ProActive Advertising & Marketing credentials presentation


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Our experience in branding, advertising and graphic design spans over 20 years and includes campaigns for local, national and international sporting events, land sales, hotels, retirement villages, major retail chains, and a wide range of consumer goods and services.

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ProActive Advertising & Marketing credentials presentation

  1. 1. A brief introduction to
  2. 2. Thank you for inviting Pro-Active Advertising & Marketing to present its credentials and experience in branding, advertising and graphic design. Our experience spans over 20 years and includes campaigns for local, national and international sporting events, hotels, retirement villages, major retail chains, and a wide range of consumer goods and services. The purpose of this document is to introduce you to our company and provide you with an insight into how we could act as your marketing partner. Introduction
  3. 3. Pro-Active Advertising & Marketing opened its doors in January 2000. It is a full service advertising agency that helps its clients realise their full potential through sound strategic thinking, creative branding, marketing and advertising communications. Its founder, Barry Scotland, has over 30 years experience in senior roles in marketing and advertising. You will find him to be a clear thinker and straight talker. You’ll also find us enthusiastic, honest, innovative and responsible partners to work with and just as passionate about your brand and your marketing as you are. Who we are
  4. 4. Traditional advertising agencies are full of clever individuals. But why do they have to be the same people working in the same building every day? Wouldn’t it be better to have a access to a range of highly skilled and well credentialed independents with experience relevant to your brand? A hand-picked strategic and creative team working together under the leadership of Pro-Active Advertising & Marketing. Modern technology means we can be on different sides of the city, country or even the world, yet still as connected as if we were all just down the corridor. That’s the Pro-Active difference. A strategic and creative resource where the focus is on results and collaboration is the key to everyone's success. By keeping it lean we can achieve the same continuity and control a traditional agency has to offer. However, it won't be within four very big and expensive walls. How we operate
  5. 5. Our services Branding Strategic planning & management Brand identity & logo design Brand advertising campaigns Marketing strategies Marketing research Marketing plans Brand positioning strategies Tactical sales promotions Advertising campaigns Television Radio Press Magazine Outdoor signage Electronic media Print design & management Corporate brochures Product & services brochures Product packaging Retail catalogues & flyers Point-of-sale displays, exhibitions & banners Annual reports Stationery Signage Architectural signage Commercial & residential real estate Mobile billboards Vehicle signage Electronic Media Website design & programming SEO & CMS Systems Flash animations Architectural fly-throughs Multimedia video production
  6. 6. Case history Following a competitive tender process, Pro-Active was selected to develop a new brand identity and design and install a range of interpretive signage for the redeveloped Perth GPO building in Forrest Place. The resulting logo design uses both traditional and modern typefaces to represent the evolution of the GPO into a revitalised office & retail precinct. The base incorporates a perforated stamp edge to symbolise the building’s historical significance. Placed at an angle of 23 degrees, it signifies the year the GPO was first opened.
  7. 7. The roll-out of the logo into signage applications typifies our collaborative method of operation. Bringing together the best in strategy development, design and architectural signage experience. Developing designs for the numerous internal and external interpretive signs, window treatments and murals was demanding task that involved a significant amount of research into the rich history of the Perth GPO. Suitable images and stories were sourced from the National Archives and the Battye Library and these were used in the resulting designs. Example of one of the 14 external and internal stainless steel interpretive signs at the Perth GPO.
  8. 8. One of the two large 3-dimensional murals in the lift lobby at the Perth GPO.
  9. 9. Frosted vinyl graphic treatment of the 8 upper windows of old Postal Hall atrium.
  10. 10. Detail of one of the vinyl graphics on the upper windows of the Postal Hall atrium.
  11. 11. The Tradewinds is an iconic hotel in East Fremantle. Our brief was to develop a new logo, advertising and collateral materials to reflect a more contemporary image. Case history
  12. 12. Outdoor advertising banners
  13. 13. Marketing booklets
  14. 14. Marketing booklets
  15. 15. Other logo designs
  16. 16. Examples of our work Heineken Classic Perth
  17. 17. Heineken Classic Melbourne
  18. 18. Bayside Estate - Geraldton Advertising SignageBrochure
  19. 19. The name Kenlow is synonymous with shade and has been shading Perth homes and businesses for over 40 years. Pro-Active is retained to manage all aspects of the Kenlow brand.
  20. 20. Polo in theValley Pro-Active is retained by the Prendiville Group to coordinate marketing collateral material for their Polo in theValley event. This includes managing the design and writing the content for the Official Programme and other marketing communications
  21. 21. The Arcadia Group owns and operates five world-class retirement lifestyle villages in Western Australia. Pro-Active is retained to manage all aspects of the Arcadia Group brand and marketing communications
  22. 22. Spinnakers Apartments – South Perth Brochure Advertising
  23. 23. Woodside Building - Perth Leasing Brochure Site Signage & Advertising
  24. 24. Corporate brochures & Annual Reports
  25. 25. Newsletters & magazines
  26. 26. Corporate information The Company Pro-Active Advertising and Marketing Pty Ltd ABN: 84 008 774 052 Address 31 Allen Street East Fremantle WA 6158 Contact Number Phone: 0407 088 727 Primary Contact Barry Scotland Email:
  27. 27. References Roseanne Goddard Tournament Director, PGA Championship (03) 9824-2888 Garry Landers Managing Director Kenlow (08) 9459 2533 Mike Graebner Managing Director Seniors Own Real Estate (08) 9243 1366