Youth Commitment Document 9.28.11

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This draft replaces the previous youth code of ethics document

This draft replaces the previous youth code of ethics document

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  • 1. TJUC YOUTH COMMITMENT DOCUMENT (draft)This document is intended to encourage youth empowerment by making expectations clear tomiddle and high school youth and their parents. Beyond the level of typical youth covenanting,the purpose of the document is to support the RE Committee’s desire to have a safe place foryouth at TJUC where the values expressed in our seven principles are honored.This document applies to all TJUC sponsored youth events and activities on or off the churchcampus including: the period before and after Sunday service, any youth group meetings orevents, special events, OWL overnights, and any Sunday Religious Exploration (RE) sessions.I, ________________________________commit to abide by and support my peers in abiding bythe following:1) To conduct myself in a manner that reflects an understanding of the seven Unitarian Universalist principles;2) To remain on church property or at the designated location for the church sponsored meeting or event that I have come to attend;3) To inform any friends I may bring to TJUC about the rules and help them feel welcome;4) To refrain from any behavior that detracts from the inclusiveness of the TJUC youth community, including: a) disrespectful conduct and/or language; b) repeatedly speaking out-of-turn; c) use of electronic devices during a planned activity or group time d) sexualized behavior as identified by the DRE, adult guides and/or advisors; e) failing to respect the Sunday RE or youth group covenant.5) Drugs, drug paraphernalia, and/or restricted substances (including caffeine pills, marijuana, smokeless tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and prescription drugs that are not my own) shall not be brought to TJUC by youth nor be used anywhere in church buildings or on church grounds.6) Smoking is prohibited inside church buildings or at any church-sponsored youth events.7) Youth are prohibited from bringing or using weapons or other objects that may present a danger to others.8) Sexual harassment is never permitted and any such instances must be reported to an adult leader present, the DRE, or the Minister. This includes any abuse or harassment that may be committed by adults in supervisory positions (staff, Youth Advisors, Guides or chaperones).9) Harassment in any form- verbal, written, electronic, and/or physical is not permitted.10) All TJUC sponsored overnight events for youth will adhere to the following policies: a) A Co-ed sleeping room will be permitted only under the following conditions: i) At least one adult chaperone stays awake and monitors the room; ii) there is an aisle at least three feet wide between rows of sleeping bags; iii) low level lighting shall be on overnight in the co-ed sleeping space. b) Sharing sleeping bags/covers at any time during an event is not permitted. Revised 9.28.11
  • 2. As a youth at Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church, I acknowledge these expectations for participation in youth programming and events at TJUC. I understand that a serious violation of these expectations may result in me being asked to leave the involved TJUC sponsored event or activity. If the violation is a serious one, I may not be able to participate in another youth group meeting, RE session, or youth activity until a meeting is held with the Director of Religious Exploration and those involved with the incident. If my behavior does not improve, suspension from church-sponsored youth activities may continue for a period of time set by the Youth Advisors or Guides, and /or Director of Religious Exploration.________________________________________ ___________________________ Youth signature Date---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My signature below acknowledges my understanding of these expectations for participation in youth programming and events at TJUC as well as the consequences for youth behavior that is inconsistent with this set of expectations.________________________________________ ___________________________ Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult signature Date Revised 9.28.11