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  • 1. Antimicrobial Characteristic Of Cinnamon ,Clove And Garlic U W L U Sampath
  • 2. Food additives are substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste and appearance food additives
  • 3.  Antimicrobial Characteristic Of Spices Phenolic compound of spices is main reason for antimicrobial character of spices A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Sometimes a spice is used to hide other flavors
  • 4. Antimicrobial Characteristic Of Cinnamon
  • 5.  Salmonella  Staphylococcus aureus  Escherichia coli  Bacillus cereus  Pseudomonas aeroginosa Microorganism controlled by cinnamon
  • 6. Chemical Composition cinnamon Cinnamaldehyde Sesquiterpenoids Eugenol Eugenol Acetate Cinnamyl Acetate Trans-cinnamic Acid
  • 7. ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF CINNAMON Cinnamaldehyde has electro- negative characteristic These characteristic is cause for antimicrobial activity.
  • 8. electro-negative compounds interfere in biological processes involving electron transfer and react with nitrogen-containing components
  • 9.  Result is forming Schiff base  They deform amino acid after then protein  So it damages to enzymes  They destroy nucleic acid
  • 10. Antimicrobial Characteristic Of clove
  • 11.  Escherichia coli  Listeria monocytogenes  Pseudomonas aeroginosa  Staphylococcus aureus Microorganism controlled by cloves
  • 12. Chemical composition of cloves Eugenol 60–90% eugenol acetate, 2–27% β-caryophyllene 5–12%
  • 13. ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF CLOVES  The high levels of eugenol is cause for antimicrobial activity.  eugenol is denature proteins in cells
  • 14. It is react with the phosphor lipid of the cell membrane and mitocondria
  • 15.  Antimicrobial Characteristic Of Garlic
  • 16.   Escherichia  Salmonella  Staphylococcus  Streptococcus  Klebsiella  Proteus  Bacillus  Clostridium Microorganism Controlled By Garlic
  • 17. Chemical composition of garlic Aliin Allicin Ajoene DATS
  • 18. ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITY OF GARLIC  Antimicrobial effect of garlic is possible because of organosulfur compounds.  Thiosulfinates mainly allicin play an important role in the antibiotic activity of garlic
  • 19. Allicin is react with enzyme containing thiol.so it is inhibit the  Acetyl co A forming system  DNA synthesis  protein synthesis Other Antimicrobial compounds in garlic 1) DATS 2) Ajoene
  • 20.   In producing mouth wash and chewing gum to reduce microbial count in mouth.  In producing new packing material  In producing new edible film to reduce post harvest loss  To make new preservatives  To make new medicine New trend of antimicrobial characteristic of these spices
  • 21. Thank you