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Final project: presentation

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  • I wld like to talk about creativity from the perspective of earning a living from being creative, sometimes being under pressure. I was scared out of my wits on my 1st job where I had to rely on my creativity. Thought I’d put together some ways to think about creativity and how to live a creative life.
  • But these ideas are not likely to work. You’re going to need A PLAN. BTW, if you do anagrams, you will see that my name can be found in this magical word!
  • Where does creativity come from?
  • Maybe it happen when a light goes off in your head
  • Maybe creative thoughts are born in dreams
  • If you’re born with it, you get to use it; If not born with it, what can you do?
  • There may be times when you need help with creative ideas. Team, group,
  • When we have a creative challenge it’s important to remember it’s how we look at that challenge
  • I started looking for some ways to increase creativity, ways to apply it to my challenge
  • I thought about a project starting from a something really large like this marble quarry
  • Brought it down to size
  • We might start to think about what we can do to this block of marble.
  • Some producers will think big
  • Somewill think big
  • Some will think small
  • Some will think cake
  • Some will get brain fog
  • Or maybe even brain freeze
  • Here’s what Michelangelo did
  • I’ve identified 2 kinds of needs.Creative thought manifests itself when we are doing other things – especially things that require our bodies to be in motion.
  • You might want to take up a little gardening
  • Or take up landscaping. On website people didn’t realize a landscaper “created” this dancing tree
  • Try looking at things from a different angle
  • Escape!
  • Enjoyed being part of the MOOC with you
  • Creativity project cmcc11

    1. 1. By Barbara Wheat- Creative Thinker
    2. 2. By conjuring up a fairy
    3. 3. Or your fairy godmother?
    4. 4. Magic words?
    5. 5. “At the hour… …when our mind is freerFrom the flesh and it is less assailed with cares, It is almost a diviner in its visions.” -Dante
    6. 6. Imagine starting a project from this…
    7. 7. And then focusing on this…
    8. 8. Accessorize it Carve DecoupageDye Paint PulverizeSandblast Sculpt Smash
    9. 9. Lesson from Michelangelo “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.”
    10. 10. Michelangelo’s Angel
    11. 11. Instant Creativity Sing a silly song Get up and dance – try the chicken dance Get out of your pajamas or sweats Enjoy champagne truffles from Teuscher Take a brisk walk (preferably on your way to Teuscher) Read Dr. Seuss Color, paint or draw Watch a cartoon Clean out a junk drawer
    12. 12. Creativity for Life Play Scrabble, or Words With Friends on FB Work on puzzles
    13. 13. Creativity for Life Keep a journal Browse through a dictionary or thesaurus
    14. 14. Creativity for Life
    15. 15. Creativity for Life
    16. 16. Creativity for Life
    17. 17. Creativity for Life Find a quiet place
    18. 18. Creativity for Life If you can’t get away…
    19. 19. Carve out your creative spot
    20. 20. Creativity is a force within you waiting to be released
    21. 21. Dazzle yourself with your inner brilliance
    22. 22. No one is going to createjust like you…