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This presentation explains why I wrote my book, The Law School Exam Guide. It also explains what is in the book and why any first year law student should read it. Law school exams are hard; get every advantage you can.

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Law School Exam Guide Book

  1. 1. •What’s in the book?•Why should you read it?
  2. 2. BUT FIRST . . .I wrote this book because I was disgusted by the way law schools hide information from their students. You should be given all the information you need to succeed in law school. You should not have to “wing it” as you go along.
  3. 3. MY LAW SCHOOL EXPERIENCE… I entered law school after having completed a Ph.D. program in history. I assumed law school would be a lot easier than doing research in a sixteenth-century archive and spending a year writing a dissertation.
  4. 4. MY LAW SCHOOL EXPERIENCE… (CON’T) In some ways, it was:  There was more simple memorization; and  Less intellectual engagement. In some ways, it was not:  Most professors were terrible;  It seemed like being at work instead of school; and  The stress and time pressure were ridiculous.
  5. 5. FIRST SEMESTER EXAMS Into this environment of uncertainty and stress, come the first semester exams. I had no idea what to do to succeed. I felt lost. After the exams, I was sure I had failed. I hated law school. I wanted to drop out. I started looking for a job, but…
  6. 6. HUH? When I got my grades, I learned that I was FIRST IN MY CLASS?!?! I was dumbfounded. I started reviewing exactly what I had done during first semester. I soon realized what my professors wanted and how to study correctly for law school exams.
  7. 7. IN FACT… I figured out the game so well, that I graduated first in my class at the end of three years!
  8. 8. THE BOOK And so, several years after graduating and practicing law, I kept getting questions from people about law school. I started to put together some notes to give to these people. Soon, I realized that I had a book.
  9. 9. SO . . . If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please read my book. It is available on for your your Kindle or Kindle-enabled device. Thanks for watching.
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