Are you a star performer


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Are you a star performer

  1. 1. Are You a Star Performer?
  2. 2. Complete Leadership coaches leaders and executives to become star performers and achieve their full potential. Here’s how it works…
  3. 3. Most Leaders Have Success Barriers • Anger Outbursts • Domineering Presence • Collateral Damage • Lack of Discipline • Blockages to Action • Won’t Hold People Accountable Destructive Behaviors Performance Barriers
  4. 4. Most Self-Help Doesn’t Help Books, Videos, Seminars • Most have less than a 10% success rate (and that’s being generous) • It seems like an easy, less costly way out But self-help rarely works
  5. 5. Why Not?
  6. 6. Most People Think We Have One Mind The Unified Mind Theory
  7. 7. However…
  8. 8. We Really Have Two Minds The Thinking Mind The Automatic Mind
  9. 9. Your Thinking Mind The Thinking Mind is what we use to plan, set goals, and initiate action.
  10. 10. Your Automatic Mind The Automatic Mind takes over from there and drives our actions – sometimes against what our Thinking Mind wants.
  11. 11. Your Automatic Mind The Automatic Mind determines our success. Truly successful leaders (stars) overcome the Auto Mind’s negative influences and make it work for them.
  12. 12. Have You Ever Missed a New Year’s Resolution?
  13. 13. Have You Ever Not Done Something You Knew You Should Do?
  14. 14. …or Done What You Know You Shouldn’t?
  15. 15. That’s the Ongoing Struggle Between the Two Minds
  16. 16. Self-Help Feeds Only One Mind The Thinking Mind is where we absorb new ideas and set our plans – the domain of self-help But the Automatic Mind is based on emotion and controls our actions
  17. 17. Destructive Behaviors Anger outbursts, micro-management and collateral damage are common in leaders who otherwise have an excellent performance record.
  18. 18. Self-Destructive Behaviors Doing things that we look back on later with dismay are self-destructive. We know better, but do those things anyway.
  19. 19. Blockages Lack of discipline and not holding people accountable keep leaders from being star performers.
  20. 20. The Unfair Fight Our Auto Mind easily overpowers our Thinking Mind. It’s an unfair fight.
  21. 21. We Give You Leverage… Complete Leadership helps you fight back and win the unfair fight.
  22. 22. …and Gets Your Two Minds Working Together
  23. 23. Make Your Blockages…
  24. 24. …History
  25. 25. Become the Star Performer You Are
  26. 26. With Coaching from Complete Leadership
  27. 27. How Complete Leadership Can Help We coach leaders to perform at higher levels: • You will be more focused and successful • You will deal with people appropriately • You will benefit personally as well as professionally • Your transformation will last a lifetime
  28. 28. Meet Barry Dr. Barry Borgerson • Successful CEO/GM with thousands reporting to him • Mind behind $billions of revenue for his companies • Founder of the Dual Mind Theory • Transformational Coach to successful executives
  29. 29. A Star Helping Stars Dr. Barry Borgerson • Few executive coaches have Barry’s successful operational experience • Barry’s unique approach to the Dual Mind will transform your career and quality of life • He’s helped executives and leaders across the United States in various industries to be stars
  30. 30. Take Action to Be A Star! Option 1 Discover Your Star Power Take our complimentary assessment: www.completeleadership. com/star-power Option 2 Contact Us for a Complimentary Coaching Session (919) 229-4568
  31. 31. We Look Forward to Helping You Reach Your Star Potential! Complete Leadership, Inc. Change Your Actions. Be A Star.