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This is the Company Profile of BanoPro - AV Rental & Staging.

BanoPro is a full service AV rental & staging company.
We take up all audiovisual challenges with confidence and create custom-made solutions all exceeding your expectations.

As a turnkey supplier we offer our clients both audiovisual solutions
and a large variety of multimedia services and staging facilities.
From corporate and live events to television and trade shows:
BanoPro has the equipment, expertise and experience to produce
your event and turn it into a great success!

In short: Your Event is our Business!

Visit our website on:

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BanoPro | Companyprofile

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Index About us 4 Mission & vision 4 History 5 Innovate! 6 Full service rental & staging 7 Our approach 8 Technical production 9 Product & services 10 Corporate events 11 Exhibitions 12 Broadcasting 13 Public events 14 Our clients 153 Company Profile
  3. 3. “We commit to the highest professional standards!” About us BanoPro is a full service rental & staging company that takes up all audiovisual chal- lenges with confidence and custom-made solutions exceeding your expectations. As a turnkey supplier we do not only offer our clients audiovisual solutions, but also a large variety of multimedia solutions and staging facilities. From corporate and live events to trade shows: BanoPro has the equipment, expertise and experience to produce a successful event for you. In short: Your Event is our Business! Mission and Vision BanoPro offers the events market a total concept including lighting, video, audio, multimedia, scenery and staging facilities. Hence, BanoPro is a well-known events partner in its own region and in the na- tional and international events scene. Dedicated and experienced professionals and state of the art equipment are the cornerstones of our company and the essential preconditions for our succes. Making the difference by passion, originality and quality that’s what we stand for.4 Company Profile
  4. 4. History BanoPro was founded 45 years ago in order to deliver audiovisual equipment and services to the entertainment and events market. Thanks to contacts in the corporate sector BanoPro provided the audiovisual structure for many national and international events and congresses. Throughout the years BanoPro has grown into a state of the art company in the field of rental and staging. Today the events market faces some complex challeng- es. The answer to these challenges lies in the combination of a dedicated, experi- enced team of professionals and state of the art equipment. We are a full service av rental & staging company and take up all audio-visual challenges with confidence and create custom-made solutions all exceeding your expectations. As a turnkey supplier we offer our clients both audio-visual solutions and a large variety of multimedia services and staging facilities. From corporate and live events to television and trade shows: BanoPro has the equipment, expertise and experience to produce your event and turn it into a great success.5 Company Profile
  5. 5. “BanoPro’s event technology embedded into your events!” Innovate! We think in terms of solutions and innovations and look to improve all audio- visual aspects of your event. To do so we work with inspiring people who come up with unique ideas. But that’s not the end of it… We use these unique ideas as a blueprint for new products and services. We continuously invest in the latest techniques to ensure the quality of our existing audiovisual infrastructure and services or to be able to bring something new. Following up on our mission, we use our passion to innovate and to develop unique products that surprise you and your customers. And that’s what we’ll keep doing!6 Company Profile
  6. 6. “At BanoPro our clients have confidence in our expert professionals to deliver on the promises they have made.” Full service rental & staging BanoPro provides more than only equipment. Our technical expertise and custom- er service guarantee our clients a superior audiovisual experience. At BanoPro we find it extremely important that our client has a pleasurable experi- ence with a minimum effort. We guide and support our clients with their wishes. We offer a full services package which will result in fulfilling visual impact.7 Company Profile
  7. 7. Our approach Phase 1 Phase 2* Phase 3 Client Client Client Proposal Full service production Invoice approval Sales Technical Sales Representative Producer Representative ct ta on ec Consultation Crew management Feedback gl sin es m co be TP Technical Producer Operational Crew Technical Producer * This is the most critical and important phase in event planning. To avoid loss of information the Sales Representative will be stepping out of the process in this phase.8 Company Profile
  8. 8. “It’s more than just the latest technology!” Technical production Accurate and precise preproduction is of extreme importance for your production. To ensure successful execution of your events, BanoPro offers you creative service that goes beyond providing equipment and technical support. Initially our technical producers and project team will translate your vision into a creative design and a technical drawing that will be the base for your project. With dedication and skill they will work on a creative and cost effective solution for your vision. In various phases of your production proces our technical producers will be your single point of contact, as visualized on the next page. Finally BanoPro offers a fast response time in your time zone and a ‘Cloud Service’ to facilitate sharing of relevant information, which is essential in this phase of plan- ning your event.9 Company Profile
  9. 9. “Attention to detail leads to succesful events” Products & services We are specialists in the design and installation of audio visual equipment, light- ing, staging and special effects. Combining leading edge product expertise with the latest technology and creative, customised service support. BanoPro av rental & staging provides innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.10 Company Profile
  10. 10. “Your vision... our technology!” Corporate events The importance of flawless technical event support is often underestimated. How will your message come across if the technical execution leaves a lot to be desired? With our technical equipment and expertise BanoPro will ensure that your mes- sage has an impact. Presentation support will make sure your speaker delivers the message with trust and inspiration. Our technology offers state of the art equipment, excellent technical production with a corporate look and feel.11 Company Profile
  11. 11. Exhibitions BanoPro’s expertise is not only in the events industry, but was also extended years ago to the technical realization of tradeshow projects nationally and abroad. BanoPro fulfills your unique wishes in this field using our large assortment of video-, audio- and lighting equipment and most importantly offering the support of dedicated tradeshow experts. BanoPro’s strength lies in detailed preparation: technical drawings, cable plans, good communication and thorough preproduction. This forms the basis for a flaw- less delivery of your stand.12 Company Profile
  12. 12. “BanoPro brings added value to TV Shows!” Broadcasting BanoPro av rental & staging has audiovisual solutions to give TV shows that extra finishing touch contributing to their success. We deliver LED-displays, plasma displays and high powered projection for a wide range of TV shows. BanoPro makes sure that the technology integrates with studio design. We develop creative audiovisual scenery solutions for use at TV registra- tions and live programs.13 Company Profile
  13. 13. “Bring large events closer to your audience!” Public Events Public events can be supported with camera registration, LED displays, audio am- plification and microwave radio links. Expand emotion and bring the event closer to your audience by using daylight screens and camera registration. Through the years Banopro is experienced with European touring. Some of our Public events are: Eurosonic / Noorderslag; Cuby & the Blizzards Tour; DelfSail; The night of Arts & Science; Swingin’ Groningen; HP Roadshows; Pink Saturday; Queensday; Dance in the Parc; Chillin’ Fields.14 Company Profile
  14. 14. Our Clients15 Company Profile
  15. 15. BanoProGotenburgweg 589723 TM Groningenthe NetherlandsT. +31(0)50 – 541 65 91F. +31(0)50 – 541 26