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Bangkok Trader Magazine – Publication Information

Magazine – Lifestyle
Circulation – 10,000 copies
Distribution – Bangkok & the Eastern Seaboard
Target – Expatriates & middle/upper-income Thai nationals

Bangkok Trader Magazine - January 2013


Launched in November 2006, Bangkok Trader is the most recognizable, free monthly tabloid distributed in Bangkok. With a print run of 10,000 copies,the magazine features in-depth content on lifestyle, food, and travel in Bangkok and around Thailand and Southeast Asia.
It utilizes a well-coordinated distribution network that places and maintains supplies of the tabloid throughout areas of central Bangkok that have high footfalls of expats and middle- to upper-income Thai nationals.

The distribution points include all Villa Market grocery stores; higher-end pubs, bars, and restaurants; and international hospitals, and are outfitted with recognizable free-standing, custom-made Bangkok Trader magazine stands.


The Bangkok Trader readership is predominantly made up of patrons of Villa Market stores, which have,for many years now, catered to middle to upper-income expatriate & Thai families.
Almost three-quarters of the distribution is taken monthly by shoppers at Villa Market’s stores, all of which are located within or close to enclaves of higher end to luxury living areas in and around Bangkok’s central business district and entertainment zones.

The remaining 25% is distributed in locations where these groups drink and dine and spend some of their free time socializing with friends and business colleagues, generally European and American-themed pubs, bars, and restaurants. In addition, we supply some of the international hospitals with copies for patients and family to read in waiting areas.

With a total of 10,000 copies distributed a month and a ‘pass on’ rate estimated to be between 3 to 5 times per copy on average, the total readership of the circulation has been determined to be between 25,000 to 40,000 per month.

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Bangkok Trader Magazine - January 2013

  2. 2. Volume 7, Issue No. 2 January 2013 Published by Mango Mango Ltd. Part. 124 Sukhumvit 38 Prakanong, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110 • Thailand Tel. 02 712 4052 Managing and Creative Director: Reid Nixon Tel. 080 246 9000 • Publisher and Managing Director: Pavinee Chaymanee (Ad sales: Thai) Tel. 084 147 5550 • Business Development Manager: Andy Hyde (Ad sales: English) Tel. 080 814 9080 • Graphic Designer: Au Laphat-rada Tel. 089-229-4416 • Delivery and Messenger: Anan Boonma In association with Siam Gazette Co., Ltd. Alan Verstein Tel. 081 761 9302 • us at Jamesons for all live Sports, we have coverage of WHAT’S YOURall major tournaments, including AFL, NFL, 20/20 Cricket,Premier League Football and all major rugby matches from both GAME?codes. We have 12 screens and are able to show multiple eventsat any one time.For the ladies we have a large selection of delicious cocktails to try,designed by a former TGI Fridays Master Bartender.A huge range of food options is available from sumptuousAustralian Rib Eye, to Irish classics and some of the best burgersin Bangkok.Look out for special offers all week.. A happy hour from 4-7 everyday, weekly beer offers, and on Thursdays we treat you to Buy 1Get 1 Free on all menu cocktails and local bottled beer.Live music every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and we evenhave an Ice Bar to cool you down in Bangkok’s hottest weather.SO TODAY, MAKE YOURS A JAMESONS. Jameson’s Bangkok Shops 6-13, 981 Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500 Tel: 02 266 77 03- 5 E-mail:
  3. 3. bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 3A Land ofBeer and Fried TeaBy Reid Nixon S un dapples stab randomly through fields of luscious fruits, hardy vegetables, golden grains, and verdant fields of tea, making for a slow, sleepy day that lulls you into looking around furtively for a hammock that you know just has to be strung up somewhere nearby. It is seriously time for a nap. But then a pack of dripping, dirty, grunting mountain bikers whip by to re- mind you that this isn’t all just about you taking it easy. If one is so inclined, you’re gonna sweat hard, and you’re gonna love it. Yes, while it sounds as if we might be in Europe or Australia, we are still quite in Thailand, just outside of Chiang Rai as a matter of fact, at the latest tour- ism venture brought to you by a beverage heavyweight. This is Boon Rawd Farm, developed by Singha Beer. Taking a cue from Thailand’s wine valley in Khao Yai and Asiatique the Riverfront from the Chang Beer magnate, Singha has created an 8,000+ rai eco-centric expanse with two speeds, depending on your mood. There’s ‘slow’ for those that want to ride around in one of those cute trams that you might see at some Disney park, with a pre-recorded audio tour (in Thai only) over loudspeakers and stops along at various crops of fruits, such as strawberries, star fruit, jujubes (like a date), and others; vegetables, includ- ing corn; and grains like the always ubiquitous rice and barley to experi- ment with for brewing. Then there are the sunflowers, other colorful flowers, and oolong tea. Photo opportunities abound.
  4. 4. 4 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 While these are interesting enough (the farm is a self-sustaining venturefor the farmers that tend the various plantings), it’s the tea that stands outas a highlight viewing, with groups of women in big hats almost lost in thetall plants as they pick just the top few leaves of each stalk, and they laughplayfully as tourists snap away. Not far from these fields is a large processingbuilding that dries out and processes 400 tons a year of leaves in a com-plicated, fascinating method (one could almost say ‘enhanced interroga-tion’ techniques performed on tea leaves) sending them along their waytowards bagging, selling both on-site and exported within-country and out,drinking, and eating.Wait, eating tea? More on that later. Now let’s talk about the ‘fast’ setting.As biking enthusiasts know, it can be a love/hate affair to pedal in Thailand.Certainly, Bangkok won’t be making Top 10 lists for cycling any time soon,and most riders get itchy waiting for a chance on the weekend to get out ofthe city and actually do real quality time on their bikes. The Singha folks hadthese people in mind in developing Boon Rawd Farm, carving out kilome-ters of trails that zigzag through all the various produce to be harvested. Alot of sharp curves along dirt roads through the fields, many hills to powerup and to plummet down, bamboo thickets, wooden bridges over waterreservoirs (which are occasionally used to help drought-stricken farm-ers beyond Boon Rawd Farm) – all of these make for good times for thoselooking to bring their bikes to just go and go and go for a whole day, andstill sharing the same scenery that most were content with taking in just atsetting #1.But whatever speed you choose, everyone seems to converge upon what isprobably the most enjoyable (and the busiest) feature of Boon Rawd Farm,which is a nicely built, large open-air restaurant perched on top of a hill withone side looking out over one of the serene lakes and rows of the oolongtea crops in the background, while the other side gives a grand view of alarge and tranquil valley with other smooth hills to frame what is yet an-other photo point. Some nice outdoor furniture waits conveniently nearbythe restaurant to plonk down and just chill.
  5. 5. H appyyear New LEARN THAI IN 2013 with language express. - flexible timetable - qualified and experienced native teachers - at the best location at Ploenchit BTS station Exit 2 - free education visa available up to 3 years**+66 (0)8 9993-3689
  6. 6. 6 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 But it’s the restaurant, not the comfy furniture, that gets the real attentionaround here. The food, a hodgepodge of Northern cuisine and from otherThai regions, is light and delectable. And now this is where the ‘eating’ oftea makes it’s returns to our story. Turns out that oolong tea is an excellentsnack, battered and fried, served along with cashew nuts, and having a sim-ilar sensory experience as eating potato chips (crisps) but with a slightlysweet aftertaste. Truly a unique, natural, and nice alternative to Lays.And of course, seeing as this vast tourist destination is brought to you bythe largest brewery in Thailand, there is the beer – and plenty of it! – ontap with just two choices, Singha and Leo – and there are some deliciousfruit juices available too, including some tasty passion fruit and mulberryoptions. There is no rush here (even if you have chosen setting #2), so largefamilies, gangs of cyclists, old and young, all seem to take a long and unhur-ried time just grazing and quaffing while gazing out at the nature below.The farm is definitely new and definitely a work-in-progress in buildingup to be a fullly commited tourist destination. As of now, there aren’t anyovernight accommodations, as there are at Farm Chokchai in Khao Yai, butthat’s in the cards some time the next year or two. Only last month markedthe debut of an annual bicycle and farm festival (replete with a farmers’market and a night-time BBQ on hay bales, as well as a concert of somefamous Thai singers and bands). Tent camping facilities, including toilets,were provided for a lot of cyclists, and Boon Rawd says that they are finish-ing up right now to provide permanent facilities for tent camping.But getting out to the farm isn’t difficult, as it’s only about a 20-minute caror van ride if staying in Chiang Rai town, and there are decent accommo-dations at various price points, ranging from guesthouse to boutique andhigh-end hotels. Chiang Rai isn’t on the train routes, but does have a smallairport serviced by flights from a handful of carriers. There isn’t a whole lotto see in the city proper, with the exception of a very picturesque – andbizarre – all-white temple, but there are definitely things to do outside ofthe town in all directions. Rental cars or motorcycles are readily available, A penultimate note: For the ‘fast’-ers, I could say that it’ll be a full day orand driving is quite manageable for those that might be wary; the pace is so out at the farm and in the areas around it. For the ‘slow’-ers, I recom-definitely not as it is in Bangkok. Another nice and convenient way to get mend only a half-day and lunch at this point in time (maybe down the roadabout, especially if traveling in a mid to larger group, is to hire a van with athere will be more to-dos there to warrant a full day), and I suggest a stopdriver to shuttle you around to see the sights and get to meals or shopping. on the way back at the must-see Wat Rong Khun (the above-mentionedThere’s a lot of ground to cover if you see all the sites over a couple of days,white temple straight from the Twilight Zone). And while another article isso why not leave the ‘work’ of it all to someone else? The drivers are very deserved to give more detail on things to do when visiting the Chiang Raiaccommodating to your itinerary for the day and night. area, I’ll quickly recommend here to take a second day for Doi Tung Devel- opment Project and the Royal Villa that was the home to H.M. the King’sAnd if you’re there for the physical option, it’s very doable to ride your bike mother the other direction from town towards the border to Myanmar.from Chiang Rai to the farm and a nice experience in itself. Whatever modeone takes to gets there, all will arrive to be greeted a huge, gleaming Singha And finally, it’s worth noting that beyond whatever you lay out on lunch andlion statue (cue your first photo-op of the day!) nearby a fashionable café beverages, entrance to the vast Boon Rawd Farm, including the tram tour, isto start off with a coffee, oolong tea, or mulberry frappe before heading a whopping free.out in the tour tram. On the way out back home, there’s also the obligatorysouvenir shop to pick up gifts for friends and family – and yourself – that Boon Rawd Farm – 99 Moo 1, Mae Korn, Chiang Rai.are based on what actually comes from the farm: dried fruits, jams, teas, or various sorts of quaint country-style kitchen doodads. Tel. 053 172 870 or 080 900 2686.
  7. 7. Our next BT Party headquarters: Queen Victoria Bar & Restaurant Sukhumvit 23, a short walk from the BTS SkyTrain Asok station For more party details, including a map, head over to our Facebook event page at and receive automatic updates for all our parties by adding yourself to our Facebook group at Colin says... “Fus h‘n’Chu ps anyone?” Kiwis may not say it properly, but they sure cook them well. The best fish, all the way from NEW ZULAND (and did we tell you – awarded Bangkok’s Best Fish’n’Chips). THAILAND TATLER BEST RESTAURANTS Great taste’n Kiwi Fish’n’Chips & Seafood! 1/22 Sukhumvit Soi 11 / Ph. 02 651-1098
  8. 8. 8 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 Networking Head over to to check out all the pix from the great time we had at Sway at Park Plaza on Sukhumvit 18!
  9. 9. 10 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 Ethiopian TreatsBy Dave StamboulisI first encountered Ethiopian food on a visit to its homeland some ten When I first moved to Bangkok, there were a couple of Ethiopian restaurants years ago. In a land famed for having never been colonized (Africa’s where I could get my fix of injera bread and wot curries, but shortly after I Thailand!) and with its own completely unrelated and unique lan- settled in here, they closed down. While Bangkok has an incredible array of guage, writing, and religion, the food was just as distinctive, unlike cuisine, ranging from Japanese to Nepalese to Italian, there wasn’t any Ethi-anything I had ever eaten anywhere in the world before. I soon put it opian to make things perfect. However, the recent reopening of Habeshaup there with Thai and Japanese as one of the planet’s most delectable has changed all that, and now one can add this outstanding dining experi-cuisines. ence to a night out on the town.
  10. 10. bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 11 Here in Bangkok, all of this wonderful tradition is avail- able at Habesha, a cozy Ethiopian café and bar situated on Sukhumvit 3, just up the street from the Nana Square shop- ping center and on the same side of the street as Bumrun- grad Hospital, past the tiny sub-soi full of African bars. The food at Habesha is about as close to the real deal as you will find, and the helpful staff and owners will go out of their way to explain the various dishes… and about Ethiopian food to you, in general. Habesha also does coffee ceremo- nies or will just make a single cup of delicious Ethiopian joe for your tasting. If you really want to look as if you’re in the know, see if you can get them to get you some tej, which is a homemade honey mead wine popular in Ethiopia – sweet, flavorful, with a nice kick to it, and a perfect end to a fine meal. Habesha Ethiopian Bar and Restaurant 1/26 Sukhumvit Soi 3, Nana. Tel. 085 902 2241. www.ethiopianrestaurantbangkok.comFor those unfamiliar with it, Ethiopian food is, well, pretty much unlike anyother cuisine out there. First off, there are neither plates nor cutlery in Ethio-pian cooking and dining. Spiced vegetables, pulses, and meat are servedas curries known as wot, and are doled out on top of injera, a fermentedflatbread made from a grain called teff, which grows only in the highlandsof Ethiopia. The teff is fermented like sourdough, and after some days, theflour is rolled out like a large pancake and baked. Despite many jokes aboutit, such as that it resembles the rubber mat on the floor of a car, injera hasa spongy texture and is slightly sour, making it somewhat of an acquiredtaste. But it isn’t strong and is the perfect medium for soaking up the cur-ries that go on top of it. Ethiopians tear off the injera (the plate) as they go,scooping up the meats and veggies with their fingers, so no spoons or forksare needed either.The Ethiopian curries are made with lots of berbere, a combo of spices thatinclude chilies, garlic, ginger, dried basil, korarima (a wild Ethiopian spice)and several others, giving them a bit of heat, but nowhere near at the levelsof Thai or, say, Mexican. Chicken, beef, and lamb are all used in abundance, asare lentils and split peas, along with chard, potatoes, and other vegetables.While major religious holidays and an entire month of Lent are celebratedwith no meat available in the country, this isn’t too much of an issue sincethe ‘fasting food,’ as it is known, is wonderfully delicious, and I am often atodds when I eat Ethiopian as to whether or not I want to eat only the veg-etable curries or have the red chili-based chicken or other meats. One un- info@bangkokfinder.comusual dish on any Ethiopian menu is kitfo, which is raw beef marinated in 02 262 0747spicy chili powder. Most foreign diners shy away from it, fearing all sorts of 081 988 4419bugs and disease, but it is one of my personal favorites, and I’ve never suf-fered any maladies from partaking. Properties for Rent.Just as wonderful as the food in Ethiopia is the coffee. Some of the bestbrew in the world is grown in the highlands, and in addition to already hav-ing the beans, the Italian occupation in World War II left the Ethiopians withthe art of brewing, and doppiato and macchiato shops are still found onevery corner of the capital Addis. Even better is the traditional coffee cer-emony, which is a norm when guests visit someone’s home (and now donein Ethiopian restaurants around the world). First the beans are roasted in anopen pan and the aromatic smoke wafted around for everyone to inhale.Then the beans are pulverized in a mortar and pestle and boiled in a spe-cial urn called a jebena before being served, usually with sugar, strong andsweet like a Turkish or Greek coffee.
  11. 11. 12 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 Uncovering Evil T he release from house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese de- mocracy leader in November 2010, the release of some Burmese political prisoners by the government in 2011, and last year’s nomi-By Voicu Mihnea Simandan. nal ceasefire agreement between the Karen National Union and the Burmese military, Suu Kyi’s win of a seat in the Parliament, and BarackPhotos by Regin Reyno Obama’s historical visit to Myanmar has positively raised Myanmar’s profile in the eyes of the international community. But Myanmar still has a long way to go before its people are really free and maybe even longer before the leaders of the former military junta are brought to justice for the atrocities they have committed against their own people and the minority groups they have embattled for decades. One of these groups, the Karen, has been in conflict with the Burmese govern- ment since 1942 and aimed for an independent state until 1976, when its demands changed to requesting greater autonomy under a federal system of government. However, their dream remains that one day, Kawthoolei, their traditional homeland (corresponding to present-day Kayin State, a mountainous area in the east of Myanmar, on the border with Thailand’s Mae Hong Son, Tak, and Kanchanaburi provinces), will be given the right to self-determination. ‘Kawthoolei’ literally means ‘the land without evil,’ and in his book, Evil in the Land Without, Colin Cotterill plays with that meaning in the hope of raising public awareness to the evil the Karen have suffered at the hands of a ruth- less Burmese army. For decades, the Burmese waged a war of terror and intimidation on the civilian Karen population, raping, pillaging, and burning their villages in the hope of discouraging the Karen fighters. The scenes in Sylvester Stallone’s last installment of Rambo (2008) gave us just a glimpse, even if it was fic- tional, of what the Karen have had to suffer for so long. With a ‘live for noth- ing, die for everything’ mentality, the Karen fighters still hope for a chance to free their seven million people from the chains of the Burmese oppression.
  12. 12. bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 13Colin Cotterill opens Evil in the Land Without (Asia Books, 2003) with a noteleft by the Burmese army on the hut of a Karen village: “You are to leave thisplace. If you are found here when we return in seven days, you will be con-sidered enemies of the state and destroyed.” Thus, six-year-old Sherri, herfamily, and the rest of the villagers abandon their houses and go in searchof a new home. But they are intercepted by a Burmese patrol and “when thebloodletting was over, only five villagers remained alive.” Sherri is one ofthem. But for her, death would have been a fairer fate.Fast-forward more than two decades to the year 2000, and the reader isintroduced to John Jessel, an English detective who works for the ChildProtection Unit in Surrey. Overweight and with a serious drinking problem,Jessel’s mission in life is to rid the world of pedophiles. After bringing downa ‘pederast ring,’ he is targeted by a mysterious adversary who signs histhreat letters as ‘The Paw.’ Soon enough, the threats become reality, and thepeople Jessel cares for most find their end at the hand of a ruthless assassin.No one around him is safe anymore, and John’s only hope at catching themurderer is to dig deep in the history of his own family and find the secretshis Hungarian-born mother and his estranged father brought with them totheir graves. resides. The ‘Dr. Jimm Juree’ series began with Killed at the Whim of a HatThe narrative of Evil in the Land Without takes the readers on a rollercoaster (2011) and was followed by Grandad, There’s a Head on the Beach (2012).of a journey from Burma to England and from Kenya to Thailand, where John The author is also an excellent cartoonist with many contributions in theJessel is welcomed by more bodies at the hand of The Paw. In the meantime, Thai mass media. Find out more about his work on his official website atDr. Shirley Heigh returns to Burma as a U.S. citizen, but she is none other ‘little Sherri.’ Her mission is revenge, and when Jessel crosses pathswith her, they join forces to bring down the evil in ‘the land without evil.’ You can purchase Evil in the Land Without online from Chiang Mai’s excel- lent Gecko Books ( who offer cheap delivery by mailThings get complicated when the British Secret Service gets involved, the throughout Thailand. Other books from Colin Cotterill can be found in book-identity of a Burmese diplomat is proven to be related to the disappearance stores and in Kindle e-book format from Amazon.of Jessel’s father, and for the detective’s sister and nephew, time is ticking,with Jessel uncovering more deep and dark secrets underneath all that hashappened. NEED VISA? VISA ISSUES?The underlying message of Colin Cotterill’s Evil in the Land Without is a cryof anger against all the hurt that children suffer worldwide. All major char-acters in his novel still have skeletons in the closet from their childhood. INSTANT THAI VISAFrom child sex slaves in Burma to abused children in Kenya, from murdered ü Do you need a long-term Visa tochildren in communist Hungary to neglected and abandoned English kids, stay in Thailand?the author raises difficult issues in the format of an excellent mystery novel. ü Do you have an overstay problem?It is not a coincidence, as London-born Colin Cotterill has been involved ü We solve ANY immigration problemwith NGOs in Southeast Asia for many years, working for child protection you might have. Call: 089-149-9200from prostitution and pornography. His first novel, The Night Bastard (2000), ü We provide fast, professional info@InstantThaiVisa.comwas inspired by his work with trafficked children. services at reasonable price. ü We require minimal documentation.Colin Cotterill is also the award-winning author of the Dr. Siri mystery se- INSTANTries set in Laos, comprising eight novels so far. More recently, Cotterill has ü NO MORE Border Run! THAI VISApublished a new series of crime novels set in southern Thailand where he
  13. 13. 14 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 The Art ofBathingBy Dave StamboulisI f I learned anything during my tenure in Japan, it was how to take and appreciate a bath. In a country where people work hard and have little free time, a good hot soak is a sacred ritual, something to slow down, appreciate, and share with others. Hot springs and bathhouses aboundin Japan, and while the country is blessed with an abundant supply of hotmineral water, it is also a culture that has made the bathhouse a place wor-thy of worship. So it was a bit of wonderful news to my ears when a friendtold me that a Japanese onsen (hot spring) had opened in Bangkok.Yunomori Onsen, snuggled into the back of the A Square community mallon Sukhumvit 26, has brought a Japanese institution to Bangkok and evengone a step further, combining it with the Thai love of massage, thus makingit about as great a method of spending a few free hours getting pamperedas this town has to offer. Smith Mekaroonkamol, the owner of Yunomori, hasgone to great lengths to try to recreate a bit of Japan for the 80,000-oddJapanese expats calling Bangkok home, as well as for Thais and foreignersseeking a haven in which to de-stress and relax.Yunomori pretty much resembles the real deal that you find in the Land ofthe Rising Sun, with plenty of bamboo and finished wood surrounding the
  14. 14. EURO V IN Y L PVC windows & doors economical • energy efficient • environment friendlywindows & doorsCasement windows/doorsSliding windows/doorsCoupling systemsFence & railing FREE PRESENT THIS VOUCHER IN STORE TO RECEIVE OFFER BUY ONE COFFEE & COFFEEInsect screensConservatory Call us GET A 2ND COFFEE FREEGlass wall for your freePergola quote! German System Profile German Hardware Only valid at The Coffee Club Major Ekamai 10 years warranty Major Ekamai. Second coffee of 1239 Unit B, Grd Fl, Sukhumvit Rd, equal or lesser value. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Klongton Nua Wattana Tel: 02-381-2736087 517 6437 Valid to 31 January 2013. The Coffee Club Thailand @thecoffeeclubth
  15. 15. 16 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 large onsen pools. The large bathing areas (separated by gender) contain awashing area with stools, buckets, toiletries, and showers, as soap and dirtare not allowed in the public bath, so one cleans off here first. Next to thisare three large pools, a jet whirlpool bath, and another one containing a car-bonated soda water generator from Japan that mixes soda with the waterand promotes circulation and rejuvenation. This is the ‘cool’ pool at a nice38ºC, but for the real lovers of hot springing, the best bath is next to this, a43ºC sizzler with 3,000 liters of hot spring water brought up from the famedRaksawarin hot springs in Ranong, whose water is extremely clear and with-out any sulfurous odor. If this gets too hot, there is also a 17º cold pool tohop into, and there are also some warm teak tubs and another pool out inthe garden to bathe in. To top it all off are a steam room and sauna, insuringthat every pore gets to sweat, clean, and revitalize.Nudity is the order of the day at Japanese baths, which sometimes surprisesvisitors. One is given a pair of towels, large and small, along with a yukata (aJapanese robe) upon entry to the locker room, but only the small towel is al-lowed into the bathing area. In a Japanese bath, people are expected to be well-trained therapists offering aromatherapy, reflexology, and traditionalmodest, using the small towel to cover their privates while standing up and Thai massage. In fact, the majority of the visitors thus far choose Yunomori’swalking around, but other than this, everyone is completely unencumbered. package treatment, which combines spa and bath, and with deals under 1,000In Japan, a society that is often shrouded in privacy and often painstakingly baht for both (entry to the onsen baths only is 450 baht), it’s an affordably fan-reserved, there is a belief that relaxing without clothes breaks down barri- tastic way to get pampered. There is also a Japanese izakaya restaurant anders, and there is even a term for this in Japanese called hadaka no tsukiai the Gastronome bakery and café on premises, meaning one can spend theor ‘naked communion.’ There was initially some trepidation at Yunomori that entire day and evening at Yunomori without having to go anywhere else.Thais would be a bit shy about the bathing etiquette, and for the first fewweeks, the side of the women’s bath gave out disposable underwear to those Sitting in the hot spring bath, enveloped in mist and steam, I listened to twoladies who wanted them, but evidently this was uncalled for, and the less-is- old Japanese men next to me grunt in satisfaction over the hot water, closedbetter approach to bathing won the day. my eyes, and for a few minutes, even forgot I was in Bangkok, emerging a few hours later certainly feeling a lot better than I had when I walked in.In addition to the onsen, Mekaroonkamol said he wanted to combine theJapanese love of bathing with the Thai art and culture of massage, and so the Yunomori Onsen and Spa – – A Square, Sukhum-upstairs of Yunomori is a large spa treatment center with private rooms and vit Soi 26. Tel: 02 259 5778. Open daily, 10:30 a.m.-midnight.
  16. 16. The QueenVictoria British Pub and Restaurant Great pub food snacks & Thai favourites from our open-plan kitchenMany TVs inside & in our outdoor garden area ideal for watching live sport with sound Free Wi-Fi • Daily happy hours 4.30-7.30 pm • • Function room • • Available for private parties • Sukumvit Soi 23 (opposite Soi Cowboy)Tel. 02 661 7417
  17. 17. 18 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 Ready, Get Set, Go… Karting! By Voicu Mihnea Simandan with photos by Neil HeronI n the past few years, Thailand has become increasingly popular with If you realize that go-karting’s something you enjoy a lot, then you can join motorsport enthusiasts. Just last month we had the Race of Champions the races organized at the RCA track. They range from authentic F1-racing at Rajamangala Stadium, and there are even talks of the possibility of formats, with warm-ups, qualifying rounds, and finals, to endurance formats, staging the first Formula One race in Bangkok in November 2014 along team events, and non-stop races. The layout of the track is changed everyRatchadamnoen Avenue or Muang Thong Thani. two months and a list of Top 10 ‘Pilots of the Month’ is electronically kept for men, women, and children. And, every Tuesday at 8 p.m., you can benefitUntil then, both drivers and spectators can enjoy a score of other excellent from free driver training from professional, such as Bangsaen Thailand Speed Festival, Honda Racing Fest, ProRacing Series Thailand Championship, and Toyota Motorsport. There are If you want to drive a kart outdoors, then Motorsports Land (www.motor-also plenty of cross-country and off-road rallies, as well as motorcycle, drift, is the place to go. It is located on Phahanyothin Road andand drag shows. can be easily reached via underground or Skytrain. It’s just a 10-minute walk from Phahanyothin MRT station or a 10-minute bus ride from Mo Chit BTSBut, let’s face it, although we all have a need for speed, we either aren’t tal- station. Prices are cheaper here at only 200 baht for 10 minutes for childrenented enough to be able to race at 300-kph, or we don’t have the monetary and 350 baht for adults. If you plan on frequenting Motorsports Land often,and technical support needed to maintain such an exclusive hobby. Yet, then it is a good idea to apply for membership. For only 500 baht/year, youthere’s another option: go-karting. Thailand abounds in go-karting tracks, can get a discount of 50 baht each time you ride with them. Individual, fami-and both Thais and Westerners alike have the possibility of racing around lies, companies, and large groups are welcome. The grounds are sometimesvarious circuits at the wheel of a kart with an engine size of their choice. used for concerts, festivals, fairs, and sporting events.One of the most popular go-karting circuits in Bangkok is run by Easy Kart Easy Kart also operates an excellent outdoor track in Pattaya. It boasts a(, a company that also boasts the biggest indoor go-kart two-track system and is the biggest in Asia apparently. Easy Kart Pattaya istrack in Asia. Since 2004, Easy Kart has operated a 7,000-square-meter fa- located opposite Bali Hai Pier, just 200 meters from Walking Street. It basi-cility in RCA Plaza above a TOPS supermarket (and below the House RCA cally shares the benefits of the facilities available at the Bangkok RCA track,art-house movie theatre), on Rama 9 Road, Soi Soonvijai. It provides night with the added bonus that you can driver faster here. You can push thelighting, a computer timing system, a big-screen TV to follow the races, plus 270cc karts all the way up to 80 kph, an increase due the larger track area.a bar and restaurant with a panoramic vista of the circuit. There are two separate tracks: the Monza Track, which is 350 meters inOne race is equal to 8 minutes and you are given three choices of karts. For lengths and where you can ride 100cc and 160cc karts; and the Monacochildren of ages between 7 and 13, the kart engine size is only 100cc and Track, where you can test your driving skills on a 800-meter-long circuit spe-can reach up to 25 kph. Adults and children above 13 years old can choose cially built for the 270cc karts. Prices and race times are the same, but thebetween karts of 160cc and 270cc that can reach 40 and 60 kph respective- place opens earlier and closes later than in Bangkok (10 a.m.-1 a.m.). Easyly. Prices are pretty steep for go-karting at 390 baht for an 8-minute race for Kart Pattaya can accommodate up to 500 guests at a time!children’s karts and 420 baht for adult’s karts. Easy Kart RCA also has specialrates for corporate visits by groups from 10 to 200 guests. The venue is open Another good place in Pattaya where you can tune your karting skills is Pat-every day from 1 p.m. to midnight. taya Kart Speedway (, a German-managed venue that has
  18. 18. Sukhumvit Soi 4 Heineken & San Miguel, 99Bt a pintNana’s Original British Boozer Rajah Hotel Car Park Sukhumvit Soi 4 Tequila Shots 45bt
  19. 19. 20 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 an 800-meter track for advanced riders and a 400-meter track for beginners. Go-Kart Hua Hin is located among beautiful scenery on the north side ofAlternatively, in case you’re not comfortable with driving on asphalt, then the town. You can get there by driving north on Petchkasem Road, towardyou can try the off-road karts on a special off-road track. And if you’re still Cha-Am. The venue is located one kilometer north of the PTT petrol stationlooking for more excitement, they also offer bungee jumping and paintball near Soi 6, or 400 meters after the police kiosk, and directly across from theactivities. You can find Pattaya Kart Speedway at Thepprasit Road, halfway entrance to the Hua Hin Airport. Coming from Cha-Am, you simply makebetween Jomtien Beach Road and Sukhumvit Road. the first U-turn after going through the airport-runway tunnel.On the beginner’s track, your family can ride a standard kart (250 baht), a There are other places in Thailand where you can drive a go-kart, such astwo-seater kart (300 baht), or a baby kart (150 baht). On the 800-meter pro- Saraburi ( and Chiang Mai (www.chiangmai-xcen-fessional track, you can get behind the wheel of a 2-stoke 100cc kart (500 northwards or Phuket ( and Krabi (www.baht), a special 2-stoke 100cc kart (300 baht), or just a standard cart with a down south. Whichever you choose, you’re set to have a4-stroke 200cc engine. On the off-road track, you can rent a big or small kart great time!at 600 baht and 300 baht respectively. If you’re already into karting, then visit for kart-If you feel like escaping the madness of Bangkok and Pattaya, then the Brit- related products and accessories. Also, stay in touch with the latest racingish-owned and managed Go-Kart Hua Hin ( is the news in Thailand at (Thai only) and in the Asianplace to go. It has a 750-meter course that will challenge even the experi- region at drivers, but also provides the beginners a chance to improve theirdriving skills. The karts in Hua Hin are all ‘closed-wheel karts’ with a circularsteel bumper offering increased safety, making it impossible for the kart to STRIKERSflip over, even at high speeds. On top of that, prior throttle adjustment limitsthe speed drivers can push the karts to.The place is open year-round from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and it caters to alarge range of customers, from families to large groups, from young to old, sports pubfrom disabled to professional drivers. Go-Kart Hua Hin has four differentclasses of vehicles available: the 6.5-hp junior kart for children and first-timedrivers; the 6.5-hp and 9-hp twin-seater karts with dual controls for familyrides and young drivers; and the 13-hp senior karts that can maintain anaverage track speed of 70 kph.Apart from their ‘arrive and drive’ policy, Go-Kart Hua Hin also organizes full-moon races, team endurance events, night racing, and Formula One-stylegrid line-ups. Ten minutes of racing costs between 400 and 500 baht, de-pending on which kart you choose, but you can get more for your moneywith the ‘26-minute deal’ for 900-100 baht. It’s also cool that you can get aprintout with the details of your average lap speed, best lap time, and eventimes for each lap.
  20. 20. bangkok trader JANUARY 2013 21 MARKETPLACE Advertise or announce anything for... FREE! Email your ad to: Maximum 75 words. Listings run as space allows or until cancelled.FREELANCE TRANSLATOR - English/Thai and NEW 45SQM STUDIO – Located Cozy Beach, NEED A VISA? VISA ISSUES? Do you needThai/English. All types of translations (except Pratumnak Hill in the prestigious area of Pattaya. a long-term or short-term Visa to stay inofficial legal documents) pls contact 081-287- 200m to Beach, close to shops, bars, restuarants. Thailand? Do you need to extend or transform5293 or (L) Fully furn, Aircon, fitted euro kitchen,oven hob, your current Visa? Do you have an overstay or microwave. Balcony overlooking swimming blacklist problem? We solve ANY immigrationDO YOU HAVE A GARDEN? Flowers at home pool with views Koh Larn Island. sauna, pool problem you might have. “ANY” means ANY!or in your condo? Try our Vermicompost. What bar, restuarant, gym, conference room, rooftop We provide fast services at a reasonable Vermicompost? It adds nutrients into the soil garden, 24hr security, cctv, underground We require minimal or NO documentation.and soil structure. Plants just love it! Call us at parking. Also Lcd Tv, Wifi Internet, Telephone. We do everything: completely hassle-0877941183 Aldo (English) or 0896694852 Yui Sale 2.8m baht or 14,000b mth. Contact Nick free for you! Call 089-149-9200 or email to(Thai). Check our Facebook page @ Dirt Digger Green 0800 959 002 (Pattaya). Email: nickgreen3 (L)by To Be Earth Care. We sell 1/2 kilo bags, 1 kilo (L)and 25 kilo bags as well. We can also deliver. (L) TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT – Sukhumvit Soi 15 inCASA CITY TOWN HOUSE – 23 wah corner SANDEE THAI LANGUAGE SCHOOL teaches secure quiet gated sub-soi directly opposite NISTunit. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 living Thai language and culture to foreigners. Now main entrance. End of terrace with side entrance.rooms, and 2 parking with aircon in every rooms. with 3 branches - Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Fully modernized with 5 bed 5 bath (3 en-suite).Ramkhamhaeng 76 main road, close to Big C Mai. With our continuous growth we need Fully fitted european kitchen. Dining room, livingsupermarket and HomePro. Sale 6.3 Million. energetic, versatile full / part time teacher/s room, maid room with toilet / shower. All roomsTel. Naree 086-537-2557 (L) to join our dynamic team. Requirements: Thai wired for tv / tel / net. Patio. Covered off-road national speaks fluent Thai & English, work full parking. Only THB 39,000 per month for rightOFFICE SPACE FOR RENT located in a multi- / part time teach Thai to foreigners, work in tenant. Contact Bua on 087 917 2056 or 02 392storey office building on Sukhumwit 50 Bangkok, Pattaya / Chiang Mai branch, BA/MA 8277. (L)close to On Nut station. Total area is 336 sq. not necessary but welcome to apply, classroommetres at rental price of 300THB per metre per teaching experience required. Call Leanne 084- LADY ANN IS BASED at Ocean Marina (Pattayamonth. Includes water charges, but excludes 388-2832 (L) - Jomtien), with the ease of traveling fromother utilities. Prefer to rent as one unit, but Bangkok. Lady Ann is one of your best choice.consideration to splitting into smaller units. Car IN DOMUS 18, a three bedroom, (2 plus study) Lady Ann is a 45 feet yacht, we can accommodateparking space available for 3 vehicles. Contact 167m/sq fully furnished, modern condominium up to 15 guests for a day trip. We provide an allAnchalee Khamkeaw on 02 7362700 Ext: 2706 or for rent at 95,000 baht per month. Featured included packages ranging from a full-day trip,089 496 0049 (outside office hours) (L) is a large balcony which over looks a lovely half-day trip and sunset trip. Lady Ann to make swimming pool, a kitchen with stainless steel your moment the greatest. Visit us at www.FOR RENT OR SALE – 129 sqm 3br condo in oven, large master with impressive en-suite, (L)Sukhumvit 23, 3 years old. Walking distance open plan living with L-shape sofa and a big LCDAsoke MTR/BTS. Balconies, 3 bthr, plus all usual THE BIG LUGGAGE (Gioglacia) for flat screen TV. Excellent location, with Terminal trip to abroad or in country, 100%amenities. Luxury western style kitchen. Viewing 21 & Asoke station conveniently nearby. If ofanytime and special terms for the lucky tenant condition used only one time, sell only genuine interest PH 08 7812 6893 (L) 600 baht, 089-2135240 (L)/ owner. Contact Daojai 0819-277614 (Thai) orSteve 0817-010686 (English) (L) TOWN HOUSE or home office – 3 stories, 3 bathrooms, BUSINESS AUDIT & accounting services: WePART TIME JOB
possibility to earn 10 000 to 50 2 carparks Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24/3 Huamark are offering the services of business audit and000 THB/month (L) Bangkapi. Lease hold 17 years. Sale 1.7 Million. Tel. accounting for SMEs established in Thailand. The Naree 086-537-2557. Close to Ramkhamhaeng services will be provided by the Certified PublicA F/F 118 SQM apt in Sukhumvit soi 11 for rent. University and ABAC University (L) Accountant who has gained experience from2 bedrooms +1 study room, 2 bathroom, living certain international audit firms in and open kitchen. 42” TV and DVD player. HOUSE FOR RENT - Thonglor area; 120,000 Please feel free to let us know your need of theMonthly rental fee: 31,000 baht/month. Contact: baht per month. It is in a quiet location, has an services at (L)Lee 081-3070618 (L) out house in addition to the main building, lots NEW ROOM AT GOOD LOCATION for rent. Price of garden and land plus is in a quiet yet central is 35k Baht/month. Room Type is one bedroom20TH CENTURY HISTORY books and location. There are four bedrooms, maids area, one bathroom, 48.33m2 Fully Furnished&Goodboigraphies for sale reasonably priced. Contact Western & Thai kitchens, lots of storage and room View, include TV LED 42” (3D) & 32”, True Visions, (L) for parking. Available from December. PhoneBlue-ray Player (3D), Build-in Kitchen withLOGISTICS – Great ocean rates from the USA to 08 7812 6893 (L) Hood&Hobs, Home appliance, Fridge 10.5Q,Thailand. We can arrange to ship a 20’ container, Washing Machine. My room is located at 772/56040’ container and also less than a container load. EXPAT OFFERS SIGHTSEEING tours and hot at 4th Floor Noble Remix Tower B (a minute byPlease contact Global Forwarding Freight LLC at night life tours of Bangkok! bangkoktours@ skywalk from BTS Thonglor). 081 846 8019, 0890909324853 or e-mail: (L) (L) 969 0687 (L)
  21. 21. 22 bangkok trader JANUARY 2013TAI CHI FOR HEALING – Two 12-lesson THAI DANCERS WANTED for long-term ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ GOLF PUTTERS – Brandintensive foundation courses in ancient Laojia 9 contract. Everything included: good salary, New Prokennex golf putters – Left or rightform all basics of tai chi. Starting early January: work visa, air ticket, very nice accommodation, handed, ex promotional items, never used,one at weekends, one on weekday mornings. drinks commission, free dance lessons and more retail at Central for approximately Bt3,800.Book in advance – places are limited. Course will advantages. 0832509952 0803190767 atomiq@ For sale at Bt750 each. Photographs certificated. Peter Jenkinson is member of (K) Contact Andy: 0808149080 or email to20th Generation Chen Tai Chi Master Liu YongInternational Association. Lessons held at Yoga ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (I) SUSHI COOK WANTED. Good salary, friendlyElements, 29 Vanissa Building 23rd Floor, Soi team, great career perspectives. 0803190767,Chidlom 02 655 5671 or call Peter 086 0144050. HAIR & BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE South 0832509952 (K) (A) Pattaya. Great Location in City Walk Pattaya (Next to Royal Garden plaza) on beach front. 7TEACHCHA CENTER. Teaching English, Thai, GOLF TRAVEL MATE BAG. Fitleist Excellent Work Stations, 2 Massage Tables, Good clienteleChinese (Basic, advances, business, IELTS , TOEFL, condition black in colour with yellow strip. Nice base. Two 5 star Hotels nearby. Free parking.TWE, TOEIC, Chinese for Academic and business, and light to handle with hand grip and shoulder No Licence required. No Key money. ProfitableThai for business, academic etc.) and Mathematics strap. Zip pouch for golf balls. Great way to carry Business. Accounts available. 30,000 baht/monthby experienced and qualified teachers and you clubs to the driving range or golf course. 500 rent. Only 1.2M Baht. Relocating hence sale price.native speakers. In person at our Center, your baht ph 0828128226 (A) Call 080-0959002 (L)offices or online. Well organized curriculum. Suitindividual needs. Free programs and worksheets BUSINESS / FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS, estate NEW WHEELCHAIR for sale 3500 bath. MobileContact: Tisha 0870853455 planners, will writers & paralegals are required to 0800474534 (A) youtube: weloveteachcha (A) join our organization. Full / Part-Time vacanciesCENTER-CONDOTEL IN SOUTH PATTAYA, 14th are available. (If you don’t have the qualifications, SAFE DEPOSIT BOX Bangkok – High securityfloor, Tukcom-View, 50 sqm, fully furnished, then you may attend our seminars and be safe deposit box rental service safes available inready to move in, price: 2.350.000 baht. Phone: certified). Franchises / Agencies are available. For 3 sizes open 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Full information0896020642. Email: further information and to send your resume / CV at for English(A) to: (L) 080-459 3841 For Thai call 026 355455 (K)FURNISHED ROOM with free HS Internet HABITAT LUXURY CONDO sale Thonglor area;(Ploenchit Townhouse) for rent - Bht 6,800-8,800. WANTED ANYONE invoved in leather / plastic See pics at in the heart of city. Size 23/35 sqm - 5 walets - handbag - bag ect also flipflops casual – 257sqm 3brs, 4 ba, 1 maid’s room, 1 kitchen,mins walking from BTS skytrain station & close to footware plus ladies gent kids clothing all sizes 3 balconies, 2 entrance doors on 18th floor. 2embassies & expressway, easy to go anywhere and at competative qrices for export to the uk units per floor. Unblocked view F/F with electricyou wish in Bangkok near all famous shopping any amounts concidered call 081 490 6275 (L) appliances. Nice decoration and good condition.malls / supermarkets / fitness. To view room, call Well maintenance condo. Full make an appointment first. Penny: Tel 089 TWO BEDROOM FF 75M/SQ condo for rent Good neighbours. Peaceful area. Please call499 8356, 081 926 9198. e-mail to: pashaporns@ with asking 35,000 baht per month. It is light and 0891062240 Price or (A) bright and there are open green views from the MB negotiable! By owner must see! (K)OFFICE FOR RENT AT PAYATHAI PLAZA, at medium size balcony. Location is convenientlyPayathai BTS station & Airport Rail Link. Near near the BTS as well as a tennis club. On the roof NEED A WEBSITE? – We at tobe-website.Victory Monument transport & entertainment top is a swimming pool, deck chairs, change com offer different ranges of pricing for allnode. Finished office ready to move-in, 161.40 rooms and a small workout room. To view please your website needs. We consist of a group ofsq.m., Baht 220 / sqm / mo. Call Jazz 02-271- phone 08 0061 1054 (L) freelancers who have your business needs in0987-88 Ext. 333 or email to secretary1@thai- our best interest. Inform us if you need (A) writing, printing services, content design. LOW RISE CONDOMINIUM FOR RENT / sale in We can also redesign your existing website.FULL TIME SALES MANAGER required to sell Sukhumvit 71 – Fully furnished unit, 115 sqm, 2 or (0896694852)advertising for publisher of Thailand’s No 1 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms, living, dining, kitchenEnglish golf magazine and regional golf guides. (fitted), 2 balconies. Includes electrical appliances Thai / (0877941183) English. (K)Based in Bangkok. Basic salary plus generous and TV, 3 air conditioners, water heaters. Unit is on SHIPPING CONTAINERS going to the U.K March-commission. Thai and English speaking is the 6th floor of an 8-storey building. Rooftop pool, April 2013. Have room for anything legal call asessential. e.mail or jacuzzi, fitness room, garden. Close to several soon as possible for info. 0814906275. John. (K)telephone +66(0) 831 986700. (A) international schools, banks, supermarkets.73 SQM TWO BEDROOMS plus i single bed at Thonglor and Ekamai just 10 minutes away. SPANISH TRANSLATIONS and interpretationsukhumvit soi 18 very nice road for rent 25000 Nearest BTS is Phrakhanong. Contact kittima@ – Spanish native speaker offers translation andbath a month please call 0878009370 (A) for details. (L) interpretation services. Websites, contracts, official letters, manuals etc. Both for private74 SQM AT THE MARKLAND pattaya soi 1 for rent companies and official institutions. Thainice studio sea view 20000 bath a month please call OFFICE RENT – Between OnNuch soi 55-57 on main road, Nirvana Suwannaphum Office Crust translations and Accounting also offered. Call087 800 9370 (A) 0870470590 or email: Spanish_Consultant@ 4 floor bldg., 4 rooms, 5 bathroom, 2 car parking,FREE ENGLISH CLASSES in PraKhanong. Come 8 air, wallpaper, tel & lane lines, ready to move (J)learn American history, entertainment and in flood free, safe area. Very convenient locationgeography from an American. I teach grammar VIP CONDO CHAIN PATTAYA Fully furnished and traffic: 5 min to Ring Road and highways,and conversation as well. Wednesday and seaview studio 40 sqm. 10th Fl. Room A1009 10 min to Suwannaphum airport and 20 minThursday nights 6:30pm-8:30pm. Located at Large swimming pool, 2 tennis court, jogging to downtown. Ideal place for office, home or“The Potter’s House Christian Church” (3rd floor) lane and private beach front. Sale 1.65 Million both. Rent: B60,000/mo + 2mo security deposit.181/1 Sukhumvit 71, next to Embassy of Nepal. Rent 9,000 bath per month.1 year contract. Contact: 081-916-4726 (K)Across the street from Jusco and Kfc. Call 084- Naree Mobile 086-537-2557 (K)450-3011 or visit webpage for more info. http:// ENJOY PLAYING the piano! Black American with YOU NEED TO LEARN ENGLISH? You need (K) twelve years experience teaching students how good teacher! I am a native English speaker with EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC and to have fun on the piano. Looking for people who a perfectly clear Midwestern American accent. I book/magazine designer for print and web. love to play but don’t know what to play. Learn have a BA in Education and 35 years of teaching I can create a professional looking identity, pop, rock, jazz, etc. in the comfort of your home. experience, much of it in Bangkok. My areas of look, or brand for your business needs. Contact Young (8 yrs. old minimum) or old. Begin enjoying expertise are ESL, Economics, Social Studies, World AU. (‘oo’) at or call playing the piano with Bob’s easy techniques. History, Psychology, Sociology, and examination Contact: email: or preparation. Please write: pollydolly88@yahoo. 089 229 4416. (I) 084-020-2750 (K) com or call: 08-921-018-08. (L)