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  • 1. Dr. Brid QuinnUniversity of Limerick
  • 2.  TRENDS ◦ Social, sectoral and systemic change CHALLENGES ◦ Demography, deficits, dependency SCENARIOS ◦ Asset appraisal ◦ Futures Ireland options SUGGESTIONS /SOLUTIONS ◦ Place, people, planning, politics BQ November 2010
  • 3. How do we organise to meet the service requirements of Ballyhoura’s citizens in the context of changing needs and reduced resources? BQ November 2010
  • 4. ‘At local level survival will depend on the strength of the existing community, local finance and locally based production’ANDLocally tailored and delivered servicesIs the glass half full or half empty? BQ November 2010
  • 5.  Vision Assets Leadership Uniqueness Environment (Physical, political) Social cohesion BQ November 2010
  • 6. Asset-Based Community Development - USA• Emphasis on local assets rather than deficits• People and communities are seen as resourceful and gifted• Aims to support community initiatives based on the skills, interests and ideas of people• Seeks to generate community based enterprises which address both community and economic goals.• Brings together people with diverse life experiences and backgrounds to work with each other on community initiatives• Uses research as a way of supporting and informing the creation of community initiatives and enterprises BQ November 2010
  • 7. An initiative that looks at how a ‘wholearea’ approach to public services canlead to better services at less cost BQ November 2010
  • 8. The future ain’t what it used to be BQ November 2010
  • 9. Capacity Location Associations & People institutions Ballyhoura’s assets Businesses KDA Philanthropy BDL DiasporaAchievements Resilience BQ November 2010
  • 10. ◦ Empower & involve◦ Recognise volunteer impact & contribution◦ Capture experience and ability – ? towards a ‘wisdom society’◦ Professionalise & upskill (cf. RCCN, Mobile IT)◦ Build capacity◦ Develop leadership BQ November 2010
  • 11.  Identify core needs, assets and competences Support different types of service – basic services , production services , support services , innovative services, retail services Link smart people, smart ideas and smart technology BQ November 2010
  • 12. National level NDP County NSS Council Joined-up thinking and action Area Committe e Resources Ballyhoura ◦ Local Taxes ◦ Participatory budgeting BQ November 2010
  • 13.  Institutions & Structures ◦ Radical change – create a lower tier with decision- making & resource allocating powers (It works from Africa to Poland) OR Exploit potential of existing structures – Community fora, area offices, SPCs, CDB etc. Opportunity from LCG review of Limerick structures? BQ November 2010
  • 14. BQ November 2010
  • 15. Is Feidir Linn Thank You Brid.Quinn@ul.ieBQ November 2010