PIE-J - NISO Update Jan 2014


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  • Catchword (Ingenta) 1997-2001Metapress – 2002-2006Informaworld – 2007-2011TFO – 2011 - ???
  • Area of big improvement for T & F. Follows the guideline well.
  • Another win….we include previous titles and date ranges. But there are still cases on our site missing old titles.
  • Not a glowing area. This journal had a different cover in 1981, and had cover months we are not listing. We have this problem a lot.
  • Ummm….we don’t. In some cases we have certain pages (often backmatter) and aren’t displaying them. In others we have failed to capture it.
  • PIE-J - NISO Update Jan 2014

    1. 1. A brief, surely incomplete history PIE-J Recommended Practices for the Presentation and Identification of E-Journals Edward Cilurso - Taylor & Francis
    2. 2. A brief, surely incomplete history History  Inspired by publication of an article by Regina Reynolds and Cindy Hepfer.  Project initiated October 2010 with a team of librarians and publisher representatives.
    3. 3. A brief, surely incomplete history PIE-J Working Group Representation          Taylor & Francis Harrassowitz Serials Solutions IEEE JSTOR/Ithaka Sage EBSCO Hein Publishing Technology  APA  Library of Congress  (CONSER, ISSN)  National Library of Medicine  Cranfield U. Press (UK)  University of Washington  University of Chicago  UCLA
    4. 4. A brief, surely incomplete history Designed to provide guidance on the presentation and identification of e-journals, particularly in the areas of: • journal title and citation information • title changes and title history • accurate use of the ISSN • enumeration (numbering) practice • presentation of publication information • presentation of content (including digitized content)
    5. 5. A brief, surely incomplete history The PIE-J standard was published in March 2013. • Standard and its brochures had more than 1,200 downloads in their first 10 days. • We also continued in-person presentations at conferences to promote it. • A standing committee formed in September 2013 to handle inquires and conduct an ongoing review of the standard – Sarah Glasser and Ed Cilurso assumed co-chair positions.
    6. 6. A brief, surely incomplete history Find PIE-J, read PIE-J, live PIE-J! PIE-J Workroom: http://www.niso.org/workrooms/piej URL for the Recommended Practice: http://www.niso.org/publications/rp/rp-16-2013 PIE-J interest group/mailing list http://www.niso.org/lists/piejinfo
    7. 7. A brief, surely incomplete history Taylor & Francis – a publisher and PIE-J
    8. 8. A brief, surely incomplete history 2.1.1 - Provide the full journal title in a prominent, clear, and consistent manner on every page over which you have control.
    9. 9. A brief, surely incomplete history 2.2.4 - Provide a journal title history. Include the full journal title, publication date range, and ISSN for the current title and at least the immediately preceding and/or succeeding titles, as appropriate.
    10. 10. A brief, surely incomplete history 2.5.3- Retain distinctive issue-level non-article information, such as front and back matter, journal covers, and other issue-level metadata or information.
    11. 11. A brief, surely incomplete history 2.7.2 - Digitize all available content even when it is incomplete, but clearly indicate what is missing.
    12. 12. A brief, surely incomplete history PIE-J TO DO LIST for Taylor & Francis: -Do a better job presenting covers online - Add notes about missing issues/articles/pages
    13. 13. A brief, surely incomplete history Thank you