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Summary of Order Management and Fulfillment Services provided by BMI.

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BMI Summary Of Services

  1. 1. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 1 Mechanic Street Norwalk, CT 06850 203-663-6000 SUMMARY OF SERVICES
  2. 2. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Since 1976, BMI has custom built Order Management Systems for direct marketing organizations. Every system is created to meet the client's specific needs and can be modified or have new features added upon request. Due to this “custom systems” approach, we spend a great deal of time with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure that the system will meet their needs on both a short- and long- term basis. We are often able to provide assistance and advice based on more than three decades of experience building and maintaining custom fulfillment systems for many different types of clients. BMI is unique in that our fulfillment systems are able to process all of your customer orders under a single Customer Master Account. Lifetime value, Response Analysis, Credit terms and other applicable information or processes can therefore be systematically determined based on all combined activity for each customer, including Catalog, One-Shot, Continuity/Negative Option, Newsletter, Loyalty Programs, Rebates and all other interactions between you and your customers. Our systems support the following functions: ORDER PROCESSING Customers have the ability to place an unlimited number of individual one-shot orders and can also join an unlimited number of continuity programs (within specifications determined by each client) under a single consolidated customer account. Import orders from client’s website or third party call-center in batch mode or real-time Alternately, provide call center with order entry module for real-time order entry directly into BMI’s system Receive and enter mail orders into the system (either at BMI or at an outside location). If orders are generated as a result of direct mail, we may utilize a Finder File and OCR/Barcode scanning for maximum efficiency and accuracy during order entry. Automatic duplicate account identification during import or entry Foreign (non-US) order processing, including multiple currencies CONTINUITY PROCESSING BMI builds the continuity rules to meet each client’s specifications (and will provide assistance and recommendations in determining those specifications). BMI specializes in continuity fulfillment and can integrate new features, improvements and added flexibility for customers in order to help improve retention, increase sales, reduce customer service inquiries and reduce bad debts. For continuity orders, the system will automatically apply the appropriate items/continuity program/credit rules/pricing/etc. based on the source code and possibly the order channel (web vs. mail) or other information, such as credit scores on pre-screened mailing lists, to meet each client’s requirements. Specifications vary for each project, but the system may include (but not be limited to) the following functions: Online access for members to check on their account and perform transactions 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 2
  3. 3. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 Online access for client to check inventory status, run reports, look up orders and perform various other functions “Wheel” based continuity programs Automatic replenishment programs Negative option programs Loyalty clubs Unlimited number of different continuity series/wheels Revealed and unrevealed continuity options Variable priced items within a single continuity series Variable continuity shipping frequency/quantity/installments/product selection at the customer level Installment billing options within a continuity series Multiple payment options: Bill with ship, variable credit rules, auto-cc bill Incentives for members to authorize automatic cc billing, i.e. premium, discount, etc. Premium fulfillment: Sent after nth shipment, with first paid shipment, etc. Option for members to receive special offers/discounts on one-shot orders Option for member to suspend shipments until a future date Option for member to add “extra” items to next scheduled shipment Option for periodic extra shipments to be sent to members outside of standard program Auto-generate conversion/renewal offers as appropriate Variable product selection rules by client ((may be based on inventory levels, “selection of the month”, or other criteria, which may vary by program). “ONE-SHOT” ORDER PROCESSING BMI has built scores of systems to handle orders generated via catalog, websites, DRTV, DR Radio, direct mail and space advertising, Our systems are able to support the following functions: Multiple/variable shipping & handling price structures Variable quantity discounts Gift Cards Premium offers Variable credit terms Variable shipping methods (i.e. Standard vs. 1, 2 or 3 day service) Foreign (non-US) orders Utilize Finder Files for fast/accurate data entry 24 hour (or same day) turnaround on mail order entry Gift wrapping and Hand-written gift cards Personalized items Installment payments (including variable installments by item within a single order) Frequent buyer programs Automatic email notifications to customers throughout the fulfillment process Multiple shipping locations/drop-shippers Retail/Wholesale/Distributor orders ADDITIONAL SERVICES BMI offers a wide variety of other services, all of may be included in a fully integrated Order Management System or may be provided as “stand alone” services, including (but not limited to): Rebate processing (including option for online client approval for high-value rebates) Membership/Non-Profit organizations Newsletters Sweepstakes/Contests 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 3
  4. 4. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 Loyalty Programs Literature Fulfillment Premium Fulfillment Barcode/OCR Scanning Remittance Processing Project Management Consulting Business to Business order processing PAYMENT PROCESSING BMI works with multiple payment processors/merchant banks. We provide detailed reporting to ensure that all payments are in balance internally (within our system) and externally (with the banks). Process Checks, Money Orders, Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal Automatically hold orders paid by check for check clearance (optional – may only apply for checks exceeding $x) Gift card processing Pre-authorize credit cards prior to releasing to warehouse, settle upon receipt of shipment confirmation (optional) Automatic credit card billing options (for continuity programs) Installment payments For credit cards, BMI works with each client to determine the appropriate level of address verification to be utilized (to prevent fraudulent charges). BMI can generate and send letters, postcards or emails daily for customers whose credit cards were declined, expired or did not send sufficient payment with their order. For credit card declines, we can, at the client’s option: Resubmit in future runs Contact customer via mail or email requesting alternate payment Transmit a report to the call center for outbound calls on credit card declines. For check payments, we will cage, enter, endorse and balance check payments into the system and deposit checks into the client’s bank account. Detailed verification procedures and reporting are utilized in order to ensure the accuracy of all payment processing. Check payments can also be entered into the system in real-time from an outside location. SHIPPING/INVENTORY CONTROL Shipment run scheduling varies by client and project, i.e. we may perform daily (or more frequent) shipment runs for one-shot orders and weekly or monthly runs for continuity shipments. BMI will coordinate with the shipper(s) for the timely and accurate transmission of inventory data, invoice runs and shipment confirmations between all parties. Support multiple warehouses/drop shipping Utilize up-to-the-minute inventory data from the warehouse (or warehouses) Select all orders that are eligible for shipment based on payment/account status, inventory availability, credit rules, etc. Variable text/messaging on invoices (i.e. customized messages based on customer payment status, automatic credit card billing offers, gift messages, preview of next item, etc). BMI can provide data files to the shipper(s) in virtually any format requested for import into the shipper’s internal WMS, or can provide the shipper with all of the necessary programs to generate invoices, manifests and support documentation in-house. Record and utilize P.O. data for future product deliveries for sales, projections and reporting purposes 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 4
  5. 5. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 Backorders: BMI works with each client to try to minimize the occurrences of backorders. All systems, procedures and policies are in compliance with applicable FTC requirements. BMI will generate and send FTC notices to consumers via mail or email. Kitting/sets (prekitted or “on the fly”) CREDIT RULES/DUNNING BMI works with each client to determine the credit and dunning rules to be followed. The system rules may include (but not be limited to) the following options: Variable credit rules based on source code, order channel (web vs. phone vs. mail), price point, credit scoring, comprehensive customer history, etc. Ship ahead/Bill-with ship Prebill – generate and send series of prebill statements Variable installments Variable “acceptable underpayment” amounts for check payments Credit prescreening by third party Credit limit testing on control groups vs. test groups Reporting as appropriate to analyze and compare results of credit rules Dunning series: We will help to develop a series of dunning letters (or multiple series) that are appropriate for each project. We can print and mail dunning efforts or transmit the necessary data to a third party lettershop at the client’s option. If applicable, BMI will also help arrange for a collection agency and arrange for data to be transmitted between BMI and the collection agency as necessary. RETURNS BMI will receive and process returns in-house or they can be processed at any outside location by accessing BMI’s system via the internet (in real-time). Upon receipt of a return, the system will generate either a reshipment, refund or otherwise process as requested by the customer within parameters defined by the client. BMI will process credit card refunds automatically. For check refunds, BMI can print and mail the checks on the client’s behalf or can send a report or data file detailing checks to be issued. At the client’s options, all refunds can be held pending client approval. For continuity programs, the system may be designed to automatically cancel continuity memberships upon return of initial shipment or suspend accounts (and generate notification letter) for members who return consecutive shipments, which would require the member to contact customer service in order to reactivate their account. BMI’s system can support Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA’s) if applicable. 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 5
  6. 6. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 CUSTOMER SERVICE CSR’s are able to easily retrieve and toggle between all orders for a member and make decisions based on the customer’s full order history. The system will allow CSR’s to retrieve orders and perform various customer service functions as appropriate for each project, including (but not limited to): Screens and functions custom-built for this project to provide the best possible information for the CSR’s to help your customers. View summary and detailed transaction history for all orders Linked lookup so all activity for a member can be accessed from a single account. Ability to process reships, adjustments, post comments, modify continuity program options, defer dunning efforts, make upsell offers, cancel-save offers, etc. as defined by the client Generate reports showing summary of calls handled by reason code “Click to track” with link to carrier’s website. Variable functions/access by user Flexible systems: We are constantly modifying and improving the system based on feedback from the customer service group in order to help them to better serve your customers. Mail or email inquiries: The system can generate “canned” responses via email or hard copy for mailing, which are specific to each project. Some include options for operator key-in data as appropriate. Generate automatic emails to customers to confirm order receipt, shipment date (with tracking info if applicable), and upon receipt of a return to meet each client’s specifications. We can also set up the system to allow customers to retrieve their own order information via a link from the client’s website, including the ability to maintain/make changes to continuity accounts within parameters defined by each client. REPORTING BMI provides a wide variety of reporting, including: Sales/Marketing Analysis reporting Continuity Analysis reporting Inventory reporting Financial reporting Miscellaneous custom reporting Please see the separate attached spreadsheet BMI Report Samples.xls, which is representative of the types of reports BMI currently provides. During the initial implementation process BMI works closely with each client in order to determine which reports are applicable for the project and to define any necessary modifications or new reports that may be needed. Reports can be provided as Excel spreadsheets, comma-delimited data files, PDF, hard copy or various other formats. Reports can be run remotely via the internet or automatically emailed to variable recipients as specified by the client. The reporting delivery system is completely flexible, so different reports can be sent at variable frequencies to variable recipients (i.e. inventory report to sales staff daily but accounting weekly, sales reports to sales staff with daily info as well as weekly and monthly summaries to additional recipients, etc). 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 6
  7. 7. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 INTEGRATION WITH CLIENTS’ INTERNAL SYSTEMS If necessary, BMI will provide data exports to be imported into our clients’ internal accounting, financial or other management or inventory management systems. BMI will work with your IT staff to facilitate this transfer of information. BMI can provide the necessary data in whatever format is required for import and can set up the system to automatically transmit data file updates as necessary via FTP or other means. DATA CONVERSION BMI has performed many data conversions in the past for both continuity and one-shot clients. We begin by working closely with the client to determine exactly what the current systems requirements are as well as any possible future requirements. We then create extensive documentation and procedural checklists to be followed during the conversion including: Cross references between the existing data structure and BMI’s data file structures Create list of key systems requirements and reports. Verify that we will be converting and retaining all necessary data elements for each Document and implement detailed verification processes and procedures to confirm that the conversion data is accurate Pre-run of conversion prior to project launch with full verification process Post run “freeze” on system in order to run reports, create backup and verify data before going live Perform pre-run for initial continuity shipment selections, dunning selections, etc. and compare selections vs. projections based on prior runs/timing/reports/etc. BMI will retain all data provided by former processor in case anything is missed initially Basically, we will take every reasonable step we can think of to ensure that the conversion runs smoothly, customer data is accurate, reports are in balance, etc. We will encourage and expect the client to be an active participant in the conversion process in order to help us better understand and evaluate the data being converted and to help ensure that the conversion process is “invisible” to the members. CLIENT SUPPORT/CONSULTING/QUALITY CONTROL Most client contact and account management is handled by the principles or top staff members at BMI, all of whom are seasoned direct marketing professionals. We don’t limit our involvement to issues related specifically to order processing, but are also often able to provide insight or advice when clients are considering new opportunities or challenges. During project launch, BMI will oversee the entire initial implementation process. Please see attached spreadsheet Sample Implementation Checklist.xls for an example of the typical controls utilized by BMI to ensure a seamless and successful launch. We generally use this checklist as the “agenda” for weekly conference calls between all involved parties from the time the agreement is made until project launch. Similar checklists will be utilized on an ongoing basis for new projects or major systems modifications. 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 7
  8. 8. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 Thereafter, BMI will manage and oversee the day to day operations. We have an ongoing quality control program in order to ensure that the systems and data are all correct and in balance. We continually create programs that automatically compare data between different data files, processing runs, etc. and automatically notify us via email of any aberrations or discrepancies. We take the time to manually cross-reference data from various reports against one-another in order to verify their accuracy. We recognize that our clients use the data we provide them in order to make important decisions and understand that it is therefore our responsibility to be sure that the information we provide is accurate. If we encounter a problem, whether on BMI’s end or not, we will not only immediately notify the client of the situation but will always provide our recommended solutions along with a complete explanation of why and how we plan to implement that solution. We will also create additional checks and balances in the system in order to prevent re-occurrence, as well as trying to anticipate other similar issues or problems that might occur. We will also help to coordinate transfers of information or processes between the client, third-party vendors and BMI in order to ensure a smooth transition and working relationships, and we constantly strive to look for any opportunities that may benefit our clients as well as anything that could disrupt or harm the fulfillment, sales or management processes. Global- INTERNATIONAL ORDER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – BMI Global-OMS ® BMI has also created BMI Global-OMS, an Order Management System which allows clients to process orders in multiple countries, utilizing multiple languages, currencies and even multiple character sets (i.e. Cyrillic) within a single fulfillment system. The system is actually able to “know” which language each user speaks and all online screens (i.e. system menus, order entry, customer service lookups, transaction processing, etc) are displayed in the appropriate language. BMI’s International system can support a centralized distribution center/warehouse, or support multiple warehouses throughout multiple countries. System rules may vary by country within a single system, based on the unique requirements of each country (i.e. ship methods, customer service and credit policies and payment processing may vary dramatically from country to country but can all be supported within a single BMI system. Reporting may likewise be set up to report on a single-country or multi-country level. And, of course, all of the other functions described in this document would be available in the International system. WHY CHOOSE BMI? BMI will provide you with a level of systems flexibility that is unparalleled in the industry. Since each client system is separate and unique, we are able to accommodate virtually any programming requests without having to be concerned with affecting other clients. New projects can be launched quickly, but carefully, with fastidious attention to detail. Systems or reporting changes can often be implemented in hours or days rather than the weeks or months required by our competition. Our ability to link all customer history and transactions via a single Customer Master Account provides you with the best possible information about your customers. And, we will give your account the attention that it needs in order to ensure a trustworthy and reliable order management solution. 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 8
  9. 9. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 TESTIMONIALS Here’s what our clients have said about us: “BMI has provided fulfillment for our book clubs for nearly twenty years. Several years ago we left BMI for a competitor but soon returned to BMI because nobody else could provide the same level of service, systems capabilities and convenience. Their online systems allow us to handle our own customer service, our customers are happy, and, they saved us a bundle of money.” -Publisher, book clubs “BMI gives us an invaluable solution that supports all of our continuity programs and an array of other unique offers. In addition to creating a fast, accurate and flexible system to fulfill our orders, they’ve worked extra hard to provide superior customer service while keeping costs at a minimum. Most importantly, the staff has always gone the extra mile to meet the ever-changing needs of our business.” -VP Marketing, collectibles company “I’m pleased to offer a letter of extension to our contract agreement. We are very pleased with the fulfillment process established by BMI. Your staff is very friendly and accommodating. We appreciate the special touch given our account.” -Special Projects Manager, magazine publisher “BMI’s participation was incredibly valuable during our project launch. You kept everyone on schedule and made sure that all of the pieces fell into place. I don’t know how we would have managed without you. Thank you again for helping us with such a successful launch.” -Marketing Director, packaged goods company “I have worked with BMI Fulfillment Services in establishing fulfillment processing for various companies. They have a system designed for rapid deployment and which enables client specific configuration. The IT staff is very knowledgeable and understands the client’s needs. BMI is a very professional organization that puts emphasis on the client’s requirements and on-going success.” -Vice President of Application Development, third-party fulfillment company partner “BMI did a superlative job of creating and managing the order and shipping processing platform for my eCommerce business. Their great service and attention to detail allowed me to focus attention on other areas of the business where my time was better spent. I'd highly recommend BMI to potential new clients.” -Owner/President, collectibles continuity business “I have had the pleasure of working with BMI on three different order management projects over the last two years. BMI was always able to make their technology work in very difficult circumstances while always delivering on time.” -Vice President of Business Development, third party call-center business partner 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 9
  10. 10. BMI Fulfillment Services Providing Direct Marketers with Unmatched Flexibility since 1976 PARTIAL LIST OF BMI’S PAST & PRESENT CLIENTS 1 Mechanic Street, Norwalk, CT 06850 (203-663-6000) 10