The VC Group by Dr Jay Jootar - WebMob Thailand April 2013 Meetup


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The VC Group by Dr Jay Jootar - WebMob Thailand April 2013 Meetup

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  • It’s not just putting the screen on to the new environment. The use cases are quite different and open ways for new opportunities
  • Need to think in two screens one is the controller, the other is the controlled
  • Need to think in more than two screens when many people with simultaneous uses
  • The VC Group by Dr Jay Jootar - WebMob Thailand April 2013 Meetup

    1. 1. Beyond Mobile:The next digital frontiers in TV, car, and other shared screensJay JootarThe VC GroupWebMob 30 Apr 2013 @Double Tree by Hilton
    2. 2. Jay Jootar1975 1996 2002 2009 2013
    3. 3. The Venture Catalyst Group• Founded 09/09/2009• Strategic JVs with Foxconn Group& investors from HK, USA• Do R&D work for partners andretain intellectual property rightsfor potential spin offs• Product areas:– Embedded device– Cloud infrastructure & apps– Big data– Telecom system & apps• Independent teams managedifferent product areas inanticipation for spin offsSpin offs withhomegrownentrepreneurTechnicalTalentThe VC Group PartnerR&D workfor partners
    4. 4. Product Example• ARM-based CPU• No moving parts• LAN, USB, WiFi, SDcard, HDMI, VGA, IR, Speaker, Microphone• Concurrently running Android &Linux and switch between domains• Control from remote controller &apps on smart phone / tablet• Cost 1/3 of PC• Turn any screen into acomputer, at a very low cost
    5. 5. Digital media proliferation?
    6. 6. From personal to shared screenFrom … To …
    7. 7. Beyond living roomsDigital signageMeeting roomCarHome automation
    8. 8. Seeing vs InteractingSeeingControllingSending dataEvery smart phone & tablet will be able to controland send data to the shared screen
    9. 9. Adaptive controlDesign control screen to match main screen
    10. 10. Simultaneous usageMultiple devicesplaying the samegame at the sametimeNeed to design multiple screens at the same time
    11. 11. TV, Meeting room, Class room• Share personal media on TV orprojector from personal device• Interactive class room session• Instant voting• Instant online purchase• Casual games• Karaoke• Home monitoring from TV
    12. 12. Digital signage• Select what to see on signage locations, current movielist, promotions• Browse through food menu• Grab coupons on the spot• Make reservations on the spot• Play casual games with friends orstrangers
    13. 13. Car• Show places of interest within thevicinity dynamically andautomatically• Continue music, video, radiochannels from mobile• Synch locations from mobile• Send destinations from mobile toown car or taxi
    14. 14. In a nutshell• New digital environment requires rethinking of usagescenario and design principles• There are plenty of new opportunities to createbetter user experience and lifestyles in these newenvironments
    15. 15. Thank You!