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An overview of lifespan religious exploration in a Unitarian Universalist context

An overview of lifespan religious exploration in a Unitarian Universalist context

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  • 1. Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church Lifespan ReligiousExploration Program
  • 2. We light our chalice incelebration of our communityAnd its commitment to religiousexploration.May our ritual ofenlightenment be a reminderthat just as our chalice must
  • 3. Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Churchoffers lifespan religiouseducation programming that holdsparticipants in love, ignites theirpassion for justice, and helps themto know more deeply the diversityand wholeness of our UnitarianUniversalist faith.We intentionally have come to call
  • 4. Our Values Guide Us- We Affirm and Promote:The inherent worth and dignity of every person  Respect all people; they have dignity & worth too Justice, equity and compassion in human relations  Offer fair and kind treatment to everyoneAcceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual
  • 5. Our Values Guide Us- We Affirm and Promote: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large  Believe in your ideals and voice your voteThe goal of world community with peace, liberty
  • 6. Our Tradition Draws From Many Sources The sense of wonder we all share Women and men, long ago and today — people whose lives remind us to be kind and fair Wisdom from the worlds religions Christian and Jewish teachings which tell us to
  • 7. Our VisionBuilding a loving,respectful community andsupporting the searchfor truth and meaningacross the lifespan.
  • 8. UUA Lifespan RE Vision StatementWe envision children, youth andadults who:• Know that they are lovable beings of infinite worth, imbued with powers of the soul, and obligated to use their gifts, talents, and potentials in the service of life;• Affirm that they are part of a Unitarian Universalist religious heritage and community of faith that has value and provides resources for living;• Accept that they are responsible
  • 9. UUA Lifespan RE Vision Statement• Realize that they are moral agents, capable of making a difference in the lives of other people, challenging structures of social and political oppression, promoting the health and well- being of the planet, acting in the service of diversity, justice, and compassion;• Recognize the need for community, affirming the importance of families, relationships and connections between and among the
  • 10. Why are we here?To support and nurture each other throughout
  • 11. Whereverwe are onour
  • 12. What is my faith and how do I live it? What is Unitarian Universalism?how do i deal with ―the big questions‖?How do I deal with religious experiences?How do I develop
  • 13. How am I different –How are we the same?What responsibilities do I have to the interdependent web?How do I develop my social conscience? What role does sexuality play in my life?
  • 14. What does the Lifespan RECurricula include? Views the whole church as the curriculum Focuses on our principles and sources Recognizes the power of learning through stories and the importance of supporting learning with activity Lifts up faith in action through
  • 15. Exploration Strivestoward… Nurturing the four foundations of a meaningful, relevant and vibrant faith:  Unitarian Universalist Identity Learning about our UU heritage of truth, love, and justice; Understanding our principles and sources; Being able to explain our beliefs and faith to others  Ethical Development Making the world a better place by living our values. Being in right relationship with each other, the larger community, and the earth  Spiritual Growth Sensing a connection to something larger than ourselves through worship, prayer and meditation; Exploring the wisdom of the
  • 16. Lifespan Religious Exploration Lifts Up: StewardshipSocial Justice and Human rightsResponsibility and CaringSpirituality and FaithIntegrity, Ethics, and ValuesMoral Courage
  • 17. What does our Lifespan RECurricula include? Enrichment  Special Events and Service Opportunities  OWL Sexuality Education Program  Interest Groups  Choirs  Chalice Circles
  • 18. Children and Youth?  Develops community responsibility through covenanting with other group members  Mirrors the experience of the Sunday Service Chalice Lighting Sharing Circle (Joys and Concerns) Offering
  • 19. RE for Children and Youth is a Partnership  RE supports families in developing the ethical and spiritual growth of our children.  RE provides a safe, supportive environment  Families make connections between home and RE  Families are present and
  • 20. Opportunities forAdults Participation on CYRE Leadership Teams CYRE Room Helpers Youth Group Advisors Coming of Age Mentors for Youth Mystery Friends Open Campus Class Leaders Serve on RE Committee
  • 21. Looking Toward theFuture, We Envision A community of lifelong learners that affirms the importance of individuals, families, relationships and connections between and among generations; Programing that is both multigenerational and generationally specific; Evening RE programming that