evangelist, Microsoft Canada Dec. 5, 2013 @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    2. 2. Question….. How many times today were you looking for something? @bingads | @yang_ers
    3. 3. Wouldn’t it be great if you could… Control your message Target the right audience Always appear at position #1 Measure your ROI @bingads | @yang_ers
    4. 4. Paid Organic @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    5. 5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Also called… Pay per Click (PPC) Paid Search Sponsored Listings Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Also called… Natural Search Organic Search Pay-per-click, paid search, denotes a cost paid by a marketer for every click through of a search listing Search engine optimization, natural or organic search (natural = organic) Links that appear at the top and to the right of the search results @bing_ads | @yang_ers Links that appear in the body of the search results 5
    6. 6. Getting Started on Pay Per Click How bidding works Select your keywords Create an enticing ad copy Set your targeting Take advantage of extensions Track your conversions and statistics @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    7. 7. Quality Score (0 to 10): Guidance on how to improve your ad to increase traffic and revenue. Based on: - Keyword relevance - Landing Page relevance - Landing Page user experience Cost-per-click (CPC): How much you are paying for each click Ad Rank: Is a function of Quality Score and your Bid (higher is better) Bidding Strategy - Set your bids to MAXIMIZE your revenue - Set a budget to ensure you don’t overspend - Measure, Measure, Measure @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    8. 8. Select keywords that you want your ad to appear in @bing_ads | @yang_ers 8
    9. 9. Other Tips Keep your ads relevant and specific to the keyword set Highlight your point of difference Great Ad! @bing_ads | @yang_ers Emulate great ads in your industry 2. Have rotating ads to test which ad performs the best 1. Include a call to action
    10. 10. Targeting is available at the campaign and ad group level based on: Geographical Location (Country, State, DMA or City based on IP address) Time of day Day of the week Gender and age (based on login info) (based on the user’s time zone) Device/ OS Tip: Incremental Bids can be applied to help improve the position of your ad when it is triggered by a target group @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    11. 11. Long Ad Titles +7% Sitelink Extensions +15-25% Local Ad Extensions +30-35% @bing_ads | @yang_ers *Based on internal data 2012
    12. 12. Finally… Track everything with your campaigns @bingads | @yang_ers
    13. 13. Bing Ads Coupon Redemption @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    14. 14. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    15. 15. - Add payment information - Accept the following forms - Credit Cards - Paypal - Invoicing call: 1-800-518-5689 @bing_ads | @yang_ers 1
    16. 16. @bing_ads | @yang_ers 1
    17. 17. @bing_ads | @yang_ers 17
    18. 18. Campaigns Budget  Set your target (Save) @bing_ads | @yang_ers 18
    19. 19. - Bing Ads Blog - - Bing Ads Twitter Handle - @Bing Ads - Like us on Facebook - - Bing Ads Training Materials - Become an Accredited Professional (free to take) @bing_ads | @yang_ers 19
    20. 20. 1. Use Pay Per Click advertising to control your message, target your customers, control your ROI 2. Focus on your message and what distinguishes your products from others 3. Measure, measure, measure @bing_ads | @yang_ers 20
    21. 21. @bing_ads | @yang_ers
    22. 22. @bing_ads | @yang_ers