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Employer new benefit pp

  1. 1. Exceptional, Affordable & Convenient Life & Success Coaching for Busy PeopleGive Your Employees the Benefit of TLC5 for Increased Productivity, Morale and Profits
  2. 2. Happy People Make Productive People • Someone who is positive will always be more productive and successful than someone who is negative. • Positive self-talk makes all the difference in how anyone leads their life. • TLC5 delivers powerful coach talks & tips that boost continuous positivity for professional and personal growth.
  3. 3. Strengthen Your Organization• TLC5 partners with expert coaches (authors & speakers) who teach your team to connect with their heart as a way to think more clearly through the opportunities and challenges of work and life.• TLC5 coaches help people create new thought patterns to achieve success - replacing ego driven fear and negative thoughts with love, confidence and an “I can do it” attitude.• TLC5 coaches encourage out-of-the-box creativity and exploration by asking the right questions that ultimately open the heart and doors of closed minds.• TLC5 Coaching minimizes judgment, fear, resentment and criticism of self and others.• TLC5 coaching promotes inner and outer joy that radiates gratitude, forgiveness and a willingness to “do whatever it takes”.
  4. 4. TLC5 CoachesStephen McGheeExecutive Life & Leadership CoachInternational Speaker & Authorwww.miracleleader.com/home.htmlMichelle PhillipsSelf Image & Empowerment CoachInternational Speaker & Authorwww.michellephillips.comSteve ChandlerSuccess & Wealth CoachInternational Speaker & Authorwww.imindshift.com
  5. 5. More TLC5 Coaches(see http://tlc5.com/featured-coaches for complete listing) David Owen Ritz Spiritual Coach Keynote Speaker & Author www.davidowenritz.com Kimberly Kingsley Energy Coach Keynote Speaker & Author www.kimberlykingsley.com Michael Marciniak Motivation & Finance Coach, Keynote Speaker & Author http://www.michaelmarciniak.com/
  6. 6. Member Benefits• Coach Talks: Your team can participate in interactive live on-line “Coach Talks” that would generally cost hundreds of dollars plus drive time to attend at a conference. These ongoing events teach, encourage and support positive self-talk and are available via webcast, telephone & mobile app.• Selected Coaches: Respected leaders, authors and keynote speakers for corporations and organizations worldwide represent TLC5. All talks are live, recorded and downloadable 24/7 from the TLC5 Library at http://tlc5.com/coaching-library-audios. These valuable talks can serve as staff meeting discussion topics and catalysts to create renewed energy for reaching milestones and goals of your business/organization.• Coach Tips: Useful ideas and quotes that stimulate self-examination and reinforce positive thinking are emailed every day of the work week. TLC5 coach tips engage the brain for “a-ha” moments that give people exactly what they need at the moment. Blurry thoughts can suddenly become crystal clear.
  7. 7. Member Benefits Cont.• Insight: Your team will learn how their thoughts are the basis for their success. They’ll practice how to overcome obstacles and reach challenging goals through spiritual laws and the power of their thoughts.• Staff Support: TLC5 is a place to turn when members of your team confront issues, off-days or just need a positive lift in their work and life.• Appreciation: Your team will appreciate and thank you for more than their paycheck as they feel empowered by your compassion to understand the importance of their job not only at work but at home.• Content: TLC5 blog posts and book samples are insightful, informative and free. http://tlc5.com/blog• FREE Coaching: Coaches in the TLC5 Coach Directory are available for complimentary interviews when people are interested in learning more and finding a coach of their own. Questions may also be submitted via an interactive "Ask-a-Coach” feature during live Coach Talks. http://tlc5.com/ask-a-coach
  8. 8. Benefits of Positivity in the Workplace DECREASES INCREASES Absenteeism Productivity & sales Excuses & procrastination Commitment/accountability Confusion & chaos Thoughtful communication Victim language Listening skills Distrust & cynicism Forgiveness & understanding Fear & anxiety Courage & self-esteem Timewasting/hurrying Action steps towards goals Tunnel vision An open mind Ego driven decisions Clarity for wise choices Self-destructive mind-chatter Self-Inspiration/motivation Negativity Positivity
  9. 9. Group Membership Price Schedule 10 memberships - $50 per month 25 memberships - $100 per month $2 per month for each additional person, up to 2,500 people Minimum group package is 10 people Optional – Monthly CDs “Coach Talks” sent to your business/organization - $250/YRGroup memberships are based on the TLC5 Gold Membership Benefits as outlined on previous pages and website http://tlc5.com/join-tlc5-club-fearless-today ~ High Perceived Value ~ The regular TLC5 gold individual membership is listed at $250/YR or $30/MO
  10. 10. TLC5 Founder: Barbie Hall Gummin Barbie Hall Gummin Entrepreneur, Promoter & Success Coach Home Page: www.tlc5.com Email: barbie@tlc5.com Serial entrepreneur and author Barbie Hall Gummin began her career building a sandwich board advertising company in Newport, RI, then Washington DC and Ithaca, New York. The business paid her way through Catholic University and a year at Cornell. Barbie then landed a position at Young & Rubicam Advertising agency in Manhattan with clients including Lipton, Bristol-Myers and Unilever. Passionate about health and fitness, Barbie moved to Colorado and invented a highly successful promotion company that united thousands of health clubs throughout the United States with fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies. After 16 years, Barbie sold Promote It to The Active Network then took a sabbatical to learn about the miraculous benefits of Life Coaching while writing her recent book, Ka’Ching – How to Make Your Fortune in Midlife http://www.amazon.com/KaChing-Make-Your-Fortune- Mid-life/dp/0615526233 which describes what it took to start her businesses and gives real time stories as she launched TLC5 – The Life Coaching Connection which helps people start out, start over and get ahead in their professional and personal life. Her motivation as a promoter is to inspire you to take action to live the life you want most. There is only one cause of failure and that cause is the lack of faith and confidence in your true self. TLC5 - The Life Coaching Connection supports clarity, confidence, courage and the creation of that which lives in your heart.
  11. 11. For Information or a Custom Proposal TLC5 - The Life Coaching Connection www.TLC5.com Barbie Hall Gummin – 303.809.4555 barbie@TLC5.com