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Open Access Metadata Indicators - NISO Update Jan 2014


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  • 1. NISO Open Access Metadata & Indicators Heather Reid, Copyright Clearance Center NISO Annual Meeting & Standards Update ALA Mid-Winter, January 26th 2014
  • 2. Background • Working group launched by NISO in late 2012 • Co-chaired by Cameron Neylon (PLoS), Ed Pentz (CrossRef), Greg Tananbaum (representing SPARC) • Goal is to develop standardized set of metadata elements tying accessibility permissions to a piece of content in a manner useful to humans and machines
  • 3. Who’s Involved: Working Group • • • • • • • • • • • • • American Chemical Society (ACS): John Ochs Copyright Clearance Center: Heather Reid Creative Commons: Timothy Vollmer EDItEUR: Tim Devenport Ex Libris, Inc. Christine Stohn Indiana University Bloomington Libraries: Julie Hardesty International Association of STM Publishers: Eefke Smit Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC): Ben Showers Kennisland: Paul Keller Reed Elsevier: Chris Shillum Social Science Research Network: Gregg Gordon The Wellcome Library: Cecy Marden University of Birmingham: Jill Russell
  • 4. Why is This Necessary? Growth of OA + More Funder Mandates + Hybrids = Lots of OA papers with different associated rights and responsibilities = Confusion concerning who can do what when
  • 5. Audience Segments • • • • • • Readers Authors Publishers Funders Search engines/discovery services Academic Libraries
  • 6. Current Status and Roadmap Approval of Proposal Appointment of Working Group Approval of Initial Work Plan Completion of Information Gathering Completion of Initial Draft Release of Initial Draft for Public Comment (30 days) • End of Public Comment Period • Consideration of public comments • Completion of Final Draft • • • • • • January 2013 February 2013 March 2013 June-July 2013 October 2013 January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 Spring 2014
  • 7. <free_to_read> Tag • Indicates content can be read or viewed by any user without payment or authentication • Simple attribute of “yes” or “no” • Optional start and end dates to accommodate embargoes, special offers, etc. <free_to_read="no" start_date="2014-02-3” end_date=”201502-03"/> <free_to_read="yes" start_date="2015-02-3”/>
  • 8. <license_ref> Tag • Content of this tag would include a stable identifier expressed as an HTTP URI • URI would point to license terms that are human and/or machine readable • Multiple URIs can be listed if article exists under specific license for certain period of time and then changes <license_ref start_date="2014-0203"></license_ref> <license_ref start_date="2015-0203"></license_ref >
  • 9. Benefits of Successful Implementation Growth of OA + More Funder Mandates + Hybrids = Lots of OA papers with different associated rights and responsibilities = Confusion concerning who can do what when + OA Metadata Indicator = Transmittal of an article’s openness in a manner that makes discovery, tracking, readership, and (hopefully) reuse straightforward
  • 10. Draft Recommendation • Available at:
  • 11. Thank You Heather Reid, Copyright Clearance Center