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Getting started (new1)

Getting started (new1)






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Getting started (new1) Getting started (new1) Presentation Transcript

  • Hi Presenter, Let’s Get Started This QR code and URL willautomatically pop-up when starting a new session This is how you get your audience onboard This is the “Cover Slide”
  • Get the Audience Onboard For a better understanding of Note-in, please follow along now as an audience memberChoose one of the following: Scan the QR code withSmartphones QR readerEnter the URL in to web browser Enter the Short Code (GR1AWQ) into the boxon the Note-in homepage
  • Launch Presentation Now Just clickanywhere on thescreen and yourpresentation will begin!
  • That’s all it takes! Your Audience is Already Following AlongThe audience did not have to download or pay for anything! Your slides are now streaming directly to their mobile device!
  • FeaturesNow that your audience isfollowing along, they can:• Participate in Vote Polls• Chat with Other Attendees• Share on Social Media• Ask Questions• Take Personal Notes And now we’re going to show you how it all works
  • Vote Polls: Presenter View 1) To create aThis is your presenter dashboard… poll, click here 2) During the presentation, click You can create a vote poll Activate for the question to be anytime, before or during asked to the audience. the presentation
  • How to Create a Vote Poll Once you click the Add Poll option, you will be prompted to enter your question and then enter the response options (as seen above).Once you have filled in the options, click Create for each option, and then select Finish.
  • Vote Poll - Audience View When you activate a poll question, it will pop up on the audiences screen.This is a great way to get to know your audience, view their level of comprehension, or get feedback on your performance
  • Get the Poll ResultsThe results to your vote poll will be saved to your presenter dashboard. You can view them anytime. Deactivated the question to view results
  • Want to Chat? - Audience Only(Scroll down on your mobile device to view these features ) By using this chat feature your message will be displayed in real-time to other audience members. After the presentation Using this chat feature will allows for the presenter will have access as well. direct interaction so you can get more insight on the material presented and leave with a higher This will allow for greater insight on the level of comprehension material presented so you can leave with a higher level of comprehension To communicate to others, use this chat box.
  • Want to be Heard? Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Note-in so you can share on social medias As a presenter, this allows for the opportunity to: • Extend your reach beyond the people in the room. • Grow your Online Networks • Make Valuable Connections • Go Viral
  • Hate Leaving a Presentation with Unanswered Questions? Here’s the SolutionIs everybody loving note-in’s chat feature? #q Type your question in the chat box with #q, it will be displayed in QuestionsThis can also be used by the presenter or event organizers to run a more efficient and effective Q&A session
  • Don’t Like Taking a Pen and Paper to Presentations? This is a quick and easy way to jot down some important notes which will automatically be saved to your account While taking notes, the slides on your In order to save your mobile device will not change. So you notes, you must login can take all the time you need!
  • Want Clean, Organized Notes?Notes will be organized by the slides they were taken on, so youwill never be confused about what you were looking at Your notes will be saved to your Note-in account. You can view them anytime!
  • What Note-in Will Give YouYou will be a more effective presenter!– The audience will leave with a higher level of comprehension– Both parties will have better networking opportunities– You will get direct feedback on your performance
  • Thanks for your TimeFacebook.com/noteinAppTwitter - @noteinAppContact@note-in.comwww.note-in.comBlog.note-in.com Please open ‘How to Create New’ for step by step guidance on how to upload your presentation