Creating a Culture Advantage


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Find out if you have a great company culture or if your company culture use a boost. Then learn some steps to creating a business advantage from culture.

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Creating a Culture Advantage

  1. 1. “Customerswillneverloveacompanyuntilthe employeesloveitfirst.” —SimonSinek Culture matters
  2. 2. • It gives your people something to care about. • It affects the direction your company takes. • It’s one of the few ways SMBs can compete with big businesses. • It is the easiest way to engage your people. Whydoesculturematter?
  3. 3. Culture is the compass that guides which direction your company will go. 84percentofemployeesbelieve cultureiscriticaltobusinesssuccess.
  4. 4. “YouCan’tBuyYourCultureatWalmart!” —MikeKerr,HumoratWorkspeaker How do companies do it wrong?
  5. 5. • People are leaving. Often. • Not communicating in the right way. • You borrowed the company values from another company. • Bad behaviors from leaders (will trickle down eventually). • Managers are not willing to do front- line work. • Your people don’t bring on their own friends when you have an opening. • Employees compete with each other more than against your competitors. • Your people don’t like each other. • People don’t know or care about the company’s overall goals. Signsthatcompanyculturestinks:
  6. 6. If your people aren’t working hard and playing hard, your company culture may need a lift. 51percentofemployeesthink amajoroverhauliscurrently neededintheirculture.
  7. 7. How can companies do it right? “Workinghardforsomethingwedon’tcareabout iscalledstress.Workinghardforsomethingwe loveiscalledpassion.” —SimonSinek
  8. 8. Anyoftheselookfamiliar? What sets these companies apart from the others?
  9. 9. • It’s okay to fail. • Creativity and good work is rewarded. • You enjoy working with those around you. • Your people know and live your company values. • Freedom to make decisions and flexibility to do your best work in the best way. • Your CEO is available to each and every employee. • Your people actively share your company wins and job openings on social media. • Helping each other is not an exception, it’s the norm. • Great ideas can come from anyone. • Your boss actually knows what you do in your spare time. Signsthatcompanyculturerocks:
  10. 10. Usevideotoshowyourculture:
  11. 11. If your people like coming to work and start taking an ownership perspective of their work, then you know your culture is working for you. 60percentofemployeesthinkculture ismoreimportantthanstrategyor operatingmodel.
  12. 12. How can you create a great culture? “AtZappos,ourbeliefisthatifyougettheculture right,mostoftheotherstuff—likegreatcustomer service,orbuildingagreatlong-termbrand, orpassionateemployeesandcustomers—will happennaturallyonitsown.” —TonyH.,CEOof Zappos
  13. 13. • Recognize the problem. • Know what you want. • Make it official. • Show you’re different from the rest. • Always live it. • Empower your people. • Hire for culture fit. • Correct, when needed. • Celebrate your culture wins. Stepstocreateyourown rockingculture:
  14. 14. 59percentofemployeesthinktheCEO andothertopleadersareresponsible forchangingculture. Culture isn’t another to-do on your list; it’s something you and everyone in your company should be living every day—without having to think about it.
  15. 15. How can you measure results? “Anorganization’sabilitytolearn,andtranslate thatlearningintoactionrapidly,istheultimate competitiveadvantage.” —JackWelch
  16. 16. • Number of applicants when recruiting • Employee retention • Employee satisfaction • Performance numbers • Number of people reading your blog and engaging on social media MeasurableData:
  17. 17. • Vibe at the office • Type of people you attract • People are noticing your company • Your employees love coming to work • Your company’s vision is getting closer Non-measurableData:
  18. 18. Dataisbigrightnow.Wehavethetools tomeasurethings,sowewanttoknow howoureffortstranslate.Culturecan bemeasuredaswell.Butthere’salso thesofter,unmeasurablesidethatwill alwaysbeimportant. Sometimes you don’t have a percentage or a number that shows how much your team likes working together.
  19. 19. Ask yourself this: Would your people keep working if they won the lottery? “Moneymotivatesneitherthebestpeople,nor thebestinpeople.Itcanmovethebodyand influencethemind,butitcannottouchthe heartormovethespirit;thatisreservedfor belief,principle,andmorality.” —DeeHock
  20. 20. Questions? Tweetyourquestionsat #askbamboo
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