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  1. 1. Using Games to Inspire Creativity in Your Digital Natives<br />Timothy Lewis, J. Elizabeth Gibbs, Margaret L. Rice and Richard L. Rice, Jr.<br />Presentation for the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) annual meeting, June 28-July 1, 2009, Washington, DC.<br />
  2. 2. Gaming Research<br />Today’s children are bombarded with multimedia based experiences everyday. <br />“Reinventing Schools” Report<br />National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, <br />Students are described as the “Nintendo Generation” ( <br />They have been engaged with a variety of technologies most of their lives, including television, computers, video games, digital music, etc. <br />They are often the ones to assist their teachers or parents in using technologies. <br />Jenkins and Hinrichs (2006)<br />View games as resources that offer teachers a way to “make their subject matter come alive for their students, motivating learning, offering rich and compelling problems, modeling the scientific process and the engineering context, and enabling a more sophisticated assessment mechanisms” (¶ 15).<br />Research has shown that games can support skill development in a variety of areas: strategic thinking, planning, communication, application of numbers, negotiating skills, group decision-making, problem solving, sequencing, deductive reasoning, and memorization (Kirriemuir & McFarlane, 2004; McFarlane, Sparrowhawk, & Heald, 2002). <br />In many computer games, users must learn a skill or concept to advance, whichmakes the user responsible for how the game progresses. This is different than when using other media for learning. <br />
  3. 3. National Summit on Educational Games<br /><br />Research Supports Educational Games<br /><br />Microsoft, Universities Fund Research on Educational Games<br />,-universities-fund-research-educational-games<br />Understanding Video Games<br /><br />
  4. 4. Benefits<br />Promote collaborative decision making<br />Foster Creativity<br />Promote learning through authentic and engaging play<br />Motivate learning<br />Make learning fun<br />Promote problem Solving skills<br />Promote critical thinking skills<br />Promote organization<br />Promote visualization<br />Provide quick and specific feedback<br />Enhance the curriculum<br />
  5. 5. Types of Games<br />Edutainment <br />educational entertainment<br />provides learning as a form of entertainment<br />Adventure game <br />user plays the role of the protaganis<br />interactive story<br />exploring and solving puzzles<br />Simulation <br />representation of activities or real life situations. <br />used for training, analysis, prediction, problem-solving<br />
  6. 6. Preschool Games<br />Fisher Price<br /><br />Preschool<br />Music, phonics, alphabet, memory games<br />Nick Jr.<br /><br />Preschool<br />Alphabet, numbers, reading, music, matching, art, etc.<br />PBS Kids<br /><br />Early Childhood<br />All subject areas<br />$9.95 per month/$79 per year<br />Sesame Street<br /><br />Preschool<br />Alphabet, reading, science, Spanish, music, art, etc.<br />
  7. 7. Preschool and Elementary<br />Disney<br /><br />Ages 2-5<br />Variety of early learning skills, including cooperation, counting, reading, compare and contrast <br />I Know That<br /><br />Preschool to 6th Grade<br />All subject areas <br />Jumpstart<br /><br />Preschool-2nd grade<br />Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, Phonics<br />Starfall<br /><br />Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.<br />Reading and writing<br />UpToTen<br /><br />Ages – 10 and under<br />Variety of subject areas<br />
  8. 8. Elementary<br />ABCya<br /><br />Elementary<br />Alphabet, Counting<br />Earobics<br /><br />Kindergarten and 1st Grade<br />Early Reading Skills<br />Funschool<br /><br />Kindergarten to Grade 6<br />All subject areas<br />Getty Games<br /><br />Elementary<br />Art, Recognizing Details<br />Kinderweb<br /><br />Elementary<br />Alphabet, Numbers, Animals, Money<br />Primary Games<br /><br />Elementary<br />All subject areas<br />Skatekids<br /><br />K-5<br />U.S. Fire Administration for Kids<br /><br />Age 10 and under<br />Fire Safety<br />
  9. 9. Elementary and Middle School<br />Fun Brain<br /><br />Grades 1-8<br />Math, English, Reading<br />Scholastic<br /><br />Elementary and Middle School<br />Variety<br />
  10. 10. All Ages<br />Aplus Math<br /><br />All ages<br />Math Games<br />Kids Numbers<br /><br />All ages<br />Math Games<br />Learning Planet<br /><br />K-12<br />All subject areas<br />Squigly’s Educational Games – Math<br /><br />All ages<br />All subject areas<br />Shepard Software<br /><br />All ages<br />All subject areas<br />
  11. 11. Preschool/Elementary Reading Games<br />30 Alphabet Sites<br />A B C Clean<br />A Spring Time Alphabet to Print<br />ABC Order Game<br />ABC Printouts<br />Activities for Alphabet Letters<br />Alphabet Action<br />Alphabet and Number Strips<br />Alphabet Chart to Print<br />Alphabet Coloring Pages Book<br />Alphabet Dot to Dot<br />Alphabet Game<br />Alphabet Games<br />Alphabet Online<br />Alphabet Scrapbook<br />AlphaBites<br />Animal Alphabet Coloring<br />Arthur Games<br />Arthur Goes to School<br />Aven&apos;s Corner<br />Barney Games<br />BBC Preschool Games<br />Bear Wear<br />Beginning Sounds<br />Bemboo&apos;s Zoo<br />Big Bird Goes Camping<br />Blending Words Together<br />Clifford&apos;s Sound Match Game<br />Colorful Alphabet Charts<br />Compass Rosie<br />Connect the Dots<br />Copy the Alphabet<br />Create Tracing Paper<br />Create-a-Book Coloring Book<br />Cut and Paste Alphabet Fun<br />Digby Mole&apos;s Word Games<br />Dragon Tales<br />Draw On<br />Dress the Teddy<br />Fifteen-Minute Reading Activities<br />Find the Pairs<br />Flash Coloring<br />Free Printable ABC Worksheets<br />Frog Jump<br />Fun in the Deep Blue Sea<br />Fun With Letters<br />Funschool Games and Activities<br />Gawain&apos;s Word<br />Get An Ear Full<br />Good Night Stories<br />Help Build Pinocchio<br />I Spy Games<br />Ice Cream<br />Kids&apos; Korner Network<br />Kindergarten Literacy Activities<br />Kitty Wants a Box Online Story<br />KookerKids<br />
  12. 12. Preschool/Elementary Reading Games<br />Learn Beginning Letters<br />Learn to Read With Starfall<br />Learning Activities<br />Let&apos;s Make Words<br />Letter Chart<br />Letter Match<br />Letter Sounds PowerPoints<br />Letters of the Alphabet Online<br />Letters of the Alphabet Online Story<br />Letters to Big Bird<br />Literactive-Teaching Children to Read<br />Literacy Center Education Network<br />Literacy Center Learn and Play<br />Little Explorers<br />Little Red Riding Hood Rhyming Words<br />Make an Alphabet Scrapbook<br />Making Faces<br />Mother Goose<br />Mouse House Jr.<br />Nick Jr.<br />Noggin<br />Online Long Vowel Game<br />Online Stories<br />Picture Match<br />Poisson Rouge Games<br />Practice Worksheets<br />Pre Kinders Teachers Page<br />Printable Alphabet<br />
  13. 13. Preschool/Elementary Reading Games<br />Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages<br />Printable Alphabet Fishing Game<br />Printable Books to Read<br />Printing Activities<br />Rapid Naming<br />Rats! Letters<br />Reading and Writing Skill-Builders for Kindergartners<br />Reading and Writing Skills<br />Reading Rockets<br />Reggie Loves to Rhyme<br />Rhyming Game Online<br />RoliePolieOlie<br />School-Home Links Reading Kit Kindergarten Activities<br />SeeNSpell- Short Vowels<br />Silly Books Online<br />Sound Domino Game<br />Speakaboos<br />Stanley Games<br />Story Bear&apos;s Stories<br />Storyplace<br />Teddy Bear ABC Chant<br />The ABC Game<br />The Animated Alphabet<br />The Book Game<br />The Book of Pooh<br />The Playground Center<br />Tiny Planets<br />Type Me<br />Vowel Letter Combinations To Hear Sounds<br />Welcome to Inkless Tales<br />What Did Toby See<br />What&apos;s In the Bag?<br />Wild World of Words<br />Word Wizard<br />Write the Alphabet Online<br />Writing Guide and Alphabet Activities<br />Writing Skills Practice<br />ZES Sight Words<br />Zoboomafoo<br />ZParadise<br />
  14. 14. Preschool/Elementary Math Games<br />1 2 3 Order<br />AAA Math Kindergarten<br />Add&apos;em Up Game<br />Alphabet and Digits<br />Astronomy Shape Match<br />Billy Bear Stickers<br />Billy Bear&apos;s Math Games<br />Bobinogs<br />Break Out<br />Build With Shapes Online<br />Bungalo Books Connect the Dots<br />Color Online<br />Color Quiz<br />Coloring Online<br />Concentration Game from Inkless Tales<br />Cookie Dough<br />Count Hoot&apos;s Number Games<br />Count Us In Games<br />Count Your Chickens<br />Counting on a Cloud<br />Cuckoo&apos;s ClockWorks<br />Decorate the Dollhouse<br />Doodle Pad<br />Enchanted Learning Connect the Dots<br />Fisher Price Games<br />Give the Students a Head Start<br />Golden Books Print Factory<br />Grade One Math Worksheets<br />Harold&apos;s Crayon<br />I Spy Game<br />Ice Cream<br />Impossible Patience<br />Interactive Color Book<br />Kelly Club<br />Kindergarten Math Book<br />Kindergarten Think Math<br />Kinderweb Children&apos;s Games<br />Learn about Money<br />Little Animals Activity Center<br />Live and Learn Colors<br />
  15. 15. Preschool/Elementary Math Games<br />Maisy&apos;s Fun Club<br />Math Games<br />Math Skills<br />Meddybemp&apos;s Easter<br />Meddybemp&apos;s Ghost Walk<br />Mix Match<br />Moo Milk Connect the Dots<br />Mr. Elephant&apos;s Matching Game<br />Number Chants and Counting Songs<br />Number Time<br />Odd & Even Coloring<br />Paint the Shapes<br />Patterns Games from Inkless Tales<br />Pick a Duck<br />Play Online Color Game<br />Print and Learn Math Worksheets<br />Prongo Connect the Dots<br />Put It on the Shelf<br />Rats Color Game<br />Roz&apos;s Math-a-Rama<br />Seaside Stickers<br />Shape Sorter<br />Shapes and Colors Webquest<br />Shapes Matching Game<br />Shapes Worksheets<br />Snakes and Ladders Online<br />Soft Schools Kindergarten Math<br /> Space Hopscotch<br />Spatial Concepts<br />Take It Away Game<br />The Counting Game<br />The Counting Story<br />The Counting Story<br />The Number Game<br />Tic Tac Toe from Inkless Tales<br />TimeWorks<br />UFO Game<br />
  16. 16. Downloadable Games<br />Quest Atlantis<br /><br />Lure of the Labyrinth<br /><br />Middle School Pre-Algebra Students<br />Discover Babylon<br /><br />Ages 8-14<br />Immune Attack<br /><br />
  17. 17. Games for Purchase<br />Carmen Sandiego series<br /><br />Preteens<br />Teaches geography, English<br />ClueFinders<br /><br />Ages 8-12<br />Big Brain Academy<br /><br />Freddi Fish<br /><br />Pajama Sam<br /><br />SPORE<br /><br />Sims 3<br />Teens<br /><br />
  18. 18. References<br />Jenkins, H. & Hinrichs, R. (2006). Project: Games to teach. Retrieved from on June 22, 2009. <br />Kirriemuir, J. & McFarlane, A. (2004). Literature in games and learning. Retrieved from,+2004&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a on June 22, 2009.<br />McFarlane, A., Sparrowhawk, A. & Heald, Y. (2002). Report on the educational use of games. Retrieved from on June 22, 2009.<br />