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2011 Buick Regal Toledo Navigation


2011 Buick Regal navigation manual from Toledo Buick dealer Ballas Buick GMC

2011 Buick Regal navigation manual from Toledo Buick dealer Ballas Buick GMC

Published in Automotive
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  • 1. 2011 Buick Regal Navigation System MInfotainment System . . . . . . 3 Navigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 If the System Needs Using the Navigation Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Ordering Map DVDs . . . . . . . . . . 74 Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Database Coverage Using the System . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Navigation Symbols . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 Destination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 OnStar® Destination Voice Recognition . . . . . . . . 75 AM-FM Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Download . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Satellite Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Configure Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Global Positioning Bluetooth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84Audio Players . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 System (GPS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 CD/DVD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Trademarks and License Vehicle Positioning . . . . . . . . . . . . 73 MP3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Agreements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98 Problems with Route Hard Drive Device (HDD) . . . . . 25 Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i-1 Auxiliary Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
  • 2. Infotainment System 3Introduction This manual describes features that may or may not be on your specific Canadian Vehicle Owners (Propriétaires des Véhicules vehicle either because they are Canadiens) options that you did not purchase or due to changes subsequent to the A French language copy of this printing of this owner manual. manual can be obtained from your Please refer to the purchase dealer or from: documentation relating to your On peut obtenir un exemplaire de specific vehicle to confirm each of ce guide en français auprès duThe names, logos, emblems, the features found on your vehicle. concessionnaire ou à ladresseslogans, vehicle model names and For vehicles first sold in Canada, suivante:vehicle body designs appearing in substitute the name “General Motors of Canada Limited” for Buick Helm, Incorporatedthis manual including, but not limited P.O. Box 07130to GM, the GM Logo, BUICK, the wherever it appears in this manual. Detroit, MI 48207BUICK Emblem, and Regal are Keep this manual with the ownertrademarks and/or service marks manual in the vehicle, so it will be 1-800-551-4123of General Motors LLC, its there if it is needed. If the vehicle is Numéro de poste 6438 de languesubsidiaries, affiliates, or licensors. sold, leave this manual in the française vehicle. www.helminc.comThe information in this manualsupplements the owner manual.Litho in U.S.A. ©Part No. 22742979 B Second Printing 2010 General Motors LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  • 3. 4 Infotainment System . Follow turn-by-turn instructionsOverview { WARNING and map guidance with voiceRead this manual thoroughly to prompts, when permitted bybecome familiar with how the Taking your eyes off the road too traffic laws, controls, andnavigation system operates. long or too often while using the conditions. navigation system could cause aAll functions are available when the . Receive RDS broadcastvehicle is parked. Before driving: crash resulting in injury or death announcements. to you or others. Focus your. Become familiar with the Always be alert and obey traffic and attention on driving. navigation system operation, roadway laws and instructions, buttons on the faceplate, and regardless of the guidance from the touch-sensitive screen buttons navigation system. Because the of the navigation system. { WARNING navigation system uses street map. Set up the audio by presetting information that does not include all Avoid looking too long or too traffic restrictions or the latest road favorite stations, setting the often at the moving map on the changes, it could suggest using a tone, and adjusting the navigation screen. This could road that is now closed for speakers. cause a crash and you or others construction or a turn that is. Set up the navigation features can be injured or killed. Use the prohibited by signs at the before beginning to drive, such turn-by-turn voice guidance intersection. Because the system as entering an address or a directions whenever possible. uses limited information, always preset destination. evaluate whether following the. For vehicles with phone systems directions is safe and legal Use the navigation system to: for the current conditions. capability, set up phone numbers in advance so they can be called . Plan a route by selecting a When the navigation system is with the press of a single button destination using the various turned on, a screen might appear or a single voice command. methods and choices. with the following information. Read and acknowledge the information it contains.
  • 4. Infotainment System 5 Navigation System Overview { WARNING The navigation system in the Taking your eyes off the road for vehicle is not a touch screen extended periods could cause a system. It is controlled by using the crash resulting in injury or death multifunction knob, the outer ring of to you or others. the multifunction knob, preset buttons, and other buttons on the faceplate.To help avoid a crash in which youor others could be killed: The multifunction knob can be pressed from side to side, up,. Always concentrate on your or down to move through the driving first by keeping your eyes menus. The outer ring of the and mind on the road, and your If the Caution screen appears, multifunction knob is pressed to hands on the wheel. select the OK screen button by enter a menu selection.. pressing preset 6 on the faceplate. Follow system directions only The preset buttons can be pressed If NAV or DEST is pressed, this if permitted by traffic laws, to select the appropriate screen Caution screen appears and the OK controls, and conditions. button function as shown on the screen button must be selected to. Before using this system, read access NAV and DEST functions. display. the owner manual and learn how See instructions later in this section. See “Navigation Buttons” under it operates. Using the Navigation System on To get started, set preferences or. Some system controls cannot delete information from the page 38 for more information. be used when the vehicle is navigation system using various moving. options. See Using the System on page 11 for more information.
  • 5. 6 Infotainment System I. INFO (Information) J. s (Play/Pause) K. DEL (Delete) L. V / $ (Phone/Mute) M. RPT NAV (Repeat) N. BACK O. CONFIG (Configure) P. CD/DVD Slot Q. Multifunction Knob with Outer Ring R. Eight-Way Directional Rocker (Multifunction Knob) S. TONEA. RADIO BAND (AM, FM, XM) E. DEST (Destination) T. X (Eject)B. HDD/DVD/AUX (Source) F. u [ (Forward) U. FAV 1/2/3 (Favorite)C. r t (Reverse) G. O 3 (Power/Volume) V. AS 1/2 (Automatic Store)D. NAV (Navigation) W. REC (Record) H. Preset Buttons 1-6
  • 6. Infotainment System 7NAV (Navigation) MenuThe Navigation menu screenaccesses the navigation systemsettings. To scroll through the available setup options, press the multifunction knob located on the faceplate until 2. Press the NAV button again to the desired option is highlighted. change between a map/audio Press the outer ring of the split view or a full map view. multifunction knob to select that option. Config Setup Menu Languages1. Press the NAV button to view Press the CONFIG button to display the Config Menu. The To change the display language, the navigation map screen. The see “Vehicle Personalization” in the map and current vehicle location Config setup menu is used for changing the screens for the audio, vehicles owner manual. display. navigation display, phone, vehicle The vehicle supports English, configuration, and time features. French (Canadian), and Spanish. The default language is English.
  • 7. 8 Infotainment SystemEnglish and Metric Unit Storing Radio Station Presets Entering an Address and PointConversion Up to 36 preset stations can of Interest, and Storing PresetTo change the display units between be stored. AM, FM, and XM DestinationsEnglish and metric units, see “Driver (if equipped) can be mixed. The vehicle must be in P (Park) toInformation Center (DIC)” in the To store presets: perform these operations.vehicles owner manual for moreinformation. 1. Press O to turn the system on. Entering an Address 2. If viewing a map screen, press If having trouble finding a city or aDeleting Personal Information RADIO BAND, or FAV 1/2/3. street name:The navigation system can record 3. Select the band. . Enter the street name firstand store destinations and personal instead of the city name, or viceinformation such as names and 4. Seek or tune to the desired station to select it. versa.addresses. . Enter more characters or reduceAt times, such as when selling or 5. Press and hold one of the preset buttons for more than one and a the number of characters todisposing of your vehicle, you may expand or reduce the availablewant to delete this information: half seconds. options.. Previous Destinations 6. Repeat the steps for each preset. To set a destination by entering a. Address Book, Fav Route, street name: Preset Destinations, and HDD To change the number of preset pages, see AM-FM Radio on 1. Press DEST. Music Files page 12 for more information. 2. If necessary, enter the state/ province name. The last state/ province name is automatically recalled.
  • 8. Infotainment System 93. Select the street name field. 7. Select preset 6 if correct. The 5. Enter the specific title of the Enter the street name. Do not route will calculate. POI in the POI name space enter directional information or 8. Select the route preference (e.g., Washington Monument). street type. Use the space preset for Fastest, Shortest, If four or fewer names are screen button between street or Easiest. The chosen route available, a list displays. If more and city names. For example, preference highlights. See than four are available, there is a enter N. Royal Oak Rd as Royal “Navigation Settings” under match counter with a number in Oak. Select the backspace q Using the Navigation System on it, representing the number of screen button to delete an page 38 for more information. available POI names. Select the incorrect character. List by pressing the preset 6 9. Select Start by pressing the A list displays if four or fewer preset 6 button. The route is button to view the list. Select names are available. If there calculated. the POI. are more than four, there is a 6. Select GO by pressing the See “Address Entry” under match counter with a number of preset 6 button on the faceplate Destination on page 49 for more available streets. Select the List if correct. The route will button to view the list and select information. calculate. the street. Entering a Point of Interest (POI) 7. Select the route preference4. Select the city from the list or To set a destination by entering a preset for Fastest, Shortest, enter the city name. Point of Interest (POI): or Easiest. The system5. Enter the house number. This highlights the route. 1. Press O to turn the system on. field is automatically selected. 8. Select Start by pressing the 2. A Caution could appear. preset 6 button. The route is6. Select OK by pressing the Select OK by pressing the preset 6 button on the faceplate. now ready to be started. preset 6 button. The address information screen See “Point of Interest (POI)” under displays the address entered. 3. Press the DEST button. Destination on page 49 for more 4. Select the Point of Interest. information.
  • 9. 10 Infotainment SystemStoring Preset Destinations The address book entry 4. Select one of the available name appears in that preset preset destination buttons. The1. Press O to turn the system on. destination and is now available system calculates the route.2. A Caution could appear. to select from the Select 5. Select the route preference Select OK by pressing the Destination screen. See “Using preset for Fastest, Shortest, preset 6 button to proceed. the Stored Preset Destinations” or Easiest. The system next in this section to select it as highlights the route.3. Press the NAV or DEST buttons. a destination.4. Enter a destination. See 6. Select Start by pressing the See Destination on page 49 for preset 6 button. The route is Destination on page 49 for more information on how to add information on how to enter a now ready to be started. preset destinations. destination. See “Preset Destination” under5. Select Save by pressing the Using the Stored Preset Destination on page 49 for more preset 4 button to add the Destinations information. current final destination to the These destinations are available for Canceling Guidance address book. selection while driving. Guidance is canceled once you The Address Book screen 1. Press O to turn the system on. arrive at the final destination. To appears. 2. A Caution could appear. cancel guidance prior to arrival at6. Select Name by pressing the the final destination: Select OK by pressing the appropriate preset button. An preset 6 button on the 1. Press DEST. alpha-keyboard displays. Enter faceplate to proceed. the name. 2. Select Cancel Guidance from 3. Press DEST. the list.7. Press and hold one of the preset buttons until the text in the 3. Select Yes to confirm button changes. cancellation.
  • 10. Infotainment System 11Voice Guidance Do not apply spray cleaner directly The preset buttons can be pressed to the system. The cleaner could to select the appropriate screenTo adjust the volume of voice affect the mechanical parts. button function as shown on theguidance prompts: Do not wipe the panel with a hard display.1. Press the CONFIG button to cloth and do not use a volatile liquid enter the menu options. To scroll such as thinner. It could scratch the through the available options surface or erase the characters on press the multifunction knob the buttons. located on the faceplate until the desired option is highlighted. Using the System2. Select Voice Prompt from the list. The navigation system is not a touch screen system. It is controlled3. Select Voice Volume from by using the multifunction knobs, the list. preset buttons, and other buttons.4. Adjust the volume of the voice There are two multifunction knobs. prompts by turning the outer ring One is on the faceplate of the on the multifunction knob. navigation system and the other is A. NAVCleaning the Display on the console in front of the B. AUDIO armrest.Notice: Using abrasive cleaners The multifunction controller on the C. V / $ (Phone/Mute)when cleaning glass surfaces,could scratch the glass. When console can be turned to move D. DESTcleaning the glass, use only a through the menus and then E. BACKsoft cloth and do not spray pressed to make a menu selection. F. Multifunction Controllercleaner directly on the system.
  • 11. 12 Infotainment SystemNAV (Navigation): Press once to Radio Multifunction Knob: Turn thedisplay the map. Press twice to outer ring on the multifunction knobdisplay the Navigation menu. to change the radio station. See AM-FM Radio “Finding a Station” following forAUDIO: Press to change the audiosource. Playing the Radio more information.V / $ (Phone/Mute): Press to RADIO BAND: Press this button to Audio Source Menuanswer or end a call. select the AM, FM, or XM band. O 3 (Volume/Power): The audio sources can also beDEST (Destination): Press to entera navigation destination. . Press O to turn the radio on changed by using the steering or off. wheel controls. See “Steering WheelBACK: Press to go back to the Controls” in the vehicles ownerprevious screen in a menu. The . Turn 3 to increase or manual for more information.BACK button does not work in decrease the volume. Theprimary display screens, such as The audio sources can also be volume is adjusted for the changed by pressing the AUDIOphone, sound, configure, info, map, current audio source, activeor audio. button on the console. navigation voice guidance,Multifunction Controller: Turn to or voice prompts. HDD/DVD/AUX: Change to DISC,navigate through the menus. Press HDD, USB, or AUX by pressing the The steering wheel controls can HDD/DVD/AUX button until theto make a menu selection. also be used to adjust the volume. desired source is selected. See “Steering Wheel Controls” in the vehicles owner manual for more information. Also, see “Radio Settings” and “Automatic Volume Control” in this section.
  • 12. Infotainment System 13 Use the Sound Settings menu to To adjust the bass, treble, and adjust the following features: midrange: . Setting the Tone . Treble: Adjust the treble by . Adjusting the Speakers turning the outer ring on the multifunction knob to change the level. . Mid (Midrange): Adjust the midrange by turning the outer ring on the multifunction knob to change the level. . Bass: Adjust the bass bySelect the NAV button to display the turning the outer ring on thecurrent audio source screen. The multifunction knob to changedisplay shows a split screen with the level.the audio source screen on the left Adjusting the Speakersside and the map or guidancescreen on the right side. Select NAV Scroll through the settings byagain to exit the split view screen. Setting the Tone pressing the outer ring on the multifunction knob to select BAL. Scroll through the settings byNavigation Audio System To adjust the speaker balance: pressing the outer ring on theSound Settings Menu multifunction knob. . Turn the outer ring for moreTo access the Sound Settings sound from the left or rightmenu, press TONE. speakers.
  • 13. 14 Infotainment SystemTo adjust the speaker fade: Radio Settings Audio system settings or features. Turn the outer ring for more can be customized for: sound from the front or rear . Automatic Volume Control speakers. Select OFF, Low, Medium,EQ Settings or High sensitivity to automatically adjust the volume to minimize the effects of unwanted background noise that can result from changing road surfaces, driving speeds, or open windows. This feature To access the Radio settings menu: works best at lower volume . Press the CONFIG button. settings where background noise . Press the multifunction knob to is typically louder than the sound scroll through the available system volume. options. Press the outer ring on . Number of Favorite Pages the multifunction knob to select Change the number of Radio. Press the multifunction mixed-band preset pages knob for more features within the Radio option. when using FAV 1/2/3.EQ (Equalization): The EQ Press 1 through 6 to selectsettings are selected through the the number of preset lists.Sound Settings menu. EQ providesa choice of Manual or Talk settings.
  • 14. Infotainment System 15. HDD FAV Pages (number Seeking a Station Mixed-Band Presets of favorite categories for HDD mode) Press r t u [ to search for a Up to 36 preset stations can be station. stored. Each page can store Select the categories such as six preset stations. The presets Playlist, Artist, Album, and Local Station List Search within a page can be from different Genre to be used as a favorite radio bands. category during HDD mode. To scroll through the pages, press. Show/Hide XM Categories FAV 1/2/3. The current page number Configure favorite categories to displays above the preset buttons. be used during XM mode. The stored stations for each list display on the preset buttons at the. DivX® Registration Code bottom of the screen. The number of Display the DivX registration preset FAV lists can be changed. code used for DivX media To store a radio station to a playback. mixed-band preset list:Finding a Station 1. Press RADIO BAND until theSelect a radio band such as AM, desired band is selected.FM, or XM. To find a list of local stations in the current AM or FM band, press the 2. Tune to the station.Turn the outer ring on the outer ring on the multifunction knob. 3. Press FAV 1/2/3 to select themultifunction knob to find a radio The radio performs a search for desired FAV page.station. To select a preset station, available the corresponding presetbutton.See “Mixed-Band Presets” followingfor more information.
  • 15. 16 Infotainment System4. Press and hold one of the Press and hold AS 1/2 until an To resume listening to the broadcast preset buttons for more than autostore message displays. The at the point left off, press k again. two seconds. The station 12 stations with the strongest signal frequency appears on the preset strength in the current radio band Timeshift stops recording and button at the bottom of the will be stored in the two autostore erases the buffer when the vehicle display. lists. is turned off or the station or source is changed.5. Repeat the steps for each preset Timeshift in each page. Before turning the vehicle off, The timeshift feature automatically press k to keep timeshift recordingTo recall a preset station from a begins recording the audio whenFAV page: for 20 minutes. If the vehicle is still listening to the radio. off after 20 minutes, the system1. Press FAV 1/2/3 to scroll to The recording allows playback stops recording and all information the page. of content that was missed. is lost. If a low battery condition2. Press the preset button. The occurs, timeshift stops recording Timeshift only stores up to stored preset station is recalled. and all information is erased. 20 minutes of content. AfterAutomatic Store 20 minutes, it removes the oldest Radio Data System (RDS) content and continues recordingThe strongest stations in a radio new content. The audio system has a Radio Databand can be searched and System (RDS). RDS features areautomatically stored through the While listening to the radio, available for use only on FMAutomatic Store feature. Each press k to stop hearing the stations that broadcast RDSradio band has two autostore lists information through the speaker. information. With RDS, the(AS1, AS2). Up to six stations can During this paused time, timeshift radio can:be stored in each list. keeps recording. A status bar . Seek to stations broadcasting displays the length of the recording. the selected type of programming.
  • 16. Infotainment System 17. Receive announcements concerning local and national Satellite Radio XM Categories emergencies. XM™ Satellite Radio Service XM stations are organized in categories.. Display messages from radio Vehicles with an XM satellite radio stations. tuner and an XM satellite radio Removing or Adding CategoriesThis system relies on receiving subscription can receive XM 1. Press CONFIG.specific information from these programming. 2. Press the multifunction knob tostations and only works when the XM is a satellite radio service based scroll through the availableinformation is available. In rare in the 48 contiguous United States options. Press the outer ring ofcases, a radio station could and 10 Canadian provinces. XM the multifunction knob to selectbroadcast incorrect information that Satellite Radio has a wide variety of Radio. Press the multifunctioncauses the radio features to work programming and commercial-free knob to select features within theimproperly. If this happens, contact music, coast to coast, and in Radio options.the radio station. digital-quality sound. A service fee 3. Select Show/Hide XMThe RDS is always on. When is required to receive the XM Categories.information is broadcast from the service. For more information,current FM station, the station name see or call 4. Press the outer ring on theor call letters display on the audio 1-800-929-2100 in the U.S.; in multifunction knob to togglescreen. RDS can provide a program Canada, see or between show or hide thetype (PTY) for current programming call 1-877-438-9677. category.and the name of the program being When XM is active, the channel XM Radio Messagesbroadcasted. name and number, category name, See “XM Messages” in the vehicle’s song title, and artist display on the owner manual for a list of possible screen. XM messages.
  • 17. 18 Infotainment System . DVD-Video . Insert only one disc at a time.Audio Players . DVD-Audio . Keep the loading slot free of foreign materials, liquids, andCD/DVD Player . DVD-R/RW debris.The player can be used for CD, . DVD+R/RW If a description label is needed, tryMP3, and DVD audio, and as a When playing any compatible labeling the top of the disc using aDVD video player. recordable disc, the sound quality marking pen.With the ignition on, insert a CD/ can be reduced due to disc quality,DVD into the slot, label side up. The the method of recording, the quality Loading and Ejecting Discsplayer pulls it in and begins playing. of the music or video that has been To load a disc:While playing, the navigation recorded, or the way the disc hassystem is available. been handled. 1. Turn the ignition on.The vehicle must be in P (Park) for There can be increased skipping, 2. Insert a disc into the slot, labelvideo to display. difficulty in recording tracks, side up. The player pulls it in the difficulty in finding tracks/chapters, rest of the way. If the disc isThe DVD player is only compatible damaged or improperly loaded, and/or difficulty in loading andwith DVDs of the appropriate region there is an error and the disc ejecting. If these problems occur,code that is printed on the jacket of ejects. check the disc for damage or try amost DVDs. known good disc. The disc automatically plays onceThe system is capable of playing: loaded. To avoid damage to the CD/DVD. Most audio CDs player: Press X to eject a disc from the. CD-R . Do not use scratched or CD/DVD player. If the disc is not. CD-RW damaged discs. removed, it will remain ejected from the system.. MP3 or unprotected WMA . Do not apply labels to discs. The formats labels could get caught in the player.
  • 18. Infotainment System 19Playing a CD/DVD Use the following controls to play Multifunction Knob: the disc: This knob is located on theA disc must be loaded to select thesource. k (Play/Pause): Press to start, faceplate of the navigation system. pause, or resume play. Turn the outer ring to select andWhen a disc is loaded, the DISC u [ (Seek Up/FWD): adjust many of the functions listedicon displays. on the display screens.Playing an Audio CD . Seeks to the next track. 1. Turn the knob to display the . Press and hold to fast forward track list. through a track. Release the button to return to playing 2. Select the track from the list by speed. Elapsed time displays. pressing the outer ring. The system plays the selected track r t (Seek Down/REV): and returns to the CD screen. . Press to seek to the beginning of Shuffle the current or previous track. If the track has been playing for less than five seconds, it seeks the previous track. If longer than five seconds, the current track starts from the beginning.A track number displays at the . Press and hold to fast reversebeginning of each track. Song, through a track. Release the This icon displays when ShuffleArtist, and Album information button to return to playing mode is on. See “CD Menu”displays when available. speed. Elapsed time displays. following. Tune: Turn to the right or left to go to the next or previous track.
  • 19. 20 Infotainment SystemCD Menu Playing an Audio and DVD Options Video DVD Full Screen: To view the DVD video, the vehicle 1. The menu options time out and must be in P (Park) for an automatic a full screen appears after about transmission or the parking brake 10 seconds. must be engaged for a manual transmission. 2. Press FAV 1/2/3, HDD/DVD/ AUX, or BACK to re-display the After the DVD is loaded, the menu source screen buttons over the options display on the DVD screen. video image. The menu options time out and a full screen appears after about DVD Menus: 10 seconds. Press FAV 1/2/3, . The Eight-Way Directional HDD/DVD/AUX, or BACK to view Rocker allows navigation of the the menu screen again. DVD menu options. The DVDPress the outer ring to display the menu options are only availableCD menu. Use the preset buttons to operate the DVD options. if the DVD has a menu.Shuffle: Select to play the tracks k (Play/Pause): Press to start,randomly rather than in sequence. There are two pages of DVD options. Select the arrow button by pause, or resume play.Select again to stop shuffle.A checkmark indicates shuffle is on. pressing the appropriate preset u [ (Seek Up/FWD): button to access the other page.Track List: Select to display the list 1. Press to seek to the next Only the highlighted functions areof tracks on the disc. Select the chapter. available for use. Some menutrack from the list. The selected options are only available when the 2. Press more than once totrack plays and the CD screen disc is not playing. continue moving forward throughdisplays. the disc.
  • 20. Infotainment System 213. Press and hold to fast forward Stop: Keypad: Scroll through the through a disc. When fast 1. Select to stop the DVD. numbers by pressing the outer forward is active, press again to ring of the multifunction knob change the speed. Elapsed time 2. Press k to resume playing the on the faceplate. displays. Press k to resume DVD from where it stopped. Search: Select to perform a title playing. 3. Press twice to start the DVD search.r t (Seek Down/REV): from the beginning. Angle:1. Press to seek to the beginning of Shuffle: 1. Select to adjust the viewing the current or previous chapter. 1. Select to play the tracks angle of the DVD, depending If the chapter has played for less randomly rather than in on the DVD, while the DVD is than five seconds, it goes to sequence (DVDs or MP3s only). playing. the previous chapter. If the chapter has played longer than 2. Select again to play sequentially. 2. Continue pressing to cycle This button is available for DVD through the viewing angles. five seconds, the current chapter is restarted. More than one audio discs. Audio: press continues moving back Top Menu: Select to display the 1. Select to change the audio through the disc. first menu of the DVD. Availability stream and the audio language2. Press and hold to fast reverse of this feature is dependent on heard, while the DVD is playing. through a disc. When fast the DVD. 2. Continue pressing to cycle reverse is active, press again to Menu: Select to display the menu through the available audio change the speed. Elapsed time for the part of the DVD that is streams or languages, displays. Press k to resume currently playing. Availability of this depending on the DVD. playing. feature is dependent on the DVD and is not available for audio DVDs.TUNE: Turn the multifunction knobto the right or left to go to the nextor previous chapter.
  • 21. 22 Infotainment System . The disc is very hot. Try the discSubtitle: again when the temperature MP31. Select while a DVD is playing to returns to normal. view with subtitles on or off or to Playing an MP3 CD and DVD change the language of the . The road is very rough. Try the MP3 Format subtitles. disc again when the road is smoother. There are certain guidelines must2. Continue pressing to cycle be met when creating an MP3 disc; through the available subtitle . The disc is dirty, scratched, wet, otherwise the CD might not play. languages and to turn subtitles or upside down. The guidelines are: off, depending on the DVD . The air is very humid. Try the playing. disc again later. . Sampling rate: 8 kHz, 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz, 32 kHz,Pan Scan: Pan Scan adjusts the . There was a problem while 44.1 kHz, and 48 kHz.picture to fit the screen. Select to burning the disc.turn Pan Scan on or off. . Bit rates supported: 8, 16, 24, . The label is caught in the 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112,Error Messages CD/DVD player. 128, 144, 160, 192, 224, 256,If Disc Read Error displays and/or If the CD or DVD is not playing and 320 kbps.the disc comes out, it could be for correctly, for any other reason, try a . Maximum number of folders isone of the following reasons: known good CD or DVD. 255 with a maximum hierarchy. The disc has an invalid or If any error continues, contact your of eight folders. unknown format. dealer. . Maximum of 1,024 files on. The disc is not from a correct a disc. region. . Recorded on a CD-R or CD-RW with a maximum capacity of 700 MB. . DVD-Dual Layer discs should not be used.
  • 22. Infotainment System 23. The Artist/Album/Song Titles/ the DISC source. A track number 2. Press again to continue moving Genre information requires a CD appears on the display when each back through the disc. to be fully scanned before the track starts to play. music navigator works with 3. Press and hold this button these menus. Disc scanning To play a disc: to reverse quickly through does not occur when the disc is k (Play/Pause): Use to start, playback. Release the button to being played. pause, or resume play of a return to playing speed. Elapsed loaded disc. time displays.When an MP3 is loaded in theplayer, MP3 displays. u [ (Seek Up/FWD): Multifunction Knob: 1. Press to seek to the next track. 1. Press to display the track list for the current mode/folder. 2. Press again to continue moving forward through the disc. 2. Select the track from the list. The system plays the selected 3. Press and hold to advance track and returns to the CD quickly through playback. screen. Release the button to return to playing speed. Elapsed time MP3 Music Menu: Press the outer displays. ring on the multifunction knob located on the faceplate to access r t (Seek Down/REV): the MP3 Music Menu. 1. Press to seek to the beginning of the current or previous track.If a disc is already loaded, but you If the track has played for lessare currently on a map screen or than five seconds, it goes to thelistening to a different audio source, previous track. If longer thanpress HDD/DVD/AUX to switch to five seconds, the current track restarts.
  • 23. 24 Infotainment System . Track List (All Songs) . Genres Select to view a list of all songs Select to view the genres on the on the disc. There might be a disc. Select a genre to view a list delay before the list displays. of all songs of that genre. There Select a song from the list and it might be a delay before the list begins to play. Songs are displays. Select a song from the displayed based on the CD list and it begins to play. burning application folder and . Song Titles file structure used. Select to display a list of all . Artists songs on the disc. There might Select to view the list of artists be a delay before the list stored on the disc. Select an displays. Select a song from theSelect any of the following category artist name to view a list of all list and it begins to play. Songsbuttons on the MP3 Music Menu to songs by the artist. There might are displayed in alphabeticaldisplay the corresponding category be a delay before the list order based on the Song Titlescreen: displays. Select the desired ID3 tag, if available.. Folders/Playlists song from the list and it begins to play. Root Directory Select to view the folders stored on the disc. Select a folder to . Albums The root directory is treated as a view the list of all songs in that folder. All files contained directly Select to view the albums on the under the root directory are folder. There might be a delay disc. Select the album to view a before the list displays. Select accessed prior to any root directory list of all songs on the album. folders. the song from the list and it There might be a delay before begins to play. the list displays. Select a song from the list and it begins to play.
  • 24. Infotainment System 25Empty Directory or Folder Preprogrammed Playlists For optimal recording performanceIf a root directory or folder is empty The radio recognizes make sure the disc is clean with noor contains only folders, the player preprogrammed playlists; however, damage, otherwise the systemadvances to the next folder in the there is no editing capability. These might partially record the track orfile structure that contains a playlists are treated as special cause the audio to mute for a shortcompressed audio file. Empty folders containing compressed amount of time.folders are not displayed or audio song files. To select the hard drive audionumbered. source:No Folder Hard Drive Device (HDD)When the CD only contains With a Hard Drive Device (HDD),compressed audio files without any songs can be recorded.folders or playlists, all files are The types of formats supported bylocated under the root folder. the HDD are:File System and Naming . MP3The displayed song title is taken . MP3-Pro (with spectral brandfrom the files ID3 tag. If a song title replication)is not present in the ID3 tag, the . WMAradio displays the file name as the . Audible.comtrack name. . M4A Press the HDD/DVD/AUX button Songs can be recorded from a CD repeatedly to cycle through the player or a mass media storage available audio sources until device connected by a USB the HDD displays, or press the connector. The hard drive has multifunction knob to select the 10 GB memory capacity for storage HDD source button. of media files.
  • 25. 26 Infotainment SystemRecording from a CD to the To record selected tracks from To record selected tracks:Hard Drive the disc: 1. Connect a USB device.The speed of the recording 1. Load a CD or press the HDD/ 2. Press the HDD/DVD/AUX buttonincreases if you are listening to DVD/AUX button until the disc until the disc screen displays theanother source while recording. screen displays. USB screen.To record all tracks from the disc: 2. Press Seek up and Seek down 3. Use the Seek up and Seek down or CD/Disc Music Menu to select or USB Music Menu to select a1. Load a CD or press the REC a song for recording. button. song for recording. 3. Press the REC button. 4. Press the REC button.2. Press the HDD/DVD/AUX button until the Disc screen displays. 4. A confirmation displays. 5. A confirmation displays.3. A confirmation displays. 5. Select the song name to record. 6. Select the song name to record. A progress bar displays. A progress bar displays. Recording from a USB Device Duplicate Content to the Hard Drive When the record function is started, To copy all tracks from the USB there is a check to verify that it does device: not already exist on the hard drive. 1. Connect a USB device or press If the entire content of the CD exists the HDD/DVD/AUX button until on the hard drive, it will not record the disc screen displays the the content. USB screen. If it is determined that some or none 2. Press the REC button. of the content exists, then only that content will be copied to the hard 3. A confirmation displays. drive.4. Select All Songs to record all 4. Select All Songs to copy all tracks. A progress bar displays. tracks. A progress bar displays.
  • 26. Infotainment System 27If the same file is recorded from a Playing Hard Disc Drive 3. Release the button to return toUSB and CD, it is possible to have Content playing speed. Elapsed timeduplicate tracks. displays.CD Eject g (Seek Down/REV):If the CD ejects before the recording 1. Press to seek to the beginning ofprocess completes, only tracks that the current or previous track.have been completely recorded are If the track has been playing forstored to the hard drive; incomplete less than five seconds, thetracks are discarded. previous track plays. If longer than five seconds, the currentPower Mode track restarts.If the system is turned off during a 2. Press and hold this buttonCD or USB recording process, to reverse quickly throughrecording stops. When the radio is playback. Release the button toturned back on, the recording return to playing speed. Elapsedprocess does not resume To operate hard drive functions time appears on the display.automatically. while the HDD source is active, use the following buttons: Multifunction Knob: k (Play/Pause): Press to start, 1. Press this knob to display the pause, or resume play of the current track list. For example, if in artist media source. mode it only displays the track by the selected artist. l (Seek Up/FWD): 2. Select the desired track from 1. Press to seek to the next track. the list. The system plays the 2. Press and hold to advance selected track and returns to the quickly through playback. HDD screen.
  • 27. 28 Infotainment SystemDEL (Delete): Select any of the following buttons Artists: Select to view the artists1. Select to delete a song from the on the HDD music menu: on the hard drive. Select an artist to hard drive. Shuffle: Select to play the tracks view a list of all songs by that artist. randomly rather than in sequence. Select a song from the list. Once2. Select the song from the HDD selected, Artist Mode displays. Music Menu screen to delete. More Like This: Select to use Gracenote® music recognition Albums: Select to view the albumsTo delete an entire list of Artists, on the hard drive. Select an albumAlbums, or Genres, select the technology and related data to generate a list of songs similar to to view a list of all songs on thecategory from the HDD Music Menu album. Select a song from the list.screen. the current song. Select a song from the list. Once selected, Album ModeHDD Music Menu displays. This feature is only available withFrom the HDD screen, select the songs recorded to the HDD from All Songs: Select to view a list ofmenu by pressing the Audio CDs, not MP3s and other all songs on the hard drive. Select amultifunction knob. compressed audio. song from the list. Once selected, All Songs Mode displays. When recording CDs to the HDD there might be delays to build the Genres: Select to view the genres list until all the files are compressed. on the hard drive. Select a genre to view a list of all songs of that genre. Playlists: Select to view the Select a song from the list. Once playlists on the hard drive. Select a selected, Genre Mode displays. playlist to view a list of all songs in the playlist. Select a song from the Recently Saved: Select to view a list. Once selected, Playlist Mode list of the 50 most recently saved displays. songs to the HDD. Once selected, Recently Saved Mode displays.
  • 28. Infotainment System 29Saving HDD Favorites 2. Select FAV from the HDD music Playing from USBDuring HDD playback, to save the menu. Favorite Artist, Album,current song playing to a category and Genre are in thepreset: corresponding list.. Press the FAV button until the USB Host Support FAV playlist category displays. The USB connector uses the. Press and hold a preset button USB 2.0. on the faceplate until the Saved USB Supported Devices to Favorites message displays. . USB flash sticks or pen drives.To save an entire Artist, Album,or Genre to a FAV category preset: . Portable USB Hard Drives. Special care needs to be taken. Press the FAV button until the related to the power source of correct FAV category appears. these devices (USB bus A USB mass storage device can be. Press and hold a preset button powered vs. external power). connected to the USB port to copy on the faceplate. compressed audio files onto the . Portable media adapters that support SD Flash, Compact hard drive. Content can also bePlaying HDD Favorites Flash, or SD Micro. played directly from the USB device.Favorites can be played two Depending on the USB mass The USB port is located in thedifferent ways. storage device, some devices center console.1. Press the FAV button until the might not be recognized. The USB icon displays when the appropriate FAV HDD category Music can be played directly from USB device is connected. displays. the USB device and controlled Press a preset button on the through MP3 control functions faceplate while in the HDD and menu. screen.
  • 29. 30 Infotainment SystemTo play a USB device: g (Seek Down/REV): USB Music Menu. Connect the USB and it begins 1. Press to seek to the beginning of to play. the current or previous track.. Press the HDD/DVD/AUX If the track has been playing for button. Press the multifunction less than five seconds, the knob to scroll and select the previous track plays. If playing USB menu. longer than five seconds, the current track restarts.While the USB source is active, usethe following to operate USB 2. Press and hold to reversefunction: quickly through playback. Release the button to return tok (Play/Pause): Press to start, playing speed. Elapsed timepause, or resume play of the current source. Multifunction Knob: Press the multifunction knob whilel (Seek Up/FWD): on the USB audio screen to select 1. Press this knob to display the1. Press to seek to the next track. track list. For example, if in artist the USB Music Menu.2. Press and hold to advance mode it only displays the track Select any of the following buttons quickly through playback. by the selected artist. on the USB music menu:3. Release the button to return to 2. Select the desired track from Shuffle: Select to play the tracks playing speed. Elapsed time the list. The system plays the randomly rather than in sequence. displays. selected track and returns to the Select again to stop this function. USB screen.
  • 30. Infotainment System 31Folders/Playlists: Select to view Genres: Select to view the genres This feature supports the followingthe playlists stored on the USB. stored on the USB. Select a genre iPod models:Select a folder/playlist to view a list to view a list of all songs of that . iPod (fifth generation or later)of all songs in the folder/playlist. genre. Select a song from the list.Select a song from the list. Once Once selected, Genre Mode . iPod Nano (first, second, third,selected, Folder/Playlist Mode displays. forth, and fifth generation)displays. Eject USB: Select to remove the . iPod ClassicArtists: Select to view the artists USB. If the USB is disconnected . iPod Touch (first and secondstored on the USB. Select an artist without selecting Eject USB, the generation)to view a list of all songs by the files could become corrupted.artist. Select a song from the list. For proper operation, make sure theOnce selected, Artist Mode Playing from an iPod® iPod has the latest firmware fromdisplays. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., Apple®. iPod firmware can be registered in the U.S. and other updated using the latest iTunes®Albums: Select to view the albums application.stored on the USB. Select an album view a list of all songs on the For more information, visitalbum. Select a song from the list. selected, Album Mode Recording from the iPod to the HDDdisplays. is not supported. Media must beAll Songs: Select to view a list of recorded using a USB mass storageall songs stored on the USB. Select device.a song from the list. Once selected, To connect and control an iPod,All Songs Mode displays. connect one end of the standard iPod USB cable to the iPods dock connector. Connect the other end to the USB port in the center console.
  • 31. 32 Infotainment SystemiPod music information displays iPod Music Menu Playlists: Select to view theon the radio’s display and begins playlists that have been stored onplaying through the vehicle’s audio the iPod. Select a playlist name tosystem. view a list of all songs in the playlist.The iPod battery recharges Select the desired song from theautomatically while the ignition list. Once a song has been selected,is on or in the ACC/ACCESSORY Playlist Mode appears on the iPodposition. When the ignition is turned main screen to show that music isoff while an iPod is connected using playing from a playlist.the iPod USB cable, the iPod Artists: Select to view the artistsbattery stops charging and the iPod that have been stored on the iPod.automatically turns off. Select an artist name to view a listIf the iPod is a model that is not of all songs by the artist. Select thesupported, it can still be listened to desired song from the list. Once a Press the multifunction knob to song has been selected, Artistin the vehicle by connecting it to the scroll, then select any of the Mode appears on the iPod mainauxiliary input jack using a standard following buttons on the iPod Music screen to show that music is being3.5 mm (1/8 in) stereo cable. See Menu to display the corresponding played from a specific artist.Auxiliary Devices on page 37 for screen:more information. Albums: Select to view the albums Shuffle: Select to play the tracks that have been stored on the iPod. randomly rather than in sequence. Select an album name to view a list Select the button again to stop this of all songs on the album. Select the function. desired song from the list. Once a song has been selected, Album Mode appears on the iPod main screen to show that music is being played from a specific album.
  • 32. Infotainment System 33All Songs: Select to view a list of Audio Book: Select to view the Audio Bookall songs stored on the iPod. Then, audio books that have been stored The system can play back audioselect the desired song from the list. on the iPod. Select an audio book book content downloaded fromOnce a song has been selected, All name to view a list of all songs of by either burningSongs Mode appears on the iPod that genre. Select the desired song it to a CD or recording it to a USBmain screen to show that music is from the list. Once a song has been storage device.being played from the All Songs selected, Audio Book Mode appearscategory. on the iPod main screen. is a provider of spoken word audio entertainment,Genres: Select to view the genres Podcasts appear with the general information, and educationalthat have been stored on the iPod. music. They do not have their own programming. The use of theSelect a genre name to view a list of category. Like the other music files, playback featureall songs of that genre. Select the they are searchable by title, artist, requires that the audible.comdesired song from the list. Once a and album. account be activated with the has been selected “Genre Eject iPod: Select to remove the For more information on creating anMode” appears on the iPod main iPod. If the iPod is disconnected account or how to activate the radioscreen to show that music is being without selecting this button, the with your existing account, visitplayed from a specific genre. files on the iPod could be corrupted. TheComposers: Select to view the activation process requires thecomposers that have been stored Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)on the iPod. Select a composer of the to view a list of all songs by Once activated, files can bethat composer. Select the desired transferred by burning them to a CDsong from the list. Once a song has or by using a USB storage device.been selected, Composer Modeappears on the iPod main screen toshow that music is being playedfrom a specific composer.
  • 33. 34 Infotainment SystemAfter inserting the USB or CD Playing Audio Book Contentstorage media, the following screen After activating and transferringdisplays: files to the system, play the files by: 2. Press the multifunction knob to enter the HDD Menu, the HDD music menu displays. Press the multifunction knob to scroll downPress the multifunction knob to to the Audio Book option. Pressselect Record All to record all the outer ring to select it. 1. Press the HDD/DVD/AUX buttonavailable audio books. A specific until the HDD source is book to record can beselected by selecting Select Book.After the files have been recorded,eject the CD/USB external media.
  • 34. Infotainment System 353. The Audio Book screen displays 4. Then, select a chapter to start 5. The audio book begins a list of the available audio playback. playback. books for playback. Press the multifunction knob to scroll through the list. Press the outer ring of the multifunction knob to select a book.
  • 35. 36 Infotainment SystemSelecting Another Audio BookTo play a different audio book fromthe one selected, Press the BACKbutton to return to the Audio Bookmenu options.To change the audio book currentlyplaying: 2. The Audio Book screen displays 3. Select a chapter to start a list of the available audio playback. books for playback. Press the multifunction knob to scroll through the list. Press the outer ring to select a book.1. Press the multifunction knob to enter the HDD Music Menu. Press the multifunction knob to scroll down to the Audio Book option.
  • 36. Infotainment System 37 Changing Chapters within an Auxiliary Devices Audio Book This vehicle has an auxiliary input To change chapters within an jack located in the center console. audio book: Possible auxiliary audio sources include: . Laptop computer . MP3 player . Tape player This jack is not an audio output. Do not plug headphones into the4. The audio book begins auxiliary input jack. Drivers are playback. encouraged to set up any auxiliary device while the vehicle is in P (Park). Connect a 3.5 mm (1/8 in) cable While the audio book is playing, from the auxiliary device to the press the multifunction knob. The auxiliary input jack. When a chapter list of the current book device is connected, the system displays. Press the outer ring of automatically begins playing audio the multifunction knob to select a from the device over the vehicle chapter from the list. To return to the speakers. current chapter being played, select the chapter with the checkmark located at the right.
  • 37. 38 Infotainment SystemIf an auxiliary device has already Navigation Navigation Buttonsbeen connected, but a different The buttons are on the navigationsource is currently active, do thefollowing to switch back to the Using the Navigation system:auxiliary source: System RADIO BAND: Press to select the AM, FM, or XM band.. Press the HDD/DVD/AUX button The navigation system in the vehicle repeatedly to cycle through all of is not a touch screen system. It is HDD/DVD/AUX (Source): Change the available audio source controlled by using the multifunction to DISC, HDD, USB, or AUX by screens, until the AUX source knob, the outer ring of the pressing HDD/DVD/AUX until the screen is selected. multifunction knob, preset buttons, desired source is selected. and other buttons on the faceplate. r t REV (Reverse): The multifunction knob can be . If the source is radio, press to pressed from side to side, up, reverse quickly through the or down to move through the stations. menus. The outer ring of the multifunction knob is pressed to 1. If the source is CD/DVD, press enter a menu selection. See to go to the beginning of the Overview on page 4. current or previous track. If the track has been playing for less The preset buttons can be pressed than five seconds, the previous to select the appropriate screen track plays. If longer than button function as shown on the five seconds, the current track display. restarts. Various functions are disabled when the vehicle is moving.
  • 38. Infotainment System 392. Press and hold this button DEST (Destination): Press to To delete an entire list of Artists, to reverse quickly through plan a route through the Select Albums, or Genres, select the playback. Release the button to Destination menu. If route guidance category from the HDD Music Menu return to playing speed. Elapsed is active, press to access the Route screen. See Hard Drive Device time appears on the display. See menu. See Destination on page 49 (HDD) on page 25 for more CD/DVD Player on page 18 for for more information. information. more information. [ u FWD (Forward): REC (Record): Press to record a1-6 (Preset Buttons): The preset 1. Press to go to the next track. CD, MP3, and USB to the hardbuttons can be pressed to select the drive. See Hard Drive Device (HDD)appropriate screen button function 2. Press and hold to fast forward on page 25 for more shown on the display. For through a track. Release the button to return to playing AS (1/2) (Automatic Store): Pressexample press the preset 6 button to select the automatic store select the GO/List/Start screen speed. Elapsed time displays. See CD/DVD Player on page 18 Press and hold to automaticallybuttons. save a list of 12 stations with the for more information.NAV (Navigation): strongest signal strength.1. Press to view the vehicles O 3 (Power/Volume): Press to FAV 1/2/3 (Favorites): Press to turn the system on and off. Turn to current position on the map adjust the volume for the audio, open a favorite list or to switch to screen. OnStar®, voice guidance, and voice another favorite list.2. Continue pressing to cycle recognition voice prompts. Y (Eject): Press to eject a CD or through the full map and split INFO (Information): Press for a DVD. See CD/DVD Player on screen. Full map displays the weather information (if equipped) page 18 for more information. screen in full view; split screen and climate control displays (if TONE: Press to access the Sound displays both map and audio equipped). screen to adjust bass, midrange, information. and treble. See AM-FM Radio on DEL (Delete): Select to delete a song from the hard drive. page 12 for more information.
  • 39. 40 Infotainment SystemMultifunction Knob: Press to Alpha-Numeric Keyboard To make name selection easier, thenavigate through the systems system highlights only characters Letters of the alphabet, symbols,display window and to highlight an that are available after the punctuation, and numbers, whenoption. Press the outer ring to previously entered one. available, display on the navigationactivate/select the highlighted If a name does not display after screen as an alpha or numericoption. entry, try entering it differently. The keyboard. The alpha keyboardCD/DVD Slot: Insert a disc into this displays when data needs to be map database may not contain allslot for playback. entered. information.CONFIG (Configure): Press to Use the outer ring of the Navigation Settingsadjust features for radio, navigation, multifunction knob to scroll throughdisplay, phone, vehicle, and time. the on-screen keyboard. Select The navigation menu screenSee Configure Menu on page 63 for each letter by pressing the accesses the navigation systemmore information. outer ring. settings.BACK: Press to return to the À-Ý (Accent Alphabet): To selectprevious screen in a menu. The letters with accent symbols.BACK button does not work in A-Z (Alphabet): To select lettersprimary display screens, such as from the, sound, configure, info, map,or audio. Symbols: To select symbols.RPT NAV (Repeat Navigation): U (Space): To enter a spacePress to repeat the last voice between characters or the words ofguidance prompt. a name.V / $ (Phone/Mute): See q (Backspace): To delete an To access:Bluetooth on page 84 for more incorrect character that has been 1. Press CONFIG to display theinformation. selected. Config menu.
  • 40. Infotainment System 412. Press the multifunction knob to If voice recognition beeps or audible Speech Confirmation Feedback: scroll through the available prompts cannot be heard, then the Turn the speech confirmation options. Press the outer ring of voice volume level may be set too feedback on or off. A check mark the multifunction knob to low and might need to be increased. indicates on. select Nav. Voice Volume: Adjust the voice Traffic Voice Prompt: Turn the3. Press the multifunction knob volume for guidance and voice traffic voice prompt on or off. to select other features within recognition prompts by pressing the A checkmark indicates on. Nav to make changes to the multifunction knob left or right. navigation settings. Press the appropriate preset button Route Preference for Guidance Volume to preview the Select the Route Preference optionVoice Prompt selected sound level. to change route options when aThis menu allows changes to the route is calculated.voice features. Voice Guidance: Enable or disable voice guidance. A checkmark Avoid Freeway: Major roads are indicates on. avoided.
  • 41. 42 Infotainment SystemAvoid Toll Road: Toll roads are Display Back Tracks: When Low Fuel Warning: Whenavoided. active, the traveled path displays. selected, a pop-up screen displaysAvoid Ferry: Ferries are avoided. Record Back Track Points: When gas station icons on the map or lists active, the traveled path is recorded. the five nearest gas stations.Avoid Time and SeasonalRestricted Roads: Time restricted Delete Back Track Points: The Back Track Mode: When selected,and seasonal roads are avoided. recorded path is deleted. the back track feature is on. See “Back Track” earlier in this section.Back Track Map Database Information Show 3-D Landmark: WhenSelect the Back Track menu option Displays map database version selected, 3-D landmarks display onto turn on, off, or delete the information. the map screen.recording and displaying of thetraveled path. Maps This section includes basic information about the map database. Map Coverage The navigation maps are stored on the hard drive. For more information on map coverage, see Database Coverage Explanations on page 75. Select the appropriate Coverage preset button, located on the faceplate, to view the major metropolitan coverage area.
  • 42. Infotainment System 43Installing the DVD Map Disc 6. If the correct code is entered, . Do not keep the disc in direct the system starts updating and sunlight, high temperatures,The factory installs the map or humidity. the status bar displays. Followdatabase information on the HDD. the directions on the screen. . Place the disc back into theAn updated map disc can be used original case after update the map database 7. Press X after the mapinformation. See Ordering Map database update is completed. Map AdjustmentsDVDs on page 74 in this section. If the application update file is The scale of view on the map canBefore updating the map database included in the disc, the application be adjusted.on the HDD: update is also done. Map Scales1. Start the vehicle to perform the Handling the DVD Map Disc map updating. . Handle the disc very carefully to2. Press O to turn the system on. avoid contamination or flaws. Signals might not read out3. Insert the map update disc into properly. the slot, label side up. . Use a soft cloth if the disc gets4. Select Update by pressing the soiled and gently wipe it out from outer ring on the multifunction the center of the disc to the knob when the Update outside. Do not use cleaners or Confirmation screen displays. solvents.5. Enter the Authentication Code, . Do not use the disc to rest on then select the Enter button. while writing or drawing using any writing utensil. To change the map scale, turn the . Do not attach a seal to any of outer ring of the multifunction knob the sides or the disc. clockwise or counterclockwise to zoom out or in.
  • 43. 44 Infotainment SystemThe scale ranges from 100 m ‐ Down Navigation Symbols(150 ft) to 400 km (250 miles). To ‐ Down Leftchange from English to metric, see Following are the most common“Driver Information Center (DIC)” in ‐ Left symbols that appear on a mapthe index of the vehicles owner screen. ‐ Upper Leftmanual. . Press NAV to exit map scrollingScroll Features and return to the current vehicle location on the map. . While scrolling the map, this symbol can display the distance to the crosshair area. The vehicle symbol indicates the current position and heading direction of the vehicle on the map.. To scroll within the map, press the Eight-Way Directional Rocker (Multifunction Knob) to scroll in the desired direction: ‐ Up For example, this shows that the ‐ Upper Right map has been scrolled, 160 m (0.1 mile) away from current vehicle ‐ Right position. The destination symbol marks the ‐ Down Right final destination after a route has been planned.
  • 44. Infotainment System 45 If waypoints have been added to the current route, each waypoint destination displays estimated time and distance.The waypoint symbol marks a set This symbol indicates that the mapwaypoint and is numbered view is Heading up.depending on how many have Heading up view displays thebeen set. direction the vehicle is traveling atA waypoint is a stopover destination the top of the map screen. Thepoint added to the planned route. This symbol indicates that the map shaded triangle indicates North. view is North up: North up displays Select this screen symbol to change North at the top of the map screen the view to North up or 3-D. regardless of the direction the vehicle is traveling. The compass The 3-D symbol is the same as the view can be changed by selecting Heading up symbol, but the map is the Map menu, through pressing the in 3-D. outer ring on the multifunction knob. Select the compass icon by pressing the outer ring to scroll through the different views.The estimated time and distance tothe destination are displayed.
  • 45. 46 Infotainment System Urgent Maneuver An Urgent Maneuver is displayed when the next maneuver is less than or equal to 0.8 km (0.5 mile) away on a residential road or is less than or equal to 1.5 km (2 miles)The No GPS symbol appears when This symbol indicates that a menu is away on a highway.there is no Global Positioning available and displays on the leftSystem (GPS) satellite signal. side of the screen. Access this menu by pressing the outer ring on the Multifunction knob. Driving on a Route While driving on a route, the next maneuver the map screen displays is either an urgent maneuver or a non-urgent maneuver. Driving on the HighwayThese symbols indicate that theinformation shown on the right sideof the map can be hidden to show afull screen map view.
  • 46. Infotainment System 47 Options Available on the Map Screen While on route, several options are available while viewing the map screen. To access this menu while on the Map screen, press the outer ring on the multifunction knob. When this symbol is selected, the distance and time remaining from the current vehicle position to the first waypoint display. Save: Saves a specific location to the address book. Driving on the Residential RoadNon-Urgent ManeuverA non-urgent maneuver is whenyour distance to the next maneuveris greater than 0.8 km (0.5 mile)when driving on a residential road oris greater than 1.5 km (2 miles)when driving on a highway. See Navigation Symbols on page 44 to learn how to change the map view to North up, Heading up, or 3-D view.
  • 47. 48 Infotainment System Nearby POI 3. After selecting the type of POI, Select to view POI information press NAV. The POI will show on nearby and on route. the map. 4. Use the delete preset button to delete the nearby POI display.This menu displays if the symbol Select this button from the mapand waypoints are entered. Select menu list on the Nav screen tothe main map view to display the change the full map screen to thedistance and time remaining from half map screen and half exitthe current vehicle position to any of 1. When the screen displays the information.the set waypoints or final full map, press the outer ring ondestination. Whole Route: Selects options for the multifunction knob. The map the entire route. menu on the left side will show the POI option. Cancel Guidance: Cancels guidance of the current route. 2. Select Nearby by pressing the preset 4 button. The nearby POI Re-Route: Allows the route list displays. preferences to be changed.
  • 48. Infotainment System 49Destination Address EntryWhile destination is not set, press Set a route by entering the state/DEST to access the Select province name, city name, streetDestination screen. Several options name, and house number.can be selected to plan a route by State/Province: Enter a state/entering destinations. province name.To enter a destination, rotate the City: Enter a city name.outer ring to highlight characters, Street Name: Enter a street name.or highlight the State/City/Streetfield. Press the outer ring to select House #: Enter a valid addressthe item. number. Cross Street Name: Enter a street Entering the city name first: name that intersects with the 1. Press the DEST button. selected street. 2. If necessary, enter the state/ A checkmark displays on the right province name. The last state/ side when the field has been province is automatically selected and the destination can recalled. be entered. After an entry step is completed, the checkmark moves to 3. Enter the city name. The city the next item. field is automatically selected.
  • 49. 50 Infotainment System4. Enter the street name. This field 8. Select the route preference for A list displays if four or fewer is automatically selected. Do not Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. names are available. If there enter directional information or The chosen route preference are more than four, there is a street type. Use the space highlights. See “Navigation match counter with a number of button between street and city Settings” under Using the available streets. Select the List names. For example, enter Navigation System on page 38 preset button to view the list and N. Royal Oak Rd as Royal Oak. for more information. select the street. Use q to delete an incorrectly 9. Select the Start Guidance 4. Select the city from the list or entered character. preset button and the route is enter the city name. A list displays if four or fewer calculated. 5. Enter the house number. This names are available. If there Entering the street name first: field is automatically selected. are more than four, there is a match counter with a number of 1. Press the DEST button. 6. Select OK by pressing the 2. If necessary, enter the state/ preset 6 button. The address available streets. Select the List province name. The last state/ information screen displays the preset button to view the list and select the street. province name is automatically address entered.5. Enter the house number. This recalled. 7. Select GO by pressing the 3. Select the street name field. preset 6 button if correct. The field is automatically selected. Enter the street name. Do not route is calculated.6. Select OK by pressing the preset 6 button. The address enter directional information or information screen displays the street type. Use the space address entered. preset button between street and city names. For example, enter7. Select GO by pressing the N. Royal Oak Rd as Royal Oak. preset 6 button if correct. Use q to delete an incorrect The route is calculated. character.
  • 50. Infotainment System 51 Entering by POI Name/Phone 4. Select the POI name from Number the list. 1. Press DEST. 5. Select GO by pressing the 2. Select the POI name from preset 6 button on the the list. confirmation screen if the information is correct. 6. Select the route preference for Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. 7. Select the Start Guidance preset button and start the route. Entering a POI by City Name8. Select the route preference for Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. 1. Press DEST. The chosen route preference 2. Select Point of Interest. highlights. See “Navigation 3. Select Browse to display the Settings” earlier in this section POI Categories. for more information. 4. Select Change Location.9. Select the Start Guidance 3. Enter the name or select by preset button and the route is phone number. calculated. A list displays if four or fewerPoint of Interest (POI) names are available. If thereThe POI destination entry allows are more than four, there is aselection of a destination by match counter with a number ofproviding the POI name, or a city available POI names. Select thename, or selecting from the POI list. List preset button to view the list.
  • 51. 52 Infotainment System5. Enter the new state and city. Previous Destination6. Select a category, then a Select a destination from a list of sub-category. previous destinations. Up to The available POI names 15 points that have been previously display. entered can be recalled. If the list is full, the oldest destinations are7. Select the POI name. automatically deleted once the8. If the POI is correct, select GO newest destinations are added. by pressing the preset 6 button. 1. Press DEST. The route is calculated. 2. Select the Previous Destination9. Select the route preference for preset button. A list displays the Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. previous destinations. 4. Select a category, then a10. Select the Start Guidance sub-category. 3. Select the destination. preset button and start the The available POI names 4. Select GO by pressing the route. display. preset 6 button if the informationSelecting a POI Category 5. Select the POI name. is correct. The route calculates.1. Press DEST. 6. If the POI is correct, select GO 5. Select the route preference for2. Select Point of Interest. by pressing the preset 6 button. Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. The route is calculated. See “Navigation Settings” under3. Select Browse to display the POI Using the Navigation System on Categories. 7. Select the route preference for page 38 for more information. Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. 6. Select the Start Guidance preset 8. Select the Start Guidance preset button and start the route. button and start the route.
  • 52. Infotainment System 53Address Book 4. Select GO by pressing the 3. Select zoom by turning the preset 6 button on the Multifunction knob. Scroll the confirmation screen if the map by rotating the same knob. information is correct. The route 4. Select GO by pressing the calculates. preset 6 button. The route 5. Select the route preference for calculates. Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. 5. Select the route preference for See “Navigation Settings” under Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. Using the Navigation System on See “Navigation Settings” under page 38 for more information. Using the Navigation System on 6. Select the Start Guidance preset page 38 for more information. button and start the route. 6. Select the Start Guidance preset Pick From Map button and start the route.Choose a destination by selecting Select a destination by scrolling onan address that has been stored in the map.the address book. 1. Press DEST.1. Press DEST. 2. Select Pick From Map. A map2. Select Address Book. A list screen with a scroll symbol displays the address book displays. entries.3. Select the destination from the list.
  • 53. 54 Infotainment SystemLat/Long Coordinates 4. Select GO by pressing the 3. Select the route preference for preset 6 button. The route Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest.Choose a destination based on calculates. See “Navigation Settings” underlatitudinal and longitudinal 5. Select the route preference for Using the Navigation System oncoordinates. Fastest, Shortest, or Easiest. page 38 for more information. See “Navigation Settings” under 4. Select the Start Guidance preset Using the Navigation System on button and start the route. page 38 for more information. Getting Started on the Route 6. Select the Start Guidance preset button and start the route. Several functions can be performed after a destination has been Preset Destination entered. Press DEST to access Set a destination by selecting from the Route Menu screen. one of six previously stored destinations. If a destination is not set for one of the preset buttons, the button dims and is not availableEnter the location as coordinates, to use.Latitude and Longitude. 1. Press DEST.1. Press DEST. 2. Select one of the available2. Select Lat/Long. Preset Destination preset buttons. The preset buttons were3. Enter coordinates for the stored with the name selected. destination in degrees, minutes, The route calculates. and seconds.
  • 54. Infotainment System 55Cancel Guidance Detour Add WaypointFrom the Route Menu screen, select To select a detour around theCancel Guidance to cancel the current route, select the Routecurrent route. Select Yes by screen, then select to detour 2, 5,pressing the appropriate preset or 10 km (1, 3, or 5 miles). Selectbutton to cancel or No to continue Whole Route to detour the entirethe guidance. route. This is only available while driving on a route.Voice PromptSelect Voice Volume to change the Turn Listvolume of voice prompts and voicerecognition.Select the Voice Guidance, SpeechConfirmation Feedback, or TrafficVoice Prompt buttons to turn voice Up to three waypoints can be addedprompts on or off for each category. to the current route, between theSee “Navigation Settings” under start point and final destination. TheUsing the Navigation System on waypoints can be edited or 38 for more information. To add a waypoint: 1. Press DEST. 2. Select Add Waypoint. This button is only available if the To view the list of maneuvers for the route has been calculated. entire route, select Turn List from the Route Menu screen.
  • 55. 56 Infotainment System3. Enter the waypoint by any of Route Preview u v (Fast Reverse or the add destination methods. Forward Scroll): Preview the entire route in either See Destination on page 49 or direction. . Select the fast reverse scroll more information. The system calculates and highlights the arrow by pressing the preset route and the route can be button to go to the start point. started. . Select the fast forward scroll4. To add more waypoints, press arrow by pressing the preset the DEST button. Select the button to go to the final Add preset button to add the destination. waypoint in the order desired on These buttons display once the the route. The system calculates reverse/forward scroll button has and highlights the route and the been selected. route can be started.To delete a waypoint: j (Pause): Press the preset 4 button to pause1. Press DEST. the route preview, while in2. Select the Delete Waypoint (Reverse or Forward Skip): reverse, fast reverse, forward, preset button. or fast forward scroll. . Select the reverse skip arrow by3. Select the waypoint to be pressing the preset button to go s t (Reverse or Forward Scroll): deleted. to the start point. 1. Select the reverse scroll arrow4. A confirmation message . Select the forward skip arrow by by pressing the preset button to displays. Select Yes to delete pressing the preset button to go go to the start point. the waypoint; select No to to the final destination. 2. Select the forward scroll arrow cancel this operation. The by pressing the preset button to system calculates and highlights go to the final destination. the route and the route can be started.
  • 56. Infotainment System 57Suspend/Resume Guidance Address Book . Previous Destination: From the Previous Destination Menu,Select the Suspend/Resume Options for saving to the select the destination to save.Guidance preset button to suspend address book: Select Save at the bottom of theor resume guidance on the current . Scrolling on map or Pick from information page.route. Map in the Dest Menu: Scroll toPrevious the location. Press the outer ringDestinations — Deleting on the multifunction knob. A menu displays on the left sideTo delete all previous destinations of the screen. Select Save, andfrom the system: the location is saved.1. Press the DEST button. . Address Entry: Enter a2. Select the Previous Destination destination through the Address preset button. Entry menu. Press the Save button, and a menu displays with3. Select the Clear All preset the Save option located on the button. bottom of the screen. Select the4. Select OK by pressing the Save option to save this location preset 6 button to Clear All to the address book. To change the map icon of an Previous Destinations, or select . POI Menu: Select a POI. Select address book entry: the Cancel preset button to Save from the bottom of the 1. Press DEST. cancel this operation. information page display. 2. Select Address Book. A list displays the address book entries.
  • 57. 58 Infotainment System3. Select the address book entry to To add or change the phone number 3. Select the address book entry to be changed. of an address book entry: be changed.4. Select the Edit preset button. 1. Press DEST. 4. Select the Edit preset button.5. Select the Change Icon preset 2. Select Address Book. A list of 5. Select the Add Voice Tag preset button. address book entries displays. button.6. Select an icon from the list. 3. Select the address book entry to 6. Speak the name after the beep7. Select OK by pressing the be changed. and within four seconds. The preset 6 button to save changes. 4. Select the Edit preset button. name is repeated back.To edit the name of an 5. Select the Change Phone To delete an address book entry:address book: Number preset button. 1. Press DEST.1. Press DEST. 6. Use the numeric keyboard to 2. Select Address Book. A list2. Select Address Book. A list enter or change the phone displays the address book displays the address book number. entries. entries. 7. Select OK by pressing the 3. Select the address book entry to3. Select the address book entry to preset 6 button to save changes. be deleted. be changed. To add a voice tag to an address 4. Select the Delete Entry preset4. Select the Edit preset button. book entry: button. A confirmation message 1. Press DEST. displays.5. Select the Change Name option.6. Use the Alpha keyboard to enter 2. Select Address Book. A list the name. displays the address book entries.7. Select OK by pressing the preset 6 button to save changes.
  • 58. Infotainment System 59To add a preset destination to the Favorite Route To change the route name:address book: 1. Select the Change Route Name 1. After the route has been1. Press DEST. planned, press NAV until the full preset button.2. Select Address Book. map screen shows. 2. Using the keypad, enter3. Select the address book entry to 2. Press the outer ring on the the name. add as a Preset. The Address multifunction knob. A menu 3. Select the Favorite Route entry Book Information screen displays. to be edited. displays. 3. Scroll down and select the 4. Select OK by pressing the4. Select the Edit button on the Whole Route option. The whole preset 6 button. The new name bottom of the screen by pressing route map screen displays. will be in the Favorite the corresponding preset button. 4. Select the Add Route preset Route Menu.5. Press and hold one of the six button. The route is stored as a To add a voice tag: preset buttons on the faceplate favorite. 1. Select the Add Voice Tag preset until the text within the button To change the route name, add a button. changes. voice tag, or delete a favorite route: 2. Speak the name after the beep6. The name appears in that preset 1. Press DEST. within four seconds. The name is destination screen button and repeated back. 2. Select the Fav Route preset can be selected from the Select button. To delete a favorite route: Destination screen. 3. Select the route. 1. Select the Delete Favorite Route 4. Select the Edit preset button. preset button. The confirmation screen displays. 5. Select from: Change Route Name, Add Voice Tag, or Delete 2. Press the Yes preset button to Favorite Route. delete the route and No to cancel from deleting the route.
  • 59. 60 Infotainment SystemMenu Screen Button Map Heading Show POI: Select to turn POI on or off. Select from a list of six pre-programmed POI sub-categories. Scroll through a list of categories, or select nearby and on route options. Select this button from the menu toVarious navigation system settings Select to change the view to North minimize the guidance window andare available through the Menu up, Heading up, or 3-D mode. See expand the map window.screen button. Some options are Navigation Symbols on page 44 for Whole Route: Views the entireonly available after a route is more information. route from starting point toplanned. Traffic: Select to view the Traffic destination on the map.1. Select NAV to view the Map Information screen. See Configure Cancel Guidance: Stops the screen. Menu on page 63 for more current route.2. Select Menu by pressing information. the outer ring on the Save: Select to save a location multifunction knob. to the address book.
  • 60. Infotainment System 61OnStar® Destination Using Destination DownloadDownload If the navigation radio screen is turned off before a download, theThe Destination download lets an system automatically turns theOnStar® subscriber ask the OnStar screen on and displays a downloadadvisor to download a destination to confirmation message. The radiothe navigation system. OnStar will remains on after the download.send address information andlocation coordinates of thedestination into the navigationsystem. If the address is not found within the map database, the system may use latitude and longitude coordinates to locate the destination. In this case, “Using Coordinates” displays on the downloaded screen. If the system is unable to locate the address, the Destination Not Found The navigation system displays a screen displays. “Please wait” as the address is searched within the map database. OnStar Download Screen
  • 61. 62 Infotainment SystemRoute Guidance Not Active . Press the Save preset button; Route Guidance Active the navigation system copies theIf an OnStar destination is downloaded destination to the If an OnStar destination isdownloaded while route guidance is address book and displays the downloaded while route guidance isnot active, the navigation system new address book entry. The already active, the system displaysdisplays a pop-up screen and allows destination saves this download a pop-up screen and allows thethe following screen functions: even if it is only partial following screen function:. Press the Go preset 6 button; information such as a phone . Select the Go preset 6 button; the navigation system starts number. the navigation system adds the route calculation to the . Press the Back preset button; downloaded destination before destination(s) received. the navigation system cancels the next waypoint of the existing. Press the Map preset 5 button; the OnStar destination download route (closest to the current the navigation system displays and returns to the previous vehicle position). the Destination Map Screen. screen. The downloaded . All other preset buttons on the address is not added to the pop-up screen operate as. Press the Call preset button; previous destinations. described under Route the navigation system initiates a call with Bluetooth Phone (if Guidance Not Active. available) or OnStar Hands-Free Previous Destinations Calling. Previously downloaded OnStar destinations are saved under Previous Destinations in the navigation system where they can be accessed or saved to the address book.
  • 62. Infotainment System 63Map Destination Screen Functions Configure Menu Nav (Navigation)If the map screen is used to show Press CONFIG to enter the Menu Press CONFIG to enter the Menuthe destination, it has map screen options. Press the multifunction options. Press the multifunctioncapabilities such as Go, Save, knob to scroll through the available knob to scroll through the availableZoom, Scroll, etc. The address is options. Press the outer ring on the options. Press the outer ring of theshown at the top of the screen. multifunction knob to select the multifunction knob to select Nav. desired option. Press the multifunction knob to select other features within the Nav Adjust features and preferences option. through the Configure menu. The last selected menu screen displays. XM NavTraffic® (if equipped) Adjust features for Sound, Radio, The navigation system might have Nav (navigation), Display, or Time. an XM NavTraffic receiver. It is a Radio subscription service provided through XM Satellite Radio. Press CONFIG to enter the Menu A service fee is required to receive options. Press the multifunction the XM NavTraffic service. knob to scroll through the available Real-time traffic information is options. Press the outer ring of the provided to fully integrate the Destination Map Screen multifunction knob to select Radio. navigation system to display current Press the multifunction knob to traffic conditions for the chosen select other features within Radio to route. make changes for radio information displayed, preset pages, Automatic Volume Control, and XM™ categories restore. See Satellite Radio on page 17 for more information.
  • 63. 64 Infotainment SystemA screen displays to indicate if the To turn XM NavTraffic on or off:XM Traffic subscription is not 1. Press CONFIG to enter theactivated. Menu options. Press theIf activated, traffic information multifunction knob to scrolldisplays: through the available options.. Unscheduled traffic incident Press the outer ring of the data, such as accidents and multifunction knob to select Nav. disabled vehicles. Press the multifunction knob to scroll through the other features. Scheduled traffic incident data, within the Nav option. such as road construction and road closures. 2. Select the Traffic Information preset button.. Traffic flow information (rate of The Traffic icon has three different speed data). Flow data might not 3. Select the Traffic button. condition displays: be available in all markets. This button highlights and a checkmark displays when active. . No icon displays if there is noTraffic information is delivered to the XM NavTraffic subscription orvehicle by the XM Radio satellites. Selecting Alert for Approaching there are no traffic events.XM NavTraffic provides continuously Traffic Events displays a screen to notify of possible traffic events . A single car icon displays ifupdated traffic information. there are traffic events in the ahead.XM NavTraffic currently broadcasts area, but none are on route.the traffic information for many Traffic Icon . A multiple car icon displays ifcities, nationally. The service may When traffic conditions are found in there are traffic events on thebe available in more cities in the the local area, the Traffic icon route.future. Visit appears in the lower left-side offor more details on local coverage. the map.
  • 64. Infotainment System 65It could take some time to sort the 2. Scroll down and select thereceived information. The list of Traffic button. A list of traffictraffic conditions displays in the conditions with distance from theorder of distance from the vehicle, vehicle’s current positionfor up to approximately 125 km displays.(75 miles). With a route planned, An arrow can appear before thetraffic events display on the route. distance. The arrow indicatesNot all traffic conditions may display. the distance is a straight lineTo view the traffic condition location distance and the direction of theand information on the map: event from the vehicle’s current position. If no arrow appears, the distance indicates how far the event is ahead on the current 3. Select a traffic condition to get route. No more than three pages more detailed information. of traffic events may be viewed while the vehicle is moving.1. Press NAV to show the map, then press the outer ring on the multifunction knob for the map menu.
  • 65. 66 Infotainment System Traffic Flow Status: Select to enable or disable the green, yellow, red, and black arrows that display beside the road and show the traffic flow or extent of a traffic event. . Black indicates a closed road segment. . Red indicates significantly impaired traffic flow with average speed of less than 40 km/hr (25 mph).Select the Options button. A Traffic . Yellow indicates slightly impairedOptions menu displays. Select the Show Traffic ICONS: Select to traffic flow with average speedtraffic-related option. display traffic icons on the map between 40 and 73 km/hr screen. Also, select what traffic (25 and 45 mph).Traffic: Select to enable or disable information displays. .the traffic function. Green indicates normal traffic flow with average speed above 73 km/hr (45 mph). Traffic flow data arrows display on the map when scaled up to 13 km (8 mi).
  • 66. Infotainment System 67Closed Road, Traffic Delays, On Route NameIncidents, and Advisories: Selectthe traffic event ICONS that appearon the map screens.Alert for Approaching TrafficEvents: When On, if anapproaching traffic event is withinthe alert range, one of two trafficalerts displays:. With no route planned, while on highways, the approaching Traffic Event without Avoid screen displays.. With a route planned, the Traffic Select the Traffic On Route button Select the Name button to display Event on Route screen displays. to display all events ahead on the traffic events in alphabetical order. If the Alert for Approaching current active route. No traffic Traffic Events is Off, the alert events reported on route displays if Distance does not display. there are none to report. Select the Distance button to display traffic events in order of distance with the closest event shown first. Traffic events update approximately every two minutes.
  • 67. 68 Infotainment SystemScrolling to Traffic Events on Category 2, Traffic Delayed: Traffic Event Informationthe Map o (Stopped Traffic): TrafficWhile scrolling the map, the traffic stopped, stop and go traffic, delayedevent icons can appear indicating a and congested traffic.traffic event within 125 km (75 miles) Category 3, Incidents:from current position. To receiveinformation about the traffic event, p (Alert): Object on the roadway,place the crosshairs over the traffic disabled vehicle, or dangerous roadcondition icon. Traffic events conditions.beyond 125 km (75 miles) from t (Accident): Roadway obstructedcurrent position will not be due to accident.displayed. s (Road Works): Delayed trafficSelect the INFO button to display due to construction.the type of traffic, the street name, Category 4, Advisories: Use to display additional details of aand a description of the traffic event. traffic event. This screen canTraffic Event Display Categories j / r (Road Condition): Delayed display when: or stopped traffic, lane blocked orThe following are traffic event closed due to a road condition. . Scrolling to an event on the mapcategories and symbols that can and then pressing the INFOappear on the display: k (Weather): Heavy rain, snow, button. or fog weather condition.Category 1, Road Closure: . Selecting a traffic event listed on m (Parking): Available the Traffic Event List screen.q (Road Closed): Road and/or parking area.ramps closed. . Approaching a traffic event. l (Information): Special event, general information, or warning.
  • 68. Infotainment System 69Back, Map, More, and Avoid More: Indicates that more The RPT NAV button does not information is available for the traffic repeat traffic prompts, only event. navigation traffic maneuvers. The Avoid: Avoids the location of an current prompt playback cancels if event on the route and calculates a RPT NAV is pressed during a traffic new route. The full map screen voice prompt. shows the new route. The Avoid Traffic prompts are disabled during button is only available if the event OnStar or Voice Recognition activity. is on the route ahead. Alternate Route Traffic Voice Prompts When Detour Available displays, a The traffic voice prompts are part of possible quicker route is available the current navigation voice prompt and an alternate route can be settings. The traffic voice prompt selected to detour around the trafficThese buttons have common can be turned on and off by condition. Press the Yes presetfunctions across all Detailed Traffic selecting Traffic Voice Prompt in button and a new route isEvent screens. Voice Prompt on the CONFIG Nav calculated. This option is onlyBack: Returns to the previous screen. If the navigation voice available when the multiple carscreen. prompts are turned off, all traffic icon appears. prompts are also turned off. XM NavTraffic information might notMap: Displays related traffic eventson the map if available. If the voice prompts are on and be provided for the alternate route, an Alert for Approaching Traffic depending on what type of road the displays, the related voice prompt is vehicle is traveling on. provided.
  • 69. 70 Infotainment SystemTraffic Condition Symbols Current ConditionThe following traffic condition Press the INFO button until thesymbols may display: Weather tab is selected to show the current weather condition in the city of the vehicle’s current position. Alert Road Condition Stopped Traffic Traffic Jam Road Visibility Other XM™ Weather Accident Road Closed (where available) Press the INFO button, then press Allow up to 15 minutes for the the INFO button until the Weather current weather in the area to screen button is selected. display. Lane Narrows Road Work, Construction
  • 70. Infotainment System 71Extended Forecast Weather Along the Route Weather Alerts If a destination is set while driving From the XM Weather Menu, select along the route, there is the option Weather Alerts to display any to view weather conditions for up to current weather advisory warnings three locations: in effect near the current position. . Current vehicle position. Display . Midway point from current position to final destination. . Current weather condition of the destination city. From the XM Weather Menu Screen, select Along the Route:Select the Menu button by pressingthe outer ring of the multifunctionknob to enter the Weather Menuscreen. From this screen, select Press CONFIG to enter the MenuExtended Forecast. options. Press the multifunction knob to scroll through the available options. Press the outer ring of the multifunction knob to select Display. Press the multifunction knob to scroll through the other features within the Display option.
  • 71. 72 Infotainment SystemDimming Mode Setting the Clock Global PositioningAuto (Automatic): Automatically After setting the time, make sure the System (GPS)adjusts the screen background date is accurate. The position of the vehicle isdepending on exterior lighting To set the time: determined by using satelliteconditions. 1. Press CONFIG to enter the signals, various vehicle signals,Day: Brightens the map Menu options. Press the and map data.background. multifunction knob to scroll At times, other interferences suchNight: Darkens the map through the available options. as the satellite condition, roadbackground. Press the outer ring of the configuration, condition of theTo change the overall brightness multifunction knob to vehicle, and/or other circumstancessetting for the display, use the select Time. can interfere with the navigationvehicle interior lighting dimming 2. Adjust the hours, minutes, systems ability to determine thecontrol. and days by turning the accurate position of the vehicle. multifunction knob. Change The GPS shows the current position the selection by pressing of the vehicle using signals sent by on the outer ring of the the GPS Satellites of the United multifunction knob. States Department of Defense. 12/24 HR Format: Select the When the vehicle is not receiving 12 HR preset button for standard signals from the satellites, a symbol time; select the 24 HR preset button appears on the map screen. See for military time. Navigation Symbols on page 44. Day + or Day −: Adjust the Day + or the Day − by turning the multifunction knob to increase or decrease the day showing on the screen.
  • 72. Infotainment System 73This system might not be available . The vehicle is traveling on . A roof carrier is installed on theor interferences can occur if any of winding roads or long straight vehicle.the following is true: roads. . Tire chains have been installed.. Signals are obstructed by tall . The vehicle is approaching a tall . The tires are replaced or worn. buildings, trees, large trucks, building or a large vehicle. or a tunnel. . The tire pressure for the tires is . The surface streets run parallel incorrect.. Satellites are being repaired or to a freeway. improved. . This is the first navigation use . The vehicle has been transferred after the map data has beenFor more information if the GPS is by a vehicle carrier or a ferry. updated.not functioning properly, see If the . The current position calibrationSystem Needs Service on page 74 . The battery is disconnected for is set incorrectly. several days.and Problems with Route Guidanceon page 74. . The vehicle is traveling at high . The vehicle is driving in heavy speed. traffic where driving is at lowVehicle Positioning . The vehicle changes directions speeds, and the vehicle is more than once, or is turning on stopped and started repeatedly.At times, the position of the vehicle a turn table in a parking lot.on the map could be inaccurate dueto one or more of the following . The vehicle is entering and/orreasons: exiting a parking lot, garage, or a lot with a roof.. The road system has changed. . The GPS signal is not received.. The vehicle is traveling on slippery road surfaces such as in sand, gravel, and/or snow.
  • 73. 74 Infotainment System . Automatic rerouting mightProblems with Route display a route returning to the If the System NeedsGuidance set waypoint if heading for a ServiceInappropriate route guidance can destination without passing If the navigation system needsoccur under one or more of the through a set waypoint. service, and the steps listed herefollowing conditions: . The route prohibits the entry of a have been followed but there are. The turn was not made on the vehicle due to a regulation by still problems, see your dealer for road indicated. time or season or any other assistance. regulation which may be given.. Route guidance might not be . Some routes might not be Ordering Map DVDs available when using automatic rerouting for the next right or searched. The map data in the vehicle is left turn. . The route to the destination the most up-to-date information might not be shown if there available when the vehicle was. The route might not be changed produced. The map data is updated when using automatic rerouting. are new roads, if roads have recently changed, or if certain periodically, provided that the map. There is no route guidance when roads are not listed in the map information has changed. turning at an intersection. data. See Maps on page 42 for For questions about the operation of. Plural names of places might be more information. the navigation system or the update announced occasionally. To recalibrate the vehicles position process, contact the GM Nav Disc on the map, park the vehicle with Center toll-free phone number,. It could take a long time to the engine running for two to 1-877-NAV-DISC (1-877-628-3472) operate automatic rerouting five minutes until the vehicle or go to the center’s website, during high-speed driving. position updates. If updates are needed, call the GM Nav Disc Center or order a new disc online.
  • 74. Infotainment System 75To order a disc, have the vehicle’s Voice Recognition Using Voice RecognitionVehicle Identification Number (VIN) The navigation systems voice 1. Press and release theavailable. This helps the centermake sure that the correct and most recognition allows for hands-free b g steering wheel control operation of the navigation system button. The audio system mutes,up-to-date DVD map disc for the and the audio system features. and a beep is heard. A voicevehicle is received. See “Vehicle Voice recognition only works if the prompt stating, “Please startIdentification Number (VIN)” in the map database is installed in the speaking after the beep” mightIndex of the vehicle’s owner manual system. be heard.for more information. If the radio is off, the only If there is no beep, make sureAfter receiving the updated disc, commands would be Hands-Free that the voice volume setting issee “Installing the DVD Map Disc” and Help. not turned down. See Using theunder Maps on page 42. Navigation System on page 38 Navigation voice commands are not for more information.Database Coverage available until the I Agree button While voice recognition isExplanations has been selected. active, the system displaysCoverage areas vary with respect to Voice recognition can be used when a b g symbol.the level of map detail available for the ignition is on or when Retainedany given area. Some areas feature Accessory Power (RAP) is active. 2. Clearly speak one of thegreater levels of detail than others. See “Retained Accessory Power commands listed later in thisIf this happens, it does not mean (RAP)” in the Index of the vehicles section.there is a problem with the system. owner manual for more information.As the map data is updated, moredetail can become available forareas which previously had limiteddetail. See Ordering Map DVDs onpage 74 for more information.
  • 75. 76 Infotainment SystemCanceling Voice Recognition Helpful Hints for Speaking . When the system does not Commands recognize the command, the1. Press and release the system issues an error message $ c steering wheel control . When multiple commands are such as “pardon” or “command button to cancel a command, available, choose the command not recognized.” The system or if the system response does that best works for you. could also say, “voice not match the verbal command. recognition canceled.” . Words in brackets are optional.2. The system replies, “Voice For example, with the command . If experiencing difficulty with the recognition canceled.” “Radio [band] FM,” saying system recognizing a command, Pressing any radio or steering “Radio FM” or “Radio Band FM” confirm that the command is wheel control, other than the are both valid commands. correct. Try saying the command volume knob or the steering . Words separated by a ( / ) mean clearly or wait for a brief moment wheel volume control button, there is a choice of using a word after the beep. cancels the session. on either side of the slash. For . Background noise such as a3. Press and release the example, with the command climate control fan positioned on b g steering wheel control “CD/DVD/Disc [help],” you can high, open windows, and very button to restart the voice say “CD [help]” or “DVD [help]” loud outside noises, even with recognition session. or “Disc [help].” the windows closed, can cause . When the system recognizes the voice commands to be command, the system will either misunderstood. perform the function or ask to . This system is able to recognize confirm the choice by clearly commands in different saying “yes” or “no.” languages, such as English, French (Canadian), and Spanish (Latin). The system only recognizes commands based on the language selected.
  • 76. Infotainment System 77. To increase or decrease the Radio [help]: The system plays Voice Recognition Commands voice volume during a voice back helpful advice about radio recognition session, turn the The following list shows the voice commands, and some common volume knob of the radio, commands available for the radio commands which are or press the steering wheel navigation system with a brief available. Use this command to volume control buttons. If the description of each. The commands learn about how to select a band volume is adjusted during a are listed with the optional words (AM, FM, or XM, if equipped), and voice recognition session, a in brackets. To use the voice how to change radio stations (by Voice Volume bar appears on commands, see the instructions speaking frequency numbers). the screen showing the voice listed previously. volume level as it is being (CD/DVD/Disc) [help]: The system plays back helpful advice about disc Display Commands adjusted. This also changes the volume of the guidance prompts. commands, and some common disc Display [set] day [mode], display commands which are available. Use [select] day [mode]: ThisVoice Recognition Help this command to learn about how to command instructs the system toTo enter the help playback session, select Disc mode playback, and switch the display to day mode.clearly speak one of the help how to change track numbers. Display [set] night [mode],commands. Display [help]: The system plays display [select] night [mode]:Help: The system plays back back helpful advice about display This command instructs the systemmore specific help commands commands, and some common to switch the display to night mode.(such as Radio Help, Display Help, display commands which are Display [set] auto [mode], displayNavigation Help) for the user to available to adjust the display [select] auto [mode]: Thischoose from. setting. command instructs the system to Navigation [help]: The system switch the display to auto mode. plays back helpful advice about navigation commands, and some common navigation commands which are available.
  • 77. 78 Infotainment SystemDisplay [help]: This command Radio select (channel) XM: This CD [help], DVD [help], Discinstructs the system to play back command instructs the system to go [help]: This command instructs thehelpful advice about display to a specific channel on the XM system to play back helpful advicecommands, and some common band (if equipped). For example, about disc commands, and somedisplay commands which are radio select one fifty one XM. common disc commands which areavailable to adjust the display Radio [help]: This command available.setting. instructs the system to play back General Navigation CommandsRadio Commands some helpful advice about radio commands, and some common Feedback on, feedback off: ThisRadio AM, radio [band] AM, radio radio commands which are available command instructs the system toFM, radio [band] FM, radio XM, to the user. turn on and off the voice recognitionradio [band] XM: These feedback. When feedback is ON,commands instruct the system CD/DVD/Disc Commands the system responds to commandsto go to either the AM, FM, or XM The following commands are only with a talk back phrase. When(if equipped) radio bands. available when a CD, MP3, or DVD feedback is OFF, the systemRadio select (frequency) AM, is loaded. responds to commands with aradio select (frequency) FM: chime. Radio CD, radio DVD, radioThese commands instruct the Disc: These commands instruct Navigation voice [guidance] on,system to go to a specific frequency the system to go to Disc mode. navigation voice [guidance] off:on either the AM or FM band. For This command instructs the systemexample, “radio select ninety seven Radio CD select (track number), to turn on and off voice guidancepoint one FM” or “radio select ten radio DVD select (track number), prompts during route guidance.forty AM.” radio Disc select (track number): These commands instruct the Cancel/Goodbye/Quit: This system to play a specific track on instructs the system to cancel the the disc. For example, radio disc command. select 10. This command supports up to 254 tracks.
  • 78. Infotainment System 79Point of Interest (POI) Navigation show ATM[s], Destination and GuidanceCommands navigation hide ATM[s]: These Commands commands instruct the system toThe following is a list of POI display and hide ATM POIs on the Navigation [go to] presetcommands. POIs only display on map screen. destination [number] (one, two,the map screen if the map scale is three, four, five, or six): These800 meters (0.5 mile) or less. If POIs Navigation show hotel[s], commands instruct the system todisplay on a map with the wrong navigation hide hotel[s]: These set one of the preset destinationsscale, the system reminds that this commands instruct the system to one through six as the newcannot be done. The available POI display and hide hotel POIs on the destination.commands are: map screen. Navigation delete: This commandNavigation show gas station[s], Navigation show airport[s], instructs the system to delete thenavigation show gas, navigation navigation hide airport[s]: These destination, route, or next waypoint.hide gas station[s], navigation commands instruct the system to The system requests a confirmationhide gas: These commands display and hide airport POIs on the of which item should be deletedinstruct the system to display and map screen. (destination, route, or nexthide gas station POIs on the map Navigation show shop[s], waypoint).screen. navigation show shopping, Destination (available for EnglishNavigation show restaurant[s], navigation hide shop[s], language only): This commandnavigation show dining, navigation hide shopping: These instructs the system that the usernavigation hide restaurant[s], commands instruct the system to wants to enter a destination usingnavigation hide dining: These display and hide shopping POIs on voice recognition. After thiscommands instruct the system to the map screen. command is stated, the systemdisplay and hide restaurant POIs on displays a state abbreviationthe map screen. (such as NY for New York). If the destination to be entered is located in the displayed state, then say the desired city name.
  • 79. 80 Infotainment SystemOtherwise, say “Change State” and If the state is correct, then go tosay the state name the search Step 4. Otherwise, say “Changeshould take place in. Then, say the State.”desired city name when prompted,and say the desired street nameand house number when prompted.For example, if Cedar PointAmusement is the set destination,which has the following address:Cedar Point Amusement Park1 Cedar Point DriveSandusky, OH 44870 The state name displays. In some cases the radio shows aSet the Destination by using voice candidate list with the closestrecognition: matches to the spoken state1. Press and release b g on the For example, if the desired name. The system asks the steering wheel. The audio destination is in Ohio, but the user to select an item from the system mutes, and a beep is system shows New York (NY) in candidate list either by selecting heard. the pop-up list, say “Change the desired choice, or by saying State.” the list number of the desired2. Say the command “Destination.” choice. The system replies with “Please 3. After saying, “Change State,” the say city name or change state,” system replies with “Please say and the system shows a pop-up state name.” Say the correct list of an abbreviated state state. name, such as NY for New York.
  • 80. Infotainment System 814. The system asks the user to 5. Reply with the street name 6. Reply with the house number say the city name. As shown including the suffix (Blvd, Ave, with prompted. The radio might earlier, the radio can display a Rd, etc.), when prompted. The display a candidate list with the candidate list with the closest radio might display a candidate closest matches to the spoken matches to the spoken city list with the closest matches to house number. Say the house name. Say the correct the spoken street name. Say the number as a single digit. city name. correct street name.
  • 81. 82 Infotainment System Voice Tag Commands Voice tags are recorded phrases that can be stored in the navigation system. These voice tags are associated with address book entries, and once these voice tags are stored, they can be used as part of a voice recognition command that sets the particular address book entry as a destination. See “Address Book” earlier in this manual for instructions on how to store a voice7. Confirm that the correct address 8. This address is now set as the tag in the system. is displayed, then reply with yes destination. Select the Start Navigation [go to] (voice tag): or no when prompted. preset button to begin This command allows selection of a destination guidance. destination saved under the stored voice tag. The system plays back the voice tag and asks to confirm by saying yes or no. If a destination is set to “Home,” say “Navigation go to Home.” After the system plays back the voice tag and it is confirmed, the system sets “Home” as the destination.
  • 82. Infotainment System 83OnStar® (if equipped) CD/DVD/Disc Commands Navigation hide [dining/Command Radio [CD/DVD/Disc] restaurant/restaurants] Radio [CD/DVD/Disc] select Navigation hide [ATM/ATMs]Hands Free: This command <track number> Navigation hide [hotel/hotels]instructs the system to connect to General Navigation Commands Navigation hide [airport/airports]OnStar. Enter the OnStar voice Feedback On Navigation hide [shop/shops/recognition system. See the OnStar Feedback Off shopping]owner guide for more information. Navigation voice [guidance] on Destination and GuidanceHelp Commands Navigation voice [guidance] off Commands Help [cancel/goodbye/quit] Navigation [go to] preset Radio [help] Point of Interest (POI) Commands destination [number] one CD help, DVD help, Disc help Navigation show [gas/gas Navigation [go to] preset Display [help] station/gas stations] destination [number] two Navigation [help] Navigation show [dining/ Navigation [go to] presetDisplay Commands restaurant/restaurants] destination [number] three Display [set/select] day [mode] Navigation show [ATM/ATMs] Navigation [go to] preset Display [set/select] night [mode] Navigation show [hotel/hotels] destination [number] four Display [set/select] auto [mode] Navigation show [airport/ Navigation [go to] preset airports] destination [number] fiveRadio Commands Navigation [go to] preset [radio/radio band] AM Navigation show [shop/shops/ shopping] destination [number] six [radio/radio band] FM Navigation delete [destination/ [radio/radio band] XM Navigation hide [gas/gas station/ gas stations] route/next waypoint] Radio select <channel> AM Radio select <frequency> FM Radio select <frequency> XM
  • 83. 84 Infotainment System Route (used in conjunction Phone 4. Start the pairing process on the cell phone that you want to pair. with another command) Next waypoint (used in For help with this process, see conjunction with another Bluetooth your cell phone manufacturers command) Using Voice Recognition user guide. Add to waypoint (used in 5. Locate the device named “Your conjunction with another To use voice recognition, Vehicle” in the list on the cell command) press b g on the steering wheel. phone. Follow the instructions Replace destination (used in The system responds with a tone. on the cell phone to enter the conjunction with another After the tone say “Hands Free” to PIN that was provided in Step 3. command) use the Bluetooth voice recognition After the PIN is successfully Yes (used in conjunction with system. The system then responds entered, the system prompts you another command) with “Ready,” followed by a tone. to provide a name for the paired No (used in conjunction with After the tone, say a command. cell phone. This name will be another command) used to indicate which phones Destination (used for For additional information, say are paired and connected to the Destination VR entry, available “Help” while you are in a voice vehicle. See “Listing All Paired in English language only) recognition menu. and Connected Phones” later inVoice Tag Commands Pairing a Phone this section for more information. Navigation [go to] <Voice Tag> 6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to pair 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free”OnStar Command after the tone. additional phones. Hands Free 2. Say “Bluetooth.” 3. Say “Pair.” The system responds with instructions and a four‐digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is used in Step 5.
  • 84. Infotainment System 85Listing All Paired and Connecting to a Different Phone Storing and Deleting PhoneConnected Phones To connect to a different cell phone, NumbersThe system can list all cell phones the Bluetooth system looks for the The system can store up topaired to it. If a paired cell phone is next available cell phone in the 30 phone numbers as name tags inalso connected to the vehicle, the order in which all available cell the Hands-Free Directory that issystem responds with “is connected” phones were paired. Depending on shared between the Bluetooth andafter that phone name. which cell phone you want to OnStar systems. connect to, you may have to use1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” this command several times. The following commands are used after the tone. to delete and store phone numbers. 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” Store: This command will store a2. Say “Bluetooth.” after the tone. phone number, or a group of3. Say “List.” 2. Say “Bluetooth.” numbers as a name tag.Deleting a Paired Phone 3. Say “Change phone.” Digit Store: This command allowsIf the phone name you want to a phone number to be stored as a . If another cell phone isdelete is unknown, see “Listing All name tag by entering the digits one found, the response will bePaired and Connected Phones.” at a time. “<Phone name> is now1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” connected.” Delete: This command is used to after the tone. delete individual name tags. . If another cell phone is not2. Say “Bluetooth.” found, the original phone Delete All Name Tags: This remains connected. command deletes all stored name3. Say “Delete.” The system asks tags in the Hands-Free Calling for which phone to delete. Directory and the OnStar4. Say the name of the phone you Turn-by-Turn Destinations Directory. want to delete.
  • 85. 86 Infotainment SystemUsing the “Store” Command back the number it heard Listing Stored Numbers followed by a tone. After the last1. Press b g. Say “Hands-Free” number has been entered, say The list command will list all stored after the tone. numbers and name tags. “Store,” and then follow the2. Say “Store.” directions given by the system to Using the “List” Command save a name tag for this number.3. Say the phone number or group 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” of numbers to store all at once Using the “Delete” Command after the tone. with no pauses, then follow the directions given by the system to 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” 2. Say “Directory.” save a name tag for this number. after the tone. 3. Say “Hands-Free Calling.”Using the “Digit Store” Command 2. Say “Delete.” 4. Say “List.”If an unwanted number is 3. Say the name tag you want to delete. Making a Callrecognized by the system, say“Clear” at any time to clear the last Calls can be made using the Using the “Delete All Name Tags”number. following commands. CommandTo hear all of the numbers Dial or Call: The dial or call This command deletes all storedrecognized by the system, say command can be used name tags in the Hands-Free“Verify” at any time. interchangeably to dial a phone Calling Directory and the OnStar number or a stored name tag. Turn-by-Turn Destinations Directory.1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” Digit Dial: This command allows a after the tone. To delete all name tags: phone number to be dialed by2. Say “Digit Store.” 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” entering the digits one at a time.3. One at a time, say each number after the tone. Re‐dial: This command is used to to store. After each number is 2. Say “Delete all name tags.” dial the last number used on the cell entered, the system repeats phone.
  • 86. Infotainment System 87Using the “Dial” or “Call” To hear all of the numbers Receiving a CallCommand recognized by the system, say When an incoming call is received, “Verify” at any time.1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” the audio system mutes and a ring after the tone. 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” tone is heard in the vehicle. after the tone.2. Say “Dial” or “Call.” . Press b g to answer the call.3. Say the entire number without 2. Say “Digit Dial.” . Press $ c to ignore a call. pausing or say the name tag. 3. Say each digit, one at a time,Once connected, the person called that you want to dial. After each Call Waitingwill be heard through the audio digit is entered, the system Call waiting must be supported onspeakers. repeats back the digit it heard the cell phone and enabled by the followed by a tone. After the last wireless service carrier.Using the “Digit Dial” Command digit has been entered,The digit dial command allows a say “Dial.” . Press b g to answer anphone number to be dialed by Once connected, the person called incoming call when another callentering the number one at a time. will be heard through the audio is active. The original call isAfter each number is entered, the speakers. placed on hold.system repeats back the number it Using the “Re‐dial” Command . Press b g again to return to theheard followed by a tone. original call.If an unwanted number is 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free” after the tone. . To ignore the incoming call, norecognized by the system, say“Clear” at any time to clear the action is required. 2. After the tone, say “Re‐dial.”last number. . Press $ c to disconnect the Once connected, the person called current call and switch to the call will be heard through the audio on hold. speakers.
  • 87. 88 Infotainment SystemThree‐Way Calling To cancel mute, press b g, and does not transfer to the vehicle, then say “Un‐mute Call.” use the audio transfer feature on theThree‐way calling must be cell phone. See your cell phonesupported on the cell phone and Transferring a Call manufacturers user guide for moreenabled by the wireless service Audio can be transferred between information.carrier. the Bluetooth system and the cell Voice Pass-Thru1. While on a call, press b g. phone. Voice pass‐thru allows access to the2. Say “Three‐way call.” The cell phone must be paired voice recognition commands on the3. Use the dial or call command to and connected with the Bluetooth cell phone. See your cell phone dial the number of the third party system before a call can be manufacturers user guide to see if to be called. transferred. The connection process the cell phone supports this feature. can take up to two minutes after the4. Once the call is connected, vehicle is started. To access contacts stored in the cell press b g to link all callers phone: together. To Transfer Audio from the Bluetooth System to a Cell Phone 1. Press b g. Say “Hands Free”Ending a Call after the tone. During a call with the audio in the vehicle: 2. Say “Bluetooth.” The systemPress $ c to end a call. responds “Bluetooth ready,”Muting a Call 1. Press b g. followed by a tone.During a call, all sounds from inside 2. Say “Transfer Call.” 3. Say “Voice.” The systemthe vehicle can be muted so that the To Transfer Audio to the Bluetooth responds “OK, accessingperson on the other end of the call System from a Cell Phone <phone name>.”cannot hear them. The cell phones normal prompt During a call with the audio on the b g, and then messages will go through theirTo mute a call, press cell phone, press b g. The audio cycle according to the phonessay “Mute Call.” transfers to the vehicle. If the audio operating instructions.
  • 88. Infotainment System 89Dual Tone Multi-Frequency previous sections on “Deleting a(DTMF) Tones Paired Phone” and “Storing and Deleting Phone Numbers.”The Bluetooth system can sendnumbers and numbers stored as Pairing a Phone Using thename tags during a call. Use this Infotainment Systemfeature when calling a menu-drivenphone system. Account numbers The pairing process can be startedcan also be stored for use. by using the controls on the infotainment system.Sending a Number or Name Tag 2. Press the multifunction knobDuring a Call until Bluetooth displays. Press the outer ring of the multifunction1. Press b g. The system knob to scroll through the other responds “Ready,” followed by features. a tone. 3. Select “Add new Phone.” The2. Say “Dial.” pairing process will begin3. Say the number or name tag searching for Bluetooth devices to send. on the cell phone. See the cell phone manufacturers user guideClearing the System 1. Press CONFIG. Press the for information on this process.Unless information is deleted out of multifunction knob to scrollthe in‐vehicle Bluetooth system, it through the available options.will be retained indefinitely. This Press the outer ring of theincludes all saved name tags in the multifunction knob to selectphone book and phone pairing Phone. Press the multifunctioninformation. For information on how knob to scroll through the otherto delete this information, see the features of the Phone option.
  • 89. 90 Infotainment System Listing All Paired and Connected Phones On the cell phone, locate the 2. Press the multifunction knob device named “General Motors” until Bluetooth displays. Press or “Your Vehicle.” Follow the the outer ring of the multifunction instructions given on the cell 1. Press CONFIG. Press the knob to scroll through the other phone or follow the voice multifunction knob to scroll features. prompts, to enter the four-digit through the available options. Personal Identification Number Press the outer ring of the (PIN) that has been provided. multifunction knob to select4. The system voice prompt Phone. Press the multifunction requests a name for the phone knob to scroll through the other being paired. Use a name that features of the Phone option. best describes the phone. The system voice prompt then repeats the name you provided for confirmation; say “Yes.”5. The system responds with “phone name has been successfully paired” after the pairing process is complete.
  • 90. Infotainment System 91 Deleting a Paired Phone3. Press the multifunction knob 2. Press the multifunction knob until Device List displays. Press until Bluetooth displays. Press the outer ring of the multifunction 1. Press CONFIG. Press the the outer ring of the multifunction knob to scroll through the other multifunction knob to scroll knob to scroll through the other features. through the available options. features.A list of all previously paired phones Press the outer ring of thewill be displayed. If there is a multifunction knob to selectcurrently connected phone, a Phone. Press the multifunctioncheckmark will appear on the right knob to scroll through the otherside of the phone name. features of the Phone option.
  • 91. 92 Infotainment System 5. Once a phone has been deleted, Press the outer ring of the the only way to connect back to multifunction knob to select that phone is to pair the phone Phone. Press the multifunction again. knob to scroll through the other features of the Phone option. Linking to a Different Phone To link to a different phone, the new phone must be in the vehicle and available to be connected to the3. Press the multifunction knob Bluetooth system before the until Device List displays. Press process is started. the outer ring of the multifunction knob to scroll through the other features. 2. Press the multifunction knob until Bluetooth displays. Press the outer ring of the multifunction knob to scroll through the other features. 1. Press CONFIG. Press the multifunction knob to scroll through the available options.4. Select the phone to be deleted. Follow the on-screen prompts to delete the device from the system.
  • 92. Infotainment System 93 5. The Phone menu will be displayed with the name of the phone linked. Making a Call Press V on the faceplate of the infotainment system to access the phone menu.3. Press the multifunction knob until Device List displays. Press the outer ring of the multifunction knob to scroll through the other 2. Enter the phone number by features. pressing the multifunction knob to highlight, then press the outer ring to select the highlighted number on the keypad. Enter Number 3. Press the Call preset 6 button to make the call. Use this option to enter a phone number and make a call. 1. Press the multifunction knob, then press the outer ring of the4. Select the phone to be linked multifunction knob to select the and then follow the on-screen Enter Number option. A dial pad prompts. displays.
  • 93. 94 Infotainment SystemPhone Book Call Lists The Phone Book feature also has a search menu that can be accessedThe phone book can be accessed by pressing that options preset The Call Lists selection from theby selecting the Phone Book option button. Once the Search menu Phone Menu screen can be used toon the Phone Menu screen. displays, press the multifunction show a list of incoming calls,Press the multifunction knob to knob to scroll through the list of outgoing calls, and missed the person or place to call. saved persons and places. These 1. Press CONFIG. Press thePress the multifunction knob again lists are saved in alphabetical order. multifunction knob to scrollto display the number. Press the Press the multifunction knob to through the available options.outer ring of the multifunction knob obtain the numbers of the listed Press the outer ring of theto make the call. persons or places that have been multifunction knob to select saved. Phone. Press the multifunction knob to scroll until Call Lists displays.
  • 94. Infotainment System 952. Press the multifunction knob to Accepting a Call scroll through the other features, Press the appropriate preset button then press the outer ring of the for the Answer option to answer multifunction knob to select the call. either Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, or Missed Calls. Press the multifunction knob to scroll, then press the outer ring of the multifunction knob to select someone on that list. A menu displays showing the phone number for that person. Declining a CallOnce one of these options has been Accepting or Declining an Press the appropriate preset buttonselected, a pop-up menu displays. Incoming Call for the Decline option to stop a call.A list of persons and places will When an incoming call is received, Call Waitingdisplay for the selected option. the audio is muted and a ring tone sounds. Call waiting must be supported on the Bluetooth phone and enabled by the wireless service carrier to work.
  • 95. 96 Infotainment SystemSwitching Calls (Only Available Conference Callingwith Call Waiting) Conference and three-way callingThis feature allows switching must be supported on the Bluetoothbetween calls, making one call phone and enabled by the wirelessactive and placing the other on hold. service carrier to work. To start a conference while in a current call: 1. Press V on the faceplate of the infotainment system until the Phone main screen is shown with the current active call. 3. Make another call. The first call will be placed on hold while the second call is dialing andSwitch Call: Press the outer ring of connected.the multifunction knob to SwitchCall, then press the appropriate 4. To make a conference call,preset button for the Switch Call select Merge Calls and bothoption on the screen. calls merge into one conference call. 5. To add more callers to the 2. Press the appropriate preset conference call, repeat Steps 2 button for Enter Number on the through 4. The number of callers screen. that can be added is limited by your wireless service carrier.
  • 96. Infotainment System 97Ending a Call Mute or UnMute a Call 1. Press V. 2. Select Mute Call. 3. Select Mute Call again to unmute the call. Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Tones The in-vehicle Bluetooth system canTo end a call: send numbers during a call. This is used when calling a menu-driven1. Press V. phone system. 2. Enter the phone number by pressing the multifunction knob2. Select Hang Up. 1. Press V. to highlight, then press the outer ring to select the highlighted number on the keypad. The DTMF Tones will be generated on the network as you enter each number.
  • 97. 98 Infotainment SystemTrademarks andLicense Agreements Manufactured under license from DivX®, DivX Certified® and Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the associated logos are registered double-D symbol are trademarks of trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are Dolby Laboratories. used under license.Manufactured under license under About DivX video: DivX® is a digitalU.S. Patent #s: 5,451,942; video format created by DivX, Inc.5,956,674; 5,974,380; 5,978,762; This is an official DivX Certified6,487,535 & other U.S. and device that plays DivX video. Visitworldwide patents issued & for more informationpending. DTS and the Symbol are and software tools to convert yourregistered trademarks and DTS files into DivX video.Digital Surround and the DTS logosare trademarks of DTS, Inc. Product MP3PRO audio decoding About DivX Video-On-Demand: Thisincludes software. © DTS, Inc. All technology licensed from Coding DivX Certified® device must beRights Reserved. Technologies, Fraunhofer IIS and registered in order to play DivX Thompson. Video-On-Demand (VOD) content.
  • 98. Infotainment System 99To generate the registration code, channel name. Channel blocking islocate the DivX VOD section available for XM Satellite Radioin the device setup menu. Go to receivers by notifying XM with this code to . USA Customers — Visitcomplete the registration process orand learn more about DivX VOD. call 1-800-xmradio Fees and Taxes: Subscription fee, (1-800-967-2346). taxes, one time activation fee, and . Canadian Customers — Visit other fees may apply. Subscription or call fee is consumer only. All fees 1-877-438-9677. and programming subject to change. Subscriptions subject to It is prohibited to copy, decompile, Customer Agreement available at disassemble, reverse engineer,“Made for iPod” means that an XM™ service hack, manipulate, or otherwiseelectronic accessory has been only available in the 48 contiguous make available any technology ordesigned to connect specifically United States and Canada. software incorporated in receiversto iPod and has been certified compatible with the XM™ Satellite In Canada: Some deterioration ofby the developer to meet Apple Radio System or that support the service may occur in extremeperformance standards. Apple is not XM website, the Online Service or northern latitudes. This is beyondresponsible for the operation of this any of its content. Furthermore, the the control of XM™ Satellite Radio.device or its compliance with safety AMBER voice compression softwareand regulatory standards. Explicit Language Notice: Channels included in this product is protected with frequent explicit language are by intellectual property rightsiPod, iPod classic, iPod nano, and indicated with an “XL” preceding the including patent rights, copyrights,iPod touch are trademarks of Apple and trade secrets of Digital VoiceInc., registered in the U.S. and other Systems, Inc.countries.
  • 99. 100 Infotainment SystemGeneral Requirements: CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and music1. A License Agreement from and video-related data from XM™ is required for any product Gracenote, Inc., copyright © 2000 to that incorporates XM Technology present Gracenote. One or more and/or for use of any of the XM patents owned by Gracenote marks to be manufactured, apply to this product and service. distributed, or marketed in the This product uses the source code See the Gracenote website for a XM Service Area. of T-Kernel under T-License granted non-exhaustive list of applicable by the T-Engine Forum Gracenote patents. Gracenote and2. For products to be distributed, CDDB, MusicID, Media VOCS, the ( marketed, and/or sold in Gracenote logo and logotype, and Canada, a separate agreement the “Powered by Gracenote” logo is required with Canadian are either registered trademarks or Satellite Radio Inc. (operating as trademarks of Gracenote in the XM Canada). United States and/or other countries. If you require more information regarding the use of the Music and video recognition Gracenote Service, visit: technology and related data are provided by Gracenote®. Gracenote is the industry For the data provided byThis product incorporates copyright standard in music recognition Gracenote® Music Recognitionprotection technology that is technology and related content Service, the content is notprotected by U.S. patents and other delivery. For more information, necessarily guaranteed 100%.intellectual property rights of Rovi visit Reverse engineering ordisassembly is prohibited.
  • 100. Infotainment System 101Regarding the use of Gracenote or transmit the Gracenote Software Gracenote, Inc. may enforce itsMusic Recognition Service, when or any Gracenote Data to any third rights under this Agreement againstthis product is used, it is necessary party. you directly in its own agree to the following articles. YOU AGREE NOT TO USE OR The Gracenote service uses aGracenote® End User License EXPLOIT GRACENOTE DATA, THE unique identifier to track queries for GRACENOTE SOFTWARE, OR statistical purposes.This application or device contains GRACENOTE SERVERS, EXCEPTsoftware from Gracenote, Inc. of The purpose of a randomly AS EXPRESSLY PERMITTED assigned numeric identifier is toEmeryville, California (“Gracenote”). HEREIN. You agree that yourThe software from Gracenote (the allow the Gracenote service to non-exclusive license to use the count queries without knowing“Gracenote Software”) enables this Gracenote Data, the Gracenoteapplication to perform disc and/or anything about who you are. For Software, and Gracenote Servers more information, see the web pagefile identification and obtain will terminate if you violate thesemusic-related information, including for the Gracenote Privacy Policy for restrictions. If your license the Gracenote, artist, track, and title terminates, you agree to cease anyinformation (“Gracenote Data”) and all use of the Gracenote Data, The Gracenote Software and eachfrom online servers or embedded the Gracenote Software, and item of Gracenote Data are licenseddatabases (collectively, “Gracenote Gracenote Servers. to you “AS IS.” Gracenote makes noServers”) and to perform other representations or warranties,functions. You may use Gracenote Gracenote reserves all rights in express or implied, regarding theData only by means of the Gracenote Data, the Gracenote accuracy of any Gracenote Dataintended End-User functions of this Software, and the Gracenote from in the Gracenote Servers.application or device. You agree that Servers, including all ownershipyou will use Gracenote Data, the rights. Gracenote reserves the right toGracenote Software, and Gracenote delete data from the Gracenote Under no circumstances will Servers or to change dataServers for your own personal Gracenote become liable for anynon-commercial use only. You categories for any cause that payment to you for any information Gracenote deems sufficient.agree not to assign, copy, transfer, that you provide. You agree that
  • 101. 102 Infotainment SystemNo warranty is made that the Map End User License END USER LICENSE AGREEMENTGracenote Software or Gracenote Agreement PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENTServers are error-free or that CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THEfunctioning of Gracenote Software © 2010 Tele Atlas North America, Inc. All rights reserved. NAVIGATION SYSTEM. THIS IS Aor Gracenote Servers will be LICENSE AGREEMENT FORuninterrupted. This material is proprietary and the YOUR COPY OF THE SPATIALGracenote is not obligated to subject of copyright protection and MAP DATABASE, INCLUDINGprovide you with new enhanced or other intellectual property rights LOCATION CODES AND RELATEDadditional data types or categories owned by or licensed to Tele Atlas PRODUCTS (COLLECTIVELY, THEthat Gracenote may provide in the North America, Inc. "DATABASE"), USED IN THEfuture and is free to discontinue its The use of this material is subject to NAVIGATION SYSTEM. BY USINGservices at any time. the terms of a license agreement. THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM ANDGracenote disclaims all warranties You will be held liable for any THE DATABASE, YOU ACCEPTexpress or implied, including, but unauthorized copying or disclosure AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BYnot limited to, implied warranties of this material. ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONSof merchantability, fitness for a SET FORTH BELOW. Data by infoUSA Copyright © 2010,particular purpose, title, and All Rights Reserved. LICENSE GRANTnon-infringement. Gracenote does © 2010 VISA Corporation DENSO CORPORATIONnot warrant the results that willbe obtained by your use of the © CoStar Realty Information, Inc. (“DENSO”), as a licensed distributorGracenote software or any of the DATABASE, grants to you The Bullseye Design is a registered a non-exclusive, non-perpetualGracenote server. In no case trademark of Target Brands, Inc.will Gracenote be liable for any license to use your copy of theconsequential or incidental DATABASE for your personal usedamages or for any lost profits or or for your use in your businesslost revenues. internal operations and not for any© Gracenote, Inc. 2010
  • 102. Infotainment System 103other purpose. This license does You shall not extract stand-alone DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTYnot include the right to grant data from or publish any part of the THE DATABASE IS PROVIDEDsub-licenses. DATABASE without the prior written ON AN “AS IS” AND “WITH ALL consent of TANA and its licensors. FAULTS BASIS” AND DENSO ANDOWNERSHIP LIMITATIONS ON USE TANA (AND THEIR LICENSORSThe DATABASE and the copyrights AND SUPPLIERS) EXPRESSLYand intellectual property and The DATABASE is restricted for use DISCLAIM ALL OTHERneighboring rights therein are in the specific system for which it WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORowned by Tele Atlas North America, was created. Except to the extent IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUTInc. (“TANA”) and its licensors. This explicitly permitted by mandatory NOT LIMITED TO, THEAgreement does not transfer any laws, you may not extract or IMPLIED WARRANTIES OFtitle or interest in the DATABASE, reutilize any portion of the contents NON-INFRINGEMENT,except for the license to use the of the DATABASE, nor reproduce, MERCHANTABILITY,DATABASE according and subject copy, duplicate, modify, adapt, SATISFACTORY QUALITY,to the terms and conditions of this translate, disassemble, decompile, ACCURACY, TITLE, AND FITNESSAgreement. You shall not alter, or reverse engineer any portion of FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.obscure, or remove any copyright the DATABASE. NO ORAL OR WRITTEN ADVICEnotices, trademark notices, or other OR INFORMATION PROVIDED BYrestrictive legends relating to the TRANSFER DENSO OR TANA (OR ANY OFDATABASE. You many not transfer the THEIR LICENSORS, AGENTS,The DATABASE comprises DATABASE to third parties, except EMPLOYEES, OR THIRD PARTYconfidential and proprietary together with the system for which PROVIDERS) SHALL CREATE Ainformation and materials of TANA. it was created, provided that you WARRANTY, AND YOU ARE NOTAccordingly, you shall hold the do not retain any copy of the ENTITLED TO RELY ON ANYDATABASE in confidence and trust. DATABASE, and provided that the SUCH ADVICE OR INFORMATION.You shall take reasonable steps to transferee agrees to all terms andprotect the DATABASE from conditions of this AGREEMENT.misappropriation or misuse.
  • 103. 104 Infotainment SystemTHIS DISCLAIMER OF WARNINGS U.S. GOVERNMENT RIGHTSWARRANTIES IS AN ESSENTIAL The DATABASE comprises facts If you are an agency, department,CONDITION OF THIS and information from government or other entity of the United StatesAGREEMENT. and other sources reflecting Government, or funded in wholeLIMITATION OF LIABILITY circumstances in existence before or in part by the United States you received the DATABASE, which Government, then use, duplication,IN NO EVENT SHALL DENSO OR may contain errors and omissions. reproduction, release, modification,TANA (OR THEIR LICENSORS OR Accordingly, the DATABASE may disclosure, or transfer of thisSUPPLIERS) BE LIABLE FOR ANY contain inaccurate or incomplete commercial product andINCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, information due to the passage of accompanying documentation, isSPECIAL, INDIRECT OR time, changing circumstances, and restricted in accordance with theEXEMPLARY DAMAGES ARISING due to the nature of the sources LIMITED or RESTRICTED rightsOUT OF THIS AGREEMENT OR used. The DATABASE does not as described in DFARSYOUR USE OF THE DATABASE, include or reflect information 252.227-7014(a)(1) (JUN 1995)INCLUDING, WITHOUT relating to, among other things, (DOD commercial computerLIMITATION, LOST PROFITS OR neighborhood safety; law software definition), DFARSCOSTS OF COVER, LOSS OF USE enforcement; emergency 227.7202-1 (DOD policy onOR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION assistance; construction work; road commercial computer software),OR THE LIKE, REGARDLESS OF or lane closures; vehicle or speed FAR 52.227-19 (JUN 1987)WHETHER THE PARTY WAS restrictions; road slope or grade; (commercial computer softwareADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY bridge height, weight or other limits; clause for civilian agencies), DFARSOF SUCH DAMAGES. road or traffic conditions; special 252.227-7015 (NOV 1995) (DODIN NO EVENT WILL THE TOTAL events; traffic congestion; or technical data – commercial itemsLIABILITY OF DENSO OR TANA travel time. clause); FAR 52.227-14 Alternates I,(OR THEIR LICENSORS OR II, and III (JUN 1987) (civilianSUPPLIERS) EXCEED THE agency technical data andAMOUNTS PAID BY YOU FOR noncommercial computer softwareTHE DATABASE. clause); and/or FAR 12.211 and
  • 104. Infotainment System 105FAR 12.212 (commercial item DATABASE from public disclosure END USER NOTICEacquisitions), as applicable. In case and to consider the DATABASE PLEASE READ THIS NOTICEof conflict between any of the FAR exempt from any statute, law, CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THISand DFARS provisions listed regulation, or code, including any NAVIGATION SYSTEMherein and this Agreement, the Sunshine Act, Public Recordsconstruction that provides greater Act, Freedom of Information Act, The Point Of Interest Data (“POI”limitations on the Government’s or equivalent, which permits public Data) in the navigation system isrights shall control. Contractor/ access and/or reproduction or use in part provided by infoUSA Inc.manufacturer is Tele Atlas North of the Licensed Products. In the (“infoUSA”). By using the POI Data,America, Inc., 11 Lafayette Street, event that such exemption is you accept and agree to all termsLebanon, NH 03766-1445. Phone: challenged under any such laws, and conditions set forth below.(603) 643-0330. The DATABASE is this Agreement shall be considered 1. Ownership©1984-2010 by Tele Atlas North breached and any and all right toAmerica, Inc. ALL RIGHTS retain any copies or to use the All rights, title, and interest toRESERVED. For purpose of any DATABASE shall be terminated and the infoUSA POI Data shall bepublic disclosure provision under considered immediately null and retained by infoUSA.any federal, state, or local law, it is void. Any copies of the DATABASE 2. Limitations on Useagreed that the DATABASE is a held by you shall immediately betrade secret and a proprietary destroyed. If any court of competent Except to the extent explicitlycommercial product and not subject jurisdiction considers this clause permitted by mandatory laws,to disclosure. void and unenforceable, in whole you may not extract or re-utilize or in part, for any reason, this any portion of the contents ofIf you are an agency, department, the POI Data, nor reproduce,or other entity of any State Agreement shall be considered terminated and null and void, in its copy, modify, adapt, translate,government, the United States disassemble, decompile,Government, or any other public entirety, and any and all copies of the DATABASE shall immediately or reverse engineer any portionentity or funded in whole or in part of the POI the United States Government, be destroyed.then you hereby agree to protect the BTV.461060.2
  • 105. 106 Infotainment System3. Transfer OR ALLEGED IN CONNECTION No Warranty — This information is You may not transfer the POI WITH YOUR USE OF THE provided to you “as is,” and you Data to third parties, except POI DATA. agree to use it at your own risk. together with the system for END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT DENSO and its licensors (and their which it was created, provided licensors and suppliers, collectively Personal Use Only — You agree “DENSO”) make no guarantees, that you do not retain any copy to use this information for solely of the POI Data. representations, or warranties of personal, non-commercial purposes, any kind, express or implied, arising4. Disclaimer of Warranty and not for service bureau, time by law or otherwise, including EXCEPT AS STATED HEREIN, sharing, or other similar purposes. but not limited to, and DENSO INFOUSA MAKES NO You may not modify the information expressly disclaims any warranties EXPRESS OR IMPLIED or remove any copyright notices that regarding content, quality, accuracy, WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, appear on the information in any completeness, effectiveness, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY way. You may not decompile, reliability, fitness for a particular EXPRESS OR IMPLIED disassemble or reverse engineer purpose, non infringement, WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR any portion of this information, and usefulness, use or results to be A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR may not transfer or distribute it in obtained from this information, WARRANTY OF any form, for any purpose. Without or that the information or server will MERCHANTABILITY. limiting the foregoing, you may not be uninterrupted or error free. Some5. Limitation of Liability use this information with any states, territories, and countries products, systems, or applications do not allow certain warranty EITHER INFOUSA OR installed or otherwise connected to exclusions, so to that extent, the SUPPLIER OF POI DATA or in communication with vehicles, above exclusion may not apply SHALL NOT BE LIABLE capable of vehicle navigation, to you. FOR ANY INDIRECT, positioning, dispatch, real time route CONSEQUENTIAL OR guidance, fleet management, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES MADE or similar applications.
  • 106. Infotainment System 107Disclaimer of Liability: DENSO Indemnity — You agree to END USER NOTICESHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU indemnify, defend and hold DENSO The marks of companies displayedFOR ANY CLAIM, DEMAND, OR and its licensors (including their by this product to indicate businessACTION, IRRESPECTIVE OF respective licensors, suppliers, locations are the marks of theirITS NATURE, ALLEGING ANY assignees, subsidiaries, affiliated respective owners. The use ofLOSS, INJURY, OR DAMAGES, companies, and the respective such marks in this product does notWHETHER DIRECT, INDIRECT, officers, directors, employees, imply any sponsorship, approval,INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR shareholders, agents, and or endorsement by such companiesCONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, representatives of each of them) of this product.INCLUDING ANY LOSS OF free and harmless from and againstPROFIT, REVENUE, OR any liability, loss, injury (includingCONTRACTS ARISING OUT OF injuries resulting in death), demand,YOUR POSSESSION, USE OF action, cost, expense, or claim ofOR INABILITY TO USE THIS any kind or character, including butINFORMATION, ANY DEFECT IN not limited to attorney’s fees, arisingTHE INFORMATION, OR THE out of or in connection with any useBREACH OF THESE TERMS OR or possession by you of thisCONDITIONS, WHETHER IN AN information.ACTION IN CONTRACT OR TORTOR BASED ON A WARRANTY,EVEN IF DENSO OR ITSLICENSORS HAVE BEENADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITYOF SUCH DAMAGES. Some states,territories, and countries do notallow certain liability exclusions ordamages limitations, so to thatextent the above may not applyto you.
  • 107. 108 Infotainment System 2 NOTES
  • 108. INDEX i-1 A C DAccepting or Declining an Call Waiting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87, 95 Database Coverage Incoming Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 95 Canadian Vehicle Owners Explanations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75Address Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 (Propriétaires des Véhicules Deleting Personal Information . . . . 8Alpha-Numeric Keyboard . . . . . . . . 40 Canadiens) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Destination and GuidanceAM-FM Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Canceling Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Commands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79Audio Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Canceling Voice Recognition . . . . 76 Destination, Navigation . . . . . . . . . . 49Audio Players CD Eject . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Devices, Auxiliary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 CD/DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 CD Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Dimming Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 MP3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 CD/DVD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Display . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71Audio System CD/DVD/Disc Commands . . . . . . . 78 Driving on a Route . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Hard Drive Device (HDD) . . . . . . . 25 Cleaning the Display . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Dual ToneAutomatic Store . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Clearing the System . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Multi-Frequency (DTMF)Auxiliary Devices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Conference Calling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Tones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89, 97 Config Setup Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Duplicate Content . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 B Configure Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 DVD/CD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Bluetooth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Control Multifunction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
  • 109. i-2 INDEX E H MEnding a Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88, 97 Handling the DVD Map Disc . . . . . 43 Making a Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86, 93English and Metric Unit Hard Drive Device (HDD) . . . . . . . . 25 Map Adjustments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Conversion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Helpful Hints for Speaking Map Coverage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42Entering an Address and Point Commands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Map End User License of Interest, and Storing Preset Agreement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Destinations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 I Map Scales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43Error Messages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Installing the DVD Map Disc . . . . . 43 Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Menu F Configure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Menu Screen Button . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60Favorite Route . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 L Mixed-Band Presets . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15Finding a Station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Languages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 MP3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Lat/Long Coordinates . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Multifunction Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 G Listing Stored Numbers . . . . . . . . . . 86 Mute or UnMute a Call . . . . . . . . . . . 97General Navigation Loading and Ejecting Discs . . . . . . 18 Muting a Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Commands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78Getting Started on the Route . . . . 54Global Positioning System (GPS) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72
  • 110. INDEX i-3 N P Previous Destination . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 PreviousNav (Navigation) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Pairing a Phone Using the Destinations — Deleting . . . . . . . 57NAV (Navigation) Menu . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Infotainment System . . . . . . . . . . . 89 Problems with RouteNavigation Phone Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Destination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Bluetooth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84 Symbols . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Pick From Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Using the System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Playing a CD/DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 RNavigation Audio System . . . . . . . . 13 Playing an Audio and Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63Navigation Buttons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Video DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Radio Commands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78Navigation Settings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Playing an Audio CD . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Radio Data System (RDS) . . . . . . . 16Navigation System Overview . . . . . 5 Playing an MP3 CD and DVD . . . 22 Radio Settings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Playing from an iPod® . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Radios O Playing from USB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 AM-FM Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Playing Hard Disc Drive CD/DVD Player . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18OnStar® (if equipped) Content . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Satellite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Command . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83 Playing HDD Favorites . . . . . . . . . . 29 Receiving a Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87Options Available on the Map Playing the Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Recording from a CD to the Screen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Point of Interest (POI) Hard Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Ordering Commands . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Recording from a USB Device Map DVDs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Power Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 to the Hard Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Overview, Infotainment System . . . 4 Preset Destination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54 Route Preview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56
  • 111. i-4 INDEX S U XSatellite Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 USB Host Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 XM Categories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Scroll Features . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 USB Music Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 XM NavTraffic® (if equipped) . . . . 63Setting the Clock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 USB Supported Devices . . . . . . . . . 29 XM™ Satellite Radio Service . . . . 17Shuffle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Using Destination Download . . . . . 61 XM™ Weather (whereStoring and Deleting Phone Using the Stored Preset available) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Numbers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 Destinations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10Storing Radio Station Presets . . . . 8 Using Voice Recognition . . . . . 75, 84Symbols, Navigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44System Needs Service, If . . . . . . . . 74 V Vehicle T Positioning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73Three‐Way Calling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Voice Guidance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11Timeshift . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Voice Pass-Thru . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88Transferring a Call . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 Voice Recognition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 Voice Recognition Commands . . . 77 Voice Recognition Help . . . . . . . . . . 77 Voice Tag Commands . . . . . . . . . . . 82