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Rita mc nulty


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • 1. 1 Rural Development the Policy Perspective Rita McNulty Assistant Secretary 12 November 2010
  • 2. 2 Rural Development the Policy Perspective • What underpins current Rural Development Policy in Ireland from both the Irish and EU Policy perspective? • Some of the Main Policies, Strategies and Programmes that impact on and interact with Rural Development Policy in Ireland. • Current and future issues and challenges facing rural development policies and programmes in Ireland.
  • 3. 3 Key Developments and Policies • Ireland’s joining the EEC in 1973 • Designation of Ireland as an Objective 1 region and a cohesion state for structural and cohesion funds • The EU LEADER Community initiative (1991) • NESC report “New Approaches to Rural Development” (1994) • The Cork Declaration - a Living Countryside (1996) • “Towards a Common Agricultural and Rural Policy” also known as the Buckwell Report (1997) • The White Paper on Rural Development (1999) – “Ensuring the Future – A Strategy for Rural Development in Ireland”
  • 4. 4  Rural Development Policy in Ireland  White Paper published in 1999  new approach and commitment by Government to rural development  an overall strategic direction for Government policy  giving a focus to the needs of rural communities  developments within agriculture and the resulting need for economic diversification  Vision for the development of rural communities
  • 5. 5  Vision for the development of rural communities  economic and social well-being of rural communities  conditions for a meaningful and fulfilling life for rural areas / communities  standard of living and a quality of life: vibrant, sustainable communities, attractive to live and work  retain maximum number of rural households and especially family farms
  • 6. 6  Vision for the development of rural communities  equity of opportunity between rural and urban  choice as to whether to stay in, leave, or move to rural Ireland  sufficient employment opportunities / sustainable economic development  access to education, adequate level of social and other services and infrastructure  rural communities to participate in the structures and decisions  the rural environment will be respected – sustainable development
  • 7. 7  Institutional Arrangements  White Paper commitments reflected in sectoral policies pursued by Departments  designation of a ‘lead’ Department to provide improved focus and impetus for rural development policy  Rural Proofing – to ensure policies are examined for impact on rural communities  widely representative National Rural Development Forum to debate current issues and identify policy responses  closest possible co-operation with Northern Ireland
  • 8. 8 • Propose to bring forward an update on Government Policy on Rural Development soon • Short policy paper based on White Paper – looking at the principles which are still valid – challenges and opportunities going forward – current Rural Dev Programme / LEADER post-2013 context – Section on North-South cooperation
  • 9. 9 LEADER Programmes CLÁR Programme Ceantair Laga Árd-Riachtanais - Weak Areas of High Priority Rural Social Scheme Rural Recreation DCEGA Rural Development Initiatives
  • 10. 10 EU Policy Context • Common Agricultural Policy – the main policy mechanism for rural dev • Late 1980s Reform of CAP • Agenda 2000, The Rural Development Regulation became the 2nd Pillar of CAP
  • 11. 11 EU Policy Context (contd) Post 2013 Debate • More equitable distribution of funding and enhanced environmental emphasis • Pillar 11 focus more on competitiveness, innovation, climate change and environment
  • 12. 12 EU Policy Context (contd) • Direct Payments – Two functions, income support and provision of public goods. Should be more targeted. • Rural Development – an integral part of CAP • Need for coherence between Rural Dev Policy and other EU policies.
  • 13. 13 Issues and Challenges Issues and challenges for Rural Development Policy and Programmes in Ireland : • Economic Downturn, Fiscal Constraints • Balance between governance, accountability and not stifling innovation and risk taking
  • 14. 14 Issues & Challenges (contd) • Coherence among policy makers and service/programme deliverers at all levels • Evidence and Impact-based Evaluation Framework • Seek to devise a more holistic and effective way of rural proofing
  • 15. 15 Questions