Mobilised socialised: macro and micro view of mobile barney loehnis


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Here I look at some of the macro implication of mobile - on how it is transforming society and different aspects of our life like eduction, health and empowering rural communities.

If small and under resourced groups can be so innovative, why is it that brands and marketing?

IN the second part we look at micro mobile and how brands can leverage its potential to drive services and communications.

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Mobilised socialised: macro and micro view of mobile barney loehnis

  1. 1. Barney Loehnis - @barneyloSocialMobilised....broadcasting to theworld from your palmMobileSocialised&The world in the palmof your hand....1
  2. 2. Part 1.MacroImpact on society:communities & enterprisesPart 2.MicroImpact on individuals:relationships with peopleand brands2
  3. 3. Brands fail to understand thescale and scope of themobile & social opportunity3
  4. 4. You might think MOBILE isabout THIS4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. 66
  7. 7. 7It is not about devices. Mobility has changedthe way that we interact & manage our lives“Mobility  is  about  the  empowered  consumer  in  control  of  their  world”7
  8. 8. 8So is(m)obileNOT(M)OBILITY8
  9. 9. You might think SOCIAL isabout THIS...9
  10. 10. 1010
  12. 12. 12The impact of Social media has changed theactual way we view socialising with people12
  13. 13. 13In China people bond online first, then theymeet in person offline.13
  14. 14. 14So is(s)ocialNOT(S)OCIAL14
  15. 15. SOCIAL and MOBILE aremore about this:15
  16. 16. consumerwhat isdesirable?motivationwhy?technologywhat is possible?feelinglike, affinitymindneed, want?physicalability, skill26SOCIETYPEOPLE&16
  17. 17. Emancipation of Consumer throughCONNECTEDNESS17
  18. 18. 1818
  19. 19. 1919
  20. 20. LearningCredentialingSocialisingSymptomsDiagnosticsTreatmentMaintenanceMarket pricesMicrofinanceEfficiencySustainabilityEmancipationCOMMERCEHEALTHEDUCATIONGOVERNMENTCOMMERCEINFORMATIONEMPLOYEESINTERACTIONSOCIETY BRANDSIMPACT20
  21. 21. 21Mitra Sugata’s “Hole in the Wall” project... and“School in the clouds” is disrupting education21
  22. 22. 22$100$40The affordability ofdevices will changethe way we use them22
  23. 23. 23Khan Academy - amazingonline - music, gaming &aspiring educationalists23
  24. 24. 24In ChongQing they are building a healthcloud to provide medical resources24
  25. 25. 2510% increase in connectivity = +1.25% in GDP25
  26. 26. Lanzhou  university    hospital  build  up    telemedicine  hd  video  systemThe  Internet  of  things  system  of  remote  intelligent  medical  service  to  expand    in  wuxi  cityNanjing  enabled  the  first  home  pension  remote  management  service  pla?ormChongqing  use  the  telemedicine  technology  to  pilot  the  health  blood  pressure  project  Numerous initiatives are improving basic care26
  27. 27. 27China Mobile’s Wireless city is emancipatingmillions of farmers across Xinjiang27
  28. 28. Farming  Job  opportuni7esDaily  MMS  for  farming    weather  forecastMarket  prices  for  agriculture  trade  and  commercee-­‐magazine  on  finance  for  farmersRural  lifestyle  MMS  providerNongxintong - the “eyes & ears of farmers”28
  29. 29. mPowering ActionMobile Social Entreprenuerialism29
  30. 30. If they can.You can.30
  32. 32. Part 1.MacroImpact on society:communities & enterprisesPart 2.MicroImpact on individuals:relationships with peopleand brands32
  33. 33. Brands fail to understandhow to design expereinceswith mobile and social at thecore33
  34. 34. Everything digital has a Social fingerprintAll content, Always On, TransactionableDigital [In]fused into our livesAll actions are measurableTHE CATALYSTTHE FUELTHE BACKBONETHE BRAINDigitisedSocialisedMobilisedDatarised34
  35. 35. Mobile  is  like  the  “bloodline”  that  connects  the  faceless  emotions  that  run  deep  across  different  moments  in  time.  Mobile  is  the  back  bone  of  communications  and  services.35
  36. 36. ACTIVEPASSIVESearching, Seeking,Booking, Transacting,Selecting, OrganisingSharing, Posting, Check-in,Redeeming, Associating,BroadcastingReading, Awarded,Browsing, Receiving,Watching, PurposelessnessRead, Viewed, Gaming,Located, Logged in,PerformingPushPull2. Selected Interaction 4. Digital Footprint1. Specific Outcomes 3. Vague OutcomesThere are FOUR consumer states of interaction36
  37. 37. 1. Obsess over people’srelationships & behavioural nuancesPEOPLE & RELATIONSHIPS37
  38. 38. Tasuku & Muu38
  39. 39. Understanding people’s social motivations is crucial to understanding andpredicting their behavioural responseThe OversharerThe WannabePhotographerThe JokerThe UnabashedPromoterThe First WordThe LonelyHeartThe Retweeter The Nerd The Last WordThe NewsReaderYOU39
  40. 40. TwitterStaying in touch with your friendsSocial way: instant messaging , LBSRelationship between: acquaintances , strangersUsers: more than 250 millionHold-to-talk: the widelywelcomed walkie-talkiefunction for users who preferto leave a quick instant voicemessage rather than text.1Moments are more like Path,which is a narrow way tosocialize with selective friends.2“Shake” to add a friendwho is also shakingaround you.3Wechat / Wexin... finding new ways to interact ...40
  41. 41. Mamabear FootprintsFind My Kids ~ FootprintsKeep track of childrens whereaboutsfriends can locate each othereven managers can track employeesset up Geofences, like schoolbe notified when fences are crossed.... stalking the people you deeplylove......or simply digging deep to findlove...41
  42. 42. 2. Craft and polish the relevancy andsingle minded purposeCONTEXT: WHERE, WHAT, WHY42
  43. 43. C.A.P.T.U.R.E for relevance and valueContextualAlways onPlacelyTimelyUsefulRemarkableEffortfulrelevance value43
  44. 44. Airbnb Meet and Seat: KLMWant to find out who will be on your KLM flight? WithMeet & Seat you can view other passengers’ Facebookor LinkedIn profile details and see where they’ll besitting – long before your flight leaves the ground.Get close and personal to those with similar interests44
  45. 45. 3. Identify opportunities across theconsumer journeyCONNNECTIVITY =MOMENTS + MOVEMENTS45
  46. 46. MOBILE MOMENTSDELIVER RELEVANCY & INTIMACY via CONTEXTMOBILE MOVEMENTSUNLOCK VALUE THROUGH PERVASIVE CONNECTIVITYMindsetsWhat people wantMotivesWhy people needFunctional & emotional InsightsBased on milli secondsDecision ArchitectureSingle mindedSurpriseEnterprise & E2ESystemsServicesUtility & TransactionsPervasive ConnectednessSystemic MobileEnd-to-endEnterprisePredictability46
  47. 47. Connected Commerce - one bite at a timeMogujie and Meilishuo47
  48. 48. ... streaming every interaction and experience.48
  49. 49. 34%$ 23%$ 15%$ 9%$ 13%$ 26%$ 49%$9%$9%$18%$ 13%$14%$8%$6%$6%$In-store activitySource: Mobile Life F3; Use of mobile to purchase or researchBase: BAT markets. Those purchased or researched in last 12 months aged 19+, 1793Onlineresearch whileat homeReadindependentproduct reviewsCheck what othersare saying about theproduct via SNsReceive a special deal byinteracting with anadvertisement (e.g.taking a photo, winning acompetition)Receive updates fromnearby shops/places ofinterestOnlineresearch whilein the storeTo compare pricesTake notes ofproduct detailsin-storeScan QR codes to receivemore information on theproductScan the barcode andreceive more informationon the productTo redeem a couponreceived by email,downloaded from a site, orsaved on phoneScan a barcode topay for the productScan a QR codeto pay for theproductPay for a productby touching phoneagainst a sensorBuy products fromgroup buying sites(e.g. Groupon)Mobile is used across the consumer journey49
  50. 50. InnovationInteractionMarketingLoyaltyCommerceEngagementAR @ retailretail shopping behaviorSales tool @ retailbranded AppSMSQR codemobile mediacooperationmobile searchIntegrationSNS sharingclub Appscan product barcodeSample requestsMember serviceLoyalty pointscoupon link to mStoreLBS couponmCommerce componentQR codemobile siteweixin campaignmobile beauty contentTV/MagazineAdweixinmobilesearchmobile media@ retailmobilesite6 building blockscore commerce channel (counter)touch pointsBRAND@RETAILIdentify every “moment”and “movement”COSMETICS50
  51. 51. 30 Moments6 Movements13 4 7826123518301126293623 24282716151413102531323334179192152220Identify every “moment”and “movement”TRAVEL & HOTEL51
  52. 52. SUMMARY#1 Obsess over people’s relationships & behavioural nuances#2 Craft and optimise the interaction relevancy & single purpose#3 Seek mobile “moments” & “movements” across journey52
  53. 53. 53contact: barney.loehnis@ogilvy.comFor a copy of thepresentation@barneylo53
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