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Are you a star performer


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  • 1. Are You a Star Performer?
  • 2. Complete Leadership coaches leaders and executives to become star performers and achieve their full potential. Here’s how it works…
  • 3. Most Leaders Have Success Barriers • Anger Outbursts • Domineering Presence • Collateral Damage • Lack of Discipline • Blockages to Action • Won’t Hold People Accountable Destructive Behaviors Performance Barriers
  • 4. Most Self-Help Doesn’t Help Books, Videos, Seminars • Most have less than a 10% success rate (and that’s being generous) • It seems like an easy, less costly way out But self-help rarely works
  • 5. Why Not?
  • 6. Most People Think We Have One Mind The Unified Mind Theory
  • 7. However…
  • 8. We Really Have Two Minds The Thinking Mind The Automatic Mind
  • 9. Your Thinking Mind The Thinking Mind is what we use to plan, set goals, and initiate action.
  • 10. Your Automatic Mind The Automatic Mind takes over from there and drives our actions – sometimes against what our Thinking Mind wants.
  • 11. Your Automatic Mind The Automatic Mind determines our success. Truly successful leaders (stars) overcome the Auto Mind’s negative influences and make it work for them.
  • 12. Have You Ever Missed a New Year’s Resolution?
  • 13. Have You Ever Not Done Something You Knew You Should Do?
  • 14. …or Done What You Know You Shouldn’t?
  • 15. That’s the Ongoing Struggle Between the Two Minds
  • 16. Self-Help Feeds Only One Mind The Thinking Mind is where we absorb new ideas and set our plans – the domain of self-help But the Automatic Mind is based on emotion and controls our actions
  • 17. Destructive Behaviors Anger outbursts, micro-management and collateral damage are common in leaders who otherwise have an excellent performance record.
  • 18. Self-Destructive Behaviors Doing things that we look back on later with dismay are self-destructive. We know better, but do those things anyway.
  • 19. Blockages Lack of discipline and not holding people accountable keep leaders from being star performers.
  • 20. The Unfair Fight Our Auto Mind easily overpowers our Thinking Mind. It’s an unfair fight.
  • 21. We Give You Leverage… Complete Leadership helps you fight back and win the unfair fight.
  • 22. …and Gets Your Two Minds Working Together
  • 23. Make Your Blockages…
  • 24. …History
  • 25. Become the Star Performer You Are
  • 26. With Coaching from Complete Leadership
  • 27. How Complete Leadership Can Help We coach leaders to perform at higher levels: • You will be more focused and successful • You will deal with people appropriately • You will benefit personally as well as professionally • Your transformation will last a lifetime
  • 28. Meet Barry Dr. Barry Borgerson • Successful CEO/GM with thousands reporting to him • Mind behind $billions of revenue for his companies • Founder of the Dual Mind Theory • Transformational Coach to successful executives
  • 29. A Star Helping Stars Dr. Barry Borgerson • Few executive coaches have Barry’s successful operational experience • Barry’s unique approach to the Dual Mind will transform your career and quality of life • He’s helped executives and leaders across the United States in various industries to be stars
  • 30. Take Action to Be A Star! Option 1 Discover Your Star Power Take our complimentary assessment: www.completeleadership. com/star-power Option 2 Contact Us for a Complimentary Coaching Session (919) 229-4568
  • 31. We Look Forward to Helping You Reach Your Star Potential! Complete Leadership, Inc. Change Your Actions. Be A Star.