2380 absa 2011 l'atelier catalogue lowres


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2380 absa 2011 l'atelier catalogue lowres

  2. 2. NATIONAL SELECTION PANELVulindlela NyoniCo-ordinator of National SelectionFrikkie EksteenDavid JonesBrett MurrayDavid PatonAir ticket to Paris, France, sponsored by AbsaThis catalogue has been compiled by Dr Paul Bayliss, Art Curator of AbsaPhotography by Richard HughesDesign and layout by Betelgeuse Advertising2011 L’Atelier Awards CataloguePublished by Absa, member of the Barclays Group.ISBN 978-0-620-50655-7
  3. 3. FOREWORDABSA L’ATELIER 2011Absa is a world-renowned patron of the arts and the proud sponsor of the 26thAbsa L’Atelier art competition. It’s not only the oldest arts award in the SouthernHemisphere, it is also the richest in Africa. And it remains the most prestigiousaward on any South African artist’s CV.Aimed at nurturing young talent, Absa L’Atelier serves as a platform for youngemerging artists to make their mark in the South African arena and is instrumentalin launching many careers in the visual arts. Not only does Absa create a platform toshowcase their work through this competition, but we have also been increasinglyactive in identifying, nurturing, promoting and sponsoring these artists through ourgallery. A number of the finalists have developed into success stories.We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our co-sponsorsfor their continued support for the Absa L’Atelier and their investment in our youngartists.Without SANAVA, the French Embassy, the French Institute and AllianceFrançiase, this initiative would not be possible.Further testimony to the success of our competition is the steady rise in the quality ofworks entered.This year the standard was exceptionally high and the judges had theirwork cut out to select the finalists, the merit award winners and the two top awards.I would like to congratulate our winners. Make the most of this wonderful opportunityto further your careers.We will be watching with interest as many of you go on tobecome internationally recognised artists.And to all the other finalists, I hope you will use the valuable experience you havegained through this process well. Please keep up the good work.Maria RamosGroup Chief Executive1
  4. 4. The Absa L’Atelier art competitionis presented annually by Absa inconjunction with SANAVA (South AfricanNational Association for the Visual Arts).It is a competition for young artists inthe age group 21 to 35 years.Works of artwere selected in Bellville, Bloemfontein,Durban, Johannesburg, East London,Port Elizabeth, Polokwane, Pretoriaand Thohoyandou by a local panel ofselectors guided by Vulindlela Nyonion behalf of the National Presidentof SANAVA.The selected works of artwere sent to Johannesburg for finaladjudication.AWARDABSA L’ATELIER2
  5. 5. CONGRATULATIONSArtists need platforms from which to be heard.The Absa L’Atelier competition andexhibition provides a national and very prestigious platform and is a highlight in theSouth African Arts calendar.This event shows the issues and media that occupy youngartists’s minds, and what they feel is relevant at the moment.This is their dialoguewith society.As the longest running annual competition and exhibition we have seen the art onoffer become more open, less urban, reflecting human diversity.Young artists todayhave a shared history but come from different cultural contexts. Exhibitions such asthese document the evolution of the role of art, artists and the cultural industry inthis country.Let us hope that we are not only creating expectations. Artists need the meansand infrastructure for artistic expression. May this inspire other corporate andgovernmental bodies to support the endeavours of young artists. As a partnerof its affiliated member, the Absa Group and the South African National Associationfor the Visual Arts is proud to co-present the Absa L’Atelier competition for the26thconsecutive year.Dirkie OffringaNational PresidentSouth African National Association for the Visual Arts (SANAVA)3
  6. 6. Gerard Sekoto (1913 – 1993)Sekoto was born in Botshabelo nearMiddelburg in the former Transvaal on9 December 1913. His early paintingsdepicted scenes from Sophiatown,District Six and Eastwood near Pretoria.He left South Africa in 1947 for Europeand settled in Paris in voluntary exilewhere he lived until his death in 1993.As an African Parisian he always yearnedfor his South African roots and identity,which he depicted with much nostalgiain many of his works.In Paris and with the support of theloving French public, doors eventuallyopened for Sekoto to explore his owncreativity.With this award we honourGerard Sekoto.The French Embassy,the French Institute and the AllianceFrançaise, felt it appropriate to createsuch an award to support the mostpromising artist with an income of lessthan R60 000 per annum.This awardwill hopefully open yet another door fora young South African artist in the cityof love and art, namely Paris.AWARDGERARD SEKOTO4
  7. 7. The selection of artwork for anycompetition is by no means an easy feat.In recent public discourses on the natureof contemporary South African art andsome contentious issues surroundingcuratorship, the notion of having a fingeron the pulse of what is fresh, innovativeand challenging is as much under scrutinyas what artists are making at the moment.For those established artists, participatingin these discourses they can choose to beseen or not. For those yet to be establishedthe difficulty is in being afforded theopportunity to be seen in the first place.I believe that this is what makes acompetition such as the Absa L’Ateliersignificant. Inasmuch as what is‘happening’ and what is ‘new and fresh’in the art world, this platform pays adifferent service to those who take partin it. The competition is itself in its 26thyear and therefore has a set history andperhaps responsibility grounded in thelaunching of new artistic talent onto thelandscape of South African aesthetics.The extensive list of past winners andparticipants who have benefitted fromthis showcase is testament to this fact.I wish to make it clear to prospectiveparticipants that this competition shouldbe seen as possible initiation of a careerin the visual arts, nationally and moreINTRODUCTIONso internationally. It is undeniable thatthose who have taken part in the processby submitting their work for selectionand furthermore those who have beenselected for the final exhibition havegained in one way or another. To this,I turn to some of the time-honouredmerits of having your work seen, exposureand (for some), recognition.This year is significant in that during thecourse of the selection process new andinteresting visions have started to emergein the guise of newly realised practitionersand those who, after some time, havedecidedly matured in their vision althoughnever having had the opportunity tobe seen as it were. Naturally, the problemsthat arise in having a ‘juried’ exhibitionremain, but in among the process ofensuring the selection of quality work,ideas arose as to how to make thingsbetter for future Absa L’Ateliers. Inconversation with Paul Bayliss, the newcurator of the Absa Gallery, it was clearthat quality and the growth of qualityin the work of new artists are part ofthe main agenda of the Absa L’Atelier.Mention must be made here of thesterling work done by the previous curatorCecile Loedolff in the previous years ofthis competition. At the various centresI visited, the sentiment was echoed by theother curators and selectors I met. Havingestablished criteria that were centred ontechnical execution, originality of visionand relevance to contemporary discoursesin art, aided in ensuring that quality workselected was of quality. For that I thank allmy fellow selectors in each province thatI visited for their time and expertise inassisting in this endeavour.Thematically the work on show in thefinal exhibition explores a wide range ofsubjects, but what is clear is a growingintrospective or subjective responseon the part of the artists to the worldthat they live in. Artists are indeed nowable to reflect on their own particularvoices. Matters of absence, home, originand individuality are prevalent in theexhibition but more so the relationshipof the artist’s vision to the communalexpressive space. On the whole I amhonoured and privileged to have beenpart of the selection process and tohave seen the development of newvisions put forward by these artists andwholeheartedly congratulate each andevery participant in the process, and tothose who were selected, well done!Vulindlela Nyoni2011 Co-ordinator of NationalSelection Panel5
  8. 8. Colour, separationOil on fabriano13 cm x 64 cm (Triptych)GROSE, IANCAPE TOWN2011 WINNER6
  9. 9. Anthropomorphic spaces 3Mixed media120 cm x 115 cm x 70 cmISABEL MERTZPRETORIAMERIT AWARD7
  10. 10. iXOXOUpholstered steel bench and videoGELDENHUYS, AMBER-JADEJOHANNESBURGMERIT AWARD8
  11. 11. In space and timeLightjet print46 cm x 59 cmGAUNTLETT, ALICECAPE TOWNMERIT AWARD9
  12. 12. The beginning and the endDigital prints on paper21 cm x 24 cmSPRING, SARAHJOHANNESBURGMERIT AWARD10
  13. 13. GERARD SEKOTO WINNERAnthropomorphic spaces 3Mixed media120 cm x 115 cm x 70 cmMERTZ, ISABELPRETORIA11
  15. 15. 67589 10678913
  16. 16. BEZUIDENHOUT, KARINPRETORIAPROFILE:Bezuidenhout was born in 1979 andstudied BA(FA) at the Universityof Pretoria. She also received aPostgraduate Certificate in Educationfrom the University of Pretoria. Shehas participated in several exhibitions,including the Absa L’Atelier exhibitionin 2009.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This work reflects the desperation ofso many hopeful men and women,especially from places like Soweto, wherethis photo was taken, to get a job andescape the consequences of poverty.Zuma’s promisePhotography and Photoshop54 cm x 47 cm14
  17. 17. PROFILE:Bhana was born in 1986 and studiedBTech (FA) at the Tshwane Universityof Technology, Pretoria. She hasparticipated in several exhibitions.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:We are meant to move towardsself-discovery and spiritual maturity,to be ready and able to live a life thatmatters to us and those around us.We need to feel the energy of thechakras, as the origin of our own power– as the energy that fuels our biology.For when our angle of perceptionis wrong, our interaction with theworld is wrong, and it is only oncewe realise the stuff of which we aremade that we realise that we have nochoice but to live a spiritual life.MokshMixed media180 cm x 60 cmBHANA, POORVIPRETORIA15
  18. 18. BIYELA, SIPHESIHLE NDNKANYISODURBANPROFILE:Biyela was born in 1986 and studiedBA(FA) at Rhodes University,Grahamstown. She has participatedin several exhibitions.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This is the artist’s family portrait.Theartist has worked with the symbolismof locks inscribed onto or embossedonto the work.The technical drawingsof the inner workings of the lock havea dual meaning of both protectionand trapping.Within a family liesinfluences, voices of guidance andwisdom and advice, which are to shapean individual while in the processthat some influence may hinder theindividual from finding his or her owntrue voice.There are also invisiblebonds that keep the family unit intact– mutual strong voices of influence.The bonds of the familyMixed media182 cm x 122 cm16
  19. 19. PROFILE:Blazey was born in 1989 and studied for aDiploma in Fine Arts at Nelson MandelaMetropolitan University,Port Elizabeth.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The Isle of the Faiakes is a nightmare theartist had where the number 3 featuredstrongly, overpowering the artist.The Isle of the FaiakesOil on canvas172 cm x 132 cmBLAZEY, KEEGAN ROSSPORT ELIZABETH17
  20. 20. BROPHY, JOHN ROBERTJOHANNESBURGPROFILE:Brophy was born in 1980 and completedhis NSC at the National School of theArts. He also obtained a diploma for3D animation from the Boston MediaHouse. He participated in the AbsaL’Atelier Exhibition in 2010.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This four-piece painting – which can beviewed from any angle – folds into an8-page book.Freak goat trophyAcrylic on Superwood30 cm x 22 cm18
  21. 21. PROFILE:Cachalia was born in 1984 and studiedBA(FA) at the University of Cape Townand an honours from the Universityof the Witwatersrand. She hasparticipated in several exhibitions.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This piece is a selection from anexhibition, which explores thesimilarities between fashion andreligion, drawing a comparisonbetween the fanatical authoritarianpractice of fashion and religion andthe way icons are represented andrelied upon in both these systems.The artist hopes to show how fashioncan appear harmless and pretty butis as obsessive and dangerous in itsautocracy as religion can be.If God was Ana Wintour and Vogue was the BibleOil and spray paint on canvas48 cm x 60 cmCACHALIA, LUIZAJOHANNESBURG19
  22. 22. CAMPBELL, PETER MIKAELCAPE TOWNPROFILE:Campbell was born in 1982 and studied forthe National Diploma in Fine Arts at theNelson Mandela Metropolitan University,Port Elizabeth.He also has a BTech (FA) degreespecialising in sculpture at the same university.He has participated in a number of exhibitions,including the Absa L’Atelier in 2008 and 2009.He was selected as one of the top ten finalistsin 2009.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work explores the realistic applicationof Joseph Beuys’theory of Social Sculpturebeyond utopian rhetoric. It can be understoodas a quiet inquiry into the pedagogic andhomeopathic potential of art,particularlybetween the artist and the art-making process.The work can be seen as a journey into thecreative constellations of the self,into thejoy and subtle beauty of secrecy and surpriseand into the enigmatic and nuanced poetryunderpinning phenomena.Beyond ‘Infiltration homogenous for grand piano’Mixed media70 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm20
  23. 23. PROFILE:Cochrane was born in 1986 and studiedfor a BA(FA) at the University of Pretoria.He has participated in a number ofexhibitions.Projection. Repression. Guilt. 2010/11Light installation110 cm x 35 cmCOCHRANE, ROZANPRETORIADESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This artwork comprises of facesconstructed by light and shadow.It engages with Carl Gustav Jungs’concepts of the latter; which heproposes the shadow to symbolisesubconscious inferiorities.21
  24. 24. COETZEE, GERHARDTPORT ELIZABETHPROFILE:Coetzee was born in 1983 and studied for aNational Diploma in Photography at the NelsonMandela Metropolitan University,Port Elizabeth.He has participated in a number of exhibitions,including the Absa L’Atelier Exhibition in 2009and 2010.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Structures and symbols of religion are familiarsigns in the South African cityscape. So familiarthat we tend to look past them.The artist placesthe image within a landscape to defamiliarisethese signs and allows us to look anew at whatthey signal about us as human beings in general.On one level they speak of the perpetual humanneed to insist that there is more, that there issomething beyond the here and now, that thereis a way to transcend our (mortal) nature.Theimage communicates this message throughlandscape,articulating this profound humanconcern in the midst of a silent landscape.Rainbow chickenPhotographic print on cotton paper60 cm x 90 cm (Diptych)22
  25. 25. Untitled (Rhino)Oil on canvas99,5 cm x 14o cmCOPPINGER, JENNIFEREAST LONDONDESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Inspired by Ovid’s metamorphosis. Thepainting is based on dreamspace, a spacesuspended between illusion and reality.The artist was also inspired by numerousdreams she experienced with animals.23
  26. 26. PROFILE:Crawshay-Hall was born in 1987 andstudied for a BA(FA) at the University ofPretoria.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work is founded on large-scalebubblewrap portraits.Within the seriesof five, the self-portrait represents awhite population and the four otherportraits representing Black, Coloured,Indian and Asian, which are pictoriallyincluded at the top of each colourswatch.The artist explores the notionthat part of a subject’s identity tendsto be race and colour. She draws on thisnotion and attempts to deconstruct it,conveying that colour is not what makesus different and that colour is vastlysimilar within various races – throughthe use of swatching the colour of eachbubble in a colour swatch.Colour: [un]wrapped, colour swatchesDigital print on paper150 cm x 170 cmCRAWSHAY-HALL, JAYNE KELLYPRETORIA24
  27. 27. CRUSE, CANDICEEAST LONDONPROFILE:Cruse was born in 1989 and is currentlystudying at Rhodes University,Grahamstown.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This work forms part of a larger body of workentitled‘The Context is in theTitle’.The worksare an exploration of art historical referencesfrom the late 19th and early 20th centuries,in which women were displayed togetherin intimate poses.The artist inserted herselfinto the images to embody each character.Through the drawing process, the artistbecame aware that the work emphasised thespace of the absent other. By stripping thework of all contexts,i.e. time period,clothing,the background and the interaction withthe missing figures, the drawing becomesdecontextualised.Thus, the body of workevokes an enhanced sense of loss and balance.After Gabrielle d’estre et de duchesse D’Villars (Part 1)Colour chalk pastel on Fabriano150 cm x 97 cm25
  28. 28. CRUSE, CANDICEEAST LONDONAfter Gabrielle d’estre et de duchesse D’Villars (Part 2)Colour chalk pastel on Fabriano150 cm x 97 cm26
  29. 29. PROFILE:Daling was born in 1983 and studied fora BA(FA) at the University of Pretoria.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The blue duiker’s head is full of gall,don’t eat the tripe. Take off the barcodeand screw on the “boord”. Somebody isgoing to pound him. Little boys don’tdo it, you hear. Remove your hat, I’mafraid you might say the wrong thing.Who is truly like a rhebuck? The buckleaves its own footprints and sheds itsown tears – he is his own buck. Whowill tell the buck where to go and whatto go? Cut its throat and become aman or tame it. I might as well just aswell push its head through a plate.I think my name is bok-bok.AfvalMixed media25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cmDALING, ROELF JOHANNESPRETORIA27
  30. 30. DIKGALE, LEROLE DALSONPOLOKWANEDESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Crockery made of terracotta clay andsupported by a steel stand.PovertyMixed media87 cm x 29 cm x 59 cm28
  31. 31. PROFILE:Engelbrecht was born in 1983 and studied for aBA(FA) at the University of Stellenbosch. She alsohas an MA in Visual Art from the same university.She has participated in a number of exhibitionsand won a number of accolades.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work is a contemporary interpretation ofHieronymus Bosch’s 16thcentury painting, theGarden of Earthly Delights.The central panelof Bosch’s triptych shows a fantastical worldwhere sexually liberated naked figures frolicamong bizarre fauna and flora. One of the mostprominent characteristics of post-modern visualculture is the sheer excessiveness of spectacles.In today’s Westernised world we are constantlyexposed to images of excess, thereby turning usall (willingly or not) into voyeurs.Visual culturetoday is saturated with images, and by restrictingthe collage of pictures from books and magazines,the artist hopes to facilitate critical reflection ofexcess prevalent in contemporary culture.Saturated spectacle (After Hieronymus Bosch)Collage124 cm x 140 cmENGELBRECHT, LARITACAPE TOWN:aoy.ss.N:feldctls.ysegs,fe.29
  32. 32. ERASMUS, STEPHANJOHANNESBURGPROFILE:Erasmus was born in 1976. He studied forthe National Diploma in Fine Arts at theWitwatersrand Technikon, as well as forthe BTech (FA) degree at the WitwatersrandTechnikon. He also completed a Master’sdegree in Fine Arts at the University ofthe Witwatersrand. He has participatedin several exhibitions, including the AbsaL’Atelier exhibition in 2000, as well as theAbsa L’Atelier exhibitions in 2004, 2006,2008 and 2009. He was selected as one ofthe top ten finalists in 2008 and a MeritAward winner in 2009.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The book contains the full text of TheWasteLand and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot.The workexplores aspects of‘reading’text/image. Thework was silkscreen printed and bound usinga concertina binding system.WastelandMixed mediaPRErastheWittheTechdegthein sL’AteAbs200theAwaDEOFTheLanexp30
  33. 33. DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:‘Tou opgooi’is a scroll book that takes amotto used in raising young Afrikanerchildren“Moenie tou opgooi nie maarbaklei tot die bitter einde”(don’t throwin the towel but fight till the bitter end).The repeated text is tied to thecotton thread every 40 cm, rolled intoa scroll and placed in a clamshell boxespecially designed for the scroll.The text was selected because thesource of the text is a book publishedin the 1950’s in South Africa, andputs forward a set of mottos for thepromotion of the Afrikaner culture inSouth Africa at the point in the artist’shistory.The book does not however putforward discrimination of any kind butrather just the growth and promotion ofan Afrikaner lifestyle, strongly connectedto the religious doctrine of the time.Tou opgooiMixed mediaERASMUS, STEPHANJOHANNESBURGNK:aerarw).eoxl.edden’sut31
  34. 34. GAUNTLETT, ALICECAPE TOWNPROFILE:Gauntlett was born in 1988 and hasa BA(FA) from the Michaelis Schoolof Fine Art, University of Cape Town.She participated in the 2010 AbsaL’Atelier exhibition.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This work concerns the increasing senseof isolation of many people withinour society, whether it be from social,cultural or political divides.The vehicle ofthe domestic environment emphasises,as it places this emotion in a place wherewe are meant to feel connected to ourfamily and by proxy to the world.In space and timeLightjet print46 cm x 59 cmPGaoSLDOTooctawf32
  35. 35. PROFILE:Geldenhuys was born in 1982 and studied for the NationalDiploma in Fine Arts at the University of Johannesburg.She also has a BTech (FA) from the same university and iscurrently studying for a Master’s qualification from theUniversity of the Witwatersrand. She participated in theAbsa L’Atelier exhibition in 2010.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The artist makes use of a kreepy krauly and the surveillancecamera of a housing unit as symbols of cultural markers ofthe South African middle and upper classes. In residentialspaces one will find kreepy kraulys and electric fencesco-existing.This seems an odd combination; one is acommodity of leisure, associated with fun, and the othera technology of defence, denoting war and control.Theirjuxtaposition sends out mixed messages to inhabitantsbecause of their significance which contradict one another.The artist reconfigures the functionality of these objects,transforming their original purpose, materials, dimensions,form and meanings, playing on their suggestivephysiological, sociological and cultural associations.XOXOUpholstered steel bench and videoGELDENHUYS, AMBER-JADEJOHANNESBURGE:alg.ishehe0.NK:ceofalesaereir33
  36. 36. GELDENHUYS, AMBER-JADEJOHANNESBURGiXOXOUpholstered steel bench and video34
  37. 37. PROFILE:Gigaba was born in 1984 and has a BA(FA)from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This work draws an analogy betweenthe education received from formaleducation institutions and theinformal ones. Inspired by folklore,which tells of a friendship’s betrayalwhere the moral of the story is ‘whatgoes around comes around’. This imagehighlights a scene in the story where afrog had its leg tied to his dead friend,the rat, which is captured by the flyingeagle. In the end they are both its prey.Awu Xoxo Wenzani?Screenprinting and embossing on paper64 cm x 78 cmGIGABA, MUZIWANDILEDURBAN35
  38. 38. GROSE, IANCAPE TOWNPROFILE:Grose was born in 1985 and has a BA(FA)from the University of Cape Town.He also has a postgraduate diplomain FA from the same university.Colour, separationOil on Fabriano13 cm x 64 cm (Triptych)36
  39. 39. PROFILE:Hammond was born in 1988 andgraduated from the Michaelis School ofFine Art, University of Cape Town.TenebrousSlide projectionHAMMOND, JESSIECAPE TOWN37
  40. 40. HLATSHWAYO, SIMILO W.TJOHANNESBURGPROFILE:Hlatshwayo was born in 1984 andobtained a Diploma in Visual Arts.He participated in the Absa L’Atelierexhibition in 2010.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work seeks to visually translate the“traditional”Zulu name uBhodloza. Itemphasizes the importance of physicalstrength within traditional Zulu circles,as a means of dealing with identity andmasculine issues.The artist, blessed with a“traditional”Zulu background, aimed to exploresocietal perceptions towards Zulu-speaking males with traditionalbackgrounds, simultaneouslyquestioning the role physical strengthplays within the black urban society.Kwelakithi! (Bhodloza)Mixed media38
  41. 41. Untitled (Bhodloza)Mixed mediaHLATSHWAYO, SIMILO W.JOHANNESBURG39
  42. 42. HUGO, RYAN CHRISTOPHERPORT ELIZABETHPROFILE:Hugo was born in 1988 and graduatedin BA(FA) from the Nelson MandelaMetropolitan University, Port Elizabeth.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This work speaks of the current situationwithin our nation. Our Government,a Trojan horse, under the saddle ofthe Goliath from abroad, deceives ourMopane culture and our land of itsdelicacy.Through the work the artistcraves for resolve.Mopane, sieveFound objects, twine180 cm x 150 cm x 0,5 cm40
  43. 43. DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work relates to the corporate world,animal instincts and the strong and theweak. The environment complimentsthese hybrid creatures, exposingthem as the public is unaware.Confining these creatures in smallspaces was a different element thana landscape. People reactions areevident and appeal to the viewer on aconceptual level. How they duck andcower! These animals represent a dark,cruel and greedy world, exploiting andoutflanking the weak. These animals arepredators in the corporate world.Corporate maskDigital image on canvas85 cm x 120 cmJABOUR, PATRICK ANTHONYJOHANNESBURG41
  44. 44. JANEKE, DANIOBLOEMFONTEINPROFILE:Janeke was born in 1983 and studied fora diploma at the Central University ofTechnology, Bloemfontein.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:What we as people will do in the dark toimprove our identity to adapt.Fur / pelsFilm42
  45. 45. PROFILE:Jansen van Vuuren was born in1985 and studied for a BA(FA) at theUniversity of the Witwatersrand. He iscurrently studying towards his MA(FA).Participated in the Absa L’Atelierexhibition in 2008.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The artist has portrayedpsychological quiet portraits thatappear to be under some kind ofrupture, shadow or deterioration.FiguresOil on canvas76 cm x 61 cm (Diptych)JANSEN VAN VUUREN, NATHANJOHANNESBURG43
  46. 46. KAMA, LUNGACAPE TOWNPROFILE:Kama was born in 1982 and studied for a BA(FA)at the University of Stellenbosch. He is currentlystudying towards his MA in Visual Arts. He hasparticipated in a number of exhibitions,includingthe Absa L’Atelier exhibition in 2008 where hereceived a Merit Award.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work is based on a series of movements. Itwas inspired by the kind of classical imagery ofthe male body.The meaning of the word Ze is“Nude”and the intent of these images in thisseries is meant for that purpose.The theme ofthe work is sexuality and the black body.Thework traces the roots of representation of theblack body through photography.The pills areactually anti-depressants and generic medicationused to decorate the body.There are some visualreferences to tribal markings often seen in someof the South African tribes such as the Xhosa.ZEPhotography76,3 cm x 114,5 cm44
  47. 47. PROFILE:Keevy was born in 1987 and studied fora National Diploma in Fine Art at theNelson Mandela Metropolitan University,Port Elizabeth.FleshMixed mediaKEEVY, AMYPORT ELIZABETHDESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Six oval frames, each with a middlesection of kilned formed glass.45
  48. 48. KHUZWAYO, LUCKY MOSAPRETORIAPROFILE:Khuzwayo was born in 1988 and studiedfor a National Diploma in Fine Arts atthe Tshwane University of Technology,Pretoria.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This artwork symbolises the attitudeof people in everyday life in terms ofbehaviour and discipline that we do nothave to save water.The artist has used animage of a compressor, with seven pipes,which symbolises seven colours of ourrainbow nation and this emphasises thatit is everyone’s problem, affecting everyhuman being.The rusty effect symbolisesthe decay and dying of originality andit emphasises the negligence of ruralpeople by our Government through thedevelopment of infrastructure and otherforms of living the better life.Compromise (compressor)Red earthenware55,4 cm x 67 cm x 49,8 cm46
  49. 49. PROFILE:Knoetzee was born in 1983 and isstudying for a BA(FA) at RhodesUniversity, Grahamstown.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Brak is a sculpture of the eternalunderdog, gnawing its own leg off.It alludes to the relentless pursuit of‘freedom’, which is inherent in all livingthings. It is made primarily out ofbubble gum.BrakMixed media95 cm x 50 cm x 62 cmKNOETZEE, FRANCOISEAST LONDON47
  50. 50. KRONJÉ, KRISTINECAPE TOWNPROFILE:Kronjé was born in 1986 and studiedfor a BA(FA) at the University ofStellenbosch.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Resembling a modernist aesthetic,“Nuances of Velocity”explores theacceleration of progress and technology,which has become so rapid that it can bemistaken for a form of changelessness.The works consist of modular glass unitsreferencing repetition and efficiency.Nuances of velocityPhotography176 cm x 130 cm48
  51. 51. PROFILE:Little was born in 1987 and studied for aGraphic Design Diploma in InformationTechnology and 3d animation, as well as aBA(FA) at the University of the Free State.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The very saying, You’re so cute I’m goingto eat you right up, sends an uneasinessdown one’s bones.Why is it that all wewant to do is put beauty in our mouths?I have been bitten, and masticated.You’re so cute I’m going to eat you right upDigital print and Photoshop165 cm x 120 cmLITTLE, SANDYBLOEMFONTEIN49
  52. 52. LOSSGOTT, KAICAPE TOWNPROFILE:Lossgott was born in Germany in 1980and studied B(Journ) at Rhodes University,Grahamstown. He has participated in anumber of exhibitions including the AbsaL’Atelier exhibition in 2007 and 2008.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:In“the aperture of chlorophyll”,a fragmentfrom a poem is typed on a small plantleaf,an intricate drawing laser-engravedon another.Influenced by global evidenceof climate change,we are currentlyre-defining our collective and personalidentities.As we begin to realise we arepart of a living system,we ask:what is theborderline of intelligent life? Plants,forinstance,store and process informationin sophisticated ways,communicatingchemically with their environment.Theyare capable of learning,and plan for futureenvironmental conditions.The aperture of chlorophyllDigital video20 cm x 25 cm50
  53. 53. PROFILE:Lubinsky was born in 1988 and isstudying for a BA(FA) at the University ofthe Witwatersrand.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This book explores the ways in whichabstract marks could come to stand forthose things that are unarticulatable.The graphics and tables display theawkwardness of attempting to fitmore fluid/ephemeral things into thestructure of languages, also pointingto the difficulty of describing andanalysing usual images throughlinguistic articulation.Greater than the sum of its partsSilkscreen and laser printing54 cm x 47 cmLUBINSKY, TALYAJOHANNESBURG51
  54. 54. MABASO, PHANUELPOLOKWANEXibelani (traditional garment)Aluminium casting39 cm x 14 cm x 8 cmDESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Xibelani is a well-known traditionalTsonga garment which is normally wornat happy traditional events. At theseevents the young ladies compete againsteach other for best dancing styles.52
  55. 55. DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This lady carries porridge on her head,which is taken to the bush to serveto the boys. According to traditionallaw, ladies must not be fully dressedaround their breasts.XivoneleAluminium casting44 cm x 14 cm x 9 cmMABASO, PHANUELPOLOKWANE53
  56. 56. MALATJI, RELEBOGILE AMELIAPRETORIAPROFILE:Malatji was born in 1988 and obtaineda National Diploma in Fine Art fromthe Tshwane University of Technology,Pretoria.PROFILE:Long journeyOil on canvas35 cm x 25 cm (Triptych)DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The artwork depicts a journey of selfdiscovery. It is painted in oil on canvas.The bag is used to show a sense oftravelling, moving forward.54
  57. 57. PROFILE:Maqabuka was born in 1982 and studiedfor a National Diploma in Fine Art fromthe Tshwane University of Technology,Pretoria. He has participated in a numberof exhibitions, including the AbsaL’Atelier exhibition in 2004.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work is inspired by a South Africantop cop. A head of state who got bustedfor some illegal activities with drug lordsand gangsters.Head of stateMixed media54 cm x 47 cmMAQABUKA, LUDUMO BANTUBONKEJOHANNESBURG55
  58. 58. MASWANGANYI, COLLENJOHANNESBURGPROFILE:Maswanganyi was born in the village ofNoblehook, Giyani, in 1977. He obtainedthe National Diploma in Fine Arts at theTechnikon of the Witwatersrand. Hisfather, the well-known sculptor JohannesMaswanganyi, taught him woodcarving.He has participated in several exhibitionsnationally and internationally. He wasselected as one of the top ten finalists ofthe Absa Atelier exhibition in 2001 andthe Absa L’Atelier exhibition in 2010.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work is about tax and tithes. SomeChristians feel it is the same and shouldbe exempted from paying tax. Somedo not see a need to pay tax and tithesas they see it as money for luxury forGovernment officials and pastors.Tax and tithesMixed media54 cm x 47 cm56
  59. 59. PROFILE:Mertz was born in 1987 and studied aBA(FA) at the University of Pretoria.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Cities are“the scar tissue of history”and carry within and on them thetraces of historical ideological andworld changes. Although visuallyon the outside cities seem to beimpersonal mounds of concrete, tar andtechnology, they are the repositoriesof the makings and markings ofhuman beings and have been createdin the image of humankind – as suchbecoming anthropomorphic spaces.Anthropomorphic Spaces is based onmaps of South Africa; the panels are arepresentation of inner cities, while thesurrounding panels become the artist’sown interpretation of the city.Anthropomorphic spaces 1Mixed media120 cm x 115 cm x 70 cmMERTZ, ISABELPRETORIA57
  60. 60. MERTZ, ISABELPRETORIAAnthropomorphic spaces 2Mixed media120 cm x 115 cm x 70 cm58
  61. 61. Anthropomorphic spaces 3Mixed media120 cm x 115 cm x 70 cmMERTZ, ISABELPRETORIADetail of artwork59
  62. 62. MINKLEY, EMMA SMITHPORT ELIZABETHPROFILE:Minkley was born in 1988 and studieda BA(FA) at the Nelson MandelaMetropolitan University, Port Elizabeth.She is currently studying for a BTechDegree in FA(Painting) at the sameuniversity.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:A set of four wooden boxes,rectangularly shaped and with roundholes cut into the front panel of each,arranged on a base with four whitefeet.This set of boxes is accompaniedby another single box of the samedescription, but on longer white legs,resting on a white pillow.The digestive organsMixed media60
  63. 63. PROFILE:Mtshiselwa was born in 1985 andobtained a BTech in Ceramic Design from theNelson Mandela Metropolitan University,Port Elizabeth.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Hidden Treasurers is an exploration journey in claydiscovery.Through the process the nature of theclay changed with each new experiment.Throughthe process natural additives such as differentseed pods and pine needles were added to the clay,moulded and then placed into a kiln before thepiece has dried.The organic material burns away inthe firing process and leaves an imprint in the firedclay.Through this process the natural additives aregiven a new life.When they burn away they leavetraces behind that were once occupied in the claysurface.The viewer is encouraged to engage withthe pieces getting closer to them, touching themand exploring themHidden treasuresCeramicMTSHISELWA, BANTUPORT ELIZABETH61
  64. 64. NAUDÉ, DANIELCAPE TOWNPROFILE:Naudé was born in 1984 and studied for aBA(VA) at the University of Stellenbosch.He has participated in number of local andinternational exhibitions.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Extended periods spent in rural South Africabrought the artist closer to understandingthe complex relationship farmers have withdomesticated animals.The artist began to seecommon animals like donkeys in a differentway. It is these instances of mutual connectionwith animals whose lives are conditionedand determined by their relationships withman that fascinates the artist. He portrays hissubjects with a sense of wonder and awe thatallows the viewer to see them afresh. In frontof the photograph, the viewers find themselveson the same eye level as the subjugated animal,extending their knowing gaze and remindingone of man’s uneasy dominion over them.PNBAHinDOExbthdcowwamsuaofoexoDonkey. Mlungwana, Eastern Cape, 20 October 2009Photography75 cm x 75 cm62
  65. 65. PROFILE:Haidee was born in 1977 and studied fora BA(FA) at the Michaelis School of FineArt, University of Cape Town. She hasparticipated in a number of exhibitionsand received a number of accolades forher work.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The girl with a spoon, her dress is madeof segments, like building blocks. She isstanding on a stack of plates. Everythingis very fragile.HigherCement, ceramic50 cm x 30 cm x 30 cmNEL, HAIDEECAPE TOWN63
  66. 66. NGAKI, SIYABONGA KHAKAPORT ELIZABETHPROFILE:Ngaki was born in 1989 and obtaineda national diploma in fine art from theNelson Mandela Metropolitan University,Port Elizabeth.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The artwork depicts a male figurewith the head visible on the chest.The artwork deals with the issueof muti-killings, hence the use of adecomposing body of a man.What will become of mePen and ink on paper116 cm x 75 cm64
  67. 67. PROFILE:Ntuli was born in 1986 and obtaineda national diploma in visual arts fromthe University of Johannesburg. He iscurrently studying towards a BTech invisual arts at the same university.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work explores the notions ofmasculinity, as an overwhelmingburden and as a vulnerable shelter.This is done by the use of the doily tosubvert masculinity in order to exposeits fragility.The disposed bodiesMixed mediaPhoto’s: 97 cm x 69,5 cm, Figures: Life-sizeNTULI, DHUMULANIJOHANNESBURG65
  68. 68. PATTENDEN, HEATHERDURBANPROFILE:Pattenden was born in 1987 and iscurrently studying towards an MA(FA)at the University of KwaZulu-Natal,Pietermaritzburg.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This series of works was createdusing the age-old tradition of paperembroidery.The images are a commenton how modern communication is nolonger a personal exchange betweentwo people. Communication has brokendown and no longer represents whatit used too. SMSs, e-mails, Skype, Mxit,Facebook, BBM,Twitter and Googlenow represents the‘voice’of the sender.People have forgotten what it is like topick up the telephone and call.Communication today series (2010)Silk-screen, thread, stamp100 cm x 100 cm66
  69. 69. DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This series of works was created usingthe technique of paper embroidery.Thestitched images depict scenes of themundane chore of washing – typicallyseen as the female chore. However,an older man is conducting thistask within the home.These genderstereotypes are turned upside downwithin these works, which also relatesto the particular medium used – realmen don’t embroider.Housework series (2010)Silk-screen, thread200 cm x 150 cmPATTENDEN, HEATHERDURBAN67
  70. 70. PATTENDEN, MHAIRI KIRSTENDURBANDESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The piece centres on the issue ofjourneys. The artist introduces anindividually hand sculptured birdskull, to a found object, a walkingstick. The artist combines the idea ofbirds migrating, walking sticks beingsynonymous with journeys, and theelement of skulls representing theend of such a journey. The artist viewshimself as a generation of artmakerswho do not have to be entirely originalbut rather taking something familiar(i.e. walking sticks) and puttingit together differently to createsomething new.Walking sticks (2010)Stoneware and wood200 cm x 100 cm68
  71. 71. PROFILE:Pete was born in 1989 in Polokwane.He is currently studying towards aBTech in Fine Arts at the TshwaneUniversity of Technology, Pretoria.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The work depicts a nightscene of acity corner with lights reflecting onthe road and sidewalk.The paintingcaptures a moment of isolation fromhumanity but still bound by its rulesand functioning.E:ne.s aneia.NK:f aonngmesg.Please wait …..Oil on board38 cm x 28 cmPETE, MALOSEPRETORIA69
  72. 72. PHOOKO, LUCKY FRANSPRETORIAA Place called HomePencil crayon86.5 cm x 116 cm70
  73. 73. PROFILE:Pienaar was born in 1988 and studied fora BA(FA) at the University of Pretoria.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The artist makes use of puzzle piecesin the creation of her work of art asa spontaneous action that illustrateswhat effects the destruction ofnature have on the earth and theenvironment. Mankind is playing adangerous game with nature andis busy reshaping the world, pieceby piece. Mankind’s negligence inpreserving nature and all within theecosystem, as well as securing thefuture for generations to come arethreatened by man’s own doing.OFILE:udied forPretoria.PTIONWORK:e piecesof art asustratesction ofand thelaying ature andld, piecegence inthin thePlayful weapon 20o02’Puzzles100 cm x 150 cm x 45 cmPIENAAR, KARENPRETORIADetail of artwork71
  74. 74. PITSO, THABOPRETORIAPROFILE:Pitso was born in 1982 and obtaineda Fine and Applied Arts diploma fromthe Tshwane University of Technology,Pretoria. He is currently studying towardsa BTech degree in Fine Arts at the sameuniversity.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The sculpture comments on the heavysystems of persuasion by governmentsand religious institutions to alter, controland censor the minds of the people.Portrays the influence of media as a toolto decide how society should behave.Radio propagandaMixed media41 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm72
  75. 75. PROFILE:Qapa was born in 1976 and studiedBA(FA) at Rhodes University,Grahamstown. He has participatedin several exhibitions, including theAbsa L’Atelier exhibitions in 2001,2004 and 2010.Informal TradersOil on board35 cm x 145 cmQAPA, DINISILEEAST LONDONDESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This painting portrays a way of lifeof many people from townships andinformal settlements around industrialcities, like East London.These people areself-motivated and are not prepared toturn to crime to earn a living. Insteadthey collect from dumpsites, recyclingmaterials like steel, copper wire, tins,bottles, plastic, etc.They then sell them toscrapyards, enabling them to feed theirfamilies. Regardless of their situation,they still hope for a better life one day.73
  76. 76. RAMADI, THIKHOLI BETHUELPOLOKWANEAncestors passageOil on canvas85 cm x 60 cm74
  77. 77. PROFILE:Sampson was born in 1989 and iscurrently studying toward a BTech atthe Nelson Mandela MetropolitanUniversity, Port Elizabeth.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This is not an explanation, but apalpitation of words culminatinginternal with external forms. Object,viewer, subject, reader project theirhorsepecious danglion into the longlaggard lady to create a story. Fantasticimagination is necessary to completethe third leg. If the object is complete,the viewer is obsolete.Horsepecious danglion, The long leggard ladyMixed media23 cm x 23 cm x 154 cmSAMPSON, TEGAN JEANPORT ELIZABETH75
  78. 78. SCHOLTZ, JUNNOPORT ELIZABETHPROFILE:Scholtz was born in 1988 and hasobtained a national diploma in Fine Artfrom the Nelson Mandela MetropolitanUniversity, Port Elizabeth.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:A plaster of paris plinth supporting adoor leaning against a wall supported byan assortment of animal legs.Verneuk-beentjieMixed mediaPROFScholtzobtainefrom thUniversDESCOF AA plastedoor leaan assoDetail of artwork76
  79. 79. DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Inside a display unit, a mummified cat(wearing a brassy polar fleece pet jersey)rests upon a household chopping board.The human animal’s relationship withthe non-human animal has always beenone of precarious disparity.Throughoutour own domesticated and settledexistence, and even beforeman’s attitude towards beastshas been one of ironic double-play.While the vast menagerie ofvenerated animals, which includethose domesticated, have beentreated with admiration, wonderand religious devoutness: on cavewalls, through mythical narratives,in hieroglyphic short-hand, arcaneallegorical detail and the fairytales thathave warmed our infantile bellies.BasteMixed media50 cm x 150 cmSHAW, ALISON JEANPORT ELIZABETH77
  80. 80. SIBIYA, JOSE BAMBOJOHANNESBURGPROFILE:Sibiya was born in 1986. He studied athree-year course in Printmaking at theArtist Proof Studio. He participated in theAbsa L’Atelier exhibition in 2010.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This work was inspired by the qualitytime the artist spent with his motherwhen she told him stories of his fatherwhen he went to the big city looking fora job. Cellular phones were not availableor expensive to buy.Thanks to radiostations with a slot for people to call andgreet their families, tell how much theylove them and even dedicate a song.Communication was kept alive throughletters.Nize nisikhonzelephela bandlaLinocut160 cm x 80 cm78
  81. 81. PROFILE:Spring was born in 1986 and studieda BA(FA) at Rhodes University,Grahamstown.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Book bound in maroon leather cover.The Beginning and The End was thefirst and last book to be published byParapraxes Books – publishing house ofthe late Mark Hipper. It is a story thatstarts and finishes without anythinghappening in between.The beginning and the endDigital prints on paper21 cm x 24 cmSPRING, SARAHJOHANNESBURG79
  82. 82. STEYN, DANIËL PETRUS DREYERPRETORIAPROFILE:Steyn was born in 1984 and studiedBA(FA) at the University of Pretoria. Heis currently reading for an MA(FA) at thesame university. He has participated inseveral exhibitions, including the AbsaL’Atelier exhibition in 2008 and 2010.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Silent Echo deals with emotions andinner turmoil. Our emotions are echoesof ourselves.We struggle with who weare and who we need to be – in Freudianterms the clash between the‘Ego’and the‘Id’.This results in a continuous‘tug of war’within ourselves, generating frustrationand rage that we can’t acknowledge orreact upon.The awkward implies ourattempts to deal with these emotionsand how we try and force ourselves intomoulds that do not fit.Silent echoVideo80
  83. 83. PROFILE:Stodel was born in 1988 and studied aBA(FA) at the University of Cape Town.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The core concern of this video is thespatial restructuring of the post-apartheid urban landscape in theform of forced removals. It makesreference to a place near Delftcalled Blikkiesdorp, as many of itsinhabitants have been evicted fromvarious places around Cape Town.The map lines have been created byremoving the pigment from paperwith bleach, suggestive of‘cleansing’of urban areas during gentrification.It can also be read more generally ashistorical and contemporary forcedremovals in Cape Town.RemovedStop-frame animationSTODEL, SOFIA MARGUERITACAPE TOWN81
  84. 84. TERBLANCHE, ANNELENEPORT ELIZABETHPROFILE:Terblanche was born in 1984 and obtained aNational Diploma in Fine Art at the NelsonMandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth.She is currently completing a BTech Degree.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This body of work represents an exploration oftwo interdependent aspects, which are essentialto the work: form and content.The materials,iconography and processes are intended to reflectthe transience of mortality, the cycle of life andthe possibility of rebirth that occurs in time andthrough change. Repetition of the combined use ofdung and an appropriated ancient female form ineffect constitute the passage of time representedas death, decay and rebirth. Documenting thework in a series of photographic representationsis not so much an act of sentimentality but rathera representation of the temporary participationof the artist and as a result an analogy to thetemporality of mortal life.Fimum femininumDigital photographic print on archival paper143 cm x 157 cm (Diptych)82
  85. 85. Objects from quandaryWood and steel72 cm x 123 cmTORR, NINA CATHARINA LOUISEPRETORIAPROFILE:Torr was born in 1987. She holds a B(FA) fromParsons the New School for Design, New York.She has participated in a number of local andinternational exhibitions, receiving a numberof accolades.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The title reflects the combination of threeconcepts,namely quarry,foundry and dilemma.It evokes a place where artefacts are excavated,a place where objects are made and ametaphorical place of uncertainty.The objectsat first appear to resemble utilitarian objects,but upon closer inspection, their variouscomponents signal purely aesthetic functions.The intention is to trigger enough signals forthe viewer to assemble possibilities for eachobject,illustrating the human tendency tosearch for and construct meaning in somethingwhich in essence might not have any.83
  86. 86. TURPIN, MURRAY JAMESJOHANNESBURGPROFILE:Turpin was born in 1982 and studiedfor a BA(FA) at the University of theWitwatersrand. He has participatedin a number of local and internationalexhibitions, receiving a number ofaccolades.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:“Activated Serigraph”Performer – HyenaLocation – CircaExhibition – BannedDuration – 12 HoursLoser – CharityPTfWieaDO“PLEDLGlass hyena: circa 2011Serigraph82 cm x 110 cm84
  87. 87. City of bytesMixed media38 cm x 38 cmVAN DER VYVER, CORNELIA MARIAPRETORIAPROFILE:Van der Vyver was born in 1977 andis currently studying BA(FA) at Unisa.She participated in the 2010 AbsaL’Atelier exhibition.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:Society is going through a process ofsocial transformation, giving way tonetworked social structures. Dominatedby a symbolic economy and highlydependent on telecommunications it isknowledge that counts most.85
  88. 88. VAN NIEKERK, ARNOLDPRETORIAPROFILE:Van Niekerk was born in 1983. He studiedfor a National Diploma in Fine Art at theNelson Mandela Metropolitan University,Port Elizabeth. He obtained his BTechDegree from the same university.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The artwork consists of 588 plaster ofparis cars in a box frame. There was atime when Modern referred to all thingsnew and the future was a promisedUtopia. That which was modern once,has aged and is now outdated – it wasnaïve to feel so invincible. Generationshave already passed, striving for thefuture ideal, leaving deep-seatedpsychological and environmentalburdens. To continue dreaming of afuture utopia is pointless. Preservingwhat time we have left has become offar greater concern.When the world was youngPlaster of Paris124 cm x 68 cmDetail of artwork86
  89. 89. PROFILE:Van Schalkwyk was born in 1981 and iscurrently studying BA at Unisa. He hasparticipated in a number of exhibitions,including the 2010 Absa L’Atelier.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This multilayered work, in terms of image,process and content, primarily asksquestions about the issues around thenotion of the sustainability and validity oftraditional painting as a visual languagein contemporary culture.The imagerydeals with the concepts of slaughterand sacrifice, in other words, death tomaintain life. Should the supposeddeath of traditional painting lead toits extinction? Or will it emerge as aphoenix from the ashes of contemporarydismantlement, neglect and distain,to participate in the discourse andchallenges facing our culture?Endangered speciesOil on canvas/perspex128 cm x 128 cm x 18 cmVAN SCHALKWYK, JACOBUS JOHANNESJOHANNESBURG87
  90. 90. WASHKANSKY, DALECAPE TOWNPROFILE:Washkansky was born in 1980. He holds an MA(FA)from the Michaelis School of Fine Art,University ofCape Town. He also holds Diplomas in Photographyand Film and Television Production Techniques,majoring in Directing from City Varsity,Cape Town.He has participated in a number of exhibitions andreceived a number of accolades.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:It is a photograph taken at Buchenwald concentra-tion camp in Germany.The artist’s experience ofBuchenwald was that of a landscape of mute-ness and of untold stories,where history remainsyet to be told.These images relate to the wholeexperience of unsettling quietness.The viewer ofthese photographs encounters an absence. He seesthat there is no relic left to sustain belief and noother onto which identity can be projected.Thereis no object that can effectively link this site toits traumatic history.There is acute pathos in theemotional detachment of these images.Urns: BuchenwaldLightjet photographic print101 cm x 115 cm88
  91. 91. PROFILE:Wilmott was born in 1988 and studied aBA(FA) at Rhodes University, Grahamstown.She is currently studying for an M(FA)specialising in printmaking at the sameuniversity.Wilmot has participated in anumber of exhibitions including the 2010Absa L’Atelier exhibition.PROFILE:ErrorismPhotographic print69 cm x 81 cm (Triptych)WILMOT, CASSANDRAEAST LONDONDESCRIPTION OF ARTWORK:This series forms part of a larger body of work, which was inspiredby objects of ambiguity – objects tentatively poised on a fine linebetween being constructive and destructive. In this particular series,the artist has tried to mimic the aesthetic of the contentious full-body scans done at airports. In these simulations of these scans, fairylights create dark, menacing patches on the body. Although the lightsare harmless, looking at them in the way they are pictured makesone reconsider our perceptions of what a threat looks like.89
  92. 92. XUAN, HAIFENGJOHANNESBURGPROFILE:Xuan was born in 1976. He studied atNanjing Normal University, Nanjing City,China, and the China Academy of FineArts, Hangzhou City, China. He has anAdvanced Diploma from the Universityof the Witwatersrand and is currentlystudying towards an MA in Fine Arts atthe same university.DESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:The installation work explores thepossibilities and limits of painting inportrait studies. In the bottles, not onlythe faces represented on canvas but alsothe painting itself bears the scrutiny ofspectators.Specimen – Faces from EastMixed media90
  93. 93. Self-portrait, as a passengerOil on canvasXUAN, HAIFENGJOHANNESBURGDESCRIPTIONOF ARTWORK:This self-portrait painting representsthe artist’s own shadow reflectingon the painting of Parrot by ColinRichards. In this portrait, the artistinvestigated a certain dilemma,which as a Chinese immigrant heexperienced living in South Africa.91
  94. 94. PREVIOUS ABSA L’ATELIER WINNERS(Known as Volkskas Bank Atelier Competition up to 1998and from 1999 to 2001 known as Absa Atelier Competition)1986WinnerPenny SiopisMerit Award WinnersDeborah BellAndrew BreebaartDennis PurvisSimon Stone1987WinnerClive van den BergMerit Award WinnersAndries BothaPhilippa HobbsTommy MotswaiKarel Nel1988WinnerDiane VictorMerit Award WinnersKay CowleyGuy du ToitJohann LouwMargaret Vorster1989WinnerHennie StroebelMerit Award WinnersCaroline JonesWalter OltmannGiulio TambelliniJeremy Wafer1990WinnerBarend de WetMerit Award WinnersAndrew BreebaartJean BruwerGuy du ToitJudy Woodborne1991WinnerVirginia MacKennyMerit Award WinnersNicole DonaldRuth MilehamJohann van der SchijffPierre van der Westhuizen1992WinnerPaul EdmundsMerit Award WinnersWayne BarkerMarc EdwardsDominic ThorburnMinette Vári1993WinnerDominic ThorburnMerit Award WinnersSiemon AllenDiek GroblerAdam LetchRussel Scott1994WinnerJonathan ComerfordMerit Award WinnersAndrew PutterKevin RobertsHenk SerfonteinAlastair Whitton1995WinnerKevin RobertsMerit Award WinnersMoses CetywayoGordon FroudDiek GroblerPeet Pienaar1996WinnerIsaac KhanyileMerit Award WinnersHanneke BenadéWim BothaSamkelo BunuBerco Wilsenach1997WinnerIlse PahlMerit Award WinnersLucas BamboCecile HeystekKim LiebermanRichardt Strydom92
  95. 95. 1998WinnerKarl GietlMerit Award WinnersWayne BarkerHanneke BenadéJean BrundritPeter Rippon1999WinnerRyan ArensonMerit Award WinnersBrad HammondFritha LangermanAlbert RedelinghuysVanessa van Wyk2000WinnerBrad HammondMerit Award WinnersJoni BrennerNatasha ChristopherColbert MashileNigel Mullins2001WinnerStefanus RademeyerMerit Award WinnersMarco CianfanelliDaniel HirschmannBrent MeistreMerryn Singer2002WinnerMarco CianfanelliMerit Award WinnersNatasha ChristopherAlastair McLachlanBenninghoff PurenJames Webb2003WinnerSanell AggenbachMerit Award WinnersRetha BornmannNatasha ChristopherPatricia DriscollBerco Wilsenach2004WinnerConrad BotesMerit Award WinnersStephen HobbsPieter HugoLize MullerRobert RichGerard Sekoto WinnerBelinda Zangewa2005WinnerBerco WilsenachMerit Award WinnersKatherine BullLawrence LemaoanaPatrice MabasaMikhael SubotzkyGerard Sekoto WinnerLawrence Lemaoana2006WinnerRuth SacksMerit Award WinnersNathani LüneburgRiason NaidooAnet NorvalJames WebbGerard Sekoto WinnerNomusa Makhubu2007WinnerPierre FouchéMerit Award WinnersNina BarnettWayne MatthewsLyndi SalesJaco SpiesGerard Sekoto WinnerNina Barnett2008WinnerJames WebbMerit Award WinnersChristiaan HattinghLunga KamaAlhyrian LaueAntonia SteynGerard Sekoto WinnerRetha Ferguson2009WinnerStephen RosinMerit Award WinnersFrikkie EksteenStephan ErasmusHannah-Ada LotzMbhekiseni ShabalalaGerard Sekoto WinnerNyaniso Lindi2010WinnerIlka van SchalkwykMerit Award WinnersAbri de SwardtPhiliswa LilaCollen MaswanganyiHanje WhiteheadGerard Sekoto WinnerBongumenzi Ngobesev
  96. 96. As an artist,there is no formula for success. One thing is certain though:it will take guts.TheAbsa L’Atelierart competition rewards brave, young artists with the opportunity to live and learn at the world-renownedCité Internationale des Arts in Paris. As a look through the list of past winners will testify, when courageand this kind of opportunity come together, greatness is sure to follow suit.