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Bdma dday legal 20120619 socialmedia

  1. 1. Social Media Data20 June, 2012BDMA Dday Legal
  2. 2. Legal framework : Introduction
  3. 3. Legal frameworkUse of data available on social networks for DMpurposesTriple protection :1. Privacy rules :• Compatibility of the purposes• Transmission of the data• Opt in2. The law of the intellectual property on the databasesUse of the data with the prior consent of the database owner3. General terms and conditions
  4. 4. Facebook - LegalYou can not use user data without permission!– Impossible to get (authorised) data through the Facebook API from• Public profiles• Friends• Fan pages/likesCrawling
  5. 5. Facebook Connect/LoginFacebook Connect– Allowing Facebook users to register with ther Facebook identity on anysite– Possible to personalize site via Facebook user data
  6. 6. Facebook Connect/LoginMost importantly … Facebook Connect is the only way to askusers for their permission to use data!– Data you can use depends on the Permission you ask for
  7. 7. Facebook Connect/LoginPermission example– If you ask forthe defaultpermission,you get• Facebook_id• First_name• Last_name• Gender• Locale• Link• 3rd party ID• Timezone• Updated time• Verified• Pictureuniqueidentificationnumber
  8. 8. Facebook Connect/LoginPermission example– If you ask forthe e-mailpermission,you get• E-mail• (Opt-in?)
  9. 9. Facebook Connect/LoginPermission example– If you ask foroffline(any time)access,you get• Batch accessto permitteddata
  10. 10. Facebook Connect/LoginPermission example– If you ask forfriend list,you get• Friends link(not info fromfriends)
  11. 11. Facebook Connect/LoginPermission example– If you ask forprofile info,you get• Biography• Birthday
  12. 12. Facebook Connect/Login• Permission example– If you ask forfamily &relationship info,you get• Relationshipstatus• Friendsrelationships• Familymembers
  13. 13. Facebook Connect/LoginOther info you can request through Facebook Connectuser_about_meuser_activitiesuser_birthdayuser_education_historyuser_eventsuser_groupsuser_hometownuser_interestsuser_likesuser_locationuser_notesuser_online_presenceuser_photo_video_tagsuser_photosuser_relationshipsuser_relationship_detailsuser_religion_politicsuser_statususer_videosuser_websiteuser_work_historyemailread_friendlistsread_insightsread_mailboxread_requestsread_streamxmpp_loginads_managementuser_checkinsfriends_about_mefriends_activitiesfriends_birthdayfriends_education_historyfriends_eventsfriends_groupsfriends_hometownfriends_interestsfriends_likesfriends_locationfriends_notesfriends_online_presencefriends_photo_video_tagsfriends_photosfriends_relationshipsfriends_relationship_detailsfriends_religion_politicsfriends_statusfriends_videosfriends_websitefriends_work_historymanage_friendlistsfriends_checkinspublish_streamcreate_eventrsvp_eventsmsoffline_accesspublish_checkinsmanage_pages
  14. 14. Facebook Connect/LoginFacebook users can get overview of permissions at …
  15. 15. Facebook Connect/LoginDon’t ask too manyPERMISSIONSat the same time
  16. 16. Facebook Connect/Login PossibilitiesE-couponing, newsletter subscription, contest, …Advertiser DBPre-filled formto confirm& capture NAWiFrame!!
  17. 17. Facebook ContestFacebook Contests & Competitions– Actively regulated and monitored by Facebook to protect their users– Guidelines at– How?• Compliance with the regulations governing the promotion• In the promotion : release of Facebook by each participant, aknowledgmentthat the promotion is not administrated by or associated with Facebook• Information that the participant is providing information (data) to theorganisator of the contest (and not to Facebook)
  18. 18. Facebook ContestFacebook Contests & Competitions• You must not condition registration or entry upon the user taking any actionusing any Facebook features or functionality other than liking a Page,checking in to a Place, or connecting to your app. For example, you mustnot condition registration or entry upon the user liking a Wall post, orcommenting or uploading a photo on a Wall.• You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’sregistration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page orchecking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotionparticipant.• You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Likebutton, as a voting mechanism for a promotion.• You must not notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebookmessages, chat, or posts on profiles (timelines) or Pages.
  19. 19. Facebook InfoNeed more information?– Facebook Basics•– The Facebook Blog•– Facebook Marketing Solutions Timeline Page•– Build Your Brand with Facebook Pages•– Facebook Ads & Business Solutions•– Facebook Advertising Guidelines•– Facebook Promotions Guidelines•– Facebook Cover Guidelines•
  20. 20. FacebookNeed more information?– Facebook Pages Guidelines•– Facebook brand permissions center•– Facebook Platform Policy (apps on pages must adhere to these)•– How to make a Facebook milestone•’s-a-milestone?-How-do-I-make-a-milestone-for-my-Facebook-Page?– Facebook Community Standards•– Facebook Data Use Policy•– Facebook Statement of Rights & Responsibilities•– Facebook Apps, Games & Credits•
  21. 21. FacebookNeed more information?– Facebook App Basics•– Facebook App Guidelines•– Facebook Personal Timeline•– Facebook Safety Timeline Page•– Facebook Family Safety Center•
  22. 22. LinkedinSign in with LinkedIn– Ask for an opt-in– Get acces to ALL the user data …
  23. 23. LinkedinMember Profile (& Linkedin People)– Bring member profiles to your site– Discover professional connections
  24. 24. Linkedin
  25. 25. LinkedinCompany Insider– Insights about companies
  26. 26. TwitterTwitter Data– Open…Legal
  27. 27. Twitter IdentificationIdentification estimate
  28. 28. CaseFacebook fanpage Côte d’Or (not brand-owned)– 100.000 fansSince 2010 « Official taster » platform– Contests– Information– Comment on products (after entering barcode)– Major success• 167.000 members– 75.000 Fr– 92.000 Nl• 50% connects daily• 78.000 users commented products• 5.000 users commented 20 times• 89.000 coupons printedCRMSource:;
  29. 29. THANK YOU