TSRI Webinar: the Power of Online Video


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Online Video is exploding, fueled by statistics that demonstrate its power to engage and hold the attention of prospects and clients. In the webinar, developed and conducted by Barbara Alba on behalf of TSRI, we review the landscape of online video and offer recommendations for its use both online as well as in traditional marketing settings.

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TSRI Webinar: the Power of Online Video

  1. 1. Technology Sales Resource Interactive (TSRI) Unleash the Power of Video in your IT Marketing Efforts
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • The explosive growth of online video • Why online video is relevant in the IT/B2B marketing space • Options/formats for video production • Delivering your video message • Best practices to maximize the ROI of your video message
  3. 3. The Explosive Growth in Online Video A 2011 CISCO study predicts that video will increase from 30% of online traffic to 90% by 2013. From 2011 to 2012, the number of videos watched increased by 660%. 84% of the 179 million U.S. internet users watched 38 billion videos & 7.5 billion video ads in Feb. ’12 alone.
  4. 4. Why is this Explosive Growth Happening? Ever-improving technology and increasing bandwidth has allowed for faster video downloads Conversely, Video has driven the need for ever- increasing bandwidth and improved technology
  5. 5. Why is this Explosive Growth Happening? Society is on overload from the written word….. Averages for U.S. Adults (2011): 41.5 texts per day 105 business emails per day 89 websites per month 60 hours online per month 24 minutes per day on social media
  6. 6. • 75% of senior execs watch work-related videos at least weekly • 80% have increased their viewing over the last year • More than half share videos with colleagues at least weekly • 65% visited a vendor's website based on a video • 42% made a business purchase decision based on a video • 59% prefer video when the same material is available in either print or video The majority of executives now prefer video vs. the written word 2010 study of online video use by 300 C-level executives conducted by Forbes Insight and Google.
  7. 7. Bottom Line: Video Works! • Properly optimized video can increase the chances of a front page Google listing by 53% • Video in email marketing can increase click- through rates by over 96% • While the average time that someone spends on a website is 48 seconds, that time period increases to 5 minutes and 50 seconds when a video is present
  8. 8. Bottom Line: Video Works! • A well-produced video increases information retention by 50% and speeds up buying decisions by 72% over a print brochure • Viewers are 6 times more likely to respond to an offer for more information • 40% of prospects who watched a marketing video watched it with other professionals • In cases where a video is sent to them in error, 50% of recipients will passed it on to the right person in their company • Opportunity for “viral” marketing
  9. 9. IN SUMMARY: • The online video is exploding, thanks to technology advances • Business executives are increasing using video as a critical information source. • Study after study has demonstrated that video can have a dramatic impact on time spent on websites, click-through rates in email marketing, shorter time periods for decision making and information retention
  10. 10. • Walk-on Video • “Framed Out” Video • Live Video Conferencing • Video in Email Marketing • Video in Corporate Presentations • Interactive Video/Multi-Media Presentation • Video Blogs • Video Advertising (pre-roll, site sponsorships) Options and Formats for Video Production
  11. 11. • Product Demonstrations • Product/Solution Education for Prospects • Company Overview • Training Videos • Customer/Client Testimonials • Subject Matter Expert Interview • Product/Solution/Program Announcements • Recruitment Videos (employees, channel partners, etc.) • “How to” Videos Content Options and Formats for Video Production
  12. 12. Creative Approach/Production Style Dramatization Unscripted client testimonial On-Screen Company Spokesperson Paid Company Spokesperson Full Screen Graphics/Animation Interviews with company employees
  13. 13. Case Study: Salesforce Salesforce Video
  14. 14. Latest Innovation: The TSRI Video Messenger This technology breakthrough combines the intrigue of a dimensional mailer, with the added “wow” factor of an embedded LCD screen which plays a prerecorded video when opened.
  15. 15. Case Study: TSRI Video Mailer Promotion Video Mailer Video
  16. 16. TSRI Video Messenger: Turn-key Campaign Option Targeted List Research/ Sourcing Production of Messenger Brochure and Video Distribution of Video Messenger via FedEx Professional Telesales Follow-up/ Appointment Setting 6 months of Lead Nurturing
  17. 17. Best Practices for Online Video • Don’t skimp on production quality! • Professional Video production ranges from $2,500 (walk-on video) to $15,000 + (location shoot; graphic animation; 2 – 3 days of editing). • Consider advantages/disadvantages of online video sharing sites • YouTube has the largest reach but your video will show up with “competing” videos and ads beside it (unless you have your own YouTube channel) • May want to consider smaller, more business-focused sites (Vimeo, Google Video, Viddler, Vzaar, etc.) • Consider services that allow you to upload video to multiple sites in one step (i.e., OneLoad.com, brightcove.com)
  18. 18. Best Practices for Online Video • Optimize Your Video for Search Engines; include well-researched keywords in the video upload page of your sharing site: Title tag Video description Category listing Keyword tags Subtitles or captions • Review and utilize your site’s analytics package to continually improve your videos • Stretch your investment in video by using it in various settings: office lobby, trade shows, open houses, email marketing, social media sites, etc.
  19. 19. Mobile Considerations • Currently 20% of online video is viewed on a mobile device; need to factor that into production decisions: • Video dimension • Size of Type/graphics • Music Selection • Image size • File size of video itself (may need to be compressed to play well on smaller/slower devices) • Plenty of Resources to help you keep up with changing video landscape • www.reelseo.com has an excellent daily/weekly video release • Most video sharing sites have strong “How to” sections • Most video production teams will be well-versed on the topic
  20. 20. Thank you! For More Information: Karla Winter 609-365-3067 kwinter@tsrweb.com www.tsrweb.com www.tsrweb.com/videomessenger