Nimble IT Optical Transport Solution


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Optical Transport Solution

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Nimble IT Optical Transport Solution

  1. 1. Optical Transport Solution By: Tallgrass & Nimble IT    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  2. 2. CWDM & DWDM Increasing demands for bandwidth require increasing capacity of fiber routes. With WDM technology we can multiplex your dark fiber into multiple channels without interference and by minimizing attenuation.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  3. 3. CWDM & DWDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing is a technique where multiple wavelengths are used on 1 or 2 fibers - both bidirectional and two fiber connections are possible. Data communication channels are not limited to the widely used 1310nm and 1550nm. A complete spectrum ranging from 1260nm to 1620nm can be used - 1625nm and 1650nm are used for monitoring with an OTDR. CWDM & DWDM Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing [CWDM] is using a channel spacing of 20 nanometer because the lasers [typically DFB Lasers] that are used can drift to shorter and longer wavelengths when temperatures change. The fact that uncooled lasers can be used means CWDM is the most cost effective solution for increased capacity. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing [DWDM] is used when more than 18 channels are needed or when attenuation is very high. With a – variable - channel spacing as low as 0,2 nanometer [25GHz -with DWDM we use GHz instead of nanometers since a spacing of 0,2 nanometer is less easy to calculate], much more channels can be used [up to 160].  Best of Both Worlds We suggest always to use CWDM whenever possible because DWDM can be used within the CWDM channels! So cascading channels for future upgrades is an effective solution without interfering with live channels.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  4. 4. Training We can train any type of professional working with fiber optics. Our courses include background information, application, caveats and benefits of optical fiber. Suited for both management and civil engineers.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  5. 5. Training Training is an important part of our offer. Working with lasers and fiber optics require a basic level of understanding. Although a working link is easily created, troubleshooting can be more complex. Understanding the basic concepts of fiber optic communication saves you a lot of time looking for errors in your log files while the problem was just a dirty connector. In our 1 or 2 day courses we teach you the principles of fiber optic communication, focusing on the physical possibilities and limitations of optical fiber as well as the working principles of lasers. Custom training can be arranged when more specific knowledge is needed for instance on Measuring techniques using high resolution OTDRs or Polarization Mode Dispersion. Also, our extensive knowledge of FttH allows us to train civil engineers working in the field with the requirement of compliance to local regulations and the requirements of the project - PvEReggefiber in The Netherlands for instance. For a more detailed indication of a 1 day course.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  6. 6. Testing Testing an optical link before it goes into operation is crucial to finding problems as they occur when you are dealing with a live network. We perform dispersion tests, end face inspection and many more…    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  7. 7. Testing Testing & Measuring a dark fiber before you switch on the lasers is a good idea to make sure you know what to expect in terms of possible bit errors. We perform measurements every week and more often than not we find possible issues in the optical link that might limit your fibre to a maximum of 10Gbit/s before expensive compensation should be applied. You can than talk to your fiber supplier and make sure the fiber is meeting the demands. Chromatic Dispersion measurements - or in short CD - is important to find out if the used fiber is compliant with e.g. G.652.D fiber, since other fibers   have different dispersion characteristics. With this knowledge you can determine exactly how much compensation - if any - you need to establish a working link. Too much dispersion will lead to Bit Errors that are often causing problems. Especially when deploying CWDM, because the dispersion is not equal for all wavelengths. G.653 fiber can cause a lot of problems    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  8. 8. Testing Polarization Mode Dispersion is the effect where light travels faster using the x-axis than it is using the y-axis (or the other way around). This can occur when the fiber has impurities or is under a lot of stress - so the core looses its concentricity. PMD is not as easy as compensating CD so this should be avoided at all cost. A fiber with very high PMD is a link that should be closely examined by an expert. High Resolution OTDR We are proud to provide you with an OTDR that has the best specification in the field! With a dead zone as low as 20cm [event dead zone] and an attenuation dead zone as low as 50 cm we can make sure we measure ALL the components in your network including the splices of the pigtails.  Optical Spectrum Analysis All our passive components are tested using an Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This way we make sure all components are compliant with our high standards.   End Face Inspection A close look at your connectors might solve most of the problems that occur in your network. Dirty connectors are the main cause of network problems in fiber optics. Contaminations like dirty fingers and alcohol can increase the attenuation by many dBs! Using a 1500x magnification we can quickly see if your connectors are clean enough for operation. Also, we can teach you a few simple tricks to keep them clean so no further examination is needed.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  9. 9. FttH By applying well known Ethernet technology to the relatively new field of FttH we think we can offer the most efficient solution with increased take rates and low Total Cost of Ownership.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  10. 10. FttH FttX With an increasing demand for cost effective - yet sustainable - solutions for FttX we think we have the right offer for both existing networks as well as Greenfield projects. Buy not limiting our focus to one design we are able to offer any kind of infrastructure to FttX projects, ranging from P2P and PON to All IP as well as Hybrid Coax Fiber networks deploying CATV signals.  Color to the Home By applying ITU standards to FttH concepts, we have a flexible - yet proven - approach to FttX. Using various techniques that are implemented in many networks, we assure the proper functioning of the infrastructure as well as maintaining within budget since we use only commodity products. As a contender for the Fiber to the Home   innovation award, our submission ended in a top 5 ranking resulting in a publication as a compendium to the FttH Council Congress in February 2010 in Lisbon.  PON or Point-to-Point? This seems to be the main question for FttX initiatives. However, focusing on infrastructure alone is not doing the project any good. Adding value to your network by deploying fiber should be the main goal. This can be achieved by targeting more service providers and by guaranteeing successful rollout through a good provisioning and billing system. Tallgrass and Nimble IT now has a complete solution, starting with the civil works, all the way up to the setup box for your television. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know how to successfully implement a FttX project.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  11. 11. SFPs All links need Pluggable optics, we can offer you SFPs ranging from 1 to 200km and all possible wavelengths. With the emerging need for 10Gbit/s we have the right solution for you.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  12. 12. SFPs Transceivers Tallgrass has a large portfolio of transceivers available. Because there are many vendors and thousands of transceiver types we have to distinguish ourselves from other suppliers. Through careful selection and testing we partner with the most reliable and widely oriented manufacturers. This strategy allows us to provide almost every transceiver out there in the market today. All tested by Tallgrass and Nimble IT for the right price Examples Form factors: Gbic, SFP, SFP+, SFF, XFP, Xenpak, X2, CS4, BiDi, Csfp, Csff. Protocols: Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SDH, SONET, Digital Video, PON. Types: SX, LX, LH, ZX, DWDM, CWDM, WDM, BWDM, WDMpon, Xpon, Tunablesand more Coding Some Vendors use vendor locking in their equipment. This means that a SFP not bought from the vendor won't work in the equipment of this vendor. In most cases this is not a problem. Tallgrass can provide transceivers that are compatible to almost any vendor. We simply add the coding for the vendor and the SFP will work fine. Latest news on transceivers is that we can provide 10Gb XFP's with OTN wrapper functionality for extra long distance. These XFPs have the same technology inside like the WDM system 10Gb line cards. For instance MRV or Ekinops. Therefore OTN XFP can be used in passive 10Gb networks up to 85Km without amplification. Also available are the 10Gb DWDM tunable including the entire C-band as well as the entire L-band.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  13. 13. Equipment If you need a fiber connection from location A to B, we can assist! We have many years of experience designing and implementing Wide Area Networks as well as Metropolitan Networks.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  14. 14. Equipment Passive For passive equipment Tallgrass has a wide variety of products under our own brand. WDM, CWDM, DWDM multiplexers but also splitters, circulators, patch cords, bulk heads, optical distribution frames or any other passive fiber component. If needed we can build custom made solutions fitted to your specific needs. Standard solutions come in a rack mounted 19"housing.   Converter systems are sometimes complementary to passive WDM solutions. We partner mainly with Omnitron systems for adding the extra functionality when needed. In most cases for easy conversion from grey (1310nm/1550nm) to CWDM or DWDM wavelengths, and also for special requirements. Latest development is the hybrid NID for shared demarcation on two carrier networks.  Active WDM systems are needed in cases where distance or other variables make it impossible to use passive systems. Here we partner with several vendors for long haul DWDM or carrier type WDM solutions. We can provide 10Gb links up to 300Km without regeneration and up to thousands of km with regeneration. Even problematic networks with G.653 fiber can be enabled with multiple DWDM links.   Metro and access networks like in FTTH or CATV networks need adapted solutions. Short distance, high density 10Gbit/s Metro solutions and also any kind of CPE for the last mile. For FTTH networks we also provide PON equipment in several forms like GPON and WDMPON.    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands
  15. 15.   THANK YOU    +31(0)20 2400280    Barbara Strozzilaan 201    1083 HN Amsterdam    Netherlands