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Promotional cover research
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Promotional cover research

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  • 1. Promotional Cover Research By Muhammad Zeeshan Zafraan Mahrban Judah Chandra
  • 2. Beginning  Beforewe started to create a Promotional Cover each of us had to do research on promotional covers to reveal the codes and conventions of the Promotional Cover.
  • 3. Typography – The typography within this promotional cover is of simple font and colour. The large, bold title illustrates the Artist Name to make the text more eye catching thus making it easy to attract the audience. The name of the album is quite interesting. “Straight No Chaser”. This interesting use of language attracts the audience simply due to the wording sounding ‘cool’. Furthermore, the text on the promotional cover are also for informing the audience of the album. This is done by writing the name of the album, the name of the album’s artist, the release date of the artist & listing a few artist within the album. This makes it easier to promote the album as targeted audience will like the artist, while the artist list will confirm their purchase of the album. This is due to the fact that the list of artist within the promotional cover will hook the targeted audience onto the album Imagery – Colour – The only image upon the promotional cover is of the artist. The colour within the promotion is simple This is to attract the audience only to the artist and nothing except at the main image. The effects of the else. This way the promotion of the artist will be simpler. images using different shades of colour makes Moreover the effects of the image make an exquisite effect it eye catching for the audience thus making which is eye catching for the targeted audience which in turn the promotional cover efficient at advertising makes the advertising and marketing much easier. the artist.
  • 4. Typography – The typography within this promotional cover is quite interesting as the Artist name is in Large and Bold font making it easier to see thus attracting the audience mush easily. However the album name is exquisite due to the design of the font. The attractive font makes it easier for the promotional cover to attract and hook audience into the album. Moreover the name of the album is once again cleverly chosen to maximise the chance of audience looking at the promotional cover. This is due to fact that the album name is “Your Truly Angry Mob” which relates to the targeted audience as the ‘Your’ makes a personal link with the reader. This helps with the promoting and advertising of the album as more readers can relate themselves with the artist. As with the previous promotional cover, the promotional cover is informative about the album as the Album Name, Album Artist Name, Release Date, Version in Which album is available & the artist Website. I believe the website makes it easier for the targeted audience link with the artist, this in turn makes them relate themselves with the artist.
  • 5. Imagery – The image of the artist is placed on the bottom of the promotional cover with a distance between the title and the picture. This gap makes the image more eye catching then the text, thus if the text never caught the eye of the targeted audience then the image will. Moreover the artist within the picture are looking straight at you. This I believe makes the targeted audience feel that all attention from the band is on him/her. This in turn allows the target audience to relate with the group which will make the promoting much easier.
  • 6. Colour – The simple colour of the promotional cover along with the text and the image, makes a simple yet effective promotional cover. This is due to the fact that the colour yellow is one of the brightest colour thus making it much more eye catching. Then the text and the images will hook the audience into the album resulting in a simple yet efficient promotional cover.
  • 7. Findings  During the research, we found that the album cover of the artist was used to create the promotional cover.  Moreover we found certain codes and conventions which were repeated within the two promotional magazines we examined. These are as listed. Artist & Album Name Imagery Colour The layout of the Promotional covers consist of the Artist and Album name at the Top. Release date with the Album Name or at the Bottom. The Image is large and anywhere on the page, Release Date, Middle and Bottom from the analyzed Promotional Covers. Version of the Album, Website Address
  • 8. Uses of Codes and Conventions  Artist Name – To relate the album to its respective artist.  Album Name – Name of the Album.  Colour – Colour used within the Promotion Cover.  Imagery – Images Used within the Promotional Cover.  Release Date – Release Date of the Album.  Versions of the Album – Different mediums for the albums for example – CD, DVD, Double LP.  Website Addresses – Website Address of the Artist.