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Psychology Video Report
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  • 1. Psychology Video Presentation Report Group Members: Chong Zit Man 0315915 Thun Shao Xun 0315919 Tan Chee Siang 0315159 Ashley Chow 0316141 Lecturer: Mr. Shankar Class: Monday, 1pm. Due Date: 2nd June 2014
  • 2. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Objectives 3. Concepts 4. Progress of Work 5. Conclusion
  • 3. Introduction We were given the task to create a video that portrayed five concepts of psychology. In the video, the five concepts were represented by scenarios and showed how they applied to different people and how they reacted to the situation. In the video, we created a story line so that the events fall into a proper sequence. The storyline that we used was one that was easily relatable and revolved around an underdog who had a series of unfortunate events happen to him. In the video, we see how he overcomes the difficulties he was faced with. The story revolves around a boy by the name of Beckham who was inspired to play football. His father was the only one who supported his dream to become a professional football player whereas his mother was more concerned with his education. His journey to becoming a great football player was not an easy one. He had a tendency to get bullied by his peers and was often looked down upon. Things took a turn for the worst with the passing away of his father – the only one who truly supported him.
  • 4. Whilst training on his own, a football coach who saw Beckham’s potential and nurtured his talent discovered him. As the final match approached, Beckham’s poor state of mind affects his perfomance in the game until his mother gives him the encouragement he so desperately needs. With that, his team wins the game.
  • 5. Objective The objective of the task given was to properly understand the five concepts we chose. With that in mind, we were tasked to incoorperate the concepts and apply them to situations that people would come across in events that could be easily understood and realised. We had to work together and manage the workload amongst four people to film, edit and write the report. As a group, we managed to split the work evenly and even managed to get help from others as ‘actors’ to be featured in the video.
  • 6. Concepts 1. Social Learning Perspective Social learning perspective sanctions reinforce and discourage a given behaviour. Through this, individuals learn best from observing others. Beckham, who learned how to play football from watching football games on television when he was younger, represented how this concept was applied in the video. Whilst training, he taught himself tricks that he saw the players in the game perform. This was a good example as it could be understood and related to by people who learn how to play sports by watching the professionals on television. 2. Social Loafing Mark Ringelman once said, “An individual’s performance gets worse in the presence of others.” The individual’s performance worsens in the presence of others due to nervousness and lack of belief in oneself. Beckham, who was being watched by the bullies while training, displayed this concept. He made mistakes and was obviously scared and nervous while being watched.
  • 7. 3. Stereotype ‘Stereotype’ is a general belief about a group of people. It differs from the term ‘prejudice’ in that it can have positive or negative connotations. Once people start to stereotype, they run the risk of becoming prejudicial, thus leading to discrimination. In this case, the bullies looked down on Beckham training alone, thus thinking that since he had no team to train with, he was lowsy at playing football. From that general belief alone, they had a negative attitude towards him and acted on that attitude by behaving in a negative manner. 4. Self-Fulfulling Prophecy This propehcy is one that may affect a person’s behaviour due to positive or negative circumstances/ events, thus causing them to become true. In layman’s terms, if you believe in yourself or if you see yourself in a certain way, you would believe it to be true, thus act in that manner, hence causing whatever you believe to be fulfilled. As an example from the video, Beckham believed that training hard and practising made him a good player. As a result, he was indeed a good football player.
  • 8. 5. Discrimination ‘Discrimination’ is a negative behaviour directed at a specific group of people. It’s cause by negative attitudes felt towards a certain group of people. Through the video, the clearest case of discrimination is where the bullies taunted Beckham. They acted upon their negative attitudes towards him and behaved as such, thus leaving Beckham feeling down and discouraged.
  • 9. Progress of Work First thing’s first, we decided which concepts to use. We had to consider which were easily identifiable through the video as well as being easily understood by our target audience. Social learning persepective was one that could be used in any situation from learning a new skill, to learning in the classroom. Everyone learns by watching and following someone else at some point in time. Once we confirmed the concepts we wanted to use, the storyline was the next issue. Being in an all boys group with one girl, we decided on using a sports orientated theme. Football, being the more favourable sport, was chosen. Next, we decided on the series of unfortunate events that would befall poor Beckham. To make things more exciting (and depressing), we decided to remove his father - the only true supporter of his dream - from his life. Despite the unfortunate events, Beckham’s hard work and training paid off as a famous coach who offered him a
  • 10. place in his team soon discovered him. The coach saw talent and potential in Beckham and wanted to harvest that talent. Once the storyline was set, all that was left was the filming and recording. We worked two cameras and took multiple angles of each individual scene. Some of the scenes were blurred on purpose, but the hardest thing to control was the sound quality of the recording. To make it easier on our audience, we put in subtitles. The scenes were all edited with subtitles and narration included, then all that was left to do was the power point slideshow and the report. Two people out of the four of us were tasked with editing the video whereas the other two were tasked with preparing the power point slideshow and the report.
  • 11. Conclusion At the end of the task, we managed to completely understand the concepts used. Therefore, we managed to achieve our objectives for this assignment. On top of that, we met the deadline thus proving that we had good time management and teamwork skills. We would like to thank our lecturer, Mr. Shankar, for giving us the opportunity to carry out the task at hand, as well as our friends who are credited in the video for participating in the shooting as actors and cameramen.