Power point game priciples of efective comunication


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Power point game priciples of efective comunication

  1. 1. By Joe Morris
  2. 2. Shouting Whisperingat them to themPut a presentationon screen and Put everything you want to seespeak loudly so on the screen you want to saypeople can hear and let them read ityou
  3. 3. • If you put a presentation on screen and speak what you want to say they will listen and watch.• DON’T put everything you want to say on the slide show and let them read it because ,a it will bore them , and b, people read at different rates. Also they will not be interested and get board and not take in the communication without your input.• If you whisper nobody will be able to hear you. In this case your message will not come across to your audience.• If you shout at your audience they will not be able to understand you and people will loose interest. They will also not want to listen to you because they think that you are an aggressive person and that you are being aggressive to them.• What you need to do is speak loudly but not shouting at them. Also if you speak to quietly no body will be able to
  4. 4. Make them read Makethe writing on the themPowerPoint watch apresentation movieMake A Question andthem answer sessionlisten to where theyour big audiences viewslong are taken intospeech consideration
  5. 5. • Having a question and a answer session at the end of the presentation will give you an opportunity to answer any questions people may have and see how much they took in. It also gives the audience a chance to get involved and ask anything to clear things up.• If you just sit down and make them read the PowerPoint presentation off a screen, people will read at different rates, people will loose interest and you wont get your point across to them. This also doesnt involve the audience at all.• Making the audience watch a movie is a good way of keeping their interest, but it doesn’t involve them in your presentation. Also if the movie is too long or not of very much interest to the audience they may fall asleep and this may cause the audience not to take in the information.• Making them listen to a big long speech does get you information across to the audience, it doesnt get them involved in the presentation this could also lead to them falling asleep or them
  6. 6. A Movie Speaking very loudly Subtitles
  7. 7. • Subtitles or speech on screen can help people with the disability of being deft. If there is someone in your audience that is deft you need to be able to get your message across to them as well as everyone who can hear you.• Shouting very loudly will not make a deft person hear you not matter how hard you try. This will also make the people in the audience who can hear you think that you are being aggressive towards them.• Putting a movie on will help a little bit, but when the people come to speak then the deft person/people won’t be able to hear you.• Other things that you could do to make your presentation be accessible to people with disabilities is have someone who can sign next to you signing everything you say. To make you presentation multicultural you could also have someone who
  8. 8. Positive and All positive languagenegative language and the presenterand good posture sat down in a chairNegative language Having somebodyabout other companies back stage telling youand good points about when to say thingsyours and you are and when to clickslouched over next slide
  9. 9. • Using positive and negative language is good. If you are trying to persuade someone to invest in your company your presentation needs to have lots of positive language about your company and products. Also negative language like too expensive and breaks easily is good to be used to describe another companies products. Also good posture shows that you are confidant and that you care about what you are saying. Even if you don’t your body language should show that you do.• Having all positive language is good however that does eliminate you saying how your company is better than another companies, which could loose you the chance for them to invest or buy into your company or product. Also sitting down in a chair while giving your presentation is showing that you are scared to give your presentation. It is also showing them that you don’t really care about what you are saying even if you do.• Saying all positive things about your company and all negative things about will make you audience think that you are arrogant. You need to balance the negative things said about other companies and uses the positive things said about your company to good effect. Also with the exception of a back problem, slouching over shows the audience that you don’t care about what you are saying and that you are not confidant in what you are saying.• Having somebody backstage to give you cues is good. But if you have them give you cues for everything people will notice, this will give the impression that you dont know what you are doing and you are not capable of doing a simple presentation. This can make them think that if they employ people who cant do a simple thing on their own why would they invest money into it ?
  10. 10. The audience Shouting and booingThe Audienceaudience nodding tofalling themselveasleep s
  11. 11. • The audience nodding to themselves this shows you through there body language that they agree with you. Also them nodding to you shows you that they are paying attention and that they agree with you, which as a presenter is what you want.• The audience shouting and booing at you is really not what you want. If this is the case then you have done something really wrong. If this happens you just need to keep your nerve and move on to the next thing. Don’t let them get to you thats what they want.• If the audience has fallen asleep, then your presentation wasnt very well put together, also they are not agreeing with you if they are asleep. They are also not showing you any signs that they are interested through there body language.• Also to keep them evolved or in active engagement is you can paraphrase and summarise. This keeps them invlolved by keeping your speech a lot shorter but not missing out important details, E.G numbers and figures.
  12. 12. A fire alarm and A graph on theclosed ended screen andquestion closed ended questions.A graph on thescreen andopened ended A band playing heavyquestions metal in the room next door, open ended questions
  13. 13. • A band playing heavy metal in the room next door is a distraction which could disturb the audiences concentration and this can cause them to miss vital pieces of information. Also asking open needed questions is good because it makes the audience think and respond and give you feedback which you can uses and taking into the company.• Putting a graph on the screen of a presentation is not a distraction. It is a way of visual learners learning, and keeping the audience evolved in your presentation. Asking closed ended questions is a way of getting “yes” or “no” answers. Which is useful if you ant a certain answer. But if you want to know what the audience thinks you need to ask open-ended questions.• The fire alarm going off doesn’t count as a distracting its counts as a safety device. If this goes off during your presentation you should evacuate and meet at the designated meeting point. Also asking closed ended questions will only get you a “yes or “no answer. If you want the audiences opinion you need to ask open ended questions.• Putting a graph on the screen of a presentation is not a distraction its an aid. This can help to engage the audience in what you are saying and make visual learners see the bigger picture too. Also asking open ended questions is a good way of getting feed back from the audience
  14. 14. :@</.
  15. 15. • The  emoticon is acceptable to be used once in a letter or email. Also long as you don’t go mad with it and send it lots of times. Simple emoticons like   are okay to be used at the end of a important letter. Other emoticons like ;) :’( or anything else is going over the top and will be considered un professional• Other ridicules emoticons like :@</. Or anything that isn’t a simple emoticon will be considered unprofessional an unacceptable in an important email or letter. They may be acceptable to your friends and family but not on important emails and letters.• This will be also be explained in writing guidelines by your boss and the company. This will be in written guidelines that every employee will be given and will be expected to apply to.
  16. 16. Grammar Spelling Sentenc e Next Structur slide
  17. 17. Identifying Alternativerelevance viewpoints notetaking capitalisatio n