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Group report mobile_future






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Group report mobile_future Group report mobile_future Presentation Transcript

  • How long can we call mobile phones as phones? Team: Csernyi Balázs Bartha Dániel Szabari Noémi
  • Driving Forces• Privacy issues• Software and Hardware• Evolution of Networks• Change in the media consumption• Change in the communications habits (social media)• Regulation and taxing
  • Future Table Projected futures Positive Negative Neutral Wild Card Will not be an issue, strong Companies does not abuse Lack of regulation, databases, No regulation, huge databases, regulation and awareness of with them, but continue 1.Privacy issues personal data, growing awareness remains low, gathering, growing awareness, nothing is private, continuous growing halts monitoring, social media busts accelerates steady growing Personalized user interfaces, Mobile phones became Hardware’s lifecycle shortens, Growing number of tons of applications (mostly compulsory, phones tagged2. Software and Hardware freeware), eco-friendly, fast, garbage problem, applications applications, both free and with personal ID-s, software and phones became expensive paying. Lifecycle stagnates long life hardware and hardware secularization Speed, availability and Creation of a new, Never reach the cabled Slow increase, Roaming reliability became par with independent, free wireless3. Evolution of Networks cabled networks. Cabled networks properties, service remains expensive, digital gap network, working on every became expensive widens networks disappear gadget Death of print media and the Personalized media, less but Databases about consumption, Tons of spam e-mails, slow classic television, direct 4.Change in the media more aimed adverts, we watch subliminal adverts, fall in changing in media marketing through TV and consumption what and when we want, media production, death of consumption, adverts aimed at Internet, companies know interactive adverts print media older people everything, customized solutions Social media used beside 5. Change in the Devalued personal contact, Social media as a friend and personal contact, increased Virtual life (Matrix), no need private life’s barriers love finder, only helps in communications habits availability of people, no abolished, availability is a communication (does not to move, no personal contact, (social media) restrictions of where and when no need to leave your house must substitute it) to talk, Picture communication No taxes, strict privacy Taxes on telecommunication Phones used as Personal ID-s, 6.Regulation and taxing controls and modern, global, Taxation, hindering regulation companies, medicore or no RFID chips, governmental supportive regulation regulation monitoring, overregulation
  • 5. Change in the 2. Software and 3. Evolution of Mobile 4.Change in the 6.Regulation and 1.Privacy issues communications Hardware Networks media consumption taxing habits (social media) 1A 1B 1C 1D 2A 2B 2C 2D 3A 3B 3C 3D 4A 4B 4C 4D 5A 5B 5C 5D 6A 6B 6C 6D1A x x x x No No No1B x x x x No No1C x x x x1D x x x x No No No No No No2A x x x x No2B x x x x No No No No No2C x x x x2D x x x x No No No No No3A x x x x3B x x x x No No3C x x x x No No3D x x x x No4A x x x x4B x x x x No4C x x x x No No4D x x x x No5A x x x x No No5B x x x x No5C x x x x5D x x x x No No
  • What do we mean by Mobile Computing?Mobile Computing is an umbrella term used to describe technologies that enable people to access network services anyplace, anytime, and anywhere.
  • Comparison to Wired Net.• Wired Networks • Mobile Networks- high bandwidth - low bandwidth- low bandwidth variability - high bandwidth variability- can listen on wire - hidden terminal problem- high power machines - low power machines- high resource machines - low resource machines- need physical - need proximity access(security) - higher delay- low delay - disconnected operation- connected operation 6
  • Why Go Mobile?• Enable anywhere/anytime connectivity• Bring computer communications to areas without pre-existing infrastructure• Enable mobility• Enable new applications• An exciting new research area 7
  • Mobile will REVOLUTIONIZE the way we gather and interact with information in the NEXT TWO YEARS.
  • Personal Mobile Applications: Future• Payment• Security access• Replacement for desktop – Intel committed to XP on handhelds by 2009• Location-based services – Locate closest stores or taxi – Locate products in a store – Location-targeted advertising• Personal media assistant – Magazines, movies, music, news
  • The Future of Mobile Solutions• Where are they going: – Military – Health care – Museums – Retail stores (for the consumer) – Planes, trains and automobiles (Personal Media Assistants) – Online 3-D games – Workstation replacements – IP phone, Video conferencing• Connectivity – 3G, 4G, WiFi Hotspots• Add-ons: via Bluetooth, 802.15.x (PAN), UWB – GPS – Barcode – Remote sensors – Access to all your daily devices (car, Room) – Wearable displays
  • 5 unique benefits First truly personal mass media e.g. We don’t share our phones with our spouses First always-on mass media Information is always available 24/7, even when idle First always-carried mass media7 out of 10 people sleep with their phones within reachOnly mass media with a built-in payment channelUniversal click-to-buy—twice as many people have phones than creditcards Offers point of thought Ability to create or consume content whenever the mood strikes
  • Evolution Mobile 1.0 Mobile 2.0 Proprietary StandardsWalled Gardens Web Services First to market Web as a PlatformBrand-centered User-centered
  • sensoring biometrics transactions lifestreaming recommendation image recognition augmented reality mobile connected games location-based social mediaretail proximity media consumption Hot Trends
  • Why the Moblie Web?
  • The mobile web is the most cost-effective way to reach HALF THE PLANET.
  • Thank you for your attention!