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  • 1. Question 6By Barnaby Thurgood
  • 2. What I learnt on Adobe Photoshop• At the start of my media course I had never used Photoshop before. After a long time of practising at sixth form and at home I have improved massively. I have learnt how to use almost all of the tools and how to use them effectively. E.g. Using the magic wand tool to rub out the back ground of a photo. The next few slides will be a step by step break down of me putting a new picture into my contents page.
  • 3. • Furthermore I learnt how to use the digital cameras a lot more effectively by taking pictures at different angles e.g. Low or high angles and at different distances to make the picture more appealing and therefore attracting more customers. It is important to use the zoom carefully because if you zoom to far the photo is unclear so practising with the zoom turned out to be quite helpful. Also quite obviously, it is important to be able to upload the pictures to the computer from the camera so you can use pictures. It didn’t take very long to learn this as it is very easy once you know how to. The next slide is a picture that I took that is a example of low angle.
  • 4. The sun light gives a nice, artistic effect and also because ofthe low angle it makes the person look taller than theyactually are. The bottom of his shoe being in focus but hisbody being out of focus also has a good effect.
  • 5. List Of Programs I Used• Photoshop CS3 And CS6• Slideshare• Microsoft PowerPoint• Microsoft Word• Microsoft Paint•• Google