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Magazine – Lifestyle
Circulation – 10,000 copies
Distribution – Bangkok & the Eastern Seaboard
Target – Expatriates & middle/upper-income Thai nationals

Bangkok Trader Magazine - December 2012


Launched in November 2006, Bangkok Trader is the most recognizable, free monthly tabloid distributed in Bangkok. With a print run of 10,000 copies,the magazine features in-depth content on lifestyle, food, and travel in Bangkok and around Thailand and Southeast Asia.
It utilizes a well-coordinated distribution network that places and maintains supplies of the tabloid throughout areas of central Bangkok that have high footfalls of expats and middle- to upper-income Thai nationals.

The distribution points include all Villa Market grocery stores; higher-end pubs, bars, and restaurants; and international hospitals, and are outfitted with recognizable free-standing, custom-made Bangkok Trader magazine stands.


The Bangkok Trader readership is predominantly made up of patrons of Villa Market stores, which have,for many years now, catered to middle to upper-income expatriate & Thai families.
Almost three-quarters of the distribution is taken monthly by shoppers at Villa Market’s stores, all of which are located within or close to enclaves of higher end to luxury living areas in and around Bangkok’s central business district and entertainment zones.

The remaining 25% is distributed in locations where these groups drink and dine and spend some of their free time socializing with friends and business colleagues, generally European and American-themed pubs, bars, and restaurants. In addition, we supply some of the international hospitals with copies for patients and family to read in waiting areas.

With a total of 10,000 copies distributed a month and a ‘pass on’ rate estimated to be between 3 to 5 times per copy on average, the total readership of the circulation has been determined to be between 25,000 to 40,000 per month

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Bangkok Trader Magazine - December 2012

  1. 1. Where do you get your business news? FREE!DECEMBER 2012 • VOLUME 7, ISSUE NO. 1 Escaping Bangkok: Koh Kood Page 4 Season’s Greetings From : The Interactive Team interactive COMPANY SET-UP PROPERTY LAW IMMIGRATION ACCOUNTING CONVEYANCE FAMILY LAW WORK PERMIT 30 YR LEASE CONTRACTS Contact us for your 2012 Audit Requirements. WWW.INTERACTIVETHAILAND.COM | 02-653-0043
  2. 2. Volume 7, Issue No. 1 December 2012Published byMango Mango Ltd. Part.124 Sukhumvit 38Prakanong, KlongtoeyBangkok 10110 • ThailandTel. 02 712 4052Managing and Creative Director:Reid NixonTel. 080 246 9000 • reidnixon@me.comPublisher and Managing Director:Pavinee Chaymanee (Ad sales: Thai)Tel. 084 147 5550 • thailandmagazine@gmail.comBusiness Development Manager:Andy Hyde (Ad sales: English)Tel. 080 814 9080 • andy@bangkokbusinessbrief.comGraphic Designer:Au Laphat-radaTel. 089-229-4416 • au.laphat.rada@gmail.comDelivery and Messenger:Anan BoonmaIn association with Siam Gazette Co., Ltd.Alan VersteinTel. 081 761 9302 •
  3. 3. 4 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 It’s No Party on Koh Kood By Dave Stamboulis L et’s face it. Pristine tropical beach paradises in Thailand have gone the way of the dinosaur, not that it’s surprising. Take a per- fect white-sand beach, throw in a few hundred resorts, a couple of full moon parties, and a few magazine articles touting the place as an undiscovered hideaway, and what do you expect? Perhaps it’s just a natural progression. But then there is Koh Kood.
  4. 4. bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 5Koh Where? Even a large number of Thais kind of wonder where I am talk-ing about when I mention Koh Kood. Koh Kood is a long island that sits inthe Gulf of Thailand to the south of Koh Chang. While Koh Chang has beenturned into a developer’s nightmare, and even the sleepy isle of Koh Mak toits south now turned into resort central (following a Guardian article pro-claiming it one of the world’s ten best islands), Koh Kood remains a wonder-ful urban escape, perhaps due to its out-of-the-way location.While one can easily reach Koh Kood in a day from Bangkok, it has alwaysbeen considered a bit off the beaten track. One needs to get to the townof Trat first, either a five- to six-hour bus ride or an hour’s flight only byBangkok Air, followed by a ferry or speedboat ride out to the island. Theisland has also been protected by its image as an upscale escape, whichisn’t exactly true. While Koh Kood has been spared the backpacker excessesthat plague Phangan and Phi Phi, it does have some decent homestays andlower-end accommodation options, while at the other end of the spectrum,a lack of 24-hour air-con (due to the island’s limited power supply) and thehigh price of getting goods and services all the way here from the mainlandhas kept the mega-resort investors at bay.What you will find on Koh Kood are some great tranquil places to stay andvirtually zero nightlife, along with brilliant white-sand beaches, plenty ofthem, fronted by some of the most turquoise and emerald bays to be foundin Thailand. As commercial jet skis and other contraptions are banned onKoh Kood, you don’t find coves full of long-tail boats waiting to whisk youhere and there, and other than your resort’s transportation, a kayak is prob-ably the best way to get around, and you will have plenty of coast all to FREE PRESENT THIS VOUCHER IN STORE TO RECEIVE OFFER BUY ONE COFFEE & COFFEEyourself. GET A 2ND COFFEE FREEDuring my stay on Koh Kood, I spent several days occupying prime, squeaky-white sand as the only human resident, which after a decade of exploring Only valid at The Coffee Club Major EkamaiThailand’s islands and beaches, I considered to be nothing short of miracu- Major Ekamai. Second coffee of 1239 Unit B, Grd Fl, Sukhumvit Rd,lous. On one morning, I launched my boat up the Khlong Chao River… and equal or lesser value. Not valid in Klongton Nua Wattana Tel: 02-381-2736was alone, save for the gibbon calls from the trees and vibrant bird life, sur- conjunction with any other offer.rounded by lush and dense jungle, and feeling a lot more like I was in the Valid to 31 December 2012. The Coffee Club Thailand @thecoffeeclubthAmazon than somewhere in modern Thailand. At the end of the hour-long
  5. 5. 6 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 By The Way Stay. Shantaa Resort – – Some of the best beach hideaways in Thailand are found on Koh Kood. The Shantaa Resort is a small, locally owned hideaway, with a handful of villas tucked into a 30-rai, verdant property fronting beautiful Ao Tapao beach. The food here is possibly the best on Koh Kood, and one can work it off by using the resort’s kayaks (which come free of charge) to explore the pristine coast. Shantaa comes from the Hindi word for tranquility, and this gem of a resort blends in seamlessly with the gorgeous surroundings. Tel. 081 817 9648, 081 444 1648. Captain Hook Resort – – is another Koh Kood beauty that beckons. Located on a secluded cape between a meandering stream and the beach, Captain Hook offers a comfortable escape into nature.The resort is surrounded by emerald water and feels like a fantasy island paradise, as it sits by itself in a remote spot on the northwest coast of Koh Kood. Management here also run the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Resorts on the island. Tel. 02 966 1800-02, 081 826 1188. Do.paddle was the Khlong Chao waterfall, source of the island’s water sup- A lot of the ‘do’ options are included with your place toply and a beautiful spot to while away the day, as the falls featured a large stay, and often for no extra charge: kayak (in the sea or onswimming hole at its base, and while not without tourists, was a spot bliss- the river to the waterfall), snorkel, borrow a motorbike, orfully devoid of the package groups I have learned to run from over the years. perhaps even better yet in a lazy idyll… do nothing.Koh Kood didn’t look too different from when I first laid eyes on it some six Go.years ago, arriving on the island during a long-distance kayak trip in the Koh Kood is reached from the Laem Sok Pier just outsidearchipelago, although there have been some changes. More resorts have of Trat. Buses go regularly from Ekkamai in Bangkok tobeen springing up, and the main ‘village’ of the island, now has a tiny bar or Trat, taking 5-6 hours. Alternatively, save some time with atwo. The local owners of the serene Shantaa resort wondered aloud what flight on Bangkok Air to Trat ( Localwould happen to their beautiful island, as investors from the mainland keep travel agents sell boat tickets from the mainland to Koha greedy eye on paradise. But thus far, a proposed airstrip on the island has Kood (350-600 baht depending on speed), which includesremained just that, a proposal, and at least for the time being, sleepy Koh transport to and from each pier.Kood offers the best of what tropical paradise used to be.
  6. 6. From : The Interactive Team interactive LEGAL & BUSINESS SERVICES COMPANY REGISTRATION WORK PERMIT & VISA ACCOUNTING & AUDIT COMPANY SET-UP PROPERTY LAW IMMIGRATION ACCOUNTING CONVEYANCE FAMILY LAW WORK PERMIT 30 YR LEASE CONTRACTS Contact us for your 2012 Audit Requirements. WWW.INTERACTIVETHAILAND.COM | 02-653-0043 TWO PACIFIC PLACE, 17TH FLOOR - NANA BTS Colin says...“Fus h‘n’Chu ps anyone?” Kiwis may not say it properly, but they sure cook them well. The best fish, all the way from NEW ZULAND (and did we tell you – awarded Bangkok’s Best Fish’n’Chips). THAILAND TATLER BEST RESTAURANTS Great taste’n Kiwi Fish’n’Chips & Seafood! 1/22 Sukhumvit Soi 11 / Ph. 02 651-1098
  7. 7. 8 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 And What After the Impossible?By Voicu Mihnea SimandanI t is remarkable how people tend to remember any given year by major On Wednesday, December 26, 2012, Thailand will commemorate the eighth disasters that took place then rather than by some positive event, even anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Surprisingly enough, there one which shaped the world of medicine, science, or biophysics. We re- are many foreigners and Thais out there, volunteers and NGO representa- member 2005 as the year Hurricane Katrina struck the Atlantic coast tives, civil servants and concerned citizens, who continue to actively workof the U.S. rather than the year when the new cancer drug Tarceva was re- toward the full recovery of the ecosystems and improvement in the lives ofleased. Thinking of 2010, the Haiti earthquake more likely comes to mind communities affected by the tsunami.than the South African discovery of Australopithecus sediba, a new hominid.2011 was the year of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, but how many One of them is Peter Montalbano, a California-based American and formerrecall that in the same year, biophysicists created a laser from a living bio- U.S. Peace Corps volunteer who, three months after the tsunami swept thelogical cell? Andaman Coast of Thailand, found himself once again in Thailand, in the tiny town of Khuraburi in Phang Nga Province, helping as a database pro-For most people living and working in Southeast Asia, 2004 was the year grammer tracking recovery efforts.when a 9.3-magnitude earthquake shook the sea floor of the Indian Ocean,causing a gigantic wave that caused the death of 230,000 people in four- “I will never forget the first days, the swarm of volunteers from all over theteen different countries. Thailand was not spared, and confirmed casualties world who, along with me, had poured into the district to try to clean up thehere soared to 5,395, with thousands more missing and injured. But a look mess, heal wounds, and help people put their lives together. Korean, Swiss,at the positive side of 2004 – and of the tsunami itself – shows it was the Canadian, secular, Buddhist, Catholic, colors and faiths all over the map, ayear many charitable NGOs started operating here. Eight years later and sonorant buzz of goodwill envoys,” he recalls.long past the need for disaster relief, some are still here, helping the tsuna-mi-affected communities to grow in new ways. In the cacophony of NGOs that flew in to give a helping hand, one stood
  8. 8. Break Away skills Courses. get the most out of your experiences Profits go to charity of your choice! LBG’s Managing Director has taught over 20,000 people worldwide and continues to work for some of the largest MNCs. in thailand and that... see LBG now offers these same courses to any groups, or charitable organizations looking at ways to raise funds. ALL MONIES GO TO A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. For further info on our FREE courses please contact Aaron Le Boutillier on 02 262 0747 Properties for Rent. 081 988 4419 happen when you can speak thai. - flexible timetable - qualified and experienced native teachers - at the best location at Pleonchit BTS trialfree lev station Exit 2 - free education visa available up to 3 years** clas el tes s av t a ailab nd leHOUSE FOR SALE IN GRAND CANAL Premium Furnishings 3 Bedrooms / 3 BathroomsTotal Area 203 m2 1 Living room / 2 Kitchens CONTACT: Office/K.Jib 02-520-4747 | Mobile/K.Martial 084-438-4500 FOR MORE INFORMATION: E-mail
  9. 9. 10 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 out above all others to Peter. This was a group called North Andaman Tsu- the NATR brand shifted in 2007, creating a new social enterprise namednami Relief (, or NATR, for short. “It Andaman Discoveries ( The remaining staffhad built itself up on the spot from nothing into an army of enthusiastic and volunteers went back to work in the same offices, with the same idealsvolunteers and had an impressive array of relief programs in more than ten and the same donor list, but with a different mission: to help villagers in thedifferent locations,” he says. “They helped with food and water distribution, nearby tsunami-affected areas sustain themselves in new ways, especiallymedical aid, school repairs, toys and books, and scholarships for 200 chil- through development of a new network for ‘responsible tourism.’dren. NATR also helped the locals build squid traps, a bridge replacement,a water tower, and toilets. And they still found time to work with orphans!” Now, nearly six years after taking this new direction, Andaman Discover- ies (AD) seems to have proven itself. Continuing many of NATR’s signature“They also paid special attention to projects that would get the tsunami programs, such as scholarships, working with orphans, and supportingvictims back on their feet and supporting themselves. Volunteers built a community centers, AD has expanded its scope and vision. The emphasisfurniture workshop and established community centers where produc- is on ‘social entrepreneurship,’ and while activities still include building, res-tion and marketing skills were taught,” says Peter. “I was inspired at the rare toration, and encouraging new livelihoods in communities; no longer aresight of idealists able to make ideals become realities, and the satisfaction donors the primary source of income. The idea is for programs to pay forit brought to them.” themselves. Years after the tsunami, Peter Montalbano relocated to Thailand. Towards the end of 2011, he had the opportunity to tag along on one of AD’s vol- unteer projects. “This one was, typically, in partnership with three other environmentally-minded organizations, and involved a group of young volunteers coming from overseas. They were boated and trekked to a vil- lage on a remote island and put in homestays with local host families. Days were a mix of learning about local history, culture, and ecology, and work on community projects, with an occasional chance to swim and play around in the ocean. Meals were eaten together, sitting Thai-style on the floor, and prepared by locals in the local styles.” The foreign tourist-volunteers also helped paint the community museum and added to the displays. They built recycling bins and spent a day clean- ing up the enormous amount of man-made trash that the Andaman tides wash up from the ocean. After a few days there, they went to another island, helping prepare a local Buddhist temple for a seasonal ceremony, clearing brush, and filling in potholes the monsoons had dug into the asphalt. “Such experiences have tremendous value for all the participants,” under- lines Peter Montalbano.“First of all, they bring people from opposite ends ofAs disaster relief is mostly a temporary job, Peter Montalbano’s part was the earth together and enable them to experience each other as human be-done within six months, and he returned to his “cushy job in the U.S.” He ings, demystifying preconceptions and creating international understand-had done his part and left the rest to the newly revived communities them- ing. New friends are made. Language abilities are expanded and improvedselves. Volunteers could declare victory and go home. on both sides. Secondly, the volunteers learn about history, culture, and ecology of the areas they visit. And finally, physical improvements are madeBut the communities that had been helped still had needs that were hard for in the host community.”them to fill by themselves. Was it enough to restore the area to somethinglike its original imperfect state, or did the need go deeper? Island people ‘Responsible tourism’ is a popular catchphrase, but perhaps not all groupswho had made their livings on the sea had been relocated to new villages using it to describe themselves can live up to the concept it embodies. An-on land, many never to return to their original homes. And new groups of daman Discoveries does though, and in a big way.people moved out to the islands, but were unaccustomed to the old ways oflife there. New problems emerged and called out for solutions. Every year, Phang Nga province holds memorial events at Baan Nam Kem Tsunami Memorial Park with Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim rites followedNorth Andaman Tsunami Relief was still on the ground after nearly all the by a candlelit ceremony. If you’re in the area, please do stop and observe aothers had gone home. But as the ‘relief’ part of its name lost its meaning, moment of silence.
  10. 10. Our next BT Party headquarters: Queen Victoria Bar & Restaurant For more party details, see our Facebook event page at
  11. 11. 12 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 Microbrew Heavenin the City of AngelsBy Dave StamboulisH aving spent the years of my life before Thailand in the Pacific was doing a Le Cordon Bleu high-end cuisine program in Bangkok, the two Northwest, there’s not much I miss about home. I certainly don’t decided to do something about bringing their passion for beer to the drink- miss the gray, cold drizzle or the long, dark winters. I do miss a few ing scene here by creating Beervana to distribute craft beer. friends, the great open natural spaces, but perhaps most of all, Imiss a cold bottle of good microbrewed beer, something that most Bang- Bangkok Trader recently caught up with Aaron Grieser and asked him a fewkokians have never even heard of. This is all about to change though with questions about going micro in Bangkok:the arrival of Beervana to Bangkok.Microbrewed, or craft beer, as it may be known, hails originally from the Pa- BT: What led to the creation of Beervana? What brought you to Thailand andcific Northwest in the U.S., where homebrewers began creating bold and in- subsequently to the bridge between Bangkok and craft beer?novative tastes, making fresh beer using excess hops or experimenting withnontraditional brewing techniques. For beer connoisseurs, once you find a AG: It’s really a story of two guys with an insane love of craft beer and Thai-taste you like, there is no going back. As Aaron Grieser, one of Beervana’sland… and who decided to put the two together. What’s cool is that wefounders says, “The difference between craft and commercial beers is like both had the same idea separately, and once we found each other, decidedthe difference between listening to your favorite band on your iPhone and to join forces. Before Beervana, I worked for some years at the Bangkok of-standing front row at their concert. There’s just a much broader spectrum fice of an international law firm, basically drafting long contracts. But I re-of flavor.” ally just sat at my desk and daydreamed of craft beer. My co-venturer, Brian, came here seven years ago to run a boutique resort in the south, and thenThe microbrewing movement has revolutionized beer in the U.S. and has he moved to Bangkok to complete the superior cuisine program at Le Cor-made good beer an art form, creating a legion of brew aficionados who don Bleu. But he also suffered from his latent thirst.prefer a bottle of craft ale the same way that someone who has discovereda French fromagerie can no longer digest processed cheese. We’ve each been serious craft beer geeks dating back to our days in the States. Back in my hometown in Oregon, everyone brewed. Our friends’Grieser, a lawyer based in Bangkok, grew up in Oregon drinking craft beer, beers would be on tap at local pubs. The brewing scene in the U.S. is so in-and when he met Brian Bartusch, another American microbeer lover who novative, so rich, I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world.
  12. 12. Music of the Heart Band Live at Checkinn99 Nightly Cabaret Style Show – 8:30pm-1:30am Dancing, Fun & Live Music – relaxed, friendly & no hasslesHappy Hour Easy Listening Acoustics – Wed. to Sun. 6-8:30pm Steakhouse, European & Thai Menu Late Night Supper, Cocktails & Irish Coffee Jazz every Sunday afternoon 2-6pmBangkok’s Original Cabaret Bar Sukhumvit Rd b/w Soi 5 & 7 directly opp. Landmark HotelNana BTS Exit 1 • 081 735 7617 • +66 (0)8 9993-3689
  13. 13. 14 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 It rivals anything I’ve experienced in Europe. But each of us was astounded Beervana is not a bar nor a brewery, but a curator of fine craft beer. The en-that no one in Thailand seemed to know about this, America’s best kept terprise is having some of the finest American microbeers shipped, stored,secret. and delivered in a temperature-controlled environment, either to several top notch drinking establishments around Bangkok, or even better yet,BT: Sometimes it seems like the Bangkok alcohol and nightlife culture is based straight to your door via their craft beer club, where one can have some ofmore on the drinking and fun itself than on the quality of the drinks. How do the best brews in the world delivered daily, weekly, or monthly. The bottleyou think microbrewed beer will fit into this? shop on Beervana’s website allows you to order a selection of ales and other fine bottles from the Anderson Valley and Rogue breweries, two of the topAG: Craft beer is beer brewed by small independent breweries, using natu- American microbrewers, and if you join the craft beer club for a member-ral, sometimes organic ingredients, and expressing a high level of creativ- ship of 1,900 baht a year, you get a 20% discount, as well as being able toity. Craft beer is obviously beer, but it’s so different than what most people have the beer set right on your doorstep.think of when they think of beer. It’s elevated, a lot like wine – nuanced anddesigned to be paired with food. Its ingredients and its region of origin play To date, craft beers from Beervana can be found in Bangkok at Brew Beersa huge part in each beer’s character, as do the creativity of the brewery. Yet & Ciders, Quince Eatery & Bar, El Osito, Bo Lan, Eat Me, WTF, Soul Food Ma-it’s accessible because it’s beer. So I think it will fill the gap between ‘stupid’ hanakorn, Little Beast, Niche Café, Oyster Bar, and at the new Apoteka onbeer and ‘smart’ wine. Sukhumvit 11.BT: How do you think craft beer will go over in the Thai market? Who do you see Beervana – – T: 02 108 the biggest consumers of it, expats ‘in the know’ or middle- and upper-classThais interested in trying something new? NEED VISA? VISA ISSUES?AG: Expats are dying for it. You should see the kind of jumping-up-and-down, hug-inducing excitement we get when people find out we’ve gotfresh craft beer. It’s only a matter of time until Thai folks get turned on aswell! Despite buying small-batch beer, and cold-shipping it from the brew- INSTANT THAI VISAery all the way to Bangkok, we’re still priced in the range of the Belgian ü Do you need a long-term Visa tobeers currently in vogue. stay in Thailand?Most importantly, the beer is perfect for Thailand. We’ve been working with ü Do you have an overstay problem?a lot of local chefs, and craft beer is the thing Thai food has always been ü We solve ANY immigration problemwaiting for. Besides, there is so much variety in craft beer that there’s some- you might have. Call: 089-149-9200thing for everyone. So, the question isn’t whether you’ll like craft beer; it’s ü We provide fast, professional info@InstantThaiVisa.comwhen you’ll find the beer you’ll love. services at reasonable price. ü We require minimal documentation.I should add, our ultimate goal is not to cut-and-paste foreign beer onto the INSTANTThai market. We want to do something original; we want to make craft beer ü NO MORE Border Run! THAI VISAauthentically Thai. So we hope to grow with peoples’ taste.
  14. 14. 16 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 This Cricket Isn’t Meant for Eating By Voicu Mihnea SimandanC ricket is mostly associated with countries that were previously part of the British Empire, and in places such as Southeast Asia, it might not seem such a popular sport. Still, the Singapore Cricket Asso- ciation recently held an inaugural International Women’s T20 Chal-lenge, in which Thailand beat Japan by four wickets in the final! Apart fromthe host country, Thailand, Japan, and Australia also participated, but it wasthe Thai girls who returned home champions.For those who aren’t familiar with the rules of cricket, just imagine a rectan-gular pitch on which two teams have eleven players each side. Cricket is abat-and-ball game whose purpose is to try and score as many runs as pos-sible. This can be done by a batsman hitting the ball with his or her bat andthen running to the opposite end of the pitch to touch a specially demar-cated area called a crease. The player has to do this without being dismissed founded in 2004 by a group of expat cricketers and is playing today bothby his/her opponents, in which case, the batsman has to leave the field until locally and internationally. The club has roughly 35 playing members andthe end of an inning when the teams switch between batting and fielding. 20 social members.Luckily, Bangkok not only has a few good grounds where you can play crick- Siam Cricket Club competes in the Premier and B divisions of the Bangkoket, it also has a league setup, which is run by a few extremely dedicated Cricket League and usually rotates around the following grounds, all locat-cricketers. The Bangkok Cricket League ( ed within the capital city: Asian Institute of Technology (Rangsit), Thailandhas been organizing cricket events since 2002. It has three high-quality di- Cricket Ground (Lat Krabang), Harrow International School (Don Muang),visions: Premier (maximum of 40 overs per innings and played in one day), Polo Club (Soi Polo on Witthayu Road / Wireless Road) and Royal BangkokA and B (both with a maximum of 25 overs per innings and played in one Sports Club (Henri Dunant Road).day). Although the league is the largest of such kind in Thailand, it is runby volunteers and is completely self-funded. Both the Sports Authority of Michael Hoolahan is a 34-year-old Thai cricket player who played cricketThailand and the Cricket Association of Thailand ( at home in Australia for as long as he can remember, but started playingofficially recognize it. organized cricket around the start of high school. Shortly after he moved to Thailand, around four years ago, he joined the Siam Cricket Club.If you live in Bangkok and love the game of cricket, then joining Siam CricketClub ( might be the exact opportunity you’ve been wait- Although the Siam Cricket Club doesn’t have an official clubhouse, theiring for. The club is also known as ‘The Parrots,’ named after the Bangkok sponsor over the last few years has been the Green Parrot Bar on Sukhumvitbar that houses them, or ‘The Parakeets,’ their female team. The club was Soi 33. “So we generally go there for committee meetings and gatherings,”
  15. 15. Sukhumvit Soi 4 NO SATELLITE DISH NO PROXY Heineken & San Miguel, 99Bt a pint NO VPNNana’s Original British Boozer Rajah Hotel Car Park Sukhumvit Soi 4 Tequila Shots 45bt SERVICE AVAILABLE ON
  16. 16. 18 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 In Simon’s opinion,“Cricket is a globally expanding sport with its hotbed here in Asia, and therefore, there is no reason to believe cricket will not become a major sport played here in Thailand. Currently, it is driven largely by the second/third generation Indian/Pakistani Thais, but an increasing number of Thais are beginning to play the game, particularly as they are being educated abroad and consequently being introduced to the sport whilst at school, uni- versity, or college.” But Thailand has a long way to go before it will be competitive at a nation- al level for a number of reasons. According to Simon, “the Thai government needs to recognize the sport and support its development with funding. This has happened to a large degree with the new cricket grounds and practice facility near the international airport, but it is in the schools that the sport needs to be promoted, and until a national structured coaching program is introduced to the under 12s and above, cricket in Thailand will struggle to develop.”says Michael. “We also frequent at the Sport 20-2 Bar on Sukhumvit 22 after Also there is the issue of the old versus new generations, as Simon explains:games.”The membership costs are not high at all, with only 1,500 baht per an- “Clubs that are already established need to recognize their juniors; there arenum for playing members, plus a game fee of 200 baht, while social members too many clubs that selfishly satisfy the needs of their senior members whilstpay only 500 baht each year. offering little or nothing for potential junior cricketers. I genuinely believe the lifeblood of any sport or club comes from the juniors, and until this situationAccording to Michael Hoolahan, “The cricket movement in Thailand is going is addressed, I fear for the development of the sport in Thailand.”ahead strongly. There are various programs in place by the Cricket Associa-tion of Thailand to introduce cricket to the Thai people. These include coaches A shining example of how a junior program can be successful is in Chiangwho travel to schools all over the country to train kids in cricket, as well as uni- Mai. The annual Sixes tournament adopted the junior program with financialversity scholarships programs for promising junior cricketers promoted by support, and consequently both boys and girls successfully play the gamethe Sports Authority of Thailand.” Adding to that, the Bangkok Cricket League and have represented the country at various age groups and continue to dogets bigger and better each year. There are also indoor cricket games being so. “However,” emphasizes Simon, “it is apparent that without the support ofheld at the Bangkok Cricket Academy and more recently at the British Club. dedicated volunteer coaching, this success would not have been possible. Which comes full circle back to funding and government backing.”The biggest difference between cricket here in Thailand and Australia, whereMichael was born, is obviously the number of available grounds where cricket The majority of cricket played in Thailand is 11-a-side, 40 overs games or less,fans and players are actually able to play and train at. “Growing up in Syd- and Sixes cricket. Nearly all cricket that is televised in Thailand is the shorterney, though it may be changing now, there seemed to be at least two cricket version of the game, and consequently, the game is played accordingly re-grounds in every suburb. We have maybe five or six grounds in all of Bang- gardless of the situation.“Being the captain of PCC and more of a traditional-kok!” says Michael. ist, it is sometimes horrifying to realize batsmen cannot and will not grind out innings when the circumstances dictate. However, this approach can lead toCricket is a great sport because players of all shapes and sizes can play, and some extraordinary scores at both ends of the run-scoring spectrum – greateveryone who does play gets involved. “Cricket is unique in that it has ele- when it comes off, but disastrous when it does not. Therefore, the biggest dif-ments of both individual and team sports in the one game. While there are ference with cricket in Thailand, as opposed to England, is the experience andalways individuals who excel in a game, the team must always play well to- exposure. The abilities are exactly the same, and hopefully, with time and thegether to get results,” adds Michael. “People should play cricket for the same right guidance and support, this gap will be narrowed, if not bridged. But, wereason they play any sport. It’s an active game which challenges the mind, still have a long way to go,” explains Simon Philbrook.body, and soul.” Cricket is a sport for everyone and anyone regardless of age, sex, or ability. AtOn top of that, it gets people out of the house and into the sunshine and Pattaya Cricket Club, the cricket is always fun and enjoyable, as well as com-amongst friends. Not to mention that cricket is also a great spectator sport. petitive, and everyone is welcome. “As a sport, it is unique in offering a teamWhat better way is there to enjoy lunch than with a game of cricket to keep environment that has to play as an individual. Also, it is ideal for instilling dis-you entertained at the same time? cipline and respect for all ages and backgrounds, however, there are times when some individuals sometimes forget this,” adds the Club’s Chairman.Michael admits that anytime he plays for ‘The Parrots,’ it’s a special Thai cricketexperience:“We play hard and always within the laws and spirit of cricket andnever without a cool beer to reflect on a good day out. It’s a good clean fam-ily day with wives, girlfriends, and kids, all of whom are encouraged to comealong and enjoy a day outdoors.” STRIKERS sports pubSimon Philbrook is a 46-year-old British expatriate who is a financial ad-viser in Pattaya, and once he’s finished with his desk job for the day, s! e girlhe is also the chairman, captain, and founder of Pattaya Cricket Club( He started playing in England when he was thonly 10, and his first game of cricket in Thailand was played in the Chiang Mai MeetInternational Cricket Sixes in 1989. But, he has started playing regularly since 2013 SWIMSUIT CALENDAR2010 with the formation of Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC).PCC was formed in January 2010 and was based at Horseshoe Point. But theclub moved to its new grounds at the Thai Polo Ground located on the out- LAUNCH PARTYskirts of the city, and games commenced this October. Their membership Saturday 15th Decembernumber is rapidly approaching 100. There’s a fee of 1,000 baht per annum forplayers and 500 baht for social members. 9pm until late
  17. 17. Serving ourChristmas menu starting 19th DecemberBookings are advisable The QueenVictoria for the 25th British Pub and RestaurantServing our Christmas menu starting 19th Dec. Bookings are advisable for the 25th. Great pub food snacks & Thai favourites from our open-plan kitchen Many TVs inside & in our outdoor garden area ideal for watching live sport with sound Free Wi-Fi • Daily happy hours 4.30-7.30 pm • • Function room • • Available for private parties • Sukumvit Soi 23 (opposite Soi Cowboy) Tel. 02 661 7417
  18. 18. 20 bangkok trader DECEMBER 2012 Networking Head over to to check out all the pix from the great time we had at Roadhouse BBQ on Rama IV & Surawongse!
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It 24hr security, cctv, underground parking. Also Lcd Tv, Wifi have. “ANY” means ANY! We provide fast servicesadds nutrients into the soil and soil structure. Plants just Internet, Telephone. Sale 2.8m baht or 14,000b mth. Contact at a reasonable price. We require minimal or NOlove it! Call us at 0877941183 Aldo (English) or 0896694852 Nick Green 0800 959 002 (Pattaya). Email: nickgreen3 documentation. We do everything: completelyYui (Thai). Check our Facebook page @ Dirt Digger by To (L) hassle-free for you! Call 089-149-9200 or email toBe Earth Care. We sell 1/2 kilo bags, 1 kilo and 25 kilo bags (L)as well. We can also deliver. (L) SANDEE THAI LANGUAGE SCHOOL teaches Thai language and culture to foreigners. Now with 3 branchesCASA CITY TOWN HOUSE – 23 wah corner unit. 3 bedrooms, - Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai. With our continuous BUSINESS / FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS, estate4 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 living rooms, and 2 parking with growth we need energetic, versatile full / part time planners, will writers & paralegals are required to join ouraircon in every rooms. Ramkhamhaeng 76 main road, teacher/s to join our dynamic team. Requirements: Thai organization. Full / Part-Time vacancies are available. (Ifclose to Big C supermarket and HomePro. Sale 6.3 Million. national speaks fluent Thai & English, work full / part you don’t have the qualifications, then you may attendTel. Naree 086-537-2557 (L) our seminars and be certified). Franchises / Agencies are time teach Thai to foreigners, work in Bangkok, Pattaya available. For further information and to send your resumeOFFICE SPACE FOR RENT located in a multi-storey office / Chiang Mai branch, BA/MA not necessary but welcome / CV to: (L)building on Sukhumwit 50 close to On Nut station. Total to apply, classroom teaching experience required. Callarea is 336 sq. metres at rental price of 300THB per metre Leanne 084-388-2832 (L) HAIR & BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE South Pattaya. Greatper month. Includes water charges, but excludes other Location in City Walk Pattaya (Next to Royal Garden plaza)utilities. Prefer to rent as one unit, but consideration to IN DOMUS 18, a three bedroom, (2 plus study) 167m/sq on beach front. 7 Work Stations, 2 Massage Tables, Goodsplitting into smaller units. Car parking space available for fully furnished, modern condominium for rent at 95,000 clientele base. Two 5 star Hotels nearby. Free parking.3 vehicles. Contact Anchalee Khamkeaw on 02 7362700 baht per month. Featured is a large balcony which over No Licence required. No Key money. Profitable Business.Ext: 2706 or 089 496 0049 (outside office hours) (L) looks a lovely swimming pool, a kitchen with stainless Accounts available. 30,000 baht/month rent. Only 1.2M steel oven, large master with impressive en-suite, open Baht. Relocating hence sale price. Call 080-0959002 (L)FOR RENT OR SALE – 129 sqm 3br condo in Sukhumvit plan living with L-shape sofa and a big LCD flat screen23, 3 years old. Walking distance Asoke MTR/BTS. TV. Excellent location, with Terminal 21 & Asoke station TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT – Sukhumvit Soi 15 in secure quietBalconies, 3 bthr, plus all usual amenities. Luxury western conveniently nearby. If of genuine interest PH 08 7812 gated sub-soi directly opposite NIST main entrance. End ofstyle kitchen. Viewing anytime and special terms for the 6893 (L) terrace with side entrance. Fully modernized with 5 bed 5lucky tenant / owner. Contact Daojai 0819-277614 (Thai) bath (3 en-suite). Fully fitted european kitchen. Dining room,or Steve 0817-010686 (English) (L) TOWN HOUSE or home office – 3 stories, 3 bathrooms, 2 living room, maid room with toilet / shower. All rooms wired carparks Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24/3 Huamark Bangkapi. Lease for tv / tel / net. Patio. Covered off-road parking. Only THBWANTED ANYONE invoved in leather / plastic walets hold 17 years. Sale 1.7 Million. Tel. Naree 086-537-2557. Close 39,000 per month for right tenant. Contact Bua on 087 917- handbag - bag ect also flipflops casual footware plus to Ramkhamhaeng University and ABAC University (L) 2056 or 02 392 8277. (L)ladies gent kids clothing all sizes and at competativeqrices for export to the uk any amounts concidered call TWO BEDROOM FF 75M/SQ condo for rent with asking LADY ANN IS BASED at Ocean Marina (Pattaya - Jomtien),081 490 6275 (L) 35,000 baht per month. It is light and bright and there with the ease of traveling from Bangkok. Lady Ann is one are open green views from the medium size balcony. of your best choice. Lady Ann is a 45 feet yacht, we canPART TIME JOB
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