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A drama about a group of kids who run away from their small town in North Carolina, and make a suicide pact to never return.

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  1. 1. BREVARD written by Barry CantyWGA REGISTERED(310)
  2. 2. FADE IN:OVER BLACKThe sound of a speeding automobile CRASHING.POV A SMALL VIDEO CAMERA --The floor of the vehicle’s back seat. Smoke and the sound ofdisoriented passengers scrambling about. TEEN BOY (O.S.) Ya’ll alright?!An approaching POLICE SIREN. ADOLESCENT GIRL (O.S.) I can’t hear nothing. I can’t hear!The driver steps on the gas, but they go nowhere. ADOLESCENT BOY (O.S.) What’re we gonna do? We’re caught.The driver tries to open his door, but it’s jammed. TEEN BOY (O.S.) I told ya’ll I ain’t going back to Brevard! (beat) C’mon, get your asses out!They grab their belongings and exit from the passenger side.EXT. CRASHED VEHICLE - CONTINUOUSStill from the POV of the video camera, as it is carriedacross a two-lane road, narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.A glimpse of a STATE TROOPER screeching to a halt in hiscruiser and jumping out, as the camera is taken into a CORNFIELD.EXT. CORN FIELD - CONTINUOUSSeveral rows of stalks, then finally a clearing. TEEN BOY (O.S.) You remember how we said we’d do it? (beat) Get over here, Amy! ADOLESCENT GIRL (O.S.) What? I can’t... (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. 2.CONTINUED:The camera is dropped to the ground. We see nothing but deadstalks and dirt. We hear someone rummaging through a bag. TEEN BOY (O.S.) Hurry the hell up!Only nervous breathing for a few moments. Then somethingfalling to the ground, followed by someone being shoved. TEEN BOY (O.S.) (CONT’D) Don’t you pussy out on me!We hear the girl begin to weep. ADOLESCENT BOY (O.S.) I love you. ADOLESCENT GIRL (O.S.) I love you too.Sounds of the two adolescents kissing as they sob, followedby the shuffling of feet. One of the kids inadvertentlykicks the camera and it turns upright.We can now make out the ADOLESCENT BOY, white, 12, as hepoints a GUN at the face of the ADOLESCENT GIRL, black, 12. ADOLESCENT BOY Now shut your eyes.FADE TO BLACK Insert Title Card: Last WeekEXT. BREVARD - DAYLate Spring in picturesque western North Carolina. One sideof this small mountain town is made up of retirees and middleclass families. We see Brevard College, Pisgah NationalForest, the Brevard Music Center and groups of tourists.The other side, mostly populated by blacks and other poorerlong-term residents, is still reeling from the effects of thestagnating local economy. This side of Brevard is where wewill spend our time.UNEMPLOYED YOUNG MEN loiter and argue outside a small bar.A group of DELINQUENT BOYS congregate in a public housingcommunity, and pass a joint while others sell drugs.HOMELESS MEN and WOMEN sleep in empty fields framed bypristine views of the Appalachian skyline.
  4. 4. 3.EXT. BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH - DAYThe sounds of the gospel standard “Rough Side of theMountain”.INT. BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH - CONTINUOUSJAMES ROBERTS, white, 12, tall and lanky in chinos and apolo, hides in the rear and watches the all-black SENIORCHOIR rehearse. He’s in awe and mouths the words to thesong. DART (O.S.) Psst.NAPOLEON "DART" HUNTER, white, 13, a short, tightly woundbundle of kinetic energy, dressed in a fitted baseball cap,skinny jeans and brightly colored high-tops, stands justoutside the entrance on his skateboard. DART (CONT’D) Come on. I don’t wanna be late.The choir finishes and James applauds before ducking out.EXT. BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH - CONTINUOUSJames and Dart descend the steep hill adjacent to thebuilding on their skateboards. AMY (V.O.) Napoleon Abraham Hunter was born on Christmas day. He’s one of my best friends in the entire world. Most people think he’s crazy, but they don’t know ‘bout everything he’s been through. He got his nickname cause when he was little, he used to dart around the house and his mama couldn’t catch him. (beat) She killed herself two years ago and, for some reason, Dart got it in his head he should try and kill himself too. SMASH CUT TO:INT. DART’S BEDROOM (FLASHBACK) - NIGHTDart sits on the edge of the bed holding a pistol to histemple, his hand shaking. He pulls the weapon down and looksat a framed picture of himself with his late MOTHER in theirSunday best. Dart puts the gun back up to his head. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. 4.CONTINUED: AMY (V.O.) His hand shook so hard, that when he pulled the trigger, the bullet whizzed right past him.Dart FIRES and misses.Dart’s father, JAKE HUNTER, 33, bursts in, snatches therevolver and backhands the boy before throwing him out.END FLASHBACKEXT. BREVARD - DAYJames and Dart continue on their skateboards. Dart throws arock at a group of LATINO DAY LABORERS. AMY (V.O.) He couldn’t hear in his right ear for a few days, but after that he was fine. I don’t think he’ll try it again, me and James won’t let him.Dart curses the Latinos as they pass a group of WINOS. AMY (V.O.) (CONT’D) James Roberts is my boyfriend, and the love of my life. (beat) Weve been going together for 3 months, 22 days, 13 hours, 44 minutes and 57 seconds. (three second beat) 45 minutes now.James and Dart reach the grounds of the abandoned ECUSTAPAPER MILL and climb through a hole in the fence. AMY (V.O.) (CONT’D) He’s sort of shy and quiet but that’s okay, most people talk too much anyway. He’s the sweetest and smartest boy I’ve ever met, so smart he even skipped a grade. He tells me he loves me everyday, even in front of his best friend, Dart. (beat) Dart is 13, James and me are 12. We live in Brevard, North Carolina, population 6,700. JAMES I hope she shows up. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. 5.CONTINUED: DART You know she will.Dart pulls the building door open and kicks James in the buttto get him to go inside.INT. ECUSTA PAPER MILL - CONTINUOUSThe vacant interior of what used to be the town’s largestemployer. Dart and James come to a stop and casually lean onone of the many pieces of obsolete machinery. AMY (V.O.) Dart’s in love with me, even though he knows I love James. I dont wanna hurt his feelings, and well always be friends, but... Were meeting today cause Dart told me if I dont dump James and go with him he’ll hurt himself. JAMES Hope she knows where to come.Dart lights a menthol cigarette. DART Would you stop your goddamn yapping, nigga? I told you I texted her 20 minutes ago. JAMES Did she reply? DART Jesus God Almighty, James. Look.Dart shows James the message from Amy on his cell phone: I’mgonna pretend to be sick so I can leave early.The boys hear the creaky doors open and they quicklystraighten up. The object of both their affections, AMYWILSON, black, 12, enters. Amy is tall and thin, pretty butnot prissy. AMY Hey, ya’ll. DART JAMESHey, Amy. Hey, Amy.Amy approaches and nervously looks the boys over, unsure whatto say. An awkward silence. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. 6.CONTINUED: JAMES (blurting it out) If you wanna stop going with me, Ill understand. I just want us all to be happy again.Amy takes James’ comment in and slowly begins to speak. AMY I’ll be your be your friend for life... Dart, but James is my boyfriend. DART You fucking slut.Dart storms out as Amy and James embrace.EXT. ECUSTA PAPER MILL - CONTINUOUSDart skates away. Amy and James exit shortly after. AMY I hope he’ll be all right. JAMES Dart’s not so bad anymore. He’ll be okay.James takes Amy’s backpack and they walk. AMY You have a good day? JAMES It was fine. Yours? AMY It was good. (beat) Your Internet still down? I posted a video on my Facebook last night and you didn’t make a comment. JAMES Daddy told me I’m spending too much time on there. He made me cancel my account this morning. AMY That sucks. I’m sorry. (beat) You wanna come over and do homework? (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. 7.CONTINUED: JAMES I gotta check with daddy to see if he has any chores for me to do first.Amy laughs at James. AMY You do chores more than I do, and I’m a girl.Amy snatches James’ skateboard and rides ahead of him.EXT. HOME OF JAMES ROBERTS - MOMENTS LATERAmy and James stop in front of this old but well-kept ranch-style home. MR. ROBERTS, late 30’s, blue collar, waits forhis son on the porch. He’s not happy. AMY Hey, Mr. Roberts! MR. ROBERTS Hey, Amy. (beat) James, you come on in here now. I need to speak to you before I go to work. JAMES Yessir! (to Amy) He must’ve found out about me and Dart skipping. AMY He won’t be too mad, will he? JAMES He probably won’t believe me when I tell him this is the first time. He’ll say it’s just the first time I got caught.James and Amy hug. JAMES (CONT’D) I love you.James walks across the yard toward the front door. MR. ROBERTS Get off that grass, boy! I just put fertilizer down!
  9. 9. 8.EXT. WILSON HOME - NIGHTA crumbling split-level with a dead lawn. Supper time.INT. WILSON HOME - CONTINUOUSAmy eats with MR. WILSON, 42, hometown boy, short and wirywith a gentle manner, MRS. WILSON, 40, heavy-set, nurse’suniform, and her brother, TOMMY, 7. Amy hasn’t touched herfood and Mrs. Wilson watches her daughter disapprovingly. MRS. WILSON If you didn’t want all that, you shouldn’ta put so much on your plate. Are you trying to be skinny like those little white girls at your school? MR. WILSON You feeling better, honey?Amy nods. Her mobile phone rings from across the room. It’son the counter where the Wilsons keep them during meals.Amy’s mother is annoyed, but Mr. Wilson rises to answer it. MR. WILSON (CONT’D) Hello, James. JAMES (O.S.) Sorry for calling during supper, sir. MR. WILSON It’s all right, son, just don’t make it a habit. Here she is.Amy pops up and runs to take the phone. MR. WILSON (CONT’D) Try not to stay on too long. AMY Okay, Daddy. (to James) Hello? DART (O.S.) Amy, it’s me. I had James call since your daddy don’t like me.Amy steps around the corner to another room. AMY That’s not true and you know it. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. 9.CONTINUED: DART (O.S.) Whatever. We’re getting suspended three days for skipping. Let’s meet up after supper. AMY Where? DART (O.S.) Little Harlem. Here’s your boy. AMY Everything all right? JAMES (O.S.) Yeah, everything’s fine. I’ll come by quarter after seven. Bye.James hangs up before Amy can ask anymore questions. Shereturns to the table and her mother waits for an explanation. AMY I had asked James to help me with my math. I’m gonna go over there after I clean the kitchen, if that’s okay. MR. WILSON Of course it is.Mrs. Wilson is surprised by her husband’s hasty approval. MRS. WILSON And what time are you planning on being home on this school night? AMY By my curfew.Amy quickly eats her dinner.EXT. WILSON HOME - LATERAmy runs out with her backpack over her shoulders as Jameswaits on his skateboard. James has a baseball cap pulled lowon his head, shielding his face. AMY Hey. JAMES You ready? (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. 10.CONTINUED: AMY That hat doesn’t match your outfit. Plus, it keeps me from seeing your pretty blue eyes.Amy pulls the cap from James’ head. JAMES No, Amy...Amy gasps when she sees a large purple bruise under James’right eye. AMY Who hit you in the face?James tries to get his hat back, but Amy won’t give it up. JAMES Nobody. I thought daddy had finished whipping me for skipping today, but when I turned around to say I’m sorry, he caught my cheek with his fist.Amy turns around and stomps back toward the house. JAMES (CONT’D) Where you going? AMY To tell my daddy about what he did. JAMES Amy, stop!James runs after Amy and grabs her arm. JAMES (CONT’D) It’s my fault for getting in trouble. If your daddy finds out what I did, he might not let me by your boyfriend anymore.Amy thinks it over for a few moments. She kisses James’bruise, then gives his cap back to him. He takes Amy by thehand and they walk to his skateboard.EXT. BREVARD STREET - CONTINUOUSJames and Amy reach the entrance to a public housingcommunity at the base of a small mountain. They hop off theskateboard and prepare to walk. (CONTINUED)
  12. 12. 11.CONTINUED: AMY I hate coming to Little Harlem at night. Especially since Lucy’s brother got shot up here during Christmas. JAMES We’ll be okay, it’ll be quick.EXT. LITTLE HARLEM - CONTINUOUSIdentically depressing one-story apartment buildings. Thewhite and black RESIDENTS play loud music from their cars,loiter in front of their apartments and service the drivethrough drug traffic. Amy and James walk past with theirheads lowered.The mentally ill and perpetually inebriated ROBERT HALL,black, 68, stands at his usual spot under a street lamp.Robert holds a bible in one hand and a brown-bagged pint ofcheap liquor in the other. He spots James. ROBERT HALL White man done took everything else from us, now he invading our neighborhoods too. Guess they got tired of driving to the black side of town for they dope.Robert looks toward a group of poor WHITE RESIDENTS. ROBERT HALL (CONT’D) Ain’t the white neighbors I used to dream bout having, tell ya that much.EXT. DART’S APARTMENT - CONTINUOUSAmy and James look through the large bay window of the messythree-bedroom and see Dart in the living room.INT. DART’S APARTMENT (LIVING ROOM) - CONTINUOUSDart feeds GRANDMAMA HUNTER, 90 and senile, macaroni withcheese and fish sticks, while rapping along with a musicvideo. The song comes to an end. VJ Houston hip-hop ain’t been quite the same since the death of Chad Butler, aka Pimp C. Rest in peace.Dart spots his friends outside. He lets them in then walksback to his seat. (CONTINUED)
  13. 13. 12.CONTINUED: DART Don’t slam my door. AMY How you, Grandmama Hunter?Amy gives Grandmama Hunter a hug and kiss. GRANDMAMA HUNTER Aww, it’s so good to see you, sweety. You’re prettier every time you come over here. AMY Thank you.James stands by Dart, bashful. DART Don’t be rude to my grandmama, go say hello.James does as he’s told and Dart walks down the shorthallway. He peeks into the master bedroom and sees hisfather, JAKE HUNTER, is passed out with his haggardGIRLFRIEND.Note: Dart refers to his father by his first name.INT. JAKE HUNTER’S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUSDart searches the pockets of the various pairs of pantsscattered across the floor. He finds a small bag of crystalmeth in one pair and leaves it, but takes a half a pack ofcigarettes from another.INT. DART’S APARTMENT (LIVING ROOM) - CONTINUOUSAmy chats with Grandmama Hunter and James sits quietly on thesofa as Dart re-enters. DART You all done, Grandmama? GRANDMAMA HUNTER I sure am, just enjoying talking to this pretty girlfriend of yours.Amy smiles and Dart rolls his eyes as he takes hisgrandmother’s plate to the sink. (CONTINUED)
  14. 14. 13.CONTINUED: DART I keep telling you, she ain’t my girlfriend, Grandmama. GRANDMA HUNTER But yesterday morning you told me she was gonna be soon.Amy and James exchange uncomfortable glances. Dart loudlydrops the plate in the sink with the other dirty dishes. DART You want your Butter Pecan ice cream? GRANDMAMA HUNTER No, I’m fine. You cooked us another good dinner tonight. You leave some for your daddy? DART (under his breath) Unfortunately. GRANDMA HUNTER What’s that? DART Yes, ma’am, I did. You gonna be alright here or you want me to put you to bed? GRANDMA HUNTER In a little bit. DART Okay, well, we’re fin’ to go study now.Dart kisses his grandmother. Amy and James say goodbye andall three exit.EXT. DART’S APARTMENT - CONTINUOUSDart locks the front door then whips around to his friends. DART What the fuck took ya’ll so long? You were twenty goddamn minutes late!Amy and James are silent. Dart lights a cigarette and walksaway. He finally turns around and looks at Amy. DART (CONT’D) Me and James are leaving Brevard. (CONTINUED)
  15. 15. 14.CONTINUED: AMY What? DART We can’t live in this town no more. You know we all hate it. Our families, these people, and now we’re getting suspended. AMY What are you talking about? DART Look at James’ face! How many straight A students are getting back handed by they daddies? AMY It was an accident, he didn’t mean to. DART (to James) Is that what you told her? (to Amy) It won’t no accident.Amy is confused. JAMES But he apologized right after he did it. DART Ain’t no way we gonna hang around and let his daddy start beating on him like Jake does me. We gotta be out, and the only way Im coming back is in a fuckin’ body bag!Amy is angry at James for lying to her. AMY When’d ya’ll decide this? DART Tonight. (beat) And we want you to go with us.Amy slowly shakes her head no. JAMES Please, Amy, I love you. What am I gonna do out there without you? (CONTINUED)
  16. 16. 15.CONTINUED: (2) AMY But, I mean, it’s just a few days. DART You think we’re ever gonna get outta Brevard if we don’t leave now? AMY When we graduate we might be able to go to college, you don’t know. DART On whose dime? Your mama and daddy gonna be able to pay for you? Are James’? No one ever leaves this town. Our mamas and daddies were born here and so was theirs. AMY But Dart... DART We’re gonna end up just like ‘em. Dying in the same place we lived in all our lives.Amy looks the boys over and shakes her head. AMY Ya’ll are crazy. DART Fuck that bitch, if the she don’t wanna go. Let her stay here, she can have it. AMY Napoleon Hunter, don’t you speak to me like that!Amy looks at James, but he drops his head. She’s toofrustrated to continue. AMY (CONT’D) I’m going home. I was supposed to be back fifteen minutes ago. (beat) James...Amy can’t finish her thought and walks away. DART We leave from my house, tomorrow morning at 8:00 sharp! Decide tonight if you’re going or not!
  17. 17. 16.INT. WILSON HOME - LATERAmy enters from Dart’s apartment. Her parents argue in theirbedroom. AMY I’m home!No one responds. Amy sits at the family computer in theliving room and gets on the Internet. MRS. WILSON (O.S.) I told you we should’ve left before Amy started middle school! How are we gonna stop this house from being foreclosed on, when you can’t even find a job? MR. WILSON (O.S.) We still have that money we put into Amy’s college fund to hold us over for a little while.Amy pulls up a blog she has created. We see her musings onJames, Dart, Brevard, etc. She begins typing: I know Jamesdoesn’t want to leave Brevard, he’s just letting Dart pushhim around. I don’t think they’re serious about leaving, butI don’t want to be left here all alone. MR. WILSON (O.S.) (CONT’D) She’s such a good student, she’ll be able to get a scholarship somewhere. You just gotta trust me. MRS. WILSON (O.S.) I have trusted you and look where it got me! MR. WILSON (O.S.) We’ll talk about this later. I think I heard Amy come back in.Amy quickly erases her page history and switches to adifferent website. Mrs. Wilson steps outside to have a smokeand Mr. Wilson joins his daughter. MR. WILSON (CONT’D) Hey, baby girl, how long you been home? AMY I just walked in right when ya’ll were coming out your bedroom.Amy pulls up a chair for her father. (CONTINUED)
  18. 18. 17.CONTINUED: MR. WILSON Was James able to help you with your math?Amy nods. MR. WILSON (CONT’D) How’s Dart doing? I worry so much about that boy. Does he still know he’s welcome to stay over here any time things get too crazy in Little Harlem? AMY Yes. (beat) How was your job interview? MR. WILSON I thought it went good. The drive was longer than I expected, so I was a little late, but I think they liked me. AMY Mama said it’s two hours. MR. WILSON About that, yeah. (off Amy’s reaction) But that don’t mean I won’t be able to make it home in time for dinner every night.Amy is relieved to hear this. MR. WILSON (CONT’D) Oh, and I been meaning to apologize for not being able to get you a new cell phone yet. I know all the kids are going crazy over that latest iPhone. AMY I didn’t ask for a new phone, daddy. MR. WILSON I know. And I thank you for that.Mr. Wilson kisses his daughter on the forehead. AMY Are we still gonna watch the Braves tomorrow night? Who’s pitching?Mr. Wilson grins appreciatively at the change of subject. (CONTINUED)
  19. 19. 18.CONTINUED: (2) MR. WILSON You’re supposed to be the one keeping up with the Atlanta’s rotation, not me. You been slacking?Mr. Wilson tickles Amy and they both laugh. AMY Maybe just a little.EXT. BREVARD MIDDLE SCHOOL - MORNINGThe start of another school day.INT. CLASSROOM - CONTINUOUSSTUDENTS recite the Pledge of Allegiance then take theirseats. As roll call begins, Amy enters and hurries to herdesk. AMY I’m sorry. I missed the bus and daddy had to bring me.As soon as Amy settles, her phone vibrates in her pocket.She waits for her TEACHER to direct her attention towardanother part of the room and peaks at the message.The text from Dart: Look out the window.Amy turns around and sees Dart hiding next to a tall shrub.INTERCUT AMY AND DART --Amy faces the front and receives another text from Dart: Gotkeys to Jake’s car!Dart holds up the keys as Amy composes a text message withthe phone concealed in her pocket.Dart waits for Amy to respond. His phone finally vibrates:Where’s J?Dart quickly replies: Turning in his math homework. Thatdork!Amy can’t help but smile as James finally appears next toDart. JAMES She coming? (CONTINUED)
  20. 20. 19.CONTINUED: DART Anybody see you? JAMES No. DART I still can’t believe you did that. JAMES I spent my time working on it. I at least wanna get credit, so I won’t be behind at our new school. DART New school? Boy... JAMES What’s she saying?Dart types: What’s the deal, woman?Three SCHOOL HOOLIGANS approach James and Dart. HOOLIGAN #1 What up, D?Dart slaps hands with the boys. DART Trying to get the hell outta Dodge, that’s what’s up. HOOLIGAN #2 Heard about ya’ll getting a three-day suspension. That’s cool. What’s up, James? JAMES Hey. HOOLIGAN #1 We’re having a Rock Band tournament at Lamont Washington’s. Ya’ll should come by.Dart isn’t interested in talking to the boys. DART Maybe.The kids depart and Dart gets a text from Amy: I can’t gowith ya’ll. Dart shows the message to James. (CONTINUED)
  21. 21. 20.CONTINUED: (2) DART (CONT’D) That’s it. Fuck her black ass, let’s go.Dart walks off, but James stays behind.Amy’s eyes fill with tears as she scans the classroom, tryingto avoid looking toward the window. She can’t resist, andturns around in time to see James’ heartbroken expressionbefore he limps away.Amy dries her eyes and unpacks her books. She raises herhand. AMY May I go to the bathroom? TEACHER Late this morning and you’re already asking to be excused?Amy doesn’t know what to say. The Teacher sees her tears. TEACHER (CONT’D) If you’re not back here in three minutes, you’re spending the rest of your morning with Principal Miller.EXT. CLASSROOM - CONTINUOUSAmy exits and leans back against the door, her mind racing. AMY (V.O.) School was gonna be over in two weeks, anyway. (beat) Me and James could come back to Brevard at the end of summer, if we didn’t like it. Even if Dart didn’t want to.Amy gently sets the pass against the wall and sprints downthe empty hallway.EXT. BREVARD MIDDLE SCHOOL - CONTINUOUSAmy bursts through a side exit and sees Dart and Jamesskating away with backpacks thrown over their shoulders. AMY I can’t believe you two buttholes were gonna leave me!The boys turn around. James quickly skates back to Amy. (CONTINUED)
  22. 22. 21.CONTINUED: JAMES I’m sorry.Amy wraps her arms around James neck and kisses him. AMY I love you, James Roberts. I wasn’t gonna let you get away. JAMES You sure you wanna go?Amy nods. They kiss again. DART Well come on then, yallre making me sick.EXT. WILSON HOME - LATERAmy, Dart and James climb a fence into the backyard. Theywalk toward Amy’s bedroom window. AMY Be quiet now, my daddy’s home.Dart and James prop a ladder against the house and Amy climbsup. JAMES Careful.INT. AMY’S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUSAmy quietly packs a bag and can hear Mr. Wilson arguing onthe phone with her mother. MR. WILSON (O.S.) I’m gonna call them as soon as I can get off this phone with you. It’s just now half past nine. (beat) Bye.Amy grabs clothes, her small video camera, lip gloss, afamily photo and her iPod. Mr. Wilson makes another call. MR. WILSON (O.S.) (CONT’D) Hello? This is Rodney Wilson, following up on an interview I had for the plant manager position yesterday morning. I know you’re looking to fill it soon so... (beat) (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  23. 23. 22.CONTINUED: MR. WILSON (O.S.) (CONT’D) Oh, okay. I understand completely, this recession is hell, you got that right.Amy stops packing at the sound of her father’s bad news. Shecontemplates going to comfort him. DART Hurry up, girl.Amy finishes and climbs out with her bag.EXT. BREVARD STREET - MOMENTS LATERThe kids are a block away from Amy’s house. JAMES What all did you bring?Amy shows James what’s in her bag. AMY What about ya’ll? JAMES Just my computer, some clothes, daddy’s GPS and my bible.Amy smiles at this and kisses James on the cheek. DART I brought gear and grub.Dart shows Amy and James a gym bag full of wrinkled clothesand junk food. DART (CONT’D) And Jake’s pistol, cause you never know when you might need to shoot something. JAMES What’re we gonna do about money? DART We’ll hustle us up some dough, don’t you worry. The rest of the world ain’t like Brevard, they actually got jobs that pay more than whatever a Mexican’ll take. AMY Where’s your daddy’s truck? DART Little Harlem, where you think? (CONTINUED)
  24. 24. 23.CONTINUED:Dart’s surliness doesn’t dampen Amy’s enthusiasm. AMY Where ya’ll wanna go? (beat) Last night I thought about what I should change my name to. How about Vanessa, or maybe Marilyn -- Amy’s so plain. Ya’ll think I could be a Rihanna? DART (snickering) Yeah, and maybe you can get James to slap you around some too.Amy punches Dart in the arm. JAMES This is our chance to become completely new people. We can do whatever we want, come and go as we like. DART We do need to decide where to go first, though. JAMES I always wanted to see what Idaho was like. No one to bother you, all that open space. I bet houses are cheap out there. AMY But it’d be so boring. JAMES I think we’d like it. AMY Maybe. Where do you wanna go, Dart? DART I’d like to live in a big city, like Houston. We won’t have to deal with a bunch of hicks like here and there’s more to do. I just like big cities better. AMY And we can make stops on the way. It’ll be like that old MTV show, “Road Rules”. (to Dart) What’s Houston like? (CONTINUED)
  25. 25. 24.CONTINUED: (2) DART Never been. But I know it’s cool.EXT. DART’S APARTMENT - CONTINUOUSDart, Amy and James approach. Dart’s father, Jake, argueswith his Girlfriend as he stands beside a GRAND WAGONEER. JAKE Bitch, I know you’re hiding my keys cause you don’t want me to go nowhere. Now give ‘em here, goddamnit!The kids duck behind a car. GIRLFRIEND I don’t have your fucking keys, Jake! But I’m glad you don’t neither, cause all you’re gonna do is go smoke up your disability check and come back here horny trying to get some.The kids watch Jake push his girlfriend aside and go back inthe apartment. She follows him inside. DART C’mon.The kids sprint to the Grand Wagoneer. As they’re gettinginto the vehicle they hear: JAKE What in the hell do ya’ll think ya’ll doing?Jake stands on the front porch. JAKE (CONT’D) Dart, son, why do you have my keys? GIRLFRIEND (O.S.) See, I told you I wasn’t hiding ‘em! JAKE Shut up, bitch, before I come in there and really give you something to scream about!Jake saunters over. JAKE (CONT’D) Give ‘em here. (CONTINUED)
  26. 26. 25.CONTINUED:Dart doesn’t move. DART We’re leaving Brevard. JAKE Good. I’ll draw you a goddamn map. Just don’t think you’re doing it in my truck.Dart grips the keys tighter. JAKE (CONT’D) Did you get into my stash, boy? Cause you’re acting like one of these nigger crackheads around here. No offense, Amy. (palm out) Put the damn keys in my hand now, before I slap fire out your little ass.Dart stands pat. Jake laughs, lights a cigarette and blowssmoke in his son’s face. He then turns back to the house.The kids exhale nervously, but Jake pivots back around andPUNCHES Dart square on the chin. Dart lands on his back andbangs his head against the cement. The keys fall from hishand. AMY Dart!James and Amy run to Dart’s side, but Jake pushes them awayand starts kicking his boy. JAKE Get up off your ass and pick up them keys! JAMES Mr. Hunter, stop! He’s hurt. JAKE He’s gonna hurt more if he don’t do what I say.Jake kneels next to his boy. JAKE (CONT’D) Don’t show out in front of your friends, when you’re too light in the britches to back it up.Jake suddenly lands face down on the concrete. James hasjumped on his back. (CONTINUED)
  27. 27. 26.CONTINUED: (2)Jake throws James to the ground and resumes beating Dart.James and Amy watch helplessly. JAKE (CONT’D) Hand me them fucking keys! AMY Stop, Mr. Hunter, stop!Other RESIDENTS congregate as Jake continues pummelling thekid. After a few moments, he hears the sound of a GUN COCK.He looks up and sees Amy pointing his .22 at him.Jake smiles and lets go of Dart. JAKE Well I’ll be goddamn, Amy. Is that my pistol you got there? Never figured you for the gun-slinging type.Amy’s hands shake as Jake stays on his knees and slowly comestoward her. JAKE (CONT’D) But I can see your daddy never taught you the proper grip.Jake is eye level with Amy and less than a foot away. JAKE (CONT’D) If you let me show you what you’re doing wrong, I promise to give you a beating that’s only half as bad as what Dart’s getting.Jake turns back toward his son just in time to see the bottomof DART’S FOOT coming straight toward his face. Dartconnects with his kick and his father falls on his side.Amy drops the weapon and backs away. Dart stands over Jakeand STOMPS him repeatedly.Amy and James eventually pull Dart off his father, who’s nowunconscious. James retrieves the .22 and Dart spits on Jakebefore getting behind the wheel of the truck. Amy joins himup front and James gets in back.Dart spots something on the ground and opens his door to pickit up. It’s his father’s wallet. Dart pockets it withouthis friends noticing.
  28. 28. 27.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSDart slowly pulls away from the apartment. AMY Dart, you’re bleeding everywhere.Amy takes a Kleenex from her bag, wets it with water andstarts to clean Dart’s bruised face. DART Get off me. AMY It’s not as bad as it looks, it’s just a lot of blood.Dart pushes Amy away. DART I know it ain’t bad, I’m the one it was done to! Why don’t you get in the back with your man so I can concentrate on driving?Amy can’t believe Dart is mad at her. DART (CONT’D) Go’on! AMY I was just trying to help you.Amy throws more Kleenex at Dart, then goes and sits besideJames. Dart cries tears of relief and anger as he dabs athis wounds.Through the rear window, Amy watches the onlookers disperseas the vehicle exits Little Harlem.DISSOLVEEXT. EASTERN TENNESSEE - MORNINGThe sun rises from behind the Appalachian mountains.EXT. TENNESSEE FOUR-LANE HIGHWAY - CONTINUOUSNo traffic this morning. The Grand Wagoneer approaches.
  29. 29. 28.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSAmy drives as Dart sleeps with his head in her lap. James isin the back. Amy brushes Dart’s hair from his face and blowson his scabbing bruises.Amy checks the clock in the console and it’s stuck on 11:00p.m. She turns on her phone to get the correct time andimmediately receives an incoming call from her father.Dart’s head pops up and Amy shows him the caller ID. DART Turn off your damn phone, girl.Amy powers down her mobile. DART (CONT’D) And keep it off unless you need to use it. AMY Sorry. (beat) And good morning. Sleep good?Dart looks to the back seat and is disappointed to see James. DART Hell no.Dart covers James’ nose and mouth. James wakes up as Dartsnickers. JAMES Good morning, yall.Dart stretches, then lets his window down and sticks his headout. He leans back in after a few seconds. DART So I been holding out on ya’ll. And that ain’t right. AMY What’re you talking about?Dart digs in his pocket and tosses his father’s wallet toAmy. Inside are credit and debit cards along with $50 cash. DART How bout we go shopping to celebrate our freedom? (CONTINUED)
  30. 30. 29.CONTINUED: AMY Okay!EXT. OUTLET MALL - LATERAmy steers the Grand Wagoneer into the parking lot.INT. GRAND WAGONEER - CONTINUOUSThe kids are excited. AMY Looks like they’re just opening too. JAMES You think we could get a bite to eat first?Dart takes the $50 from the wallet and gives it James. DART Breakfast is on Jake. Let’s go.INT. OUTLET MALL - LATERThe kids have just scarfed down a large meal of pancakes,bacon, eggs and grits. Dart let’s out a loud burp. DART So that’s what a $30 breakfast tastes like.Amy answers Dart’s burp with one of her own. DART (CONT’D) Not bad.James turns on his laptop. DART (CONT’D) What you doing? JAMES Seeing if I can get a signal from that Radio Shack we passed on the way in. DART You and that World of Warcraft stuff. JAMES That ain’t why. I have a History paper I need to e-mail. (CONTINUED)
  31. 31. 30.CONTINUED: DART You’re one of kind, you know that James Roberts?Dart messes James’ hair and stands. DART (CONT’D) Well me and Amy are going shopping. Think you’ll have time to join us when you’re finished with class? JAMES I’ll try.TWENTY MINUTES LATER --Amy and Dart walk past various chain stores. AMY How long we gonna stay up in Houston? DART I don’t know. Is there some place you wanna go after? AMY This is my first time outta Transylvania County, except for a field trip to Raleigh in third grade. I wonder how long it would take us to get to California. Maybe a couple weeks? DART Not that long, but awhile. AMY Let’s go out there then, after Houston. DART We’re gonna have to make some cash first, it might take a couple months. (beat) Where does James wanna go? AMY I don’t know.Dart stops. He tries to decide how to say what’s on hismind. AMY (CONT’D) What? (CONTINUED)
  32. 32. 31.CONTINUED: (2) DART Let’s leave James here and go to California. AMY Huh?A beat. Dart looks over his shoulder. DART Nothing. I was just kidding. Here he comes.James approaches. DART (CONT’D) You get your assignment in on time? JAMES Why ain’t ya’ll bought nothing yet? AMY Cause I wanted to wait for you. Let’s go in here. They have girls and boys stuff.Amy takes James by the hand and Dart follows.INT. STORE - MOMENTS LATERA trendy shop with clothing for teens and young adults. CUTESALESPEOPLE wear trendy outfits and headsets.Amy, James and Dart are in side-by-side fitting rooms. Dartemerges sporting the latest in urban wear. DART Check this out, ya’ll.Amy steps out in a summer dress and James in an outfitsimilar to Dart’s. DART (CONT’D) Like a pimp! (to James) You’re looking gangsta too, Jimmy boy. That’s more like it. (to Amy) Why didn’t you put on the outfit I picked? AMY (rolling her eyes) Okay... (CONTINUED)
  33. 33. 32.CONTINUED:Amy goes back into her fitting room. A SALESGIRL, 15, hasher eye on Dart. SALESGIRL Who do people tell you that you favor? DART Oh you know who. But they only tell me if they flirting.The Salesgirl blushes. DART (CONT’D) What’s your name? SALESGIRL Rochelle. DART My name’s Chad. I was named after Pimp C from UGK. Rest in peace. ROCHELLE Ya’ll from Houston? DART Nope, but that’s where we going. ROCHELLE What happened to your face? DART Got into a fight with some gangbangers. ROCHELLE You alright? DART You think this is bad? You should see their faces. AMY (O.S.) Dar...uh, Chad, try on what I picked out for you. DART Gimme a second. (to Rochelle) How old are you? ROCHELLE 15. You? (CONTINUED)
  34. 34. 33.CONTINUED: (2) DART Same. ROCHELLE You look younger. DART It’s cause of my height. But don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m short all over.Rochelle giggles. DART (CONT’D) Wait here and tell me how I look when I come out.Dart goes back into the fitting room. JAMES I like what you picked out for me, Amy. AMY I knew you would. You got yours on yet, Dart? DART Hold on.Amy steps out wearing a trashy, hip-hop video inspiredoutfit, while Dart and James are in pastel colored Polos andslacks. DART (CONT’D) You look hot! ROCHELLE (to Amy) That’s cute on you. AMY My daddy would kill me if he saw me in this. DART Well we ain’t gotta worry bout that no more, now do we? (beat) Let’s just buy everything and we can take back what we don’t like. Ya’ll got these stores in Texas? (CONTINUED)
  35. 35. 34.CONTINUED: (3) ROCHELLE I think so.Amy and James hurry back into their fitting rooms. DART (to Rochelle) Gimme your number. We might hang around here for a few more hours. ROCHELLE All right.Rochelle puts her information into Dart’s phone.AT THE REGISTER --Rochelle, Amy and James fold the last of the four bags ofclothes. Dart hands her the credit card. ROCHELLE (CONT’D) Says on this your name is Jake Hunter. DART It’s my daddy’s. He just lets me use it whenever me and friends wanna go shopping. ROCHELLE Cool.Rochelle swipes the card. The kids go tense as they wait tosee what will happen. A beat. DART Everything all right?The transaction goes through. DART (CONT’D) Never mind. AMY Is it okay if I use a dressing room to change? JAMES You’re putting on your new clothes already? ROCHELLE I’ll go get you some scissors to cut the tags. (CONTINUED)
  36. 36. 35.CONTINUED: (4)Amy hustles toward the fitting rooms. DART Let’s change too. I think it’s only right. JAMES If ya’ll both are doing it.They head back to the fitting rooms.EXT. OUTLET MALL - LATERAmy, James and Dart walk to the truck in new outfits. Amyfilms them with her video camera. AMY I think we look good. We should have our own show, don’t you think? I’m prettier and smarter than all those girls on “Jersey Shore”. DART Don’t point that thing at me, you know I don’t like being recorded. AMY It could be about two good-looking lovers and their real cool best friend.Dart almost smiles and Amy kisses him on the cheek. JAMES Thanks for the clothes, Dart. I’ll pay you back when we get jobs. AMY You better call that girl, she liked you.Dart snatches the video camera and turns it off. DART I don’t trust her, she was being too nice. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s calling the police in Brevard right now. AMY What’re you talking about? DART Just get in the truck. (CONTINUED)
  37. 37. 36.CONTINUED:Dart watches Amy and James climb into the back seat togetherand his mood goes even more sour.EXT. TENNESSEE HIGHWAY - MOMENTS LATERThe Grand Wagoneer approaches.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSDart drives and watches James and Amy cuddling in back. Hegrits his teeth and abruptly pulls off the road into an emptyfield. JAMES What’s wrong? DART I gotta take a leak. JAMES Do you have to drive so fast? The shocks on this thing are awful. DART I’ll slow down then.Dart slams on the brakes. Amy and James almost slide out oftheir seats.EXT. EMPTY FIELD - CONTINUOUSDart puts the Grand Wagoneer in park and James and Amyquickly get out. Dart opens his door and dangles his legsfrom the vehicle. He lights a cigarette, unzips his pantsand pees out onto the ground.Amy and James walk toward a shade tree. After a few moments,they hear the Grand Wagoneer accelerating. When they turnaround, they see Dart driving straight toward them.Dart laughs and plows ahead. James and Amy are confused andcan’t decide if they should run or stay put.Dart comes within a few feet of them and turns the car awayjust enough, narrowly missing Amy’s toes. He puts thevehicle in reverse.Dart pulls back past his friends and is again facing them.He revs the engine then circles the couple. DART That was a close one back there at the mall with that scheming bitch. (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  38. 38. 37.CONTINUED: DART (CONTD) I hope we can make it all the way to Houston, but it ain’t gon’ be easy with everybody trying to catch us.Dart brings the car to a stop. DART (CONT’D) If we get caught, are ya’ll willing to kill yourselves so we don’t have to go back to that goddamn town?James and Amy stare at Dart in quiet disbelief. A beat. AMY What? DART Don’t play dumb, you heard me. (to James) What’s up?James looks at Amy and weighs the question. DART (CONT’D) If you think your daddy was mad when you skipped school, think of what he would do after this.James touches his injured cheek. A beat. JAMES Yes. Yeah, I’ll do it. AMY Ya’ll serious? DART Dead.Amy stares at James and Dart. After a long silence, sheslowly nods her head.Pleased with their compliance, Dart jumps out of the car. DART (CONT’D) James, you shoot Amy first, since you two are in love, then yourself. I’ll be the last to die, since I’m the oldest.Dart holds out his hand and James places his on top. Amyputs her hand in as well. (CONTINUED)
  39. 39. 38.CONTINUED: (2) AMY (V.O.) I knew Dart was just talking big, and he didn’t really mean anything by it. He just wanted to scare us into not going back.INT. GRAND WAGONEER - MOMENTS LATERJames is at the wheel, Amy up front and Dart in back. DART I ain’t saying we should kill ourselves, cause I sure as hell don’t wanna die. But like my granddaddy told me before he passed: “Napoleon, sometimes it’s best not to have an easy way out of something, cause then you won’t stick to your first decision.” So now we ain’t got no easy way out.James starts the car and they roll down the empty highway.EXT. TENNESSEE HIGHWAY - DAYA sign reads: Nashville I-24 North. The Grand Wagoneerapproaches.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSJames drives, Dart is in the passenger seat and Amy in back. AMY We should all write something for our families, just in case. When we get a signal we can post them to my blog. DART Nobody reads your damn blog, girl. AMY Uh-huh, I had two page views last month. DART Yeah, from me and James.Amy is disappointed by this realization. DART (CONT’D) Ah... but I guess it ain’t a half stupid idea.Amy takes out James’ laptop. (CONTINUED)
  40. 40. 39.CONTINUED: AMY Wanna do yours first?Amy hands Dart the computer.Insert Dart’s note as he composes: Dear Grandmama, I want tomake a new life for myself and had to leave Brevard. I hopeyou won’t be too sad about this and miss me too much. TellJake I’m sorry for raising my hand to him, and that I lovehim. I love you too Grandmama. Your grandson, Dart.Amy is bent over a note pad. AMY (CONT’D) You finished? DART Don’t it look like I’m finished? AMY Wanna hear the first draft of mine? DART Sure don’t.Dart tosses the computer back to Amy.EXT. WILSON HOME - NIGHTThrough the front window we see the Wilsons with MR. and MRS.ROBERTS in the living room.INT. WILSON HOME - CONTINUOUSThe television is turned to the local news. MRS. WILSON I can’t believe Amy would go and do something like this. It’s not like her. None of them had a reason to. MR. ROBERTS It was Dart who convinced them to go, I know it. I never should of let James run with him. But I felt sorry for the boy, since he lost his mama and all. MR. WILSON I’m sure Amy only went because it was what she wanted to do. Let’s not start blaming folks. (CONTINUED)
  41. 41. 40.CONTINUED: MRS. ROBERTS Damn it, Rodney, we all know he’s the one to blame. Shit, they even took his daddy’s truck! And speaking of that sonofabitch, why isn’t he here? MR. WILSON He said he couldn’t make it. MRS. ROBERTS Couldn’t make it? Couldn’t make it?! MRS. WILSON You hear his gun’s come up missing too? MRS. ROBERTS What? MR. WILSON I just think the best thing for us to do is stay calm. The police will find them. MRS. ROBERTS Question is, will they find ‘em before Dart does something stupid? My friend, Ralphetta, who works down at the Walgreens, said his Grandmama hasn’t filled his prescription for the pills he’s supposed to be on for three months now. (beat) What’s my James gonna do if he decides to flip out? MR. ROBERTS And why are ya’ll so calm? MR. WILSON Because we raised out daughter to make good decisions. MRS. ROBERTS You ain’t done raising her yet, Rodney. And I’m sure you didn’t plan for a lunatic like that Hunter boy to come along neither.A report about Amy, James and Dart comes on. MRS. WILSON Turn this up. (CONTINUED)
  42. 42. 41.CONTINUED: (2) NEWS ANCHOR In local news, three Transylvania county children are believed to have run away from their homes in Brevard yesterday afternoon. (beat) Their names are Amelia Wilson, Napoleon Hunter and James Roberts. The father of one of the boys reported his car stolen in connection to the incident.Jake and Grandmama Hunter appear on screen. They stand infront of their apartment. MRS. ROBERTS I can’t believe it. JAKE I don’t know what come over them kids. But it’s only been one night and I already miss my son. I tried to provide a loving home for Napoleon, but I guess it won’t enough. MRS. WILSON Oh, come on! REPORTER Why do you think they would want to run away from Brevard? JAKE I have no idea. It was good enough for everyone else grow’d up here. I don’t know bout his two little friends, you can’t always account for how other people raise their children, but this ain’t like my son. (beat) But they’ll get caught. I just got a call my credit card they stole was used at a mall down in Chattanooga.Mrs. Roberts turns the TV off. MRS. WILSON Tennessee? What are they doing in Tennessee? Where are they going?Mr. Roberts takes out his phone. (CONTINUED)
  43. 43. 42.CONTINUED: (3) MR. ROBERTS Who knows? I’m calling my cousin who works for the Sheriff’s department outside Chattanooga to have him tell his people to be on the look out. (beat) You think anybody’s gonna give a damn about what happens to three poor kids from the mountains?EXT. TENNESSEE HIGHWAY - DAYThe Grand Wagoneer approaches heading south. They havesomehow managed to get completely turned around.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSA sign reads: Alabama State Line 25 miles.James drives, Dart is next to him and Amy is asleep in back.Dart takes the GPS off the dashboard and sees it isn’tworking. DART Your daddy’s janky GPS is broke.Dart tosses the gadget to James. DART (CONT’D) You know where we’re at? JAMES I think we’re going toward Nashville. DART That sign just said Alabama’s coming up.James sees the car is on empty. JAMES (re: the gas meter) Dart.Amy wakes up. AMY I don’t feel good. (beat) My, tummy...stomach, hurts. I need to use the bathroom. (CONTINUED)
  44. 44. 43.CONTINUED: DART Stop whining for a second. (beat) We gotta pull over at the next station or we’re gonna run outta gas. JAMES I see something up there.EXT. GAS STATION & CONVENIENCE STORE - CONTINUOUSJames pulls to the pump at this independently owned shop.The kids hop out and Dart tosses James his father’s wallet. DART Fill it up.Amy holds her stomach as she heads toward the store. JAMES You alright, Amy?James swipes the credit card but it doesn’t work. He triesit again and gets the same result. JAMES (CONT’D) Something’s wrong. DART (to Amy) Wait for me. (to James) Try debit. The PIN is my birthday.James tries the debit card twice and it doesn’t work either. DART (CONT’D) Shit. Amy, come back here!Amy stops and reluctantly turns around. Dart takes thewallet from James. JAMES You think he reported it?Amy reaches the boys, still holding her stomach. DART We been cut off. The cards ain’t good no more. (CONTINUED)
  45. 45. 44.CONTINUED: JAMES Whatre we gonna do? We only have $20 left and we need to save that.Dart takes out the $20, chucks the wallet and gets back inthe car.INT. GRAND WAGONEER - CONTINUOUSJames sits down in the passenger seat. JAMES Dart?Dart rummages through his bag and pulls out the .22 revolver. DART Guess we’ll just have to take what we need. (beat) Get back in here, Amy. JAMES Dart thinks we should... DART Oh we’re gonna rob em, and we might as well get food while we’re here. (to Amy) This old place’ll let you pay after you fill up, so James is gonna handle that. Me and you are going inside.Amy drops her head. DART (CONT’D) We ain’t got no other choice. (beat) And since girls never go to jail, you’re carrying. AMY Jaa-aames. JAMES He’s right, they won’t be watching you. And I can’t go cause you never pumped gas before.Dart slides the revolver over the top of the seat to Amy. (CONTINUED)
  46. 46. 45.CONTINUED: DART We all gonna get out at the same time like ain’t nothing going on. On three. (beat) Three.INT. CONVENIENCE STORE - CONTINUOUSA STORE CLERK, male, 60’s, is the only one working. Hewatches sports highlights on a television mounted over theelevated cashiers stand.Amy and Dart enter. Amy stops dead in her tracks, but Dartjerks her to continue walking. They continue toward the foodand snack section and Dart points Amy to where he wants herto go.Amy still feels sick and cannot wait any longer. She runs tothe restroom.INT. RESTROOM - CONTINUOUSAmy bursts into the filthy, windowless lavatory and pushesopen the door to the only stall. Unflushed excrement floatsamid the last available pieces of toilet paper.Amy holds her breath, flushes with her foot, drops her pantsand the .22 then squats.INTERCUT STORE AND RESTROOM --Dart pretends to shop.Amy strains to move her bowels as beads of sweat form on herforehead.The Store Clerk hasn’t looked away from the television. Dartgrows more impatient.Amy cannot bring herself to use the bathroom. She gives up,trudges to the sink, washes her hands and reaches for papertowels that aren’t there.INT. CONVENIENCE STORE - CONTINUOUSAmy reenters feeling worse than before. Dart nods to her andthey start down separate aisles.Dart slips a few candy bars into his bag, along with a packof tobacco and looks up to check Amy’s progress.Amy stands in the middle of the aisle nervously watching theclerk. She picks up a pack of cookies and drops them. (CONTINUED)
  47. 47. 46.CONTINUED:Dart curses her under his breath and walks to another aisle.He speeds up his pace and soon his bag is full. Dart pointsAmy to the soft drink section.Dart peeks outside and sees James motioning the tank is fullas the sun goes down behind him. Dart and Amy casually walktoward the door.The Store Clerk finally takes a look at his young customers,but before he can speak, Amy pulls out the revolver andbegins to cry as she half-heartily waves the weapon around. AMY Sorry sir, but we don’t have money.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - MOMENTS LATERJames guns it out of the parking lot. Dart celebrates theirheist while Amy sobs in the back. DART Now that was the shit! Wheew-hoo! You see the way that girl waved that gat around in there?They pass a sign that reads: Alabama State Line 1 mile. DART (CONT’D) I didn’t know she had it in her. (beat) I’m proud of you, chica! Hey, we’re about to cross the border into Alabama.They approach then pass the Welcome to Alabama sign asdarkness sets in. DART (CONT’D) I was getting tired of Tennessee anyway!They ride a bit further and Dart comes down from hisadrenaline high. DART (CONT’D) Let’s pull over and hide. The police will expect us to try and outrun ‘em, and drive right past us.EXT. POND - CONTINUOUSThe Grand Wagoneer approaches the secluded body of water thatis illuminated only by moonlight. James parks the vehicle ina spot where it can’t be seen from the road.
  48. 48. 47.INT./EXT. GRAND WAGONEER - CONTINUOUSDart gets out. A police cruiser with its SIREN on drivesthis way. Dart crouches beside the vehicle, and the copcontinues past them. DART Turn on the headlights.James hits the lights and they shine out over the water. JAMES (to Amy) You wanna eat now?Amy doesn’t respond and continues crying.INTERCUT INT. CAR AND DART --Dart surveys his surroundings and stuffs a huge wad oftobacco in his mouth. He sniffs his armpits and slaps at amosquito on his neck. The sounds of the various insectscombine to create an early evening symphony. DART I’ma take a bath!Dart removes his shoes and waits to see if James and Amyheard him. There is no answer, so he continues to undressdown to his underwear and wades into the water.James is in the back with Amy. He wipes the tears from hercheeks and eyes. JAMES Want a piece of this?James offers Amy a candy bar. AMY No, thank you. JAMES Don’t cry, everything’s gonna be fine. (beat) I’m happy we decided to run away. AMY Kiss me, James.Amy grabs James by the back of his neck and kisses himdeeply. They lie down. (CONTINUED)
  49. 49. 48.CONTINUED:Dart frolics in the moonlit water.Amy takes off James’ shirt and then her own.Dart bathes.James is on top of Amy and their pants are around theirankles. JAMES I love so much you.Amy squeezes her eyes shut in response to the unfamiliarpain. JAMES (CONT’D) I’m gonna stop. AMY No, it’s okay. JAMES You sure?Amy nods. AMY (V.O.) I hadn’t planned on losing it, but since James and me were gonna be together forever, I didn’t think it was that big a deal.Dart gets out of the water and lets himself air dry.Amy still has her eyes closed as the pain begins to subside.After a few moments, she finally looks up and is startledwhen she sees Dart standing outside the window staring atthem.Amy squirms and pushes James away. He turns and Dartcontinues to casually peer in. They both quickly begindressing.Dart saunters around to the other side of the truck and leansback against the driver’s side door. He lights a cigaretteand chuckles to himself.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - MOMENTS LATERThe kids leave the pond and get back onto the interstate.Dart drives while Amy and James sit in the back, tooembarrassed to speak.
  50. 50. 49.EXT. ALABAMA - VARIOUSNight time images from the eastern part of the state.EXT. HIGHWAY - NIGHTThe Grand Wagoneer cruises down the dark highway.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSDart drives while Amy and James sleep in back. Dart sees adigital sign ahead that reads: To Avoid Traffic Stoppage Dueto Vehicle Drug Search Take Exit 19 Detour.Dart notices they just passed Exit 18. The next exit is 1/4mile ahead. DART Police are so stupid. Why would they warn people ‘bout something like that?Dart takes Exit 19 and scrolls through music on Amy’s iPod ashe steers down the winding exit ramp.EXT. EXIT 19 - SAME TIMETraffic is backed up forty yards from the merge lane. POLICEOFFICERS have pulled over ten cars and are searching eachone. To the side of the road, several MOTORISTS are inhandcuffs.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - CONTINUOUSDart finally checks the road and is shocked to see theofficers and motorists. He takes his foot off the gas. DART It was a goddamn trap! (to James and Amy) Hey, wake up!They don’t respond. DART (CONT’D) Wake the fuck up! JAMES What? What’s going on? DART Look!James sees what’s happening. (CONTINUED)
  51. 51. 50.CONTINUED: JAMES Amy, wake up!Dart brings the car to a complete stop in the middle of theexit ramp. AMY What’s wrong? DART Get the gun.James scrambles over the seat and pulls Dart’s backpack fromthe floor in front. He unzips the bag and carefully takesout the revolver. AMY Oh, my God.James stares at the weapon a moment then looks to his bestfriend. Dart keeps his eyes on the road and lets his footoff the brake.James and Amy exchange frightened glances. DART James, you got that pistol ready?James doesn’t respond. DART (CONT’D) James! JAMES Yeah!James looks back at Amy and then turns to Dart. JAMES (CONT’D) I got an idea.Dart snatches the gun from James. DART Are you gonna chicken out on me? JAMES I ain’t chickening out, just listen!
  52. 52. 51.EXT. TRAFFIC STOP - MOMENTS LATEROFFICER FELICIA POTTER, black, 37, spots the Grand Wagoneerparked in the breakdown lane. She shines her flashlight onthe vehicle and approaches.Potter looks into the driver’s side window. Dart is in thepassenger seat and James and Amy in the back.INT. GRAND WAGONEER - CONTINUOUSDart holds the revolver between his legs. POTTER You kids all right? DART Hello, ma’am. Our car ran outta gas and our daddy went to find the nearest station.Potter shines her flashlight on the gas meter. It’s beensmashed and is on E. POTTER We’re starting to see a lot more of these with gas prices how they are. Which way did he go? DART Back there.Potter shines the light on Dart’s face. She holds it there amoment and then moves the light over to James. After a shortpause, she shines the light on Amy. POTTER You three are brother and sister? JAMES, DART & AMY Yes ma’am. POTTER Blood relatives? DART No, ma’am. We’re with our stepdaddy. AMY But we all live together. We’re from Brevard in North Carolina. Where you from? (CONTINUED)
  53. 53. 52.CONTINUED: POTTER I’m from a place called Hueytown, outside Birmingham. Where’s your daddy taking you?A beat. The kids aren’t sure what to say. JAMES To see his family in New Orleans. POTTER Did your daddy not see there’s a service station right up there?Potter points to the SERVICE STATION next to a nearbyoverpass. DART No, ma’am. I don’t think he did.Potter opens the door and sits in the driver’s seat. POTTER How old are you kids? DART Me and my brother are 12 and 13, we was born ten months apart, and my sister’s 12. POTTER What’s your names?A beat. DART Chad, but everybody calls me Pimp C.Potter holds in her laugh. AMY Mine’s Rihanna. POTTER Like the singer? AMY Yes ma’am. POTTER My daughter loves her. (to James) And you? (CONTINUED)
  54. 54. 53.CONTINUED: (2) JAMES Uh, James, er, Jimmy. POTTER Nice to meet ya’ll. I’m Officer Potter. (beat) Well...Pimp C, why don’t you and Jimmy step out of the car?Dart looks back at James and Amy. POTTER (CONT’D) Go on.Dart shields the gun and he and James do as they’re told.EXT./INT. GRAND WAGONEER - CONTINUOUSThe boys stand on the passenger side. Dart slides therevolver into his front pocket.Potter turns to Amy. POTTER Rihanna, have you ever driven before?Amy isn’t sure how to answer. POTTER (CONT’D) C’mon now, you can tell me the truth. You won’t get in any trouble. AMY Yes ma’am, I have. But only in the empty Costco parking lot with my daddy. POTTER Good, come up here then.Potter steps out of the car and opens Amy’s door. As shestands beside the vehicle, Amy looks through the windows atDart and James and they exchange confused glances.Dart coughs to cover the sound of him cocking the gun andJames’ body stiffens. POTTER (CONT’D) What are you waiting for? Most 12-year- old girls would jump at a chance to drive. AMY Ma’am? (CONTINUED)
  55. 55. 54.CONTINUED: POTTER That’s right, you’re driving and your brothers and me are gonna push. C’mon boys.James and Dart are relieved. Dart quietly takes the gun offcock and both boys run around back to help Potter.Amy grips the wheel tightly then finally exhales and takesthe car out of park. POTTER (CONT’D) (laughing) Pimp C, huh? Why do you white kids always copy the wrong black folks?EXT. SERVICE STATION - MOMENTS LATERJames, Dart, and Potter push the Grand Wagoneer into theparking lot and up to a pump. POTTER Now I’m gonna go back and wait for your father. I can’t believe he left ya’ll on the side of the road like that. What’s his name? DART Joey Roberts. He looks a lot like Jimmy here. POTTER Yall don’t go anywhere. Ill come back when I find him. DART Yes ma’am, well wait right here for ya. POTTER Heres something to hold you over. Get yourselves some sodas or candy bars.Officer Potter hands Amy a $20 bill. POTTER (CONT’D) You look like three tired puppies. DART Thank you, ma’am, we will. AMY Mrs. Officer, ma’am? Mind if I take a video of you? (CONTINUED)
  56. 56. 55.CONTINUED: POTTER You gotta make it quick, sweety.Amy hurries out of the car. Dart and James stand on eitherside of Potter. Amy hits record and gives her camera to theofficer. AMY Just turn it around and point it at us.Potter extends her arm and stares uncomfortably into thecamera. POTTER What do you want me to say? AMY Your name is fine. POTTER I’m Felicia Potter of the Troy, Alabama police department. AMY Thank you!Potter hands the camera back to Amy. She tips her hat andwalks off down the highway.Amy and James run toward the store. JAMES We should only spend five and save the rest. AMY Can we spend ten? JAMES Okay. AMY You want anything, Dart?Dart ignores the question. He has spotted an old junkerparked in the service area with New Hampshire license platesand goes to have a closer look.15 MINUTES LATER --Amy sits in the passenger seat of the Grand Wagoneer andJames in the back while they wait for Dart. (CONTINUED)
  57. 57. 56.CONTINUED:Dart closes the rear door of the truck and gets into thepassenger seat. They all smile at how well that went as Amystarts the car.EXT. CENTRAL ALABAMA - DAYSunrise the following morning.INT. GRAND WAGONEER (MOVING) - DAYDart drives. James reads and Amy fights off sleep in back.Empty junk food wrappers and soda bottles are strewn about.Dart watches Amy in the rearview mirror. DART I’m so sleepy. Mind if we change drivers? AMY I’m tired of riding in this car, when are we gonna get to Houston? DART I’m pulling over, I gotta take a nap.James spots an empty church parking lot next to the highway. JAMES How about there? DART You would pick a church.EXT. CHURCH PARKING LOT - CONTINUOUSDart pulls the car onto the gravel and drives around behindthe building.INT. GRAND WAGONEER - CONTINUOUSDart turns the car off and reclines his seat. Amy and Jamesare still in the back. AMY I’m gonna take a nap too.Amy lays her head in James’ lap and is quickly asleep. Jamesgently places her head on the seat and gets out.EXT. CHURCH - CONTINUOUSJames wanders away from the vehicle and spots a playgroundarea. (CONTINUED)
  58. 58. 57.CONTINUED:INTERCUT JAMES AND GRAND WAGONEER --Amy and Dart sleep.James walks to the swing set and hops on.Dart and Amy continue sleeping. After a few seconds, Dart’seyes pop open. DART Amy, you wake? AMY No. DART I can’t sleep up here, it ain’t comfortable. AMY I’m sorry.Dart turns around and closes his eyes again. A few moreseconds pass and his eyes open. DART Amy, you sleep? AMY Yeah. DART You think there’s enough room back there for both of us? (beat) Mind if I come back there? AMY No.James continues swinging and debates jumping off at the peakbefore changing his mind.Dart tries to get comfortable in the back seat. Heeventually situates himself and gently shakes Amy. DART Amy. Amy, wake up.Amy mumbles and turns away. (CONTINUED)
  59. 59. 58.CONTINUED: (2) DART (CONT’D) Amy, I wanna talk. (beat) Amy, can we talk? I wanna tell you something. (beat) Amy?Amy still doesn’t respond. DART (CONT’D) Amy, wake up for a second.Amy slowly rolls back over. She can barely lift her eyelids. AMY Hey, Dart. Do you need help with your Geography homework? DART What?Dart realizes Amy is dreaming. DART (CONT’D) I couldn’t get comfortable up there. (beat) You tired? AMY Um-huh. DART I have something I wanna tell you. AMY Okay.A beat. DART Amy, I love you.Amy begins snoring quietly. DART (CONT’D) You hear me?Frustrated, Dart sits up and looks out the windows. DART (CONT’D) Where’s your boyfriend? (CONTINUED)
  60. 60. 59.CONTINUED: (3)Dart watches Amy a moment longer then begins to KISS andGROPE her. Amy awakens from this rough handling and tries topush Dart off, but can’t move him. DART (CONT’D) Whats wrong? Why didnt you act this way with James?Dart grabs both of Amys wrists with one hand and startstrying to unbutton her jeans. DART (CONT’D) You little slut. AMY James!Dart covers Amy’s mouth and starts sliding her pants off withhis free hand. After he finishes removing the pants, hebegins tearing at her underwear. Amy fights back with allher strength.Dart releases Amy’s arms and tightens his hand over hermouth. He checks for James and then returns his attention toAmy, but she manages to break free. AMY (CONT’D) James! (beat) James! JAMES (O.S.) Im right here.James has the .22 pointed at the back of Darts head. Amypulls up her pants and scrambles over to the front seat, asJames keeps the gun pointed at his best friend. Dart slowlyturns around and James PISTOL WHIPS him.EXT. GRAND WAGONEER - CONTINUOUSAmy crawls out of the truck as James backs away from thevehicle. Dart dresses then slowly gets out.James cocks the weapon as Amy comes around to the passengerside to join him.Dart stands and spits out a mouthful of blood. He leans backagainst the truck. DART What the hell you doing? (beat) (MORE) (CONTINUED)