Pocket PlayLab Presentation - WebMob Thailand - Feb 2013

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Pocket PlayLab Presentation - WebMob Thailand @ Launchpad - Feb 2013

Pocket PlayLab Presentation - WebMob Thailand @ Launchpad - Feb 2013

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  • 1. WebMob 26 Feb thReplacing wasted minutes with joyful social mobile games
  • 2. Overview • Our Market • Our Structure • Our Edge(s) • Our Team • Our Games • Our Future • Key Lessons
  • 3. Our Market 2013 1 Billion Smartphones & Tablets Sold Paying users spend $8 - $15 per month Pocket PlayLab got eCPMs at 3-6$ on advertising
  • 4. App Stores IOS App store have now paid out 8Bn $ to Developers Google Play have had more than 30B Downloads as of February 2013
  • 5. Our Structure Singapore Thailand Private Limited Company - Boi ApprovedSingaporean Government NRF 100% Foreign Ownership Legal Structure Unlimited Workpermits Tax Advantages Low Workforce Costs Gaming Hub of Asia
  • 6. The Team Our International Team of 20 Thomas Andreasen CEO & Founder Danish, Pocket PlayLab Jakob Lykkegaard Danish, PageModo Co-Founder Poul Hansen Danish, FlipInvert (GameDuell) Lead Architect Mark Twist British, FlipInvert (GameDuell) Business Analyst Sky Penderis South African, FlipInvert (GameDuell) Lead Artist Tanin Hohmann German, FlipInvert (GameDuell) Lead Designer Jay Saranpat Thai, FlipInvert (GameDuell), CyberPlanet Lead Production
  • 7. The Team Team
  • 8. Our EdgeWe takeProven game metricscombine them withPopular social features,Cute graphic andMetrics driven development!
  • 9. Succes Formula Showreel Lost Cubes (Video) Promo video of Lost Cubes - iOS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6xHhwguYpY
  • 10. Success Formula Lost Cubes Performance ● Lost Cubes Released on iOS Jan 8 2013 ● 23.000.000+ Levels Completed to date ● Almost 2 Decades spent Playing Lost Cubes ● Avg 42.000 new daily users daily in first week ● Retention Rate of 11.6% after 30 days!
  • 11. Press Press “Finished With Flow Free? Graduate To Lost Cubes” http://kotaku.com/5974099/finished-with-flow-free-graduate-to-lost- cubes “If you like puzzle games, you’ll be sure to like this as well” http://finance.yahoo.com/news/bangkok-game-studio-releases-lost- 031052193.html “What’s really interesting is that Jakob(Lykkegaard) is now focusing on the gaming vertical, betting on the rise of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming seems to be a really exciting space to be in this year.” http://e27.sg/2013/01/10/pocket-playlab-launches-new-game-title-aims-to-be-a-leader-in-the-mobile-gaming- space/
  • 12. Success Formula Reviews (Lost Cubes, iOS) So ADDICTING ★★★★★ by DDT112873 - Version 1.2 - Jan 10, 2013 This game is some sort of sorcery!!! I cant stop playing it! Fun! ★★★★★ by Polyethham - Version 1.2.1 - Jan 28, 2013 I laughed, I cried, I joined some cubes. Hello boy 86 ★★★★★ by Hello boy 86 - Version 1.2.1 - Jan 28, 2013 Sexually very good. 好玩 ★★★★★ by 很喜欢兔子的萝卜 - Version 1.2.1 - Jan 23, 2013 1500+ reviews on iOS 很可爱 很好玩 最喜欢玩这种连线游戏了〜 Me9000 ★★★★★ Avg Score 4.7 by Me9000 - Version 1.2.1 - Feb 24, 2013 � - �������fvhuy
  • 13. Exit StrategyGame Acquisitions total transaction value was $4 billion in 2012!
  • 14. Key LessonsDont launch unpolished apps (Test in other countries before launch)Prototype mechanics for ”fun” before productionDont think iOS/Play App stores are “friendly” to your app.Look at emerging platforms (Samsung, KDDI (japan) ect.)Dont assume that people will come if you build it (Visibility is key)Make sure your App/Game is backwards compatible.Test with users as early as possible.
  • 15. Thomas Andreasen Ta@Pocketplaylab.com Linked-in Thomas Andreasen Facebook.com/Andreasen.Thomas Thank You!