Thoughts that keep me up at night


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Thoughts that keep me up at night

  1. 1. Thoughts that keep me up atnight.
  2. 2. • If your people trust you enough totell you the truth,dont get pissy when you dont likewhat you hear from them
  3. 3. • Get out of the weeds and stay there.
  4. 4. • If you hire someone to call bullshit,realize that you might be the onethey call bullshit on.
  5. 5. • Crazy rolls down hill
  6. 6. • Fear rolls down hill
  7. 7. • Workaholism rolls down hill...Slow down and go the fuck home.Till you do, they wont.
  8. 8. • The beatings will continue untilmoral improves…Come on, you know this aint true...your people need to know that theyhave your support.When people tell you they needhelp, trust them.
  9. 9. • Do you want me to solve the problemor communicate with you about allthese things: how we think we mightapproach solving the problem, howpeople will react if we dont solvethe problem, finding alternatives tothe problem, creating alternativesolutions out of thin air at amoments notice?
  10. 10. • Communication is a two way street.If you ask for updates, be availableto take them and discuss them.
  11. 11. • Dont second guess till youve heardeverything
  12. 12. • Kill chicken littlesand devils advocates.
  13. 13. • Tell me what to do,or how to do it,but not both
  14. 14. • If you really want it done,commit the proper resources
  15. 15. • Stop calling meetings at the drop ofof a goddamn hat.
  16. 16. • Ask a techie what he/she has seenthat week that got them excited.
  17. 17. • Abandon all formality!When everything is in the toilet,the last thing we need is a bunch ofpompous asses that cant talk to eachother.
  18. 18. You cant intimidate me:
  19. 19. – Im smarter,faster,more dangerous than you can imagine.
  20. 20. – Im also more calm,more passionate,and more kind
  21. 21. – I care more about the people who aredoing the work.
  22. 22. – I care more about the people who aredoing the work.
  23. 23. – I speak truth to stupid, and/or power.
  24. 24. – Ill tell the emperor that he/she is bucknaked.
  25. 25. • If you dont have a better idea orsolution to the problem,dont second guess mine.
  26. 26. • Telling your people that "this isvery serious", "I have some seriousconcerns", that "this problem hasbeen elevated to the upper echelons"does no good in the long term. Itmay get your battle won, but you arelosing your soldiers and yourwar. You can only go to that well afew times before you are shot byfriendly fire.
  27. 27. • Till you can reliably measurework, in a way the the measurementdoesnt get in the way of the actualwork, any project will take at least3 times as long as you think it willand cost at a minimum 1.5 times asmuch as you think it will.
  28. 28. • C-level executives observing aproblem creates more problems.If you dont understand the problemor dont have a solution,get out of sight and out of the way.
  29. 29. • Tell your people that you supportthem and that youll get themanything they need to get the jobdone.