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Authentic Creatives Outdoor Platforms
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Authentic Creatives Outdoor Platforms


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We are a maverick start-up offering community-centric outdoor advertising media in townships and urban areas. …

We are a maverick start-up offering community-centric outdoor advertising media in townships and urban areas.

All sites are owned by communities
and all implementation is by entrepreneurial artisans.

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  • 1. Be  Sure  You  Are  Reaching  Your  Target  Market   4321 Kalinde Street Chiawelo, Extension 4 Soweto Johannesburg Gauteng Direct Line: 0116469314 Fax: 0867706219 Mobile: 0737468704 Be Sure You Are Reaching Your Target Market Authentic Creatives 2009/183632/23Independently audited and verified sites.
  • 2. Our Services All sites are owned by communities and in partnership with us. Our Outdoor campaigning hoardings are strategically positioned to target the core LSM 4-6/7 market within their living environment. Our spaces are located high impact high density locations offering advertisers the opportunity to reach the economically active audiences in various points of convergence. And you can verify that! We are the only Airbrush outdoor advertising company with verified and audited sites. We offer Photo-Realistic Airbrush, printed, free standing structure and internally illuminated hoardings in metropolitan, township and suburban residential areas. YOUR AD SPEND NOW BENEFITS THE COMMUNITY IT COMMUNICATES WITH.
  • 3. ARTISTS/SPs • Entrepreneurship • Development • Employment   LANDLORDS • Income Generator • Economic participation CITYSCAPE • Revamping landscape • Beatifying the community • eliminating dilapidation ADVERTISER Ad  Spend   Rewo Thursday 27 March 2014 11:57:31 AM SAST 00:1e:c2:1c:61:47
  • 4. Our Mission Through developmental entrepreneurship strategies we partner with registered entrepreneurs for artistic services. We consistently promote our Community Based Media Ownership model as the most widely used mode of outdoor advertising in townships. This, we believe, creates trust and decreases unemployment in the communities we advertise in. Our Vision Within the first half decade we have already introduced accountability mechanisms for transparency through third party verification and auditing of sites. We constantly strive to nature and maintain trust between client and landlord with each project. Within In our broader growth plan we are amalgamating smaller outdoor suppliers and peripheral stakeholders into one solid responsible entity that challenges established economically extractive media brands. Within the decade we aim address employment, funding the arts, and centering entrepreneurship in previously disadvantaged areas as a career and not a vocation. Banele Rewo is a serial social-entrepreneur with a vast yet fledgling expertise in social development and entrepreneurship. With a proven record of globally published articles focused on marketing, advertising and entrepreneurship he delivers a weekly radio slot on . He has grown to be an influential young voice in advertising, marketing and entrepreneurship backed by solid experience in all fields. He has studied Journalism, Copywriting, Entrepreneurship and Integrated Marketing Communications at the AAA School of Advertising at The Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship respectively.
  • 5. • We offer a larger platforms in larger quantities cost effectively that traditional outdoor advertising. • Reach and communicate with township people in the heart of their communities and not just exists and entries. • Tailored communication per location using dominant languages. • Our sites face directly to the road and can be seen from whichever direction the consumer is travelling. • Positioned next to “blom spots” civic and sports facilities, taxi and bus stops, malls, corner shops, shisa nyamas and where people spend hours instead of passing. 5   The Works! To ensure accountability and honesty, we can sites you are interested in verified by an independent media research company at no extra cost to you within 48 hours.
  • 8. PhotoRealistic Airbrush! [Case Study]!
  • 9. The Brief • Drive awareness of the benefits of using cans. • Deliver the message to townships and surrounding areas. • Conscietise consumers of the choice between cans and bottles in purchase. • Drive sales in identified retail areas an P.O.Ps • Communicate with consumers in their area languages. • Support other mediums in delivering the brand’s messaging • Promote the U CAN DO IT T.V. Finale
  • 10. 1. Use Photo-Realistic technique to perfectly match the printed artwork including colour schemes What We Did…
  • 11. 2. Translate from original English copy to colloquial/street language used in predominantly Tswana Atteridgeville, Pretoria. 3. Use different languages to match different areas on all executions. 4. Use a character that is relevant and relatable to the target market. 5. Position the ad right across a PSL’s Mamelodi Sundowns’ home turf. 6. Use a perimeter wall of a Tarven. 7. Quickly change the messaging as per client’s need What We Did…
  • 12. OUR WORK
  • 13. OUR WORK
  • 14. OUR WORK
  • 15. OUR WORK
  • 17. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE BRAND REAL LOOKING VISUALS Skewed lines, distorted shapes, unrealistic shadows (unless intended) they decrease the reputation of the brand and the perception that its consumers have about the brand. The visuals will not be skew or resemble a non realistic product. We will strive to make it as the artwork we got.
  • 18. CLEAN EXECUTED TEXT We will make sure the spaces in between letters are correct and the letters thickness is the same throughout. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE BRAND
  • 19. MAKE SURE THE LOGO ISN’T DISTORTED The logo is the pride of the company therefore it should be in the correct colours, correct edges (whether curved or sharp corners) OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE BRAND
  • 20. PAY MORE ATTENTION TO EVEN THE SMALLEST DETAILS The devil is in the detail and if the artwork isn’t well executed it might make the consumer wonder about its authenticity. OUR CONTRIBUTION TO THE BRAND
  • 21. References   Dinesh  Diar   Crea>ve  Director   Ad  Outpost   +27  11  253  9007   Alex  Bouwer   Marke>ng  Manager   NamPak  BevCan   +27  11  519  77000   Festus  Mosenkwameng   Founder  Mojo  MotherRussia  Adver>sing   South  Africa   +27  11  486  1284   Prince  Tladi   Client  Service  Execu>ve   Nielsen   +27  11495  3130   Kgomotso  Muatlua   Director     Green  Robot  Designs   +27  79  3603988