IAMCP Seattle 1-17-13


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A great presentation on working with Microsoft in the Field and at MS Corporate

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IAMCP Seattle 1-17-13

  1. 1. Guidelines and Timelines: Navigating Microsoft Barb Campbell Microsoft Global Alliances MetalogixMetalogix – Confidential
  2. 2. Agenda Why work with Microsoft Microsoft Field Structure – US Winning with Microsoft in Customer Accounts What Matters to Microsoft The Microsoft Technology Centers The MS Budget Process Partners should know2 Metalogix – Confidential
  3. 3. Why Work with Microsoft Corporate: Ensure your partner solutions provide value in future releases Provide product and marketing planning that is in sync Microsoft Participate in advisory committees (nominations) MS focus this year: Windows 8 and Azure Field: Joint Selling Win deals together – know your plays (messaging) Leverage Business Investment Funds (BIF) Access to the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) for POCs Get to know the Microsoft Consulting Services teams. Joint Marketing Opportunities Gold Partnership/Partner Level provides a level of comfort with customers
  4. 4. Microsoft Structure – US Districts U.S. SMS&P Region/Area Map West Region Central Region East Region Margo Day Lane Sorgen David Willis Vice President Vice President Vice President AKPacWest NortheastAK, WA, OR, ID North Central ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI, Upstate MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, MO, KS Midwest NY WI, IL, IN WA Heartland MT ND OH, KY, MI, TNNorCal MNN. CA, N. NV ME OR ID WI NY Metro SD VT WY MI NH NY Metro, N. NJ NY NY MA NE IA CT RISocal PA NJ NorCal NV UT IL IN OHS. CA, HI CO MD KS MO DE Mid-Atlantic KY WV VA PA, S. NJ, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV OK TNDesert Mountain SoCal AZ NM AR NCMT, WY, UT, CO, AZ, NM, S. NV SC MS AL GA TX LA Southeast South Central NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS TX, OK, AR, LA FL HI Updated 5/17/2007
  5. 5. Winning with Microsoft in Customer Accounts Shorter Sales Cycles - More Customer Wins - through Endorsement Share Account information with Customer Microsoft Teams Wins! Account Knowledge Demonstrate that you Vendors working are willing to Partner together. Know what is going on in the account! Spend time in making Build Credibility! this work! Going it alone
  6. 6. Microsoft Structure – Account Management Enterprise Partner Group (EPG – Enterprise Sales): 1:5 account ratio – Customer Seats 10,000 + Corporate Account Structure (CAS): 1:35 account ratio – Customer Seats 3,000+ Small and Mid-Size Market and Partners (SMS&P): 1:200 account ratio – Customer Seats 50-1,000 (depending on MS District Breakdown) Corporate Account Structure: 1:100 account ratio – Customer Seats 1000-3000 (depending on MS District Breakdown)6 Metalogix – Confidential
  7. 7. Key Players within a Microsoft Team ATU – Account Team Unit AE- Account Executive ATU Manager SSP- Sales Solution Professional ATS – Account Technology Strategies Account Account Technology Executives Strategist Information Management & Platform SSP Worker SSP Security SSP Strategic Technical Unit (STU)
  8. 8. What Matters to Microsoft Microsoft’s fiscal year runs July 1st – June 30th They manage their business leveraging a Scorecard Understanding their metrics and providing solutions that support the scorecard will help to build a strong relationship All Districts are measured differently There are 60,000+ ISV’s and SI’s Microsoft Account Teams receive multiple calls from vendors everyday8 Metalogix – Confidential
  9. 9. How Microsoft Sells and is Compensated Microsoft Sells Products on Enterprise Agreements (EA) or Select Agreements This allows organization to spread their payment over 3 years and pre-negotiates the price of additional products for the duration of the agreement Microsoft struggles to ensure that customers renew their EA Microsoft’s reps incentive pay is based on Revenue Based Incentive (RBI) Reps can only receive their RBI once they are over 60% of their Net New Revenue (Licenses) Reps will not achieve quota unless all customers renew their EA Microsoft’s reps incentive pay is based on Commitment Based Incentive (CBI) Reps need to achieve certain deployment, migrations, product adoptions and compete targets
  10. 10. The Process: Joint Account Planning Get to know the Microsoft Account Manager, in your customer. Don’t be afraid to ask who it is from the customer Relationship is actually with the SSP’s and TSP’s. Establish “Account Planning Calls” Account planning calls allow you to be introduced to the Microsoft Teams that handle these accounts: This is your opportunity to meet your Microsoft counterparts and establish your credibility by sharing your account knowledge and open doors to more opportunities.
  11. 11. The Process: Account KnowledgeWhat Microsoft is expecting from Partners in AccountKnowledge: Bring opportunities to the table What is going on in the account (Pain Points) What Team’s, Level’s and with whom are you speaking with in the Customer Where are the blockages? How will your company benefit the Microsoft Account Team? What’s in it for Microsoft? What are your asks?
  12. 12. The Process: Setting Expectations Outcomes you can expect from the Account Planning Sessions: Building Trust! Introduction into Customers Deeper in existing accounts/Introductions into new accounts. Joint Whiteboard Sessions Joint Customer Calls Mapping to other accounts they manage Gaining a new friend
  13. 13. The Process: Next Steps Follow up to this process is for you to Drive! Microsoft will not do the follow up! You are the generator of “Constant Follow Up” with your Microsoft Account Teams! Email follow-up: If you have a meeting with the customer that you are jointly involved. Please follow up with an email with the customer name in Subject line. Establish Monthly Sync Calls Plan customer events Establish a Face to Face is important for Success Always Close the Loop with Microsoft - even when you win the Deal! Take the Initiative
  14. 14. Worldwide LocationsMTCs are based strategically around theglobe. Locations in development: Toronto, Israel and South Africa 15 Technology Centers
  15. 15. Microsoft Budget Cycle Microsoft Fiscal Year July 1 to June 30 Budget Decisions are made in late April/May timeframe. (FY before). WWSM (Memos) Reports: Product Business Groups reports their desired direction for the new FY Direction + Budget = rollout for corporate and the field Partner Action: Become GOOD friends with MS Product groups beginning late February. Understand the beginning planning process for the Product groups that you work. Align your products development to their planning.16 Metalogix – Confidential
  16. 16. Half Year = NOW Microsoft ½ year Reset – January Corporate and Field Marketing groups revisit: Reallocating budget Freeing up funding that has not been used in 1H Time now to pitch Marketing groups for POC $$$$! SI’s – it is your time! Get yourself built into “Statement of work” Know your Product and Program Chain of Command Position your Company! MOST OF ALL: Make these teams look good!17 Metalogix – Confidential
  17. 17. GO PARTNER QUESTIONS?20 Metalogix – Confidential