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ResourceSync - NISO Update Jan 2014


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • However, there are significant use cases that require low latency and high accuracy in reflecting a remote server's changing content.
  • Transcript

    • 1. ResourceSync Nettie Lagace ALA Midwinter NISO Update – January 26, 2014
    • 2. General Description Consideration: • • Source (server) A has resources that change over time: they get created, modified, deleted Destination (servers) X Y and Z leverage (some) resources of Source A Problem: • Destinations want to keep in step with the resource changes at Source A: resource synchronization Goal: • Design an approach for resource synchronization aligned with the Web Architecture that has a fair chance of adoption by different communities. The approach must scale better than recurrent HTTP HEAD/GET on resources
    • 3. General Description • Range of easy to implement capabilities • Modular: provides flexibility and enables a broad range of use cases • Supported by server to enable remote systems to remain more tightly in step with its evolving resources. • Describes how a server can advertise the capabilities it supports. – Remote systems can inspect this information to determine how best to remain aligned with the evolving data. • Each capability provides a different synchronization functionality: – list of the server's resources – recently changed resources: created, updated, deleted – Implemented on document formats introduced by Sitemap protocol
    • 4. ResourceSync Partnership • NISO • Open Archives Initiative • JISC • Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 4
    • 5. Working Group Core • Herbert Van de Sompel, LANL • Martin Klein, LANL • Robert Sanderson, LANL • Simeon Warner, Cornell University • Bernhard Haslhofer, University of Vienna • Michael L. Nelson, Old Dominion University • Carl Lagoze, University of Michigan • Graham Klyne, University of Oxford • Peter Murray, Lyrasis Technical • Shlomo Sanders, Ex Libris • Richard Jones, Paul Walk, Stuart Lewis, JISC • Kevin Ford, Library of Congress • Jeff Young, OCLC • David Rosenthal, LOCKSS • Christian Sadilek, RedHat
    • 6. Recent steps • August 2013 - Release of ResourceSync framework Core specification, Version 0.9.1; public draft of ResourceSync Archives specification released • September 2013 - Core specification on its way to become an ANSI standard • November 2013 - Internal draft of ResourceSync Notification specification • January 2014 - Public draft of ResourceSync Notification specification • Q1 2014 - Core specification becomes ANSI/NISO standard 6
    • 7. Thank you! Questions?