Meta-NLP Practitioner Brochure


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Information on Metaco\'s upcoming Meta-NLP Practitioner Certification Training

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Meta-NLP Practitioner Brochure

  1. 1. META-NLP PRACTITIONER Internationally Credentialed Certification Training
  2. 2. Traditional, grounded NLP Practitioner training, reinforced with the powerful new distinctions and models of Neuro-Semantics Neuro-Semantic (Meta-) NLP is based in the Cognitive- Behavioural Sciences, having Self-Actualisation Psychology at its core. In a field in which standards vary considerably, Meta-NLP is considered internationally to be one of theIdeal for managers who want to highest quality NLP qualifications you can earn.upgrade their skills to becomeleaders in the real sense of the This intensive 7-day* certification training introduces Neuro- Linguistic Programming as a model for discovering the structureword: of how people function, with a focus on how to run your own brain. Develop advanced communication and coaching You’ll learn the Communication skills of rapport-building, listening and influencing, and how to use language for precision skills and motivation. You’ll discover how to use the powerful Meta- Understand how to motivate and Model as a structure for understanding how belief systems build up. You’ll be able to access and manage your own states using a inspire whole toolkit of NLP patterns, including anchoring and reframing. Expand EQ skills and be able to This NLP certification will give you the tools and support you build respectful, positive need to find your best and most effective self; to live your relationships at all levels greatest life, and go out into the world and make a difference – your difference! Feel confident in working with people and get the very best from them Neuro-Semantic NLP is known for the high Be able to delegate, empower quality of its applications and develop the next generation To achieve and maintain these standards, we put a lot of of leaders emphasis on “apply to self”. Our stated certification policy is that Develop a creative solution- you are only ready to use this material and these patterns on others once you have practiced them with yourself and applied orientated approach to problems them to your own situations. In this way you earn the right to Build accountability and response- use it with others - this is what creates your credibility. ability To be an authentic, congruent and effective practitioner of NLP, you have to be applying it to yourself as well as using it in the Create high performing teams context of others. Be able to move past limiting Upon successful completion of the NLP Practitioner training, you beliefs that are holding them back will become a member of an interactive learning community of over 2500 NLP and NS practitioners, coaches, trainers and individuals passionate about human growth and development. This includes membership of the world-wide e-support group, ‘Neurons”.
  3. 3. What others have said about this Training... Certification takes place in 2“I feel profoundly different in the most positively powerful parts:way. I started the course with the hope that I may be ableto gain some skills to be a more effective leader. I finishedthe course unable not to be a more effective person for  Part 1 (3 full days)myself and all those around me. I believe the technical (successful completion gives you thejargon for the type of change I have undergone is Coaching Essentials accreditation –“transformational’…. I now listen so effectively that I amable to hear things I didn’t know existed before… I am able this is also Module 1 of the three partto switch states as appropriate to different situations, Meta-Coaching Certification )which make interactions more effective and outcomesderived more efficient.”  Part 2 (4 full days)- Senior Manager, KPMG (successful completion gives you the full internationally-recognised Meta-“I highly recommend this programme to anyone who wants NLP Practitioner Certification)to learn to coach and communicate, and learn aboutthemselves. The knowledge learned will greatly assist withpositive outcomes, both personally and professionally.” Training– Director, Promena Management Contracting &Consulting  Open-group training is run in“This training programme has given me the knowledge that Sandton on scheduled dates (seebeing truly present with people is possible – more deeply for details)than I imagined. Even better, the course gave me practical  Closed group training is availabletools that I can use every day to achieve the deep on request for corporates andconnections with myself and those around me that I have other groupsbeen looking for…”  Minimum group size : 10– Marketing Manager, Climate Friendly  Maximum: 25 participants  All programmes are conducted by“This training opened my eyes, giving me the tools to int ernat ionally t rain ed andcreate a new level of awareness for myself first. Theprogramme offered me immediate tangible changes in how qualified Neuro-SemanticI view my experiences and thoughts, both personally and Facilitators, who are accreditedprofessionally. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone and licensed under the auspiceslooking to grow their awareness of their states and how to of the International Society ofmaster them in any context…” Neuro-Semantics.- Executive Manager, Business DevelopmentThompson Reuters
  4. 4. BE thechangeyou wantto see inthe World! - Gandhi Postnet Suite 254, Pvt Bag X31 Saxonwold 2132 South Africa Phone: +27 (0)11 787 1554 Fax: +27 (0)86 678 3580 Email: Web: