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Saving More Lives: Social Media Breakthrough Strategies
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Saving More Lives: Social Media Breakthrough Strategies


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Speakers: Kymberlie Adams & Alex Horowitz …

Speakers: Kymberlie Adams & Alex Horowitz

This session is designed to help organizations and bloggers take their social media strategy, tactics, and implementation to the next level. Led by ASPCA’s social media experts, this workshop features insightful campaign strategies, engagement tactics on a limited budget, best practice guidelines and breakout group discussions. Attendees should have a basic understanding of social media channels.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 1 Saving More Lives Through Social Media and Blogging Kymberlie Adams, ASPCA Senior Manager of Social Media Joseph Loria, ASPCA Social Media
    • 2. 2 Social Media for Social Change "Social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.” ― Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations
    • 3. 3 Why Should Animal Advocates Care About Social Media & Blogging? Benefit Social Media Blogging Generates Community Awareness   Builds Stronger Community Relationships   Engage With Key Members of the Community   Helps Raise Funds   More Animals Adopted   Drives People to Take Action  
    • 4. 4 What Platforms Can You Use?
    • 5. 5 Before you Launch a Campaign •Determine what results you want from social media campaign – fundraising, adoption, legislation, education? •What does achievable success mean, and how to measure it? • Identify your target audience, include list of top influencers who can possibly help. •Determine which social media channels you should use. Where is your audience? How do they prefer conversing? Modify for chanells.. •Select the tools for social media that you’ll use for different activities like: listening/monitoring, measurement, engagement, integration with your website and your email marketing software. •Develop a calendar of posts – and GO!
    • 7. 7 •Make the first sentence count with a bold statement or question – hook readers •Use bold, subheadings, bullets •Ask for what you want •Add links to website pages •Get an expert quote •Use key search words •Add share buttons, encourage sharing •Reply in comments – welcome a debate Create a Blog Post for Change!
    • 8. 8 Get the Word Out!
    • 9. 9 Use Timeline to Drive Action The Visual Story Arc •Visually attractive way to drive action or tell your story •Cover Image – valuable visual real estate •Ask a question, make a simple statement - be mindful of rules •Use pinned post to highlight time- sensitive actions or stories •Create a visual story arc
    • 10. 10 Gather Other Campaign Assets A picture is worth a thousand words!
    • 11. 11 Create Albums that Speak!
    • 12. 12 Create Buzz With Viral Sharing •Badges, memes, event flyers, videos •A little talent, not a lot of money •Include URL, logo, call to action •Promote widely •What is the action? Ask people to share!
    • 13. 13 Drop the Script: The Power of the DIY Video •Videos DO NOT have to be professionally made. In fact, nix that whole idea. •Most viral videos were shot on the spur of the moment with a cell phone. •Don’t be afraid to experiment with Vine and Instagram video. •If you see something cute, whip out your Smartphone and get it on film! •Host a video contest incorporating shelter pets or rescued animals.
    • 14. 14 Live Event Coverage: No Longer Just Tweeting! •Pick your event: adoption event, visit to your local shelter, lobby day. •Pick a tag. Create a special #hashtag or incorporate existing tag. •Pick your channels, it’s no longer just live tweeting. Think Instagram, Vine and more. •Invite key influencers and other bloggers to join in and come to the event. •Create Your Promotion. Create a sharable card/flyer, video, meme or blog announcing your upcoming event–include all the details! •Share it! Be proactive! Don’t be afraid to reach out to community influencers and tweet them your event details to share.
    • 15. 15 Invite an Expert to Chat! •Choose the right moderators •Interact and make a list •Offer relevant gifts as incentive •Consider Reddit AMA, Google+ Hangout •Pick a topic that fits •Pick a hashtag and stick to it •Advertise on multiple channels •Timing is everything! •Prepare your questions
    • 16. 16 Get Trending! •Monitor trending topics and hashtags •Think of ways to incorporate trending hashtags with your goal •Be unique, funny or interesting…but always relevant •Highlight across multiple social channels, link to website/blog if appropriate •Reward fans for participating— showcase photos, RTs, reply with a thank you
    • 17. 17 Influencer Outreach and Cross- Promotions •A great way to promote events, hard to adopt animals, legislative campaigns. •Identify influencers in your community—bloggers, politicians, pet- friendly businesses, community services (libraries, community centers, etc.) and media (radio, print, television, etc.) •Identify their Twitter handles and categorize them in a private Twitter list or excel sheet.
    • 18. 18 So what was your impact? The following tools help provide an easy-to- understand analysis of your social media campaign. Overall Link Clicks Facebook Facebook Insights Twitter YouTube YouTube Analytics Brand Sentiment Tally Your Results!
    • 19. 19 SPRUCE CASE STUDY A Viral Sharing Campaign
    • 20. 20 Viral Sharing Campaign Operation Spruce The Challenge: To help harder to place pets find loving homes. I’m pretty cute! I just like to play a lot. Woof.
    • 21. 21 Viral Sharing Campaign Operation Spruce The Strategy: To create a viral campaign focused on Spruce finding a home before his first birthday.
    • 22. 22 Viral Sharing Campaign Operation Spruce Results: Spruce found a loving home! Thousands of shares, reaching more than 13 million social media users!
    • 23. 23 Social Media Helps Find Homes for many!
    • 25. 25 Ways You Can Work With the ASPCA! •Interviews with our experts in animal health and nutrition, pet behavior, humane legislation, cruelty issues, animal rescue and field response; •Special gift packs from our ASPCA Online Store as giveaways; •Ideas for posts on pet adoption, animal welfare issues and seasonal trends; •Guest blogging opportunities on ASPCA and ASPCA Parents; •Twitter parties and chats; •Cross promotion opportunities; •And more!
    • 26. 26 Q&A?