2012 13 freshman orientation power point


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2012 13 freshman orientation power point

  1. 1. Welcome to the 2012-2013 School YearAndy Banasik- High School PrincipalJennifer Gallagher - Assistant High SchoolPrincipal/Athletic DirectorElaina Knoble-Janey- Guidance CounselorKayla Mezera - Student Counselor AdvisorMarge Johnson - Student Counselor Advisor
  2. 2. Prairie du Chien HighSchool Staff Introduceby Department Student Council SWC Leadership
  3. 3. Freshman Orientation Requirements for the Class of 2016 Class of 2015 & beyond  Credits: 28  Math Requirement: 5 Credits  Science Requirement: 5 Credits  Act Explore/Plan/Test (Required)
  4. 4. Freshman SuccessKeys: 1. Attendance  10 excused absences in a SCHOOL YEAR  With prior permission  Parental phone calls/E-mail the Attendance Officer/Parental note to the high school office  Appointments are considered medical as long as a medical slip is turned into the office  3 consecutive days missed MUST have medical excuse  Part of day counts as a full day  Truancy Fine/Habitual Truancy Fine  Excused Absence vs. Unexcused Absence  Full or Partial Credit 2. Get Involved  Clubs, Band/Choir, Art, Co-Curricular Activities, etc. 3. Work at your classwork/studies  An official transcript starts on September 4th
  5. 5. Educational Opportunities
  6. 6. AP Course Offerings Pre AP English 9 Students will be able to take both AP English Language and AP English Literature as Juniors and Seniors Most4 yr. schools offer a minimum of 3 credits for each AP class.
  7. 7. Additional AP Courses AP– Government, History, Psychology, Statistics, Calculus, Music Theory, Spanish, Environmental Science and Studio Art
  8. 8. PLTW Engineering/Medical Engineering Courses Offered: Introduction to Engineering and Design and Principles of Engineering (POE), Civil Engineering (CEA) BiomedicalCourses Offered: Principles of Biomedical and Human Body Systems
  9. 9. Handbook andFrequently AskedQuestions
  10. 10. Freshman Orientation  Student Handbook  Be on time  Dress Code No hats in the building during or after school hours  Clothing attire: No backless or strapless tops/Acceptable Shorts  Cell Phones – Cell phones may be used during the school day. When entering a classroom, mute and place in basket. No cell phones allowed in the bathrooms or locker rooms. Refer to Student Handbook pages 24-25.  Harassment  Verbal in the hallway/classroom  Cell Phone/Cyber Bullying  Face book/E-mail/Twitter/Other Internet Sources
  11. 11. Freshman Orientation Academic After Hours After the 3rd, 6th, and 9th week in each term or after each term is completed. After Hours is no longer required after student is passing. Fees $20.00/$3.00 per semester for Math Calculator $40.00/$10.00 per semester for Band Rental $350.00 for Driver’s Education - Summer
  12. 12. Freshman Orientation Frequently Asked Questions:  Where do I go the first day? Gymnasium  What happens if I forget my locker combination, or class schedule?  Driver’s Education Class  Summer Course  Must be 15 years old to register for the course  Cost is $350.00  Integrated Math  Support in the morning/during school/after school/9th Hour Class  9th Hour Resource/Closed Campus  All students will attend school until 3:40  Help all students with homework  Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors are on Closed Campus  Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors are required to eat on campus during lunch.
  13. 13. Communication Sources
  14. 14. Freshman OrientationSkyward- Family Access Skyward Family Access  Communication Tool between teacher/parent/student/office  You can not break anything  What will you see?  Assignments,Progress Reports, Attendance, Grades for each term, discipline, fee management, food service, sport and activity information, and more.
  15. 15. Freshman Orientation Where do I go as a student or parent to get information?  Prairie du Chien District Website  www.pdc.k12.wi.us  School Calendars (Hard Copy)  Skyward- Family Access  Student Information System  Grades, Progress Reports, E-mail, attendance, discipline, staff contacts, and student class assignments.  Athletic Website Information – rschool Today  www.southwestwisconsinconference.org 
  16. 16. 1st Day - Schedules
  17. 17. Freshman Orientation Any Questions