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content marketing web

  1. 1. Web Marketing Sylvie GEORGIADES January / February / March 2014
  2. 2. Content Marketing
  3. 3. How Brands turn themselves into Media companies • Today, traditional advertising shows its limitations • Advertisers have understood it and have become content creators • Consumers look for brands that make sense, they have thirst for core values • Brands can market more effectively and build loyalty by informing and entertaining customers • The point is not inundating people any more with thousands of commercial messages, but telling a story and offering an experience
  4. 4. Adidas: the legend of Adi Dassler
  5. 5. How Brands turn themselves into Media companies • To be more visible, draw attention and create preference, brands have to go beyond a commercial relationship • People are not only consumers, but also individuals: brands have to create a relation with them as a person first, not as a client • The idea is to provide content for the benefit of the consumer, rather than just selling something • The new way: – Engage people – Make them invest time in brands – Make them like, share, spread and connect
  6. 6. How Brands turn themselves into Media companies • This trend is called Content Marketing • Content marketing is not new, brands have been telling stories to attract and retain customers for hundreds of years • The difference is that today there are no more barriers for brands to become publishers • Content Acceptance Brands don’t have to be the Wall Street Journal to have their customers accept and engage in their content • Talent Today, writers and creators are ready to help brands produce great content. They are less ashamed of working for non- media brands • Technology Anyone can publish content on the web today for almost no investment Source : Joe Pulizzi / Content Marketing Institute
  7. 7. Telling a story: Advertainment Combination form of Advertising and Entertainment • Prada / A Therapy kaGumng#! • Volkswagen / The Force • Philips Carrousel • Cartier / L’odyssée
  8. 8. Offering an experience ‘Now, we communicate less through image, more through reality. For a long time, thanks to Nike, we dreamt about jumping as high as Michael Jordan. Today, with Nike + Sports Kit, the idea is to enable ordinary people to perform feats in real life by measuring the distance of their walk or run.’ Dominique Delport, CEO Havas Media Gatorade – Replay • Season 1: To replay a football match 15 years after, with the same players and the same audience • Season 2: Hockey / Season 3 : Basket Ball • Internet users have taken over with the Replay League Walkers / Sandwich Remind people that Walkers crisps make any sandwich more exciting
  9. 9. Brands encourage musicians • Converse / «Rubber Tracks» Recording studio created in Brooklyn, where local bands can record their songs for free • Levi’s / The Craft of Music Music contest
  10. 10. Brands create radio stations
  11. 11. Advergaming • A combination form of Advertising and Game • For brands, another way to entertain people by creating immersive universes • But beware of creating a real entertainment! Gamers are more and more demanding, Advergames have to be more and more sophisticated A bad gameplay can be disappointing and counter-productive
  12. 12. Advergames • Magnum: Pleasure Hunt • Coca Cola Zero Gaming Zone • Oasis for iPhone: La Chuuuuute ! • Chupa Chups for Facebook: Chupa Chucker
  13. 13. 14 million live sessions played / 4 million users / 500,000 videos viewed...
  14. 14. Brands create their own webseries • IKEA: Easy to Assemble Trailer Saison 2 : • SONY : A Geek’s Guide To Get Girls • BNP PARIBAS : Mes Colocs • BOUYGUES : Les Dumas
  15. 15. Brands launch Web TVs Web television channels allow brands to: • Engage people outside and inside the company • Share and spread messages • Evolve – Take new user behavior into account – Accompany change and innovation • Organize the audiovisual heritage of the company • Develop performance indicators
  16. 16. Renault TV • March 2009: Launch of on the web – 50 million Unique Visitors per year – Average visit time 15 minutes • January 2010: Launch of Renault TV channel – Available on CanalSat, Free and Alice for France, Sky for the UK
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention!