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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Using Games to Inspire Creativity in Your Digital Natives
    Timothy Lewis, J. Elizabeth Gibbs, Margaret L. Rice and Richard L. Rice, Jr.
    Presentation for the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) annual meeting, June 28-July 1, 2009, Washington, DC.
  • 2. Gaming Research
    Today’s children are bombarded with multimedia based experiences everyday.
    “Reinventing Schools” Report
    National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering,
    Students are described as the “Nintendo Generation” (
    They have been engaged with a variety of technologies most of their lives, including television, computers, video games, digital music, etc.
    They are often the ones to assist their teachers or parents in using technologies.
    Jenkins and Hinrichs (2006)
    View games as resources that offer teachers a way to “make their subject matter come alive for their students, motivating learning, offering rich and compelling problems, modeling the scientific process and the engineering context, and enabling a more sophisticated assessment mechanisms” (¶ 15).
    Research has shown that games can support skill development in a variety of areas: strategic thinking, planning, communication, application of numbers, negotiating skills, group decision-making, problem solving, sequencing, deductive reasoning, and memorization (Kirriemuir & McFarlane, 2004; McFarlane, Sparrowhawk, & Heald, 2002).
    In many computer games, users must learn a skill or concept to advance, whichmakes the user responsible for how the game progresses. This is different than when using other media for learning.
  • 3. National Summit on Educational Games
    Research Supports Educational Games
    Microsoft, Universities Fund Research on Educational Games,-universities-fund-research-educational-games
    Understanding Video Games
  • 4. Benefits
    Promote collaborative decision making
    Foster Creativity
    Promote learning through authentic and engaging play
    Motivate learning
    Make learning fun
    Promote problem Solving skills
    Promote critical thinking skills
    Promote organization
    Promote visualization
    Provide quick and specific feedback
    Enhance the curriculum
  • 5. Types of Games
    educational entertainment
    provides learning as a form of entertainment
    Adventure game
    user plays the role of the protaganis
    interactive story
    exploring and solving puzzles
    representation of activities or real life situations.
    used for training, analysis, prediction, problem-solving
  • 6. Preschool Games
    Fisher Price
    Music, phonics, alphabet, memory games
    Nick Jr.
    Alphabet, numbers, reading, music, matching, art, etc.
    PBS Kids
    Early Childhood
    All subject areas
    $9.95 per month/$79 per year
    Sesame Street
    Alphabet, reading, science, Spanish, music, art, etc.
  • 7. Preschool and Elementary
    Ages 2-5
    Variety of early learning skills, including cooperation, counting, reading, compare and contrast 
    I Know That
    Preschool to 6th Grade
    All subject areas 
    Preschool-2nd grade
    Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, Phonics
    Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.
    Reading and writing
    Ages – 10 and under
    Variety of subject areas
  • 8. Elementary
    Alphabet, Counting
    Kindergarten and 1st Grade
    Early Reading Skills
    Kindergarten to Grade 6
    All subject areas
    Getty Games
    Art, Recognizing Details
    Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Money
    Primary Games
    All subject areas
    U.S. Fire Administration for Kids
    Age 10 and under
    Fire Safety
  • 9. Elementary and Middle School
    Fun Brain
    Grades 1-8
    Math, English, Reading
    Elementary and Middle School
  • 10. All Ages
    Aplus Math
    All ages
    Math Games
    Kids Numbers
    All ages
    Math Games
    Learning Planet
    All subject areas
    Squigly’s Educational Games – Math
    All ages
    All subject areas
    Shepard Software
    All ages
    All subject areas
  • 11. Preschool/Elementary Reading Games
    30 Alphabet Sites
    A B C Clean
    A Spring Time Alphabet to Print
    ABC Order Game
    ABC Printouts
    Activities for Alphabet Letters
    Alphabet Action
    Alphabet and Number Strips
    Alphabet Chart to Print
    Alphabet Coloring Pages Book
    Alphabet Dot to Dot
    Alphabet Game
    Alphabet Games
    Alphabet Online
    Alphabet Scrapbook
    Animal Alphabet Coloring
    Arthur Games
    Arthur Goes to School
    Aven's Corner
    Barney Games
    BBC Preschool Games
    Bear Wear
    Beginning Sounds
    Bemboo's Zoo
    Big Bird Goes Camping
    Blending Words Together
    Clifford's Sound Match Game
    Colorful Alphabet Charts
    Compass Rosie
    Connect the Dots
    Copy the Alphabet
    Create Tracing Paper
    Create-a-Book Coloring Book
    Cut and Paste Alphabet Fun
    Digby Mole's Word Games
    Dragon Tales
    Draw On
    Dress the Teddy
    Fifteen-Minute Reading Activities
    Find the Pairs
    Flash Coloring
    Free Printable ABC Worksheets
    Frog Jump
    Fun in the Deep Blue Sea
    Fun With Letters
    Funschool Games and Activities
    Gawain's Word
    Get An Ear Full
    Good Night Stories
    Help Build Pinocchio
    I Spy Games
    Ice Cream
    Kids' Korner Network
    Kindergarten Literacy Activities
    Kitty Wants a Box Online Story
  • 12. Preschool/Elementary Reading Games
    Learn Beginning Letters
    Learn to Read With Starfall
    Learning Activities
    Let's Make Words
    Letter Chart
    Letter Match
    Letter Sounds PowerPoints
    Letters of the Alphabet Online
    Letters of the Alphabet Online Story
    Letters to Big Bird
    Literactive-Teaching Children to Read
    Literacy Center Education Network
    Literacy Center Learn and Play
    Little Explorers
    Little Red Riding Hood Rhyming Words
    Make an Alphabet Scrapbook
    Making Faces
    Mother Goose
    Mouse House Jr.
    Nick Jr.
    Online Long Vowel Game
    Online Stories
    Picture Match
    Poisson Rouge Games
    Practice Worksheets
    Pre Kinders Teachers Page
    Printable Alphabet
  • 13. Preschool/Elementary Reading Games
    Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages
    Printable Alphabet Fishing Game
    Printable Books to Read
    Printing Activities
    Rapid Naming
    Rats! Letters
    Reading and Writing Skill-Builders for Kindergartners
    Reading and Writing Skills
    Reading Rockets
    Reggie Loves to Rhyme
    Rhyming Game Online
    School-Home Links Reading Kit Kindergarten Activities
    SeeNSpell- Short Vowels
    Silly Books Online
    Sound Domino Game
    Stanley Games
    Story Bear's Stories
    Teddy Bear ABC Chant
    The ABC Game
    The Animated Alphabet
    The Book Game
    The Book of Pooh
    The Playground Center
    Tiny Planets
    Type Me
    Vowel Letter Combinations To Hear Sounds
    Welcome to Inkless Tales
    What Did Toby See
    What's In the Bag?
    Wild World of Words
    Word Wizard
    Write the Alphabet Online
    Writing Guide and Alphabet Activities
    Writing Skills Practice
    ZES Sight Words
  • 14. Preschool/Elementary Math Games
    1 2 3 Order
    AAA Math Kindergarten
    Add'em Up Game
    Alphabet and Digits
    Astronomy Shape Match
    Billy Bear Stickers
    Billy Bear's Math Games
    Break Out
    Build With Shapes Online
    Bungalo Books Connect the Dots
    Color Online
    Color Quiz
    Coloring Online
    Concentration Game from Inkless Tales
    Cookie Dough
    Count Hoot's Number Games
    Count Us In Games
    Count Your Chickens
    Counting on a Cloud
    Cuckoo's ClockWorks
    Decorate the Dollhouse
    Doodle Pad
    Enchanted Learning Connect the Dots
    Fisher Price Games
    Give the Students a Head Start
    Golden Books Print Factory
    Grade One Math Worksheets
    Harold's Crayon
    I Spy Game
    Ice Cream
    Impossible Patience
    Interactive Color Book
    Kelly Club
    Kindergarten Math Book
    Kindergarten Think Math
    Kinderweb Children's Games
    Learn about Money
    Little Animals Activity Center
    Live and Learn Colors
  • 15. Preschool/Elementary Math Games
    Maisy's Fun Club
    Math Games
    Math Skills
    Meddybemp's Easter
    Meddybemp's Ghost Walk
    Mix Match
    Moo Milk Connect the Dots
    Mr. Elephant's Matching Game
    Number Chants and Counting Songs
    Number Time
    Odd & Even Coloring
    Paint the Shapes
    Patterns Games from Inkless Tales
    Pick a Duck
    Play Online Color Game
    Print and Learn Math Worksheets
    Prongo Connect the Dots
    Put It on the Shelf
    Rats Color Game
    Roz's Math-a-Rama
    Seaside Stickers
    Shape Sorter
    Shapes and Colors Webquest
    Shapes Matching Game
    Shapes Worksheets
    Snakes and Ladders Online
    Soft Schools Kindergarten Math
     Space Hopscotch
    Spatial Concepts
    Take It Away Game
    The Counting Game
    The Counting Story
    The Counting Story
    The Number Game
    Tic Tac Toe from Inkless Tales
    UFO Game
  • 16. Downloadable Games
    Quest Atlantis
    Lure of the Labyrinth
    Middle School Pre-Algebra Students
    Discover Babylon
    Ages 8-14
    Immune Attack
  • 17. Games for Purchase
    Carmen Sandiego series
    Teaches geography, English
    Ages 8-12
    Big Brain Academy
    Freddi Fish
    Pajama Sam
    Sims 3
  • 18. References
    Jenkins, H. & Hinrichs, R. (2006). Project: Games to teach. Retrieved from on June 22, 2009.
    Kirriemuir, J. & McFarlane, A. (2004). Literature in games and learning. Retrieved from,+2004&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a on June 22, 2009.
    McFarlane, A., Sparrowhawk, A. & Heald, Y. (2002). Report on the educational use of games. Retrieved from on June 22, 2009.