Managing an Increasingly Complex and Interconnected World of Content


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Managing an Increasingly Complex and Interconnected World of Content
NISO/BISG 8th Annual Forum on The Changing Standards Landscape
June 27, 2014
ALA Annual Conference Las Vegas, NV

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  • On June 26, 1974, at 8:01 a.m., Sharon Buchanan used a barcode to ring up a 10-pack of Juicy Fruit at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio. That pack is now in the Smithsonian, but scanners and barcodes are just about everywhere. They connect the physical world to the digital world and back. They aren’t just simply numbers anymore, too,
  • In the worlds of traditional discovery, also include A&I services (either print or online)
  • And as science has changed, so too have the ways in which scholarship is communicated and distributed. Increasingly paper is no longer the main medium of distributing findings. Most academic journals have already moved online and many are ceasing print publication altogether. Increasingly, the limitations of physical distribution are also falling away. We are no longer tied simply to text or static images. Science can be communicated in moving images, data visualizations, programs, and even datasets themselves, which can be separately analyzed, reprocessed and reused.

    Walters Image: Illuminated Manuscript, Compendium of computistical texts, Above: Diagram of the terrestrial climate zones with the Riphaean mountains; Below: Diagram of the circuit of the moon in the zodiac, Walters Art Museum Ms. W.73, fol. 7r
    Created in England in the late twelfth century, this manuscript was intended to be a scientific textbook for monks.

    2nd image: Thematic Real-time Environmental Distributed Data Services (THREDDS) Incorporating Real-time Environmental Data and Interactive Analysis Tools Into NSDL
  • Managing an Increasingly Complex and Interconnected World of Content

    1. 1. NISO/BISG 8th Annual Forum on The Changing Standards Landscape Managing an Increasingly Complex and Interconnected World of Content June 27, 2014 • Las Vegas, NV
    2. 2. Our very, very complex, interconnected world Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO NISO/BISG Changing Standards Landscape Forum Las Vegas, NV • • • June 27, 2014
    3. 3. Happy 40th Birthday!
    4. 4. Happy 40th Birthday!
    5. 5. A US-based non-profit industry trade association accredited by ANSI with 200+ members Mission of developing and maintaining technical standards related to information, documentation, discovery and distribution of published materials & media Volunteer driven organization: 400+ spread out across the world Represent US interests to ISO TC 46 & subcommittees Also serve as Secretariat for ISO TC46/SC9 - Identification & Description Responsible for standards like ISSN, DOI, Dublin Core metadata, DAISY digital talking books, OpenURL, MARC records format, and ISBN About
    6. 6. NISO’s Community
    7. 7. • IDEAlliance - Magazine industry, PRISM • W3C - HTML5, CSS, RDF, mobile, web • Library of Congress - MARC, PREMIS, SRU/SRW • ALA - AACR2, RDA • IDPF - EPUB, E-books • ARMA-International - Records Management • OASIS - XML Standards • CrossRef - DOIs, FundRef, CrossMark • IMSGlobal - Learning Management Systems • ORCID - Researcher ID • Amazon - ASIN, KINDLE Still More Standards(ish) Orgs
    8. 8. • Image: Mark Bide (EDITEUR) 8
    9. 9. 9 • Image: Mark Bide (EDITEUR)
    10. 10. 10 • Image: Mark Bide (EDITEUR)
    11. 11. One Ring to Rule Them All?
    12. 12. Photo: Minneapolis College of Art and Design Library June 20, 2014 12
    13. 13. Photo: OSU Thompson Library Stacks” by Kristin Six June 20, 2014 13
    14. 14. 14 June 20, 2014 You can’t walk the stacks in a digital library
    15. 15. 15 June 20, 2014
    16. 16. How it fits together in a complex media ecosystem
    17. 17. Some NISO Work in these areas Open Discovery Initiative Knowledgebases & Related Tools Open Access Metadata and Indicators Some NISO work in these area
    18. 18. Managing metadata well is expensive
    19. 19. Managing metadata poorly is more expensive (often in ways you can’t measure)
    20. 20. On the horizon
    21. 21. Linked Open Data
    22. 22. Non-Textual Content
    23. 23. Scientific Data
    24. 24. Digital Preservation
    25. 25. Altmetrics
    26. 26. We all want our own
    27. 27. Thank you! Todd Carpenter, Executive Director National Information Standards Organization (NISO) 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 302 Baltimore, MD 21211 USA +1 (301) 654-2512