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Sobibor presentation


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  • 1. Sobibor
    By: Joanna, Amy and Anastassia
  • 2. Map of the camps in Poland as part of Operation Reinhard
  • 3. The Camp
    Operation Reinhard:
    Belzec , Sobibor, and Treblinka .
    Near the Sobibor village
    Deeply forested and swampy area
    High fence and wires
    Hidden completely from view
    Camp Areas:
    Administration (offices and barracks)
    Reception (belongings)
    Killing (gas chamber)
    Percentage of Jews deported to Sobibor
    “After 66 years I cannot even remember the face of my father,” says Mr. Blatt — whose parent was clubbed to death in Sobibor.
  • 4. Railroad leading to Sobibor, watch tower in distance
    The famous ID card showing (Demjanjuk)
    Train officers awaiting the arrival of Jews
    Sobibor office at the train station
  • 5. Diagram of the Sobibor camp in color
  • 6.
  • 7. The Guards
    They were Ukrainian.
    Came from a SS training camp in Twaniki.
    In the 18 months Sobibor was open there was about 100 Germans and 300 Ukrainian guards.
    An average of 30 guards, who rotated with half going on vacation.
  • 8. The Uprising
    Occurred on October 14, 1943
    Led by Leon Feldhendler and Alexander Pechersky (Sasha)
    Succeeded in killing 11 German SS Officers.
    300 managed to escape into the forest
    50-70 survived
  • 9. Leon Feldhendler
    Group photo of participants of the uprising
    Alexander Pechersky (Sasha)
  • 10. List of SS Officers Killed
    Johann Niemann
    Josef Wolf
    Rudolf Beckmann
    Siegfried GraetschusJosefVallaster
    Thomas Steffl
    Walter Ryba
    Fritz Konrad
    Walter Nowak
    Ivan Klatt
    Klaus Schreiber
  • 11. Funeral held for the dead SS Officers
  • 12. The Plan
    To Lure SS Officers to the workshops to pick up finished boots or coats and kill them off individually.
    After all SS officers had been killed, roll call would be announced and they all would walk out of the front gate.
    Phone lines would be cut off early.
    They couldn’t find Karl Frenzel, he didn’t show up for his appointment.
  • 13.
  • 14. Aftermath
    Days after the uprising, camp was ordered closed, dismantled and planted with trees by SS chief Heinrich Himmler
    Estimated that 250,000 Jews were murdered
    Archaeological Excavations have been conducted ever since
  • 15. Archaeological Excavations at Sobibór Extermination Site
    Picture on left shows what was found of old house and suitcase keys.
    Picture on right shows a pathway leading to gas chambers.
  • 16. SS chief Heinrich Himmler
  • 17. Was convicted of war crimes in 1966 but was released on health grounds
    Karl Frenzel-Commander
  • 18. Franz Stangl
    Chief commander of Sobibor
  • 19. Gustav Wagner
    Deputy Sobibor commander
  • 20. Memorials - Ways to Remember
    Site Memorial
    established in 1961
    Marek Bem is the head of the memorial
    Small museum containing artifacts
    Statues and monuments
    Funding from government
    “Escape from Sobibor”
    British film that was aired to millions
    Living memorial
    Remembering the holocaust victims on Remembrance day
    Meeting of the Sobibor survivors
    Plaques on one of the monument statues
  • 21. “Surely these stones cannot embody the endless mental and physical distress each individual human had to suffer.But every stone should tell us - not 250000 human beings were murdered here, no, one human being was murdered here - and this has happened just at this place 250000 times."
    (Ernst Klein at the opening of the memorial avenue on the 14th October 2003 in Sobibor)
    “Road to Heaven”
  • 22. (Thomas) Blatt – survivor of Sobibor
    Inside the Sobibor Museum
    “Escape from Sobibor” movie
    Mound of ashes and human remains
  • 23. Bibliography
  • 24.