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  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In charity drives, we all know that teamwork is really important, just like what Michael Jordan has said : “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. Team, is a group of friends where we work together to succeed. Do you know what team stands for? It basically means : T - Together E - Everyone A - Achieves M - More Yes, a TEAM! Therefore, we had to plan a good strategy with great tactics in order to achieve and hit our target. Everyone was given a specific tasks to prevent social loafing (psychology term) and wasted resources. Also, we always had meetings in order to discuss on what we could improve, our sales & profits and most importantly, how could we hit our target. Nevertheless, communication skills are important as well. A good communicator can transfer his or her messages well, because everyone understands what the person is saying. Before this, only See Sing and Shao Xun were the ones who promoted the food because the rest were not confident enough to do so. See Sing felt it was a must for them to change and be braver people. Soon, he began to start training them by asking them to go around and ask, accompanied by him. At last, we did not only make good sales and profits, but also created stronger and more confident people in our group! As a conclusion, although we have still got many good qualities to practice in order to succeed, but with this two, it is good enough. A team does not succeed with only a person, just like Portugal would not win the World Cup by relying to Christiano Ronaldo only. A team needs everyone to work together, even though we fell down, we get back up and continue. “Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”, well said by Mattie Stepanek.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES Purpose of having this Charity Drive We decided to donate all the donations and sales revenue earned from our cookies, coconut jellies and coconut drinks through this charity drive to our desire charity organization, City Revival Boys Home. City Revival Boys Home is a very special place for us all as this is the place where we were able to interact with the kids and at the same time help to do some good hearted dead of refurnished their front gate during our moral community service there last semester. So this place will always have a place in our hearts. As a result, we are able to feel connected to every of the orphanage there regarding their wants and needs. Since most of the kids are interested in playing football, we decided to use that load of money to buy them a pair of football shoes. We will consider this as a generous gift to them so that they can fulfilled their dreams of one day becoming the Messi’s and Ronaldo’s of Malaysia. It is a small price to pay as to be able to see the smiles we have bought back to them is truly a priceless moment. Approximate objectives Throughout this charity drive, we did a little survey on the approximate target that we wish to accomplish by the end of the charity drive. This is to give us some added motivation of not only able to reach our required target of RM 4000 in order to get an A in this assignment but doing it for the purpose of those orphanages in our minds. With this plan we are able to manage our time accordingly for each day inching forward towards our target. Below is the approximate target we wish to accomplish from this charity drive assignment: Target Sales: RM 1500 Target Donation Amount: RM 200 Target Sponsorship: RM 1500 At the end of this assignment, we did experienced some bumps and knocks here and there but through our sheer determination we are able to succeed in reaching our target sales, donation amount and target sponsorship that will bring about a sturdy profit to cover up for the operating expenses.
  5. 5. TARGET MARKET: A brief bio on the background of our customers First of all during the one whole week we are having the charity drive, we have experienced the many types of customers buying our products. Most of our customers can be said are to be around of Taylor’s that consists of students from our FNBE course or from other intakes either can regard them as our seniors or juniors. Secondly from what we have seen from our customers, we can conclude what their wants and needs are exactly. From the wants perspective, most of our customers are quite content on paying the desired amount for our coconut jellies and drink for RM 5 and 10 respectively. The same cannot be said for our cookies products as it is deemed quite expensive and not worth it. Since in each packet, there are around 8 pieces of cookies. From the needs perspective, we find out that how the type of weather can affects the mood and need of the customers on that day. Like for example, during most hot weather, we will get a huge influx of customers buying them to quench their thirst. So from what we are able to take into account their wants and needs, we were able to make some minor adjustments in making our cookies profitable. Lastly when explaining about their wants and needs, we must also take into account their spending power. Spending power in this case means the amount of money a person is willing to spend on a product. They will only put their money where the mouth is if they think the products we are selling are quite suitable to their target price range. They will also consider buying some more and introduce it to their friends after getting deep satisfaction from it. For most they are willing to spend a few bucks on it since it is their likes of wanting to drink the coconut jellies, coconut drinks and cookies. Other than that, some are willing to spend as a show of gratitude for the work we put into this charity. So we can conclude that most customers will be willing to buy if they deem the products worth it and at the same time able to give them benefits. This is the case from what our coconut jellies and drinks can bring to our customers. A touch of freshness to those who drank it and trust me they will come back for more and bring along one or more of their friends to try it out.
  6. 6. COMPETITION ANALYSIS In any business you set up either it is for a charity drive or to fulfill a life long dream, you will be expected to be competing against other main competitors in the same market industry. So through this charity drive, we have experienced a lot of competitors that sold different kind of things and at different pricing power. As we break down the scope of all those competitors out there, we found out that our two main competitors were Fredrick’s group and Wee Keat’s group. In both cases we can point out that Fredrick’s group were selling ARIZONA drinks and Wee Keat one were selling cookies which very much fall under what we are currently selling: coconut jellies, coconut drinks and our homemade cookies. These two competitors have their own unique strengths and vulnerabilities. For Fredrick’s group most of their member have good persuasive skills. They have the ability to face any kind of people they encountered and try sweet talking with them until they change their minds. Even though they feel sad after getting rejected, we still never give up. On the other side, Wee Keat and their group members will go around the campus trying to sell off their cookies and bread. They manage to sell all of their breads and cookies because they have great communication skills. However all good things must have a deficiency as well as both groups should try selling a range of other products. This is to make sure the customers would not feel nostalgic for buying and eating or drinking the same things. In fact, it will discourages customers to buy it again as it is never good to do it more than once as goods will easily lose their appeals after a couple of days. Furthermore, most of the customers were interested to buy their product. This is because their products are more attractive. For example like Fredrick’s groups that was selling their Arizona drinks. Arizona drinks are different drinks that we saw on supermarket. This drinks are tall and also cover with beautiful packaging. The most important thing is Fredrick is able to control the pricing power, as Arizona drinks cannot be found anywhere. So they sell their drinks about RM10 per can. As for Wee Keat’s group, they sell their cookies cheaper than ours. They try to joke around and fun to talk to with their customer, so they can draw the customer attention. Besides that their bread are fresh and tasty.
  7. 7. The stall who competed selling jellies with us : Refuel Type of jelly they sold : Herbal Jelly (Guilinggao) Interviewee : Tee Sin Yi Interviewer : Siau See Sing 2) What were your products? How about the prices? We had been selling sandwiches, herbal teas, orange juices and also herbal jellies. The pricing are as follow : Sandwiches - One for RM 4 Herbal Tea - A cup for RM 4 Orange Juice - A cup for RM 4 Herbal Jelly - A cup for RM 4 Focusing on the herbal jellies : 2) What were your strengths and vulnerabilities of your jellies? Well, one of the main reasons why people bought herbal jellies from us was because these jellies were healthy and had great nutrition values. Next, we also had enough supplies from our supplier and running out of it would never happen. However, we did not have any ice boxes to keep them. Therefore, we had to sell all of them as soon as possible before it got rotten.
  8. 8. 3) Why did people buy from you instead of us? That is a hard question. In my opinion, I think that our herbal jellies were more popular and familiar among the other jellies. There is also a franchise, Gong Wo Tong, which is famous for it’s Herbal Jelly. Since it is famous, therefore, almost everyone knows the existence of Herbal Jelly. Nevertheless, we also did a survey on herbal jellies and we found out that most people liked them. 4) How did you all promote your jellies? Well, we promoted through face to face communication that we learned in our Effective Public Communication (EPC) module. Not only that, we also promoted through our friends to get more customer to try our jellies out. 5) To make greater profit, did you all sell your jellies outside Taylor’s University? Yes, previously. We went to SS 15, Subang Jaya to promote our jellies. To prove that we were students running a charity drive, we wore our student IDs as well. 6) If you were to do a charity drive again, based on the results you have gotten this time, would you still choose to sell herbal jellies? Why or why not? No, we would not. This is because herbal jelly has the lowest sales we have got in this charity drive.
  9. 9. The stall who competed selling coconut water with us : The Calendar Champions Type of drink they sold : Soya Milk Interviewee : Goh Yen Nee Interviewer : Siau See Sing 3) What were your products? How about the prices? In the end of March, our calendar was chosen to be the best in this course. Therefore, we decided to sell our calendar in this charity drive. Not only that, we had also been selling drinks such as soya milk, herbal tea & sour plum and also delicious snacks. The prices are stated below : Calendar : One for RM 20 (Early Birds), RM 25 (Normal Price) Drinks : Soya Milk, Herbal Tea & Sour Plum, a bottle for RM 4. Snacks : A packer for RM 4 Focusing on the soya milk : 3) What were your strengths and vulnerabilities of your soya milk? Well, our soya milk drinks were homemade, they were fresh, without adding any preservatives. Therefore, our soya milk drinks were targeted mainly by people who were health conscious. However, our soya milk drinks were not meant to last long as they only lasted for a day. Once a day is passed, it would get rotten. 3) Why did people buy from you instead of us?
  10. 10. Personally, I think that Soya milk tastes better than coconut drinks. Nevertheless, soya milk has greater nutrition values compared to other drinks as it is high in protein, calcium and various types of vitamin. Nowadays, most of the people are health conscious and therefore, it is not a surprised to see people buying soya milk often. 5) How did you all promote your soya milk? We gave great promotions and discounts such as RM 3 per bottle, it it gets late already, or 3 bottles for RM 10. The purpose of us doing this was because we needed to clear all the stocks before it got rotten. Also, by giving discount, it attracted many people to come to our stall. We also walked around Taylor’s University to promote our soya milk. 5) To make greater profit, did you all sell your soya milk outside Taylor’s University? Yes, we did go to SS 15, Subang Jaya to promote our products in order to maximize our profit in this charity drive. 6) If you were to do a charity drive again, based on the results you have gotten this time, would you still choose to sell soya milk? Why or why not? Yes, we would. This is because soya milk is quite popular now and most of the people like it, no matter what age, sex or race they are. Thus, it brings more sales and profit to us, and that is great.
  11. 11. The stall who competed selling cookies with us : Fat Nian Type of cookie they sold : Chocolate Chip Cookie Interviewee : Tee Hing Nian Interviewer : Siau See Sing 4) What were your products? How about the prices? Our products were herbal eggs, chocolate chip cookies and various types of bread. The price for each item is as follow : Herbal Eggs - One for RM 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies : A packet for RM 3 (2 large pieces cookies per packet) Breads : One for RM 4 Focusing on the cookies : 4) What were your strengths and vulnerabilities of your jellies? Well, one of the reasons why our cookies caught people’s attention was because we sold them at a reasonable price, which was RM 3 per packet. However, we had been receiving comments of the cookies not being crunchy enough from our customers and friends. Therefore, we would want to improve the quality of our cookies in the future, if we have the chance to run a charity drive like this again 6) Why did people buy from you instead of us?
  12. 12. In my opinion, our cookies are cheaper and tastier compared to the others. Not only that, our cookies are way larger, just like the ones that were sold in Subway. Therefore, our cookies definitely caught greater attention from the others because it is a human nature for people to find larger things at a cheaper price. 7) How did you all promote your jellies? To sell them off faster, we gave promotions and discounts. We offered the people at the price of a packet for RM 3, two packet for RM 5. Also, we let them test the cookies for free, to make sure that they bought the cookies that they liked. 5) To make greater profit, did you all sell your jellies outside Taylor’s University? Yes, we did. We went around INTI College and Taylor’s College in SS 15, Subang Jaya to promote our cookies. We also went up to Cameron Highlands to search for people and customers to buy our cookies. 6) If you were to do a charity drive again, based on the results you have gotten this time, would you still choose to sell herbal jellies? Why or why not? No, in fact, we should not. This is because our profits from selling these cookies were too low and the sales of the cookies is not that good, we were not satisfied.
  13. 13. PRODUCT AND PACKAGING The products that we are mainly selling are coconut jellies, coconut drinks and homemade cookies. One of our group members, Peter will go and meet up with the supplier and order some coconut jellies and coconut drinks. The coconut jellies are always kept in a good condition whereas the coconut drinks are freshly produced everyday. On the other hand, our cookies are homemade cookies. On 25th of May, our group went to AEON to buy ingredient needed to bake the cookies. Our ingredients are butter, brown sugar, egg, flour, chocolate chips, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate and almond. On the next day, we started to bake our cookies. First, we prepared all the ingredients and measured the weight of ingredient accurately as example, butter need 400g. After that, we baked almond first because we want the almond to be in crunchy. Next, we mixed butter, brown sugar and egg together. Continue on, we then mixed flour, baking powder and sodium bicarbonate together. After that, we mixed both together and add on chocolate chips and almond and mixed it until it becomes brownish in colour. Then, we will start doing it into the shape of how a cookie is supposed to be. After that, we placed the round shape of cookies on the aluminium foil and put into the oven to bake. We baked for around 25 minutes and maintain the temperature at 150 degree celsius. After that, homemade cookies have been done. Some people may ask what are the features and benefits of our products? Actually our products have their own features and benefits, especially our homemade cookies has it has an unique taste that it can even stand out with the rest of the cookies out there. The special taste of our cookies are having the taste of chocolate and crunchiness of almond. Furthermore, the coconut jellies and coconut drinks are able to quench your thirst during hot days. There are a lot of benefits about our coconut drinks. For example, aids in weight-loss effort, picture perfect skin, the ultimate hangover remedy, facilities digestion, boosts hydration, reduce blood pressure, rich in nutrients and compatible with human blood. The taste of our coconut jellies and coconut drinks are also not bad also. Costumer can experience the natural taste of coconut. The packaging of our cookies is just packaged it into a plastic bag. The coconut jellies are package in a plastic cup and coconut drinks are poured into the plastic bag. Both of the coconut products we kept it in ice box to make sure the products are sold in good conditions. I think our products will attract the costumers to buy it because with the nicely decorated banners and posters we have set up at our stall, we are sure it would not be missed a mile away in the eye of customers. The most important thing is our products are fresh and in good conditions.
  14. 14. PRICING A discussion on your pricing decisions: 1) What are your products’ unit selling price? (It should be, on minimum, 2 times the cost price.) Cookies - A packet for RM 6, 2 packets for RM 10 (Each packet has 8 pieces) Coconut Water - A packet for RM 5 Coconut Jelly - A cup for RM 3 5) What are your products’ unit cost price? Cookies - A packet costs us about RM 2.40 (Each pieces costs is about RM 0.30) Coconut Water - Our supplier offered us a very good price, which was RM 3 per packet Coconut Jelly - The same supplier also sold the jellies to us at RM 0.80 per cup. 3) Are your products popular or attractive? (If they are, you can justify a higher selling price) Cookies - No, not really. This is because our cookies may have been very expensive to most of the people we persuaded. Therefore, we still managed to sell all of them, but we had a hard and tiring time. Coconut Water - Malaysia is a really hot country. Therefore, there is always someone who wants to quench. Our coconuts were quickly sold and we found out that we could actually buy more from our supplier due to the great results of selling coconut water compared to cookies. Coconut Jelly - Well, the process of selling went exactly the same as coconut water. People bought from us mainly because they wanted to satisfy themselves with these tasty and refreshing jellies that we were selling due to the hot weather. 4) What are your strategies if you have difficulty selling them? What if you are selling them faster than anticipated? (Remember, if you set the prices too high, customers will not buy from you. If you set them too low, then you will not maximize profit) We promoted to everyone, this means that we went around the campus and asked every single one even though they did not want to buy. We called it the 'kamikaze' strategy, where we just went and asked without considering how would they react. Also, we set our prices of our products smartly by using our intelligence and psychology concepts that we had learned in our university so that people would consider buying, without complaining the prices and at the same time, making great profits. Nevertheless, we decorated our stall nicely and attractive so that people would get attracted to buy our products and there is a saying : ‘Nobody wants to eat in an empty restaurant’, if you get what it means.
  15. 15. Promotion There were a lot of plan and strategies we used to promote our product. Our charity drive is based on orphans from the orphanage “City Boys Revival” located at Subang Jaya. As we went there before during our last semester, we have some insight knowledge on the orphans there. They all had something in common which is their passion for football. Thus, we created a name for our group for the charity drive which is called “Project Shoes. For objective is that we will use all the profits we have earned from the charity drive to purchase football boots for the orphans instead of just donating money to the orphanage. We want to put a huge smile on their faces instead of just getting the ordinary “thank you” when we donate the profits. During our charity drive, we used the social media as one of our strategies to deliver our intentions and messages. Moreover, in terms of social media I mean “Facebook” because in this modern world of technology and civilization, it is an almost must for every person as it have a huge varieties ways for sharing whatever you want to the whole world in form of text or pictures from the most common info to the most personal, you can even specifically shows information to your own friends and family. Furthermore, everyone in our group has “Facebook” so we share out what and why we are doing the charity to the public in hope that people will find us and helps us fulfill these poor little orphans’ dreams little by little. Another benefits that we gain from using social media as a way of promotion is that it has zero cost and it is very efficient for our cause since we all are still students and are enable to manage a handful of costs. (Picture of our way of promoting through social media)
  16. 16. In addition to that, we designed our stall informatively by doing pin up posters to our stalls of our pictures with the orphans. We also created a pyramid shaped wooden donation box and highlighting it with information on what it would represent for one donor to do a good deal for the orphanage along with a group photo with the orphans. We think that face to face communication is the best way to raise fund for our charity. Although we seem hesitant at first, we eventually overcome it after trying it for so many times. There were mixed reactions given to us, as some even doubted us if our campaign was real or not. However, overall we did the best we could and we experienced there were kind and good people in which some of them even donated more than we expected. Lastly, we even gave free sample to passer-by wandering by our stall mainly cookies and coconut jellies but not the coconut drinks as they were all packed.
  17. 17. Sponsors Before the charity drive has begun, we tried to approach some restaurants and individual companies. We approached them because they are one of our suppliers for the coconut jelly and coconut drink. As one of our member, Siau See Sing knew the seller quite well personally, he will always come by to buy coconut jellies and coconut drinks from the seller. Keeping that in mind, we decided to try to ask the seller to give us a discount for everything we have bought. It goes really well than what we first thought as the seller is generous enough to give us a discount so that we can reduce our cost and earn more profit from the product. This method really helps us a lot to compete against our competitors that sell different kinds of drinks. The seller has even given us more coconut jellies and coconut drinks even though we just ordered 150 coconut jellies and 30 coconut drinks. This helped us out a lot with managing the cost of the products. A very kind deed done from a very supportive seller indeed. We approached them by telephone calling them and asking properly to the seller by telling him our intent of doing this charity drive. In this case, he immediately agreed and was very happy to support us doing this charity drive. Other than that, everyone from our group members, Siau See Sing, Ooi Kai Yang, Thun Shao Xun, Chin Tze Wei, Shaun Chung, Toh Yih Sheng, Yee Algel and Liew Hong Zhi did ask their family members to sponsor some cash in supporting this charity drive. All of the parents of us had given us maximum support during the charity drive.
  18. 18. Distribution In this charity drive, we had sold three products which are cookie, coconut jelly and coconut drink. Basically the cookie is made by ourselves while the coconut products are supplied to us from a supplier. For the cookie, first we buy all the necessary ingredients and made it at one of our member house one night before distributing it out to sale the following day. After we have done the cookie baking process, the cookies are delivered by car to Lakeside campus. There are about 2 members that are tasked to do the delivery job. The cookies will then be set up ready to be sold at our stall. As for the coconut product, we will get them from a supplier at Shah Alam. Same as the cookie delivery, the coconut products also required two members to deliver it. We will to deliver our product as fast and efficient as possible. For the cookies, we will try to deliver it to school as early as 10am in the morning. So the customer will not have to wait for our cookies as it is being distributed at one of our member’s house which is not far away from Taylor’s. As for the coconut products we can only sell them to our customers after 12p.m. because our supplier opens the stall on 11p.m. We tried to manage the customer at 50 to 100 per day. About the sale we can get it at about 50 customers per day but for most they prefer to do donation which is more than 70 persons per day. For our products, the customer can only get the products from the stall as the customers are unable to order it via online or phone. Instead we do give added benefit of allowing our customers to keep their coconut products in the fridge at our stall to keep it in cool conditions.
  19. 19. GREEN MEASURES Before we really get going, the first thought in our mind was to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products that are hygienic. So keeping that in mind, we did get ourselves a typhoid injection at a suitable clinic. The injection is a must since we are making the cookies by hands. So to be safe, Mr. Joe has insist us on taking it since there are previous cases where the customers will feel a bit sick from eating the hand-made food products. Even though we had taken the injection, we still followed other precautionary actions before we start the cookies processing like washing our hands with Dettol and to ensure our hands are dry. So that our customers will still trust us on the cleanliness of our products and come back to buy some more and might even introduce their friends to buy it as well. All this is possible if we are able to gather positive feedback on its cleanliness even though the quality is up to standard. Furthermore our packaging can also be used over and over again. The packaging we use is clear plastic bag. It is a very environmentally friendly packaging which only minimal waste created. The reason we decided to use this type of plastic bag is so that the cookies will not get spoil easily. As for the packaging of our coconut drinks and coconut jellies, it needs to be immediately thrown away as the smell of the leftover coconut will ruin the packaging. Thus making it unusable. For those customers who consume the cookies, coconut drinks and coconut jellies on the spot, the products wastes will mostly be thrown into the rubbish bin in an orderly manner. In order to properly manage our resources on that day which included ice, we decided to buy a few big ice cubes and kept in the freezer for storage. This will prevent us from wasting all those ice cubes that is used to keep the coconut drinks and coconut jellies fresh and cool unintended. Overall what is important is how we must treat our customers as our main priority by providing them with hygienic and quality goods. In addition it is also importance on how to manage our waste properly to give out a good first impression towards our customers.
  20. 20. HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING In this business final project, we have been assigned different role. Each role has their responsibility to work on. We have separate our roles to two stages in this assignment. ROLE IN PLANNING STAGES ROLE NAME LEADER THUN SHAO XUN SECRETARY SIAU SEE SING ACCOUNTANT CHIN TZE WEI YEE ALGEL RESOURCES SHAUN CHUNG TOH YIH SHENG LIEW HONG ZHI In this planning stages, there are about 4 different types of role. Those are Leader, Secretary, Accountant and Resources. As a leader, the leader needs to give the task to each and every of the member. Besides that, the leader needs to coordinate with every member so they can work with each other efficiently. As for secretary, the secretary need to write a report for each meeting that we conducted. Besides that, the secretary need to schedule out our activity so it will go on smoothly without any difficulties. While for the job of an accountant, they need to sort out the total sales and cost of goods sold earn during the day. After that with all those data at their fingertips, the accountant will need to produce a profit and loss statement that will determine if our charity drive has make a profit or loss. For the resources department, the members need to find the resources and the needs for this project. Besides that, they need to write down whatever resources that we need. So the accountant will calculate the ingredients we will spent. ROLES IN CHARITY DRIVE ROLE NAME COORDINATOR THUN SHAO XUN BAKER SHAUN CHUNG OOI KAI YANG PROMOTER SIAU SEE SING YEE ALGEL BOOTH DEISGNER TOH YIH SHENG CASHIER CHIN TZE WEI CAMERA MAN LIEW HONG ZHI
  21. 21. As in the role in charity drive, we have separated into 6 different roles which are coordinator, baker, promoter, booth designer, cashier and camera man. The role of a coordinator is to make sure the member do everything on time, so it will make sure the schedule is on time. Besides that, the coordinator needs to make sure that the member will always corporate with each other to get the things done faster. For the role of a baker, they are responsible to bake the cookies. Besides that they must always keep their hygiene to prevent any food poisoning when customers have eaten it. Promoters also play an important part in their role. Promoter must advertise the product through internet, facebook, twitter and many more. Booth Designer must design the concept according to the things that we sell. Besides that, it must be attractive in order to attract customer. For cashier, they need to look after the money. Other than that, cashier is always needed to write a receipt to the customer so in the end can calculate the number of things that we sold to the customers. As for the cameraman, he needs to snap picture that happened in charity drive and also record important things.
  22. 22. EVALUATION OF RESULTS I think to be able to reach a higher sales revenue would be the one point where we have succeeded in doing. A higher sale revenues will suit us better in getting a healthy net profit at the end. Other than that we think that we should have done more on the donation part and also try to increase our sales on cookies. If truly we had another chance to make it right, we sure do like to find other methods to try to boost up on donations by sweet talking with our customers especially having the ability to persuade them the benefits they will bring if they donate. Secondly we would like to find some alternatives for cookies if given some time as surely the alternative goods or services will reach our desired target of Rm 4000. Beforehand we should also try to do some one day research on our competitors and try to mix up our plans so that we have a slight edge against them.